"Sriram Business School, as the name is, is a replica of dedication, devotion and discipline. I still remember the day when I visited this Institution 1st for the selection process. Impressive talks of executives and numerous facilities around inc…

"Sriram Business School, as the name is, is a replica of dedication, devotion and discipline. I still remember the day when I visited this Institution 1st for the selection process. Impressive talks of executives and numerous facilities around increased my desire of getting selected here.
Sriram Business School brings with it a new wave of progressive ideas, implementation methods and ways to measure the impact and reflect it. The seniors are a helping hand in all times.
So, dear Puys, here it is, [email protected] BUSINESS SCHOOL, where we'll keep you updating with all the happenings at our Institute. Stay tuned..."
On 20th nov the PGDM students of Sriram Institute of Management & Technology went for a Foreign educational Trip In Dubai. Dubai, an emerging financial capital of the present times is an awaiting destination for business and entrepreneurial society. The experience is very difficult to capture in words but it can completely understood that a country will definitely be on the path of development if the rules and regulations are followed in its true sense.We had such a great learning and exposer there. Sriram has a collaboration with MURDOCH UNIVERSITY(DUBAI), we had a breif idea there about the corporate and learning culture of Dubai. One critical observation was the segregation of the students on the basis of gender. Boys and girls study in separate colleges which I think is driven by the Islamic tradition which might not be very appropriate for the community development and participation. This also gives a picture that women are not as free as men and their voice are suppressed. Dubai is the playground for architecture which means that the magnificent building which is constructed by the different country €™s architecture companies.
Burj Khalifa is the most promising example whose layout was designed by US engineers. The moment that we spent there in Dubai was full of learning that sligtly makes the changes in our confidence level and I believe it will differentiate the Sriram Students from any other PGDM or MBA graduate.
Today all the students of Sriram Institute of management and Technology went for an industrial visit at National Small Industries Corportion Ltd.(NSIC). NSIC is an ISO 9001-2008 certified government of india enterprise under ministry of Micro,Small and Midium enterprises.
Entrepreneur are the true builders of the nation,, the visit of NSIC, New Delhi was to boost the zeal of students for entrepreneur.the visit started with the inaugural message by the senior technician Mr. Kumar Shappa. The visit of NSIC motivated us to pursue our career as a entreprenuer , opening our eyes to the possiblity of a number of low cost profitable projects having enormous government support for the setup and operation.

On 19th December 2012, all the PGDM students of SRIRAM BUSINESS SCHOOL had a meeting with the CEO of HR POWER HOUSE. We discussed about several prospects of business management and simultaneously we were told about different traits of human behavior. Mr. Atul Mehta, the CEO told us some of the business requirements of the industry and told us several tools to enhance our skill, do value addition in ourselves, so that in future, when we enter Corporate, we could add value there.
We were given the feedback of psychometric profiling which HR POWER HOUSE conducted with us at the time of admission selection procedure and were surprised to some traits about ourselves which we were not conscious of,
We learnt the beauty of this test which helped us in knowing many things. This may also be useful as many companies conduct similar test while recruiting students.
As SRIRAMIANS we got an opportunity to go through this test in the initial stages only.
Our carrier profiling were also done by HR POWER HOUSE where, we were advised the specialization we should choose on the basis of some observed traits.This was of great help to all of us.
Few moments captured of Freshers Party @ Sriram Business School, Greater Noida;_id=44
We had our freshers party on 21st Dec 12'. Thanks to our seniors for organizing such a wonderful event, it was lot of fun.
Mr. and Ms. fresher were declared at the end and were selected on the basis on following:
1. Fashion Show
2. Dumb Sheraz
3. Dance Competition
4. Business Quiz
Find few pics below and some other captured moments can be viewed by clicking on the link above..

Hello everyone, its been a long time since all of us SRIRAMians have posted here, so today I'll take you through how my experience at SRIRAM so far has been,

It has been more than five months since I joined SBS and I can firmly say that since the start SBS has been grooming students using different methods in and out of classroom, helping us to grow on SRIRAM's philosophy “BUILDING PROFESSIONALS WITH CHARACTERS”.

A normal day at SRIRAM starts at 09:30am with a small morning assembly where faculty shares their thoughts and students present their view on any current happening.

The lectures begin at 09:45am. Faculty members at SRIRAM use various methods to make students learn like case studies, discussion of texts, role plays, group tasks, etc. which makes the sessions very interactive and interesting and gives us better understanding on the topics.

SBS also organizes various seminars, guest lectures and industrial visits which exposes us to practical aspects of the business world.

@shanky167 This is what happens from morning till the classes end.....
Post classes, learning doesn't stop at SRIRAM. Students come out of the classroom discussing the business, economy and other things.

The best thing that happens post classes is 창€œEVENING ADDA창€? which is an informal 1.5 hrs session of the hostlers everyday. This is an informative and interesting session ,where students gets together in the hostel library and discuss news and business affairs. This is an interactive session and students not only present their views on topics but also ask doubts and get answers by our facilitator, Rakesh sir.

We read news papers, business magazines, and journals and we are also shown movies and video clips. Discussion happens amongst us about different happenings of the business world and this way, all of us benefit from each other.

Post this informative and interesting session, we go for dinner and after that we are free to go to sleep or to Library, which remains open till midnight...

Let us keep updating about everyday discussions of "Evening Adda"

"Things do not happen. Things are made to happen."
- John F Kennedy
Evening Adda- Learning sessions at SRIRAM Business School
Evening Adda- Learning sessions at SRIRAM Business School

Hello puys its been really a long time that we Sriramians didn't post here so i am here to take you through to some recent happenings at Sri ram.

ON 9th February we all Sriramians got the pleasure to be addressed on the subject
"SUSTAINABILITY OF EARTH" by Mr. AVNEESH MAKKAR , who is alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC), Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, batch of February 1991 and had been CFO of Inter Globe Technologies and currently playing the role of Entrepreneurial roles in Elements Akademia and CL Educate,which is training and development institutes. It was really a great learning session for all of us .

Find some clicked moments...

on 16th Feb we all sriramians went on the industrial tour of "Honda", one of the leading automobile industry of the world.It was really a great experience for us as we got to learn many managerial aspects of the industry and simultaneously we learnt the many managerial inputs of the company.It was really a great learning for all of us sriramians .Thank you sri ram institute of business and management ...

find some captured moments of the tour
In the context of one of the principal of Sri ram Institute Of management 'maximum corporate exposure' we visited one of the best selling two wheeler company globally "Yamaha" on 21 st Feb just 5 days after our Honda visit.The best outcome of the visit was to learn about the operation management in the context of industry .Besides text and theoretical knowledge the practical aspect is also necessary and that we learnt from the visit.Thank you Sri Ram Institute for providing such platform to gain maximum corporate exposure.

find some clicked happy moments..

It really gives me a great pleasure to share with you people that the best advantage of being Sriramian will be realised only after joining srimt .We get n number of industry visit almost happening every other week .On the principle of getting maximum corporate exposure on 1st March we visited the "New Holland ",the World's largest Agricultural Equipment Company, the Leading manufacturer of Agricultural and construction equipment in the world having 11,300 dealers spread across 170 countries.We visited the Noida based plant of the company and got some of the most important marketing strategy of one of the world's largest company of Agricultural equipment .The visit was really very fruitful as we all were taught about different marketing and production and operation research aspect of the New Holland company. Proud to be a Sriramian...and proudly can say we are industry ready professionals..

Find some clicked pics...
first of all a big Hi to all puys on the behalf of the "Evening Adda" .
Needless to explain about the learning session ,which unlike any other business school is one of the most exciting and happening session of srimt . In the process of learning today's session was really very interesting and quite learning as we were shown a video clip of Professor Anil K. Gupta (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Founder, Honey Bee NetworkExecutive Vice Chair, National Innovation Foundation) titled " India's hidden hotbeds of invention",through which we got to learn about our innovative skills.

attaching you the link please follow it for more assured learning..

Hello friends today we have a 'word power made easy' quiz competition in the our "Evening Adda" .All the students of Evening Adda were divided in to two teams respectively boys and girls .According to Rakesh (our facilitator and founder of Evening Adda), the winner team would go to "Cafe Coffee Day" and was supposed to party there ,but the most beautiful thing of the the competition was that none of the team could become 'winner' as both the team ended with same marks. Although we had a 'Tea Party ' thrown by Rakesh in the class room .This is really a great learning platform with having all kind of fun .

Attaching some happy moments of the session to share with you all....

Hello puys ,after an interesting quiz competition yesterday in our "Evening Adda" today we were shown a video clip of Harsha Bhogle, the famous cricket commentator with the title " The Rise Of Cricket,Te Rise Of India" .It was just the awesome and being cricket lover myself, i got to know about some of the facts which i was not completely aware of . We knew how "Cricket" being the most popular game of the nation , has risen and became this much popular and what are its consequences on the rising of "India" .

Attaching the link of the clip so that you all could also follow this worth watching clip...

Hello puys wishing you all a very "Happy and Colorful Holi" ,hope you all had blast like us ,we all Sriramians had a great fun with our all friends, seniors ,and faculties, and of course with our student friendly Director sir Adviser sir,and Dean sir
find some happy moments....