Life @ SOBD (School Of Business Design)

Take a look at whats happening beyond studies at School Of Business Design (SOBD)  and why is this an interesting place to enrol with! 

SOIL's School of Business Design (SOBD) is a bold and radical initiative that reimagines management education in India. 

DESIGN THINKING  is the the new HOTTEST trend in the Business world...

The charter batch of SOBD visited the Gabriel Plant in Gurgaon!

Part of the Anand Group - Gabriel is the leading supplier of shock absorbers and front forks of two and three wheelers in India, during this visit we gained knowledge about the practical application of operations principles and the working of an assembly line.

'Inspirentia' - a 5 Day student driven event where remarkable guest speakers shared their experiences with the students of SOBD to enable them to gain perspective about the corporate world.

20 Speakers | 4 Domains | 5 Days | 20+ Companies


The Making:

PGDM 2019-21 had an interactive industry visit at the Unominda plant in Manesar.

Unominda is a conglomerate engaged in manufacturing, development and sales of diverse auto components for Global & Domestic Automotive Market.

The students were able to enquire about the future opportunities available for them and gain insights on how companies are dealing with the ongoing automotive crisis.


“A sound mind in a sound body" is a well-known saying.

Soil School of Business Design understands the value of sports to develop and encourage the spirit of healthy competition.  The healthy spirit of rivalry and competition constantly leads to improvement in the performance and previous records are constantly excelled or surpassed. 

Students from School of Business Design at the FICCI Innovation Summit, 2019!

This summit was conceptualised by the FICCI HR Committee focusing on the relation between Human Resource, Innovation and Design Thinking. The students had the opportunity of interacting with industry leaders and learn from their thought process.

Charter Batch of School of Business Design won their first trophy as a team and became the Champions of Soil Premier League 2019 and also became the first team ever to win the league as a current batch.

What a great way to announce their inception!!! 

What is Design Thinking type of curriculum as mentioned in college website? can anyone explain it?

Since SOBD-PGDM is a recently started course in SOIL, can I join there for the course, please throw some light on that and highlight about the college,

Can someone say how is the hostel and food quality in SOBD ?