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Hello Puys… Hope all of you are doing great…!! The term at SCIT has just started and each day here is proving to be better than the previous… I will be regularly updating you on the life here at the campus. So just wear your seat bel…

Hello Puys...
Hope all of you are doing great..!!
The term at SCIT has just started and each day here is proving to be better than the previous..
I will be regularly updating you on the life here at the campus.
So just wear your seat belts and prepare yourself for what's going to be coming your way..!!!

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hi guys.. am here with yet another dose of infotainment.. with AArambh 09' just around the corner , everybody is forced to be on their toes.. for those who aren't very familiar with what "AARAMBH" is.. it is a cultural fest where all three institutes SCMHRD, SIIB and SCIT participate in inter collegiate dance, drama, singing and fashion shows and the college that puts up the best show in each of these categories is declared the winner.. .. this year AARAMBH is scheduled for the 4th of july .. and preps are on in full swing.. want to know more..?? stay tuned... :cheerio:

AArambh 09' was a runaway success..right from the fashion show to the skit that was choreographed to represent human emotions of anger, sadness, happiness, ego, hope etc.. SCIT rocked ..the tremendous hooting of scit , siib and scmhrd charged the atmosphere and the audience almost lost its throat crying itself hoarse.. ... I will be uploading a few pics of aarambh 09' , just a glimpse of what you guys missed...

Hey puys.... to add to the enthusiasm, we at SCIT have organised a festival "GRAFFITI A Techno managerial fest . Its a Annual fest @ SCIT formally known as Techie Kaun. The Event is scheduled for 13 and 14th August. GRAFFITI is comprised of managerial and technical event. To know more relating to participations vist Graffiti, Business and Technology emBOSSed To get in touch with the update stay tuned....


It's high time someone posts wat SCIT has been all about for the 2009-11 batch since we almost have completed a year out here. Chalo, I will post my experience and expecting others to follow up on the same.

SCIT...1st day was all full of intro n all..met some acquaintances from PG(Rudy, Neha, RP, Manu, etc)...history of SCIT, alumnus, etc etc
Mess food was good on this day...iske baad toh D-hostel cafeteria ke Bala bharose.

The first week we had to choose our class reps and reps for the various committees. Dint stand for ny committee(wanted to represent placecom jiska election n selections happen a li'l late)

Aarambh was held in the first week of July....n amongst the three colleges on campus, SCIT rocked all the way. In between had selections for OC(Organizing Committe) for the annual fest, Graffiti which was scheduled to be held in August. Got the opportunity to be a part of the core committe....Graffiti rox....with days and nights of preparation for Graffiti, one week before Aug 13, D-day for the fest....the fest got postponed indefinitely due to the much dreaded SWINE FLU

2 weeks declared holiday in college...wat to do...sab ghar nikal between we took the opportunity to go to GIRIVAN...awesome place....iska experience i'll put up separately

Post SWINE FLU, nothin much to do....except studies....GRAFFITI wsa no where in sight.....chalo thoda padhaai karle...managed to give the exams well in November n went for our one week long holidays.

Coming back from hols, Graffiti was decided to be held on 9th n 10th of January 2010...hectic preps started for the same...sponsor calls, PR work, printing & logistics, band selection, between forgot about evals, lectures n studies for almost 2 our results 2 days before GRaffiti...luckily had managed to scored a decent cgpa(no idea wats gonna happen in second sem)...Graffiti 2010 rocked this year....with SIIB n SCMHRD awestruck with our show(one of the 2 colleges went ahead to boycott our fest...spoilsport)...3 cheers to SCIT for comin in and makin this event a huge success

Graffiti was immediately followed by Alumni which again kept us busy.....was handling finances for Alumni event which was held on 24th Jan.....being the 10th yr in existence, we had alumni from various batches comin dwn to the campus n sharing their experience....totally charged us (In between we had the food poisoning case in the campus...Thank God everyone recovered and now after a month or so, we have the mess contractor changed and the new one rox)

Suddenly a vacuum was created for some of us, that nothing to do now...all events wrapped up wen suddenly out of nowhere we had admissions put on this is gonna be fun.....interacted with a lot of aspirants....1st day 1st session was a bit chaotic, but the rest went some positive as well as negative feedback from aspirants and we have taken it as a learning for future.

Now am sloggin with all the internal n external evaluations...photocopyin notes, gettin back to classes...professors welcomin us and questioning if i belonged to the class..the 1st year has been eventful for us

Just a small piece of advice to the next batch.....When you are here, do something to keep urself occupied....opportunities would not be handed over to you, u need to grab it....Just because u r busy with something does not mean that your academics should suffer or you be given special privileges (apart from lecture exemptions, you are given nothing) need to manage all these including your academics....after all you are being trained to become future managers...n one last thing, be sure as to what you are doin...if you are confident, you can convince others to trust you n have faith in you

Chalo I'll try get back to some studies



Hi Rohit,

Thanks for posting your wonderful experience in SCIT for the last year or so. Can you tell me how can we get in touch with you . I mean can u share ur mail id so that we can chat with you .

Thank you everyone 4 sharing yr wonderful experiences ..