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Hi Guys, Welcome to RICS! Through this thread I will keep you updated with all the events and activities that happen at our college. Stay tuned for information on real estate, construction, and also a glimpse into how we function!

Hi Guys,
Welcome to RICS! Through this thread I will keep you updated with all the events and activities that happen at our college. Stay tuned for information on real estate, construction, and also a glimpse into how we function!

Students of MBA and BBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure attended a Panel Discussion on "Urbanization and Housing" on 10th January 2014 at FilmCity, Noida. Network 18's media-active think tank, Think India Foundation organised this event with a panel that consisted of industry experts from Delhi, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Topics such as Affordable Housing, Urban Transport, Slum Rehabilitation, and Floor Space Index among many others formed the crux of the discussion.

Students from the University of Melbourne visit the School

The School hosted a group of 12 students from University of Melbourne as part of a travelling studio “Studies in Building Cultures and Market” from 6th to 10th Jan 2014. The program comprised of special lectures, site visits, and other activities.

The group consisted of students from construction management, property management and urban management courses, accompanied by Dr. Hemanto Doloi, Senior Lecturer at University of Melbourne.

The RICS School of Built Environment Hosted a Magnificent Site Visit to the Unitech Golf & Country Club to See and Learn the Correct Dimensions of Building Portfolios and Infrastructure. The group consisted of students from Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure(REUI) and Construction Project Management(CPM).

Came across a very interesting discussion over 'stress'.......

Chinese delegation of RICS members visited India as part of a study tour to understand India better as it moves onto the next phase of rapid growth and development. The RICS delegation was led by Mr. Zhang Defu, Former Director of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Yunnan Province.

Our brilliant and world class faculties and industry based professionals.

Team RICS School of Built Environment.

Mr. Anil Sawhney Associate Dean, School of Construction explains how information technology is transforming real estate. Click here to read.

Sean Tompkins, Chief Executive at RICS, recently visited the School from the RICS Headquarters in London.
He was accompanied by Alistair Milne, Director HR and Corporate Social Responsibility. Together, they interacted with the students of MBA program and the faculty.

Sean shared his views on global trends and RICS' future highlighting the rise of middle class as the huge qualitative change, which would eventually challenge the global infrastructure in the next few years. From discussing the huge skills gap to the employability available, Sean's session was an eye opener for the students which gave them further insights on the importance of built environment and its global implications.

Prof. K.T. Ravindran - Dean Emeritus, Sachin Sandhir - MD RICS South Asia and Er. A.K. Srivastava - Director, Amity School of Urban Management were also present and addressed the students. Students had the opportunity to ask questions to the panelists. Their queries focused on the current market performance and what the market will be in the coming times, directly relating it with their placement opportunity. At the closure of the session, Sachin Sandhir, MD RICS South Asia re-iterated the need for skilled professionals and assured the students of the bright future offered by the sector.

Bruce Forbes, President and founder, Archibus Inc., world's leading provider of software and related services to organizations in their real estate, facilities and infrastructure management tools, visited the School and delivered a guest lecture.
Archibus primarily develops applications and facilitates the management of projects, owned and leased properties, telecommunications and cable network infrastructure, as well as office and building space, furniture, and equipment. Other functions of its software include capital budgeting, buildings operation management, and emergency preparedness.
The company is the developer of the number one Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) in the World. With over 4,000,000 users, Archibus is available in more than 130 countries and 30 languages, and is supported by a network of over 3,000 real estate, infrastructure and facilities management automation professionals.

The Accreditation team evaluated the programs based on learning pedagogy, quality assurance delivered, faculty involved and the student support system available in the school.

Interactive session with Aditya Bhargava, an employee of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA).

Key points discussed:

Real estate assets provide good returns and hedge against inflation.

Diversification of assets into various sectors mitigates risk and ensures substantial returns.

India, despite of multiple issues , is a place having long term potential with risk , and it is one of the chief reasons for foreign investors' interest in Indian real estate sector.

With the markets getting mature and a sharp decline in the availability of cheap land, the Indian real estate markets are now getting competitive.

India majorly is a risk-averse, value for money market, and not a luxury one. He emphasized that the quality as well as deliverability is one of the chief issues which shakes the investors' confidence in investing into projects.
On the developers side those who have consistently delivered their quality projects on time have been able to charge premiums for their services, and are earning good returns over their competitors with their respective projects at the same location, highlighting the fact that although LOCATION is very important in the real estate projects, the competition and the deliverability changes the whole ball game.

Investors today need quality, deliverability and transparency in the process. And developers having good control over the developmental processes, with a critical grip over the time and cost constraints can only be successful in the long run. A good track record surely earns some brownie points in earning investors faith and confidence. So such a record is a must for the developers in the next decade to chart out the revival of the Indian real estate sector's growth story.

Biz-Yard, 2014 €“ It Can Be You!!!

BIZYARD €” IT CAN BE YOU, is the signature event of the AMITY YOUTH FEST 2014 being conducted by RICS SBE and AMITY in its management domain in which teams from different colleges as well as the corporate world are coming together to compete with each other. This two-day event happening on Feb 6th and 7th is set to give a taste of the real corporate world and how it works. Practical and strenuous, the fest is surely going to bring out the best in every individual.



- On the Spot Team Management event.

- Time & Source Restriction apply.

- Judgment based on Team, Managerial, Business skills with regards to Aptitude Skills.


- Team members divided as per Forte (HR, Marketing, Finance & Entrepreneurship).

- Individual knowledge scrutinized!

- 4 events running simultaneously


- Economic trade-off.

- Tackling of current Economic Scenario with the hint of Inflation.


- Submission of task given to you by 6.00 am in morning.


- PowerPoint Presentation

- Panel discussion

- Student interjection

- Stress interview

The Panel would consists of our faculty members as well as corporate guests. The Panel would keep changing according to the event. Each event would have a specialized panel of their genre.

Prof. Charles Egbu and M Arif visit the school and talk about RICS and University of Salford, Manchester association, inviting students to visit Salford University.

The school hosted an executive round-table on €œOffsite Construction in India €? on the 29th of January at The Raddison Blue Plaza.
Richard Odgen & Keith Blanshard from Buildoffsite, UK and Prof. Charles Egbu and Mohm. Arif from University of Salford, Manchester spearheaded the discussions on how to adopt offsite construction in India. Many Industry professionals , professors, quantity surveyors and architects were also present.

The youth fest at Amity University, Noida kick started on 6th February. As a part of the fest, RICS School of Built Environmentarranged a signature two days competition, BizYard 2014 where MBA students from top B School's like Jaipuria Institute of Management Studies and Delhi School of Management, amongst many others, participated. The event caters to all aspects of management contests across all domains : HR, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Finance.

Anuj Dayal, Chief Public Relations Officer of DMRC visited the School and delivered a talk on importance of community engagement and other stakeholder management strategies.

As the person responsible for managing stakeholder communication for DMRC, he shared critical insights and communication strategies required to manage information flow between wide range of stakeholders.

The idea of Delhi Metro took its birth as Delhi, a dynamic city, needed a proper public transportation system. Implementing a public transport infrastructure such as the Delhi Metro was not an easy task. The project could not in any way stop the city's activities as that would affect the entire nation and, thus, the DMRC team had to navigate through various tight situations. DMRC ultimately got the job done ahead of time, breaking a few records and setting an example of management excellence for the entire world.

Anuj Dayal has also written a book titled €œ25 Management Strategies for Delhi Metro €? which provides crystal clear insights into how a project of such magnitude got done with such finesse and brilliance.

Do You Know: In Scotland, home owners paint their front door red when they pay off their mortgage.

Sometime back one of our faculty members asked us with a smile to zap out of 'student syndrome' to avoid situations and to keep additional time for contingency ; well, it is one of the things suffered by everyone ( whether he/she goes to school or not , it does'nt really matter ) and affects teenagers and adults alike. hahahaaha..... the syndrome is quite similar to procrastination, and there's no medicine available for this syndrome's victim.🍻🍻🍻