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This thread is for all the PUMBAites of 2009-11 batch to share their experiences of the first few days we attended at PUMBA. This is my experience : It was the 10th of August…the first day at PUMBA…jam packed with students…new faces…ne…

This thread is for all the PUMBAites of 2009-11 batch to share their experiences of the first few days we attended at PUMBA. This is my experience :

It was the 10th of August..the first day at PUMBA..jam packed with beginning..some uncles (I'll get back to this part, later.. thought of them as Faculty though).
I was late so somehow managed to get a seat in the second row. Soon our Dean Dr.Capt.C.M.Chitale and our HoD Dr.B.V.Sangvikar addressed us about PUMBA. The first impression I got was it DEFINITELY IS A PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE. And this impression is now imprintedUnfortunately because of swine flu things got postponed and classes were to begin after two weeks. Nevertheless after two weeks all of us assembled in our classes and it was a postponed start but surely a start to lot many things..or to rephrase it a kick off to many friendships and beginnings in very little time.

The driving force at PUMBA is the students.In one of our introductory sessions, one of our senior told us that "yaha pe, koi patta (leaf) bhi students ki vajah se hii hilta hai". True to the very essence of the term we normally come across "a student driven institute". Our seniors did a fantastic job of handling our induction and inviting eminent personalities from diverse backgrounds. Our classes are being held by professors who not only know their subject so well but also with their expertise in so many other fields, we receive inputs about so many things all at the same time, of course helping us to know how the industry works and its expectations.

During our introductory classes we came across few GUYS. These guys were on a special mission here straight from the INDIAN ARMY and their mission was to be a part of our batch :-P. They are eight in number, but all of them having experience of atleast 18 years in the army. I would like to highlight this aspect because during our stay here at PUMBA, I know how much our batch is going to be blessed, majorly, with their experience. They have been given 2 years official leave and been asked to enhance and enrich their valuable experience and skills with MBA from our institute. This in itself is one of the things that we can surely boast about. Our batch, being the first, to learn and load ourselves from their experience. :-P

The first few days have been very professional. We have been introduced to the many cells in PUMBA, which are student driven and are handled only by the students. People from different backgrounds, around half of them with work experience ranging from 6-50 months, form the current batch. We are getting to know what professionalism is and also learn at the same time, to be and act professional. It is expected of us to be at the top and I believe within these two years, all of us here would imbibe the qualities required to be at the top. Our asset, I felt within these few days, lies in all of Us. As our Dean said to us, it is the students who make the institute grow and they are its brand ambassadors.

I feel proud to be a part of this very huge and ever increasing family and am very proud to say I am a PUMBAite.

Well, Induction was fun with the "Mr. PUMBA" and "Ms. PUMBA" game :P

I think we see the change in the batch composition from last year. There were a lot of freshers in the 2008-10 batch, 2009-11 batch has a lot of guys who carry some amount of work experience. Surely one of the most visible effects of the phase of economy that we are going through...

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hey, had gone through that thread but its inactive and second of all this thread that i started is specifically for PUMBA 2009-11 batch..the thread you mentioned was started long back..if its ok, pls let this thread remain

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Hi Buddies...... thanks for starting this forum.............
I am experiencing life @ Pumba.....its Great......

just completed 1week at PUMBA ........Learned Lot many things

PUMBA deserves top ranking among Bschools in Maharashtra ..........

cheers for Pumba.............:-P

Well I belong to 2008-10 batch.But thought my experience is worth sharing.
I belong to the city that never sleeps.Yes Ofcourse I am talking about Mumbai.Like all of you MBA aspirants getting a good B-School was really an headache.There were whole lotta options and even more people to give suggestions,those advertisements of the glamourous colleges and everything.All these just made life tough for me.Finally I decided on my own to come to PUMBA.
Well to be honest when I thought about coming into a B-School.I expect a very hostile welcome where every other student is gonna compete with you for "the thing"(Placements).Apart from it everyone must be as proud as I was of getting into a good B-School.Leave apart colleagues,I expected that I would be burdened under the pressure of mounting cases and presentations.
But my experience was contrasting my expectation.The people in PUMBA rather than thinking of me as a competitor, welcome me open heartedly as a friend.It was great to interact with people from different back grounds,different work culture and all.Everyone over here gelled so well.The seniors never treated us badly,ragged us.Infact they were so warm and caring that they never let us put our foot wrong.They were like Mentors to us. Apart from it,the faculty also invited us to the PUMBA family.All these was backed by Motivation from some the great Alumini's and Mentors.
It didnt even take me a week to get set with my new life. I passed on one year.But seeing you guys makes me replenish my memory with those wonderful moments.Those are indeed a special one.
I owe all of them to the PUMBA family. Thanx PUMBA

we had "shramdan" on sunday was great.........

Especially last part "tug of war"

its a great grop activity.......

We all had fun.............

Hi all....
To begin with, I had a converted call from Welingkar Bangalore and PUMBA....I had to choose between the two....Obviously, University of Pune is recognizd even abroad and it happens to be the first ever uni to open its campus in Dubai.... I didnt think twice....

PUMBA rocks in every sense of the word....
I entered the college on a lovely morning of 10th of August, got positive vibes from all corners of the building... The seniors were the warmest people on Earth... Still are...coz every possible activity, function, events, Alumni meets (Chapter meets), Placement activities----- u name it and its done by the students...

Im learning MANAGEMENT outside the lecture halls... Its crazily adventurous.... Im pushing myself ahead of my limits.... Just to find that there are no limits..... PUMBA is extracting the best out of me and more.... Iv got my enthusiasm, energy and creativity back... Its too gud to be true....

For people who think that University of Pune is just boring/No hep crowd/ tis just run-of-the-mill college..... ITS NOT !!!
Come to PUMBA.... SEE IT FOR URSELF.... :cheers:we had a blast at the fresher's party..:drinking:. We soiled every inch of our body cleaning (Shramdaan--09')....where we give an off to the cleaning staff for a day....The best brains and experienced people from the industry along wid the coolest ARMY people are there... All studying together....Enriching themselves TOGETHER....:thumbsup:IM LOVING IT!!!!

Hi all...
okay i am a bit late but here is a sneak peak into life @ pumba...:
Now its almost a month in PUMBA(could have been more but courtesy swine flu its less)...and i am already having the feel that MBA is all but not each day we have lectures from mornin to noon then some cell activity is lined up-i have personally joined placement and system cell,
lots of scope 4 everyone to show his/her potential...not to forget
abt.freshers party:drinking:,shramdaan.Summers '09- a national level summer project just got over yesterday and had participation from top B-schools like JBIMS,NITIE,KJ was truly learning experience 4 us coming to acads-internal tests r also goin on,so need to balnce studies also . dude,graduation was hell lot easy..but still all this has its own charm...i was reminded of what my faculty at mba coaching had said "Getting into mba college is one thing and geting out with degree is another" true she was...!!newayz.jab aa gaye hai to kuch achha karke hi jayenge(hopefully a good placement also)..:grab:
so...pumbites keep rocking...

the time at PUMBA just flies by there is so much to do ,so much to think,attending cell meetings doing the work assigned, managing different cells at the same time , attending lectures ,doing the assignments and studying ,but its all fun 😃
Enjoying life at PUMBA

Wow!! :wow: thats the word that comes to my mind when i think of PUMBA..:grin: since the time i have joined here i have not been idle.. there's so much to do... the first two weeks were gone in learning the ropes of an MBA student, getting used to a whole new environment... giving GDs and PIs for different cells; the disappointment of not getting selected into some but also the exhilaration of getting into others.. now after three whole months, I have settled in nicely... PUMBA feels like my second home, actually first... :w00t: we all spent so much of our time here... but its all really good.. :-P work and fun go hand in hand as my batchmates and seniors are all really nice... :cheers: seriously!! :D
i have not felt so much at home in any other institute as much i feel here at PUMBA... It's such an awesome place to be... i have made some great friends.. :cheerio: there are going to be a lot of memorable moments for me when i leave the place...
I am an MBA Biotech student of DMS, Pune University , fondly known as PUMBA. PUMBA being the first of its kind to start an MBA Biotech course, I had very high expectations from the course and the institute itself. And I must say PUMBA has never let me down. Be it the regular lectures from our highly knowledgeable faculty, the guest lectures from eminent personalities from the industry with years and years of experience or the path setting seniors, you get inspiration and direction from all of them. But according to me, the best thing about PUMBA is the cells system. There are 7 cells which pretty much manage all the activities going on in the college. Juniors and seniors contribute equal efforts for the functioning of these cells. Here they give you sense of responsibility. You perform different task and are given different roles.
Apart from all these, at any given time, either a cultural or an academic event is usually being held in the college. These inter-college events give you a chance to interact with students of other colleges, gain more knowledge and widen your network. So overall I would say I have learnt a lot in my first 2 months in PUMBA, academically and eagerly waiting to see what the coming months bring. But surely I am pretty excited about it.

yeah at PUMBA rocks..We the MBA BT Students just finished the first sem alongwith completion of first trimester of MBA writing this separate doesnt mean we r different..PUMBA is PUMBA..great being here..just wanna share something..there was a 3 day holiday after the exams for us..n many of our frnds went home..but for me..i with a few more who were here were found in the college..till atleast 5 in the eve..why not..jst dont feel like going from here..n most imp..nw we people got habitual of being busy with one or other work..k khali baithna ajeeb lgta hai..we r taught so well to manage lots of work n being busy that now khali rehna ajeeb lgta hai:p..jst love being here...
P U M B A>>PUMBA>>>>>>>>>>
Pride Passion PUMBA

hello frnds...can u say ..which one is good...??
PUMBA or INDIRA...(pls explain give d reason)..???
n if INDIRA then which campus..?

wat ws yur scr in MAT..??
n wt is placement status at pumba..??

All about MBA++ : From the Dean?s Desk Pumba Online Connection
The world today is driven by constant innovation, fierce competition and thoughtful customization. Its not just about survival of the fittest. Concepts like kaizen are the order of the day. On similar lines is an endeavor by PUMBA, (Pune Universitys In House Department of Management). For all who wish to know about our innovative MBA++ programme, here is a special podcast of an interview with the Dean of Management faculty, Dr. Capt. C.M.Chitale.
PUMBA (an acronym for "Pune University MBA" is an affectionate name given to The Department of Management Sciences at Pune University). Pumba Online Connection A legacy since 1971 is an independent website not affiliated to the Department at University of Pune. All opinions/content posted here belong to their respective owners

I can go on n on here, but i'll keep it to the bear minimum for now.
This is LIFE AT PUMBA: Ver.1.

Its been 6.5 amazing months at this place, which i call my second home. PUMBA.
Each morning instead of reciting "OM", i recite "PUMBA"... a gush of energy runs through me n pushes me out of bed to take on the day.
This mantra has helped not only me, but my folks here n also our Alumni who have
A decision i took way back in Mid 2009 has proved to be one of the wisest ones till date. Quickly adjusting to the environment at PUMBA and making loads of frnds, has made my 'life at PUMBA' enjoyable.
The land of 'the next BIG thing', PUMBA possess an opportunity friendly environment where a student can deliver large dollops of INITIATIVE to polish his/her LEADERSHIP SKILLS.
With some faculty we are giving insights which would have costed us 3-4 yrs of our career to figure out.
If you want:
a life full of Initiative, say PUMBA...
a life full of Knowledge, say PUMBA...
a life to Remember, say PUMBA...
a life full of pats-on-the-back,say PUMBA...
a life worth living, say PUMBA...(ok, i over did it with this one...)
To conclude if u've got PRIDE, PASSION THEN U'VE GOT PUMBAAAA!!!

LIFE AT PUMBA: Ver. 2..... coming soon....look out.