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Presentation on entrepreneurship by Jeff Hoffman ! . .


Trees, like humans, are susceptible to infection and disease when wounded, especially when the cause of the wound is poisonous.Nailing or wiring advertisements on trees has always been an offence, but it was not enforced properly. The metal boards, cloth banners and thick cardboard sheets mindlessly nailed onto the barks expose the trees to infection, growth suppression and slow death.On November 23 and 24 (Saturday and Sunday), students of first year and second year PGDM students from PSGIM engaged in an endeavor to remove nails in trees and advertisement boards nailed to trees in DB Road, RS Puram. Through this activity they have also created an awareness among the public in Coimbatore.


What makes a good B-school?

  • Strong industry linkages
  • Great Infrastructure
  • Vast alumni network across the globe
  • Quality faculty
  • Better Placements
  • Unconventional approach to learning
  • Strong focus on practice based research

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Are B-schools rankings credible?

PSG Institutions - A legacy to reckon with

Abhinesh Vijayaraj - Asst. Vice President of Equity Research at Spark Capital Advisors (India) Private Limited, delivers a speech to students on trend of economic growth in India.

What B-schools especially marketing students can learn from AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) about Media Strategy?

In scripting its terrific 28-seat victory, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has given a working model of what media to use for different voters, and indeed, different purposes.It had a demographic strategy and an income-group strategy. To reach young first-time voters, it used social media. It was useful for publicizing the voter registration campaigns it ran in institutes of higher education in Delhi. The high voter turnout was partly because of this. Read more to know more......

Its was a wonderful speech by Mr. C.K Kumaravel, CEO & Co-founder of Naturals, who pioneered a new era in the hair and beauty care industry by bringing a successful world class beauty salon brand to India.

Google Business Group - Coimbatore Joins Hands with PSG Institute of Management to fuel entrepreneurship in Coimbatore.

Pot Pourri is a grand event conducted by UT students of PSGIM every year. Students showcase the cultural values, special food, music and every unique things about various cultures in and around the country and even around the globe. Here is a glimpse of that event that took place at PSGIM recently.