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heyyyyyyyyy!!! this is a new thread for NMites. trimester exams here too :: . keep posting…


this is a new thread for NMites. trimester exams here too .
keep posting.....

Nm is really rocking. With trimester exams already having started, there is a lot of pressure. With a lot of competitions around the corner, I am sure the next 2 years will be absolutely interesting.

well, its been a good 4 months here for us, and life goes on. It initially begun as a shock to most of us, as the so called 'foundation program' had left most of us confused if this was what we had come here for. It was a pity by all means. But as the mist cleared, we realized that a trimester was ending. And we had been so caught in this endless deluge of the cliched MBA Rigour, that opening the books for the first time was scary. It still is. (exams still on). The trim was good, it was hectic, but at the end of the day, an important realization : Ud learn if more if u wished to. Things go on endlessly and rapidly. And like a Mumbai local, u should board in time to reach in time.
Hmm, more of this babble next time. Its time to get some precious sleep :shock:. Ciao..///

Hella buddies,

This is a small artcle I wrote about life @ NMiMS. We are really having a wonderful time out here.



sheeeeshhhh..... no ones awake as yet 't seems!! an important achievement today though...!! a ogre called 'information systems for management' went into hibernation. its such a wonderful feeling when u do something u dont know anything about!! so we're 4 down and 5 to go. can't imagine the feeling when its all not only said, but done as well. lets assume im not turning it into a personal blog.:bad-word:

hai rajesh, dont worry abt the initial slack, as everyone would start whacking as time goes by.Life going well . gud luck to all for exams

Kickstarting a bschool life invited a lot of gyaan from every nook and corner touting the 'bschool rigiur' as the obvious. Am a trimester-old to this place and though i HAVE been groggy-eyed and sipped in the ultimate bedtime mate, coffee, i am yet to see wht rigour i was told to be wary of !!!

Before my exams, i thought i'd study late and set new benchmarks of harwork in my hardly-worked student life...have never been in love with exams - the very word puts me off completely. It's the over-hyped, over-the-top neccessary evil - or so they say, for want of a better word, i guess...

9 papers back to back. The books been catching dust all this while...and surprise surprise, they still are !!!

Have never identified more with garfield's lazy existence...just waiting for this week to end and get back to galoping in the campus...loads of plays, loads of movies to catch up on...

till then... with another mug bottomed-up, and wiping the moist imprints on my mouth with my sleeve...ciao people !!!

...am chill. am relaxed. am lovin' it, baby !!!

there's no better a lullabyb than the sound of ur text's pages flipping with the wind...and there's no better aphrodisiac than the time trickling off, heralding the welcome of the next week...of sheer freedom !!!

new schedule is out for the famous silver jubilee batch (incudes the infamous C which rocks.);-). anyhow, havent gone more underprepared than this for any exam . i managed to open mr. kotlers esteemed work in the morning only till the page he smiles at you, and talks about what he has done with a concept called marketing. i decided not to feel bad at his almost sarcastic lookin smile. i hoped others felt the pleasure of touching the raw untouched pages too.
hmm, so,for now, 4 exams, 3 days and a new trim. till then, its oodles of

mktng exam. Test of english language, same sentence arranged using permutations and combinations to fill up the required pages. Laptop more of a distraction with popping mail alerts prompting a quick peep into the inbox.had to literally register in one of the sites to get some info.

Anyhow quant tomorrow . a test of game theeory(FIFA,Road rash etc--).

Kudos to Sanjeev, Karthik & Atul for their acheivements

yup. that was amazing. keep it up folks.

guess wat,

was thinking of something constructive i could have done at this odd hr (for normal people) . so i logged on 'just in time' to escape the danger of shifting into some sort of trance. the prospect of the ending seems near now, and excitement grows as to what to do after that. let not the spirit die down fellas - there are plenty of wine shops nearby!!

listening to elvis rock while searching for something to write on in the blank sheet of paper was fun though.

i am so exited to know that exams will be over 2mro

it kinda got boring with the same old story every day .

how was the exam?? u reply bad, the other guy asks the same

now that the new trim is starting:wow: (so soon) we'll enjoy lazy days again

yup!! wats exciting is the prospect of 'to be or not to be' (ahem... in the class). im feeling googled.

man exams r finally over.... hope this forum attracts a lot moe people with their views n comments after a day of two of relaxation.... man i think it will take sometime for this feeling to sink in....

I had worse subjets in engineering and had likem a montsh study leave for exams and about 20 schedule for exams but have never felt more relaxed that the exams r over....

I used to think that MBA teaches u time management but after joining a b-school i have realised that there is no time at all to be managed ... then how can v learn time management

These exams have really taught me one thing that no matter how grossly unprepared u r... there is always lot of bull-shit u can write....

I think this was the first exam i have ever given when u was actually buying text books and going notes photocopied a day before exam..... suddenly it made u realise that there was soooo much to study n so little time.... but like a true b-schooler i never really studied those books or notes ...... i had left all the hopes on god that he will enlighten me during exams with all the answers (of course only the results will show whether my strategy worked)

it was really awesome the way i have stuied for these exams..... for eg. for QA test i left college to go to a friends place in town to do gorup studies reached there at about 7 in th evening and started studying at about 8.... by 10 v all realised that none of us knew anything... os then i left for college at 10 rewached college at 11.... then was sitting in the library till 5 in the morning..... went home n slept for 2-3 hours reached the libreary again at about 8-9 a.m. n then was studying till the moment i entered the examintion hall..... it was as if i had been on Mumbai Darshan going from plcae to another to see if someone could help me make sense out of all the bull-shit that was taught in class......

now that exams r over it's time to party.... i think due to the exams the alcohol levels in my blood have gone down i was feeling dizzy by the end of the exams.... so first thing i went out and partiedddddddddd

of course today i m totally drained everyone must have figured y

well but still love this life... it's hectic.... exciting... boring.... fun.... all at the sametime....

All the best to everyone for eveything.... party hard ....


sorry that there r a lot of grammatical mistakes in the above post... i hope u understand y


hi all

posting after alomost 5 months on PG.
well the xams are over n with that the "exam pungi" and the "creative writing" competition.
the open lappie and open book were the really disatrous ones, hope v dont have any more of this in future.but even wen i m saying this i kno that this is the hope against the hope hopen.
then ther is sub like CSR which demanded more studies then the core ones like fin and marketing. IB was the test of creativity at its best.
well now the exams are over, i m sue many will be thankful to the "arora publication" nots from neha. they were the "saving grace" for many, atleast i can say this about the GR Jani, hostel. hope she continues her good work and GR Jani could reap on the benefit.
now that the exams are over every1 must be waiting impatiently for the results.but tthe seniors have told that dont expect them to be out b4 nov last week. although another rumour that is in the air is that result might come in week itself. well keep ur fingers crossed till then. another topic for pungi is whoes gonna be the numero uno of the batch. may names come and go. i m in no position to coment about other sec. but v do have some hot favorites. however hot they remain only time will tell.
tomm there is AV Birla and Saint Gobain on campus. many of v'll be appearing for the same. ATB to all. Rbi might also be comin in future future, so is truefor Titan. so ppl get ready for anothe stormin term. ALL the best

Hi All,

Please help here



friends came to know that nmims have 15% managment qouta. well i wanted to know how much donation will need to be given. i am b.com(h) fonal year student at DU with 63% marks. regards its urgent .also how much is the fees and living expenses ? i can atmost spend 10 lavs for the course including donation.