Life @ MHRM, IIT Kharagpur

Hi Folks and 2012-14 MBA aspirers By this time all must have been busy with your preparations for the CAT 2011. I would like to wish you all the best for desired results and besides i would like to share the LIFE @ MHRM-Masters In Human Resour…

Hi Folks and 2012-14 MBA aspirers
By this time all must have been busy with your preparations for the CAT 2011.
I would like to wish you all the best for desired results and besides i would like to share the LIFE @ MHRM-Masters In Human Resource Management , IIT Kharagpur to provide insight regarding wats happening in here .

Before introducing the life at IIT Kharagpur and MHRM i would like to share with you all the batch profile but in little different way

Supraja R.--- Chennai,Tamilnadu
Amrita Mukharjee ---Kolkata,West Bengal
Shubhra Singh ---Bokaro,Jarkhand
Vikas Kumar ---Patna,Bihar
Manish Kumar ---New Delhi
Pankaz Parag Minz --- Bihar
Dinesh Babu ---Srikakulam,Andhra Pradesh
Divya Chaddha ---Yamuna Nagar
Bhavnish Kohli ---New Delhi
Ashish kumar ---Bihar
Nishi sharma ---Dehradun
Dilip jha ---Gwalior,M.P
Mansingh hansda--- Bihar
Surojit Chakraborty ---Kolkata,W.B
Perumal samy K. ---Kanya Kumari,T.N
Ritika Tiwari ---Bhopal,M.P
Krishna Vamsi A.---Tirupathy,A.P

The batch comprises from New Delhi to Kanya Kumari, East India to Punjab , from the worlds famous pilgrimage places , from the central India and a perfect mix of freshers to work ex.

From next post i will take you through the memories and journey of these 18 people who are from different parts of India in to a beautiful campus ... Asia"s largest Campus ... Indian Institute that offers highest number of post graduate programs... The oldest and mother of all IITs --- Indian Institute of Technology IIT Kharagpur

Before Ending this post would like to mention and also wish the IIT Kgp a Sparkling Diamond jubilee year .

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All the best to all ! 😃

So every one is actually wondered how is a typical day for a IITian specially KGpian is
Here we go !

A day in Life of a Kgpian

*A new day dawns with the chirping of the birds and the loud cry of the alarm, followed
by a flurry of activities, some known and some unknown. KGPians should consider
themselves lucky if they manage to grab a quick bite before huffing and puffing their way
to the classes in their bicycle.

*Classes are enjoyable and thought provoking with case studies, presentations and role
plays. KGPians usually get a cup of coffee from NESCAFE to remain all ears to one
lecture after the other. Just when they think that the class has ended, there is a surprise
quiz waiting for them or sometimes a great guest lecture.

*After the grueling day, the students unwind with a cup of hot chai and fried maggi at
TIKKA. The greenery around is so mesmerizing; that it entices them to take a long
stroll along the lush green paths. They also take the heat off by engaging in a game of
basketball or lawn tennis.

*But KGPians never forget that they have an assignment to submit tomorrow, so
they rush back and start working on it, sometimes alone, sometimes as a group. The
brainstorming is at its best when they are having dinner at VEGGIES.

*Few hours into the assignment, they realize that they have to put up a good fight against
their drooping eyelids which makes them rush to CCD for a steaming mug of coffee.

*Finally KGPians return to their rooms and hit off their bed realizing that their day has
come to an end with just a few hours for their day to begin.

Meet you tomoro with a new past taking you back to the day 1 we visited the campus !

do we need to separately apply for MHRM or in a single form both the program can be applied?
i know it's to early to ask.
i am asking about last year process...
May be this year process will change.
and what about gd/pi.
whether it happens with PGDM or separate?

do we need to separately apply for MHRM or in a single form both the program can be applied?
i know it's to early to ask.
i am asking about last year process...
May be this year process will change.
and what about gd/pi.
whether it happens with PGDM or separate?

Hi Kumar
This is Life @ MHRM thread and as you said its too early to ask but stillThe admission process has no connection with VGSOM . Itz a different application different GD/PI ... And for your info no IIT offers PGDM they offer you master degrees. All the Best.

P.S: Cat Score is taken for admission process this time.

Now comes the First day In IIT Kharagpur

Entered the campus late night and had a informal meet with all the classmates of the new batch. We are allotted one of the latest halls among the 22 halls of residence in IIT with a dual room share and a attached bathroom resembling the Apartment architecture.The first day started with the introductory seminar for all the PG students in the auditorium by the dean and heads of different departments and we were asked to move to a different auditorium for the registration process which is just 1 km away from the present location. Long lines to stand and hot sun welcomed us to the IIT. After registration which ended in the late afternoon all of us rested our poor souls for a sleep followed by a delicious dinner ( being the first day ) in the night.

P.S:Food is not too good nor too bad all the stay we had till now for the past 2 months . After all 9000 bucks for 6 months .

Orientation by seniors

Here comes the tough and interesting part of the newbiees in to IIT
The orientation classes by the seniors lasted for 10 days with every day a new event .

1.Treasure hunt in pairs (girl and a bicycle ) which resulted minimum loss of 2-3 pounds of weight

P.S:Koolkid and his team won this

2.Business Quiz


4.Ad Design and making



7.Case study and review of books, Movies

P.S: Seniors noted almost each and every point of juniors and graded them accordingly for committee selection

Besides this we also had introductory speeches from seniors of various committees and about the college department and placements

We came to know about each other in the very early 10 days

Now comes the Freshers day
It started with the hours of time dedicated to make up ourselves specially the girls ... and it started at 8 pm and ended at 1 am.

It revealed the real faces of the seniors and juniors

The following are the events that took place in the Freshers party

1.Paper couple dance
2.D.J remix and dancing with hearts and souls
3.Dances for the latest songs with different themes like bhojpuri spiderman , rhymes
4.Then a Ramp walk which was a curtain raiser for the models inside us
5.Skits with interchange of sex
6.Special Dance performance by the seniors
7.MR. And Miss Fresher
8.Askal Whiskal Kiskal Drinking competition between juniors and seniors

Loads of fun which words cannot explain joined with delicious food and b**z*

The fun thing is juniors have to pair up with seniors to enter the freshers party . Some used Brains and some used CCD and some created ways creatively which reduced the tonnes of gap between both the batches

Now after all the fun its time for Committee selections

The various committees present in MHRM are

Placecom - which takes care of placements right from resumes to internships and final placements

Acadcom - which takes care of guest lectures, books , extra material resources

Adcom - Which takes care of the admissions

Media & PR - which takes care of the pagalguy, promotion and website and interaction with outside world right from news paper to future aspirants

Cultcom - which takes care of the cultural activities and KHROM club and PEOPLE TREE newsletter

Now itz time to explore the IIT KGP societies and committees

The list is endless but still would like to write a few

AIESEC worlds largest student community
Telugu , English ,Hindi , Bengali Dramatics society
Music society
Debating Society
Technology Dance Society
Vivekananda Social Service Community
CRY child rights

Name a community you will find one here
Except the Bengali Dramatics Society everything mentioned above has a representative from MHRM ... Kudos we are enthusiastic people . Cannot spend life sitting in rooms and Facebooking all the time but to explore the opportunities to come in par with BTECHians Dominated IITs .. We are here to make our impressions

Hello....Could you please help me out.
What are the expected CAT scores for the MHRM program this year?What is the expected cut-off?

Hello....Could you please help me out.
What are the expected CAT scores for the MHRM program this year?What is the expected cut-off?

Hi This is Life @ B-School Thread Please direct your queries to the following thread which will be appropriate

All The Best !!!

The Every day lectures and possessing Asia's largest library is an asset for IIT Kharagpur but Learning becomes more worthy when it is combined by the insights and guest lectures by the Industry leaders through Guest Lectures . Guest lectures is an Integral part of the course. All the guest lectures are organised by the academic committee. Till date Including today 😞 the list of Guest lectures by the Industry leaders are as follows

Employee Engagement & Tools of Internal Communication by Head HR- Internal Communication and Employee Engagement,HCL Technologies.

Succeeding in a Volatile market- Interactive session based on insights and workshop findings by Sr.Business Development Manager , CapGemini.

Challenges of corporates in Hiring & Staffing by Senior Manager and Leadership Manager, Hutchison 3 Global Services.

Competency Mapping by Senior Management Consultant from Persona HR.

Insight on "Compensation & Benifits " by GM-Corporate HR, JSPL-Jindal.

Talent Management by Head , Talent Engagement and Development, Wipro Technologies.

These are the topics and guest lectures till date ... More to come soon ... Keep watching the space .

And next comes the most happening part of IIT life are Birthday celebrations
Here is the MHRian way of celebrating the Birthdays ...!

The agenda follows this way

11.30 PM - GPL :biggrin: starts
11.55 PM - Reaching the cake cutting venue
12.00 AM - Cake
12.00 - 1.00 AM - decorating the face of birthday guy with cake + cream + eggs + cooldrink + GPL
7.00 PM - Party starts

then ** Sensor ** dont ask me wat party & where ...!

To know more about the Birthday here is a short video of the happening

Birthday at MHRM,IIT KGP

And for more pictures of a birthday happening


And 4 birthdays in the batch yield a party at KOLKATA

Thats all for the day folks . . . !

Now comes the most interesting part of any B-School life

Eating joints:splat:

Bengal itsel;f is famous for its food specially sweets & fish
So as usual you find a cheap food here when compared to other places .

Besides the mess facility some halls of residence possess canteens which operate between 5 PM- 3 AM

Some of them are

V.S - Alwayz house full
JCB - Not a bad choice
HJB - Andhra canteen
MMM - galz r not allowed
LLR - famous for itz chicken variety

and most of the people spend their time more at "TIKKA" rather than in classes . U get here all junk food with added special tea ...

U also have a couple of restaurants


and you have a tech market which have all fruits/vegetables/milk available including stationery

Besides these the most best place in the whole campus is "CCD"
...Many things happen over coffee ...

thats it for the day :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

Now comes the Business fests
Business fests happened till now are 2

1.Saamanjasya 2011

2.Anoogoonj 2011

Here is the description of Saamanjasya 2011


About Saamanjasya

Saamanjasya, an initiative of VGSOM & MHRM , IIT Kharagpur to bring together corporate, NGOs, academicians and students on a common platform to inculcate a culture of being in sync for a common purpose of upliftment of society.

Our Vision

To become the Asias largest movement for social and environmental sustainability

Our Mission

To be the most sought after event for social and environmental sustainability by bringing Corporate, NGOs and Youth on a single platform and inculcate the culture of giving back in them

Theme of Saamanjasya 2011



& Reform

Event Details

Saamnajaysa Teaser 2011

And MHRM handled the entire Media Part of the fest along with Samvit - BIZ Quiz

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Kharagpur organised an exclusive Diamond Jubilee meet -- Anugoonj. The meet was a platform for the budding students to brainstorm with the professionals from corporate as well as academic world. This will help them develop synergy to meet emerging challenges. The participants are invited from the management schools, technical institutions, universities and industries from all over the country.

The event comprised Case studies,B-quiz, Photography Competition, Graphology Workshop, Competitive Business Intelligence Workshop, Guest lectures, Panel discussions, Open Forum etc.

Teaser video of Anoogoonj


I am.....
1.Loving your posts... 2.would like to have some more 4m u. 3.Hoping to be a part of that life next year.

Best of luck with your internship.