Life @LIBA Chennai

Hello all pguys. Explore LIBA beyond the curriculum. Know about the engaging events taking place at LIBA.

Hello all pguys I am a first year student at LIBA Chennai this year for the session 2007-09 and I want to share all the experiences and exposure that I have at LIBA so that people who have to apply to LIBA will find it easy to know things about LIBA well in advance before the entrances start.:)

Also as the sessions progress people can track my progress and also can get access to information that is usually not available to students.. .

Today we had our first inaugural session at LIBA and were introduced to the faculty formally.We have a wonderful faculty and it is a really good mix of experience from the teaching as well as the industrial fields.

The director Fr Christie emphasised on the need for ethics in business and also enlightened us with the perception of India that people in the advanced countries have at present and contrasted it with the picture that we had in the past.

I guess we are lucky today as we do not have any classes or assignments as such to do however the other section is not so lucky as they have classes upto 4:00 p.m today and all the assignments after that.

I will keep the forum going and get some more of the students to participate so that it will be a lovely discussion forum.

hey buddy

Doing a great job. Hats off to ur enthusiam.
I personally feel that u sud share info like student life in LIBA, placements etc

Anyways All the best
Abhishek Goyal
SDM-IMD, Mysore

Thanx abhi we require some encouragement like this.

So a typical day at Liba starts at around 6 in the morning when we get ready and go to the mess at loyola college for our breakfast which starts at around 7 a.m and continues to 8 a.m after that we move to the institute building for our day to begin.Usually it starts at around 8:30 a.m and continues till 6:00 in the evening if some guest lectures are there then it will stretch....

In between we catch up with our friends at the canteen and with our seniors also. I have been here for the past one week and we also have football matches with the seniors on sundays.Both the matches played till now were won by them just goes on to show the team building that has gone into them after they have done their studies together.None of them is a full time player so are we novices but their game is superior to us in many aspects.We will also shortly be having our student committee nominations which will be held on nomination basis..........people from diverse backgrounds have to come to a consensus.........that too in a very short time we have to perform elections and ruckus.....write SOPS and give interviews and prove yourself to get the is all very transparent.

Guys and gals who are ineterested in LIBA and want to know more about it can post replys and I will definitely reply to them....

Now let us get into some details about the faculty that we have at LIBA.We have some of the finest and dedicated permanent faculties at LIBA.It will come as a surprise that we have a faculty who is also a professional psychologist for actually helping us to cope up with the daily stress and strain of the program and to deliver the best.

Also we have a great team teaching marketing and finance.I will not give out the names and details as of now but yes as time progresses and people put in queries I will be glad to share the info with everyone.

About the placements we had an average placement of 6.1 lacs which is very good.But the important thing is that the placement that had been achieved was done in quick time as LIBA's focus is to reach the top ten rankings in India.

LIBA is also famous for some of the courses that it is designing for foreign universities as well as tie ups with them for summer internships......check out the link below:

The Hindu Business Line : LIBA to tie up with more foreign varsities

I will keep up updating this forum as and when I get time till then I have got to attend a class.......any queries please post.

Hi plodder...nice work...just wanted to know a bit of info on cutoffs for LIBA this year...can u provide that info?

Nice to know about your interest in LIBA this year for our batch the cut off was just a little above 91 percentile in the open category.

It will be surprising for some but LIBA has made tremendous strides in the past two years in terms of placements,events organisation and roping in faculty from reowned institutes.......

I guess this time the cut off will be a little higher than this probably at 93-94% considering that the competition goes up with each passing day.

Any other questions ..............will be answered....asap!

thanks for all the help!
im applying to liba for 2008 and wanted to know if there was some source you could suggest for brushing up for the XAT. Any books and the like.


hi,jomster XAT is also going the CAT way I guess, this time XAT was very tough.............generally given the no. of questions that people were able to solve and the overall level so I would suggest that you get hold of some old material not older than a year from one of the coaching institutes TIME,CL,IMS,etc or else enroll urself for a course.

Also while doing so keep ur focus on basics....and very important focus on achieving proficiency in the basics becoz in the exam room it will the basics that will be with you all ur funda times under tension and pressure goes for a toss.

As for books and links to resources I will get back to u shortly u can also try out the prep.n resources forumss available on pguy...and orkut.

Writing a post after about 2-3 days was very busy with case studies and presentations.We have a very good faculty who also teaches for XLRI and the IIMs for Marketing and similarly we have a number of visiting faculties.

nice initiative.
how abt the mix of the batch.. must be around 140 of u right.. backgrounds etc? freshers/working .. sectors.. region..