Life @ KCT Business School


I would like introduce myself as a part of KCT Business School where the focus is on holistic development of each one of us. Our life here is a vibrant mixture of learning and application of it. We are realising our true inner potential and utilizing it to the optimum.
Here we are given a feeling of home away from home. Our faculties make sure that there is nothing that troubles us. Our innovations and ideas are appreciated and accepted, helping us grow better and more potent.
Output of our work is not judged by just our transcripts but by the way we percieve it. It is fun to start each day with a store of creative approaches to solve each query posed to us. Our interests in other activities are encouraged through leagues. And forums help us to practice many concepts that would have otherwise been between us and our books.
There is nothing that can replace this kind of an atmosphere designed to nurture budding transformational leaders

I'm feeling just so happy that we're chilling out for New Year though we have model exam tomorrow....

Happyyyyyyyyyyyyy new year everyone

Hello this is Arun Prasath.

I'm doing MBA in KCT Business School. If you have any clarifications and doubts regarding admissions, exposure, projects, education, sports, guest lectures, symposiums that are going to be held in KCT School of Business, you can contact me. Hereafter I'll update the happenings in the KCT.BS.

Its DPL fever at KCTBS. DPL or Dooshra Premier League is a Corporates Vs. Business Schools cricket match and the first of its kind!!! After the very first exam season the whole of our Business Schoolis geared up to welcome this event!!!

University of Leeds in KCT Business School on 23rd of January, 2013.

Dr Andy Bulpitt, Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing and is currently Director of Taught Postgraduate Studies in KCT.
Proud and happy to announce that KCT.BS has been rated A++ by Business & Management Chronicle in December 2012/ January 2013.
KCT.BS is the only Business School in TN rated A++ and is ranked in 4th in South India.
Credit goes to the team and thanks to management for their support.

A semester has come to its close and it is like we started our classes few days ago...

Not a day seemed dreary or lazy.... Each started with a hype which just kept going through out!!!
Many lessons that we would carry for a life time were taught...
A tower building activity was conducted to show that creative managers produce output that survive the longest...
Each day each activity put us in different teams teaching us to appreciate our similarity and celebrate our differences!!!
Working on field was lots of fun...
Looking forward for a host of new activities that engage us and will give us a flavour of real managerial skills in the upcoming semesters too!!!
Rotary Group Study Exchange Team from USA visited KCT Campus today. Helene Kalfuss - Speech Pathologist was the team leader. Team Members were Joseph Williams - CEO, Youth Action Program , Michael Horspool- Leadership Trainer , Sara Baker- Counsellor, Jessica Morison- Photographer.
The team interacting with KCT.BS faculty and KCT students...

During the next 5 days each one of us are going to be a part of Community Engagement Project (CEP)

Today we had an orientation session by the IMAYAM group headed by Ms. Parameshwari and Ms. Meenakshi who shared their insights on what in reality is an NGO and how it works. The session gave us a taste of the group that really needs our support. The session also helped us plan on our strategies to empower this group.
It is going to be field work from tomorrow and the entire Business School is excited about being on field and giving our tiny bit for the cause of building our society

After two days of CEP and getting in touch with the real India our learnings are lot more than we expected and we're happy about the tiny bit we're giving back to our society!!!

Hope the next three days teach us a lot more and would be an opportunity to lend our hand to uplift our society

After the completion of Semester-1 exams the 1st year MBA were engaged in Community Engagement Project (CEP). The titles of the CEP were,

1. Energy conservation awareness project
2. Center for Child care
3. Home for Destitute children
4. Student Empowerment
5. Rural Women Empowerment
6. T.B testing and Awareness program.
The IMAYAM group which has tie ups with many institutions, corporate and also works for government schemes has arranged this CEP with KCT School of Business.
During CEP:
The students learnt a lot about public relations, status of rural India, marketing, convincing people, economical status of families in rural areas, problems in rural parts of India, facilities in Schools across Coimbatore, etc.
The CEP was done successfully and the students are expected to submit the reports regarding their survey or project.

The DPL which held on 9th & 10th Feb 2013 in KCT Business School was a grand success. The DPL served as a platform for the interaction between the Corporate employees and the Business school students. The DPL also served as a stress buster and the participants enjoyed alot in KCT.BS. The Kongu Engineering College Team won the cup in DPL.

At the end of another informative day where we had a guest lecture on "The Usage of EBSCO for Literature Survey" by the Assistant Librarian of Kumaraguru College of Technology we learnt how to make an optimum use of the software.

The session covered the advanced search techniques and how to apply them.

Today it was finance forum that made the day exciting!!

150 minutes and two activities made the forum a fun experience with lots of learnings to take back.
Activity 1 was identification of accounting terms with the help of clues given. It was a combination of technical as well as creative clues.... The teams came out with innovative clues that helped in the identification of the correct accounting terms.
Activity 2, a simulation game which involved planning the right strategy to sustain business and maximize profit. The game gave us a platform to evaluate a market situation and plan strategies to suit the changes in the market and also to analyze the impact of different news items on business
Steve Jobs Birthday celebrations by Systems Centre of KCT.BS

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” Steve Jobs. To create leaders and to make an impact in the thought process of our students, Systems Centre of KCT.BS celebrated the Birthday of Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs (which was on February 24) on 27/02/2013. He was an American entrepreneur and inventor, best known as the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc. Through Apple, he was widely recognized as a charismatic pioneer of the personal computer revolution. He has been referred to as "legendary", a "futurist" or simply "visionary", and has been described as the "Father of the Digital Revolution", a "master of innovation", and a "design perfectionist". A video on Steve Jobs “Stay hungry, stay foolish” was played which inspired the students since it showed the importance of innovation and the reason why one should be unique. After that a quiz was conducted by Parthiban & Divya. R. of Batch 2012, which had queries on the life of Steve Jobs, his career, his contribution to the digital world etc. Transcend pen drive of 8 GB was given to the winners as a token of appreciation.

Guest Lecture on Enchanting Scopes in Retail Industry

Centre for Marketing Excellence KCT Business School hosted a Guest Lecture on €˜Enchanting Scopes in Retail Industry €™ on Thursday 28th February 2013 at Vishveswarya Hall. The speaker was Mr. Anand, Business Solutions Specialist, M.H. ALSHAYA LLC, Dubai, U.A.E . The session provided hands on experience to students of first year MBA on the various operations of national and international retail industry. The speaker also gave insights on the various job avenues that prevail in retail industry at present for MBA students. Mr. Anand also suggested various skills and traits that are required to earn a prospective career in marketing and retailing. Finally the session ended up with question & answer session.

As he is the alumni of KCT.BS, he made the concepts added with his own experience. Moreover he made the session very informative by sharing his overseas experience and the International Business Scenario!

Moreover it was a red letter day for the final year marketing students of KCT Business School for that noteworthy and a significant lecture rendered by KCT BS alumnus Mr. Anand Samimalai Business Solutions Specialist, M.H. ALSHAYA LLC, Dubai, U.A.E on the operational nuances of international retail industry on 28th February 2013. Hailing from the retail clusters of Gulf, Mr. Anand S. shared his experiences on the advanced tech savvy techniques of managing an international chain of retail outlets. The session was interactive in nature with concepts based on CX information and database management systems, utilization of remote controlled robotized mechanisms on customer surveillance & service encounters and applications. Special topics which included Business Intelligence and reporting using data mining software was also highlighted during the session. The lecture was appreciated for its scientific and intelligent content.

At the end of budget week so many concerns have come up!!!

Got to book tickets in advance to get back home..... Tatkal is now an expensive affair... New trains sound good
WOW!!! Railway stations with wi-fi is a sure journey to development
And we're going to snack on ISO certified food from railways!!! Now what does that mean? More people buying food instead of packing homemade munchies!!
Mobile phones are now no more once in a month changeable necessity!!! Thanks to higher taxation
Glad to be someone who was never fascinated with SUVs???? Another reason to be happy about your lack of interest- Increase in tax rates for SUVs
That's too much of facts but not to forget today's news- Hike in petrol price
Lets appreciate our Finance ministery trying to develop a nation of healthy people- Walk more and use less electronic gadgets!!!

After holidays and "Break Through" life is getting back on track at KCT Business School...

Last week was so activity from monday to friday...
CEP viva-voce gave all of us a chance to share our experiences and also to create a platform for each of us to think on what we can contribute to our society...
Systems forum was a different experince. Unlike all the other times, this week we had an interactive session that helped us clarify our doubts on career opportunities for MBAs...
"GOLMAAL" helped us understand and examine the fake products that rule our market. The products ranged from high end engineering goods to medicines that we use everyday. It was a total edutainment program....
The momentum is again building up fast... Hope we all get back to form really soon..😃