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Participation of SBLM Students of Karunya University in the 3rd 'Indian Student Parliament'
10th - 12th January 2013, MIT School of Government, Pune

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Indian student parliament is an annual event conducted by MIT School of Government, Pune in association with Union Ministry Youth affairs and Sports, Govt. of India and Ministry of Higher & Technical Education & Ministry of Sports & Youth Welfare, Govt. of Maharashtra State. The programme was supported by UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Tolerance.

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This year the third edition of this event which garners students from across Indian sub-continent was held from 10th to the 12th of January, 2013. The event is the only one of its kind, where thousands of students congregate to discuss debate and find solutions for the various social, political and economic conditions that baffles the nation and the world as a whole. The 8 sessions that stretched over three days saw around 8,000 students participants from 28 States and many dignitaries including Mr. Omar Abdullah, Chief minister of Kashmir, Mr. Nithish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, MP, Rajya Sabha, Prof. Ramjee Singh, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, Mr. Rajat Sharma, Mr. Leander Paes and many others.
A group of first year students represented Karunya School of Business Leadership and Management consisting of Shalom Immanuel Lall, Rajasekar Rao, Sujith Kumar, Danny Johnson and Lily Lakera were the proud participants.
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Among whom, Lily Lakara won laurels for KSBLM by becoming a part of the final 16 student speakers at the event chosen from 8000 candidates based on their understanding about current topics. As the finalist, Lily was felicitated by the Founder & Convener of The Indian Student Parliament, Mr. Rahul V Karad himself with a shawl and a memento. She will also be a part of a study tour of 14 days to Europe in June and another tour to Delhi to get a firsthand experience in political scenario of the nation's capital.
A workshop on "Spotting Business Opportunity" -29th January, 2013

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Read about the multidimensional campus life @ Karunya University
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Karunya University has spearheaded 27 years of Higher Education. All thanks to the Visionary of the University.

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Hi guys,
In this thread I would be sharing the students perspective of life @Karunya School of Business Leadership and Management (KSBLM) and about the various events taking place here.Please do feel free to contribute, comment and ask questions regarding any events listed and regarding life at KSBLM in this thread.Hope this thread would be able to give you a sneak peek about [email protected]
Let me first introduce myself to you. My name is Nithin Daniel Devadoss and I am a current student of a two year General MBA program at KSBLM which is a part of Karunya University,Coimbatore.
My journey at KSBLM began on July,2012 thats when I started the general MBA program at KSBLM since then everyday has been a day filled with learning.When I first entered Karunya Nagar I was welcomed by the cool breeze and the scenic beauty of the location,the University is located amidst the hills of the Western Ghats, a very calm and tranquil surrounding. I fell in love with the place at first sight.
Before we could start with our regular classes we had an orientation program for a period of 10 days conducted for all the 1st year students.It was a fun filled program which not only helped us to know all the basics needed to excel in the MBA program but also was as an ice breaker and helped us to make new friends.A lot of management games were also conducted Soon the regular classes started and from then on it was assignments,seminars, classes, guest lectures,internals. Though the MBA program is rigorous,learning is made to be fun.
There were lot of events conducted at our B-school and some of the noteworthy events include seminars by very eminent and well experienced people from the industry, "Phronesis" a south India level management fest was a big hit ,the entrepreneurship cell of KSBLM also conducted many events which brought out the hidden entrepreneur in every students. More exciting events are planned in the coming days.
Please do check out this space for further information on the various events & happenings @KSBLM
Hi guys,

Two days to go for Karunya University to witness the most awaited event of the year, "Mindkraft 2013"a technical cum cultural event put together by the students of Karunya University.It Is a three day event which is scheduled to kick off from the 14th of February 2013

"Hamlet street", part of Mindkraft 2013, is an initiative of the students of Karunya School of Business,Leadership and Management (KSBLM), where the students pursuing MBA at KSBLM are given a chance to showcase their talents in setting up, executing and managing a retail extravaganza in which the students are encouraged to invest in a business plan and setup stalls ranging from food,clothes, games and so on, catering to the 7000 odd students of Karunya and for all those who will be visiting the university as participants for the events. The mettle of the budding managers are going to be tested here at the Hamlet street.
More news on Hamlet street and Mindkraft 2013 will be posted in this thread in the coming days.

For details, drop in at and for all the exciting news about Mindkraft 2013 follow it on
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Hi fellow PG users,

As you would have seen from the previous post,KSBLM is organising the Twelfth Evangeline Memorial Endowment Lecture and to address us we are having a very eminent professor,Prof.Y.S.Rajan, Padmashree, Honorary Distingushed Professor, ISRO.
And the topic would be Higher Education for a Globalising India - Beyond 2013. A lot of work has been put into this and we are looking forward for gaining much knowledge from this session.
Higher Education for a Globalizing India - Beyond 2013

Chief Guest : Prof.Y.S.Rajan, Padmashree, Honorary Distingushed Professor, ISRO

Karunya School of Business, Leadership and Management, Coimbatore Cordially invite you to attend the Twelfth Evangeline Memorial Endowment Lecture.

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Y.S. Rajan has a proven track record of excellence as a Scientist, Technologist, Administrator,
Organization Builder and Leader, Diplomat, Academic, Writer and Poet.

He has made key contributions to space research, technology and applications since 1964 and
continues to be an important expert on space matters. As Scientific Secretary, Indian Space
Research Organization (ISRO), he was responsible for a combination of scientific, technical,
administrative, planning, policy and international cooperation matters. His contributions in
shaping ISRO from its initial experimental phases into a major service delivery organization
have been remarkable. In the process, he has also been a creator of many institutions and
sustainable mechanisms between ISRO and its end-users. He has worked with Massachusetts
Institute of Technology (MIT), USA and NASA for about three years.

Above session would be on tghe lines of educating and guiding students in Karunya - KSBLM to understand the role of higher education for students which will give a road-map for Indians to rise and be role models in the globalize economy. India is shining and has immense potential to give opportunities for social entrepreneurship with higher education giving a shape and guidance for the coming years.

After the Session on Globalizing India by the honorable chief guest, there would be a interactive session of the faculty of KSBLM.;=a.265114600286629.63472.241883795943043&type;=1&theater;

@nithin_19 said:
Hi fellow PG users,As you would have seen from the previous post,KSBLM is organising the Twelfth Evangeline Memorial Endowment Lecture and to address us we are having a very eminent professor,Prof.Y.S.Rajan, Padmashree, Honorary Distingushed Professor, ISRO. And the topic would be Higher Education for a Globalising India - Beyond 2013. A lot of work has been put into this and we are looking forward for gaining much knowledge from this session

wen was it started ..batch of offered ..mode of selection..?
Twelfth Evangeline Memorial Endowment Lecture
Chief Guest: Eminent professor,Prof.Y.S.Rajan, Padmashree, Honorary Distingushed Professor, ISRO. Topic: Higher Education for a Globalising India - Beyond 2013.


Evangeline Memorial Endowment Lecture is held every year since 2001 by Karunya School of Business Leadership & Management in the memory of late Sister Evangeline Dhinakaran. Prof. Y.S Rajan, Padmashree, Honorary Distinguished Professor, ISRO delivered the lecture at EMEL's 12th edition.
The lecture titled, “Higher Education for A Globalizing India-Beyond 2013” was very insightful and stimulating. Prof. Y. S. Rajan started the lecture by mentioning the history of India and its many interesting facts. He pointed out that though up until the 19th century, India held a dominant position in world trade, its influence has shrunk in the recent past. He said that the ancient education system has decayed and that school education must discover and shape each child to the best of his/her capability and potential since higher education system alone cannot yield very good results.
He brought to light that in calculation of the number of students covered by the universities/colleges in India about 80% of them or more are funded by private sector and about 90% of the taxpayers' money is given to the institutions catering to less than 20% of the students. This stark reality he said is often obfuscated in the public discourse on Higher Education, especially when they talk of the so called “quality” and flog the private sector institutions.
Moreover he emphasized that the Indian children deserve to have an affordable and easy access to an higher education system which will equip them to meet the economic and social challenges posed by rapidly globalizing world. He added that higher education is indispensable and that India has only 10% to 12% eligible persons for higher education.
With the US system of higher education as an example he stated that he believed Indian Education scenario can change for the better, if the system was deregulated and removal of bureaucratic system. In closing he stated that “freedom giving ecosystems” where the Indian higher education system can meet the national societal and economic goals of serving people, creating wealth etc, and also reach global excellence replace the plethora of centralized rules regulations and monopoly inspection systems.
Three days Inter collegiate Events & Marketing fair - The Hind news - 15.02.2013
Turning Point '13
A I year retreat session will be held today @ 12 noon.
Faculty Development Programme on Road Safety and Health Issue at Karunya School Of Business, Leadership and Management ( Karunya University ) - 23.02.2013

Some achievements by our Karunya School Of Business, Leadership and Management - Alumni

1. Daniel Jacob (2003-2005)
Daniel Jacob is working as Assistant General Manager HR in EC Group Datasoft Pvt Ltd. Which is a US based IT Services Company located in Chennai. Daniel is heading the HR operations as well as being a part of the strategic leadership team. Daniel has done his MBA in HR & Marketing from Karunya Business School in the year of 2005.
Recently Daniel received €œ40 Most Talented HR Leaders in India €? Award by The World HRD Congress in association with the leading business News Channel in India (ET NOW) based on his strategic perspective, future orientation, track record, integrity & ethics, ability for sustainability and competencies.

2. R Venkatachalapathy (2005-07)

R Venkatachalapathy is Sales Officer with Nestle India currently in the Trichy region managing the entire zone directly under the ASM. He received multi promotions within a period of just one year through his excellent analytical and innovative ideas in pushing products.
Recently Venky Won the "Best Sales Officer"award at Nestle for the Entire South India and also his team recently won the Competition to sell the Max volume of Polo (mint) in the most remote markets.

To know more -