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The beautiful 80 acres lust green campus of JGBS is equipped with all sports facilities like soccer cricket, tennis, basketball, badminton and volleyball. Students of this institute engage themselves in different co-curricular activities apart from their studies.

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This thread is all about life & experiences at Jindal Global Business School (JGBS). Through this thread, you all can discuss events, happenings and views about JGBS.

JGBS students and alumni can share their experiences with others. MBA aspirants can ask their queries about campus, facilities, resources and academic assistance.

"Challenges of Transition from High Schools to Colleges and Universities" and the launch of Jindal International Summer School on Friday 1 March 2013 at 17:00 hrs

We have a captivating campus. Any one who come to our campus likes it in one view. 50 meters high flag is center of attraction. When wind blow no one can take eye out of it. In night it look even more amazing. Take a view of our campus
We welcome the appointment of new Dean Prof. C. Gopinath at Jindal Global Business School of O.P Jindal Global University!
Professor Gopinath is an outstanding scholar, accomplished researcher and a remarkable institution builder. He currently serves as a distinguished faculty member in the Sawyer Business School of Suffolk University in Boston, USA. The Sawyer Business School is internationally accredited in business and accounting by AACSB International - the Association to Advance the Collegiate Schools of Business and the premier accrediting body for business schools. This elite distinction is shared by less than 10% of the world's business schools.
Professor Gopinath received his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (USA), has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, and an M.A. (Economics) from the Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.
Professor Gopinath's research is in the areas of corporate restructuring, comparative management, strategic alliances, and pedagogy. An active researcher, he has presented at numerous conferences. He has published articles in several leading journals, including the Journal of Management, Long Range Planning, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Business Strategy, Journal of Management Education, Journal of International Business Studies, and Management International Review. His books include Strategize! Experiential exercises in strategic management (with J. Siciliano) (Cengage, 2013), Globalization: A multidimensional system (Sage, 2008), and Managing in a Globalized World (ICFAI Press, 2003).
Professor Gopinath has held faculty positions in institutions in India and around the world, including but not limited to the University of Massachusetts, University of Delaware, and presently at Suffolk University. He is also an Invited Professor at IAE Aix-en-Provence Graduate School of Management, Aix-Marseille University, France. He has created and directed global business programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, has chaired academic committees involved with planning and curriculum, and initiated collaborations between international universities.
Prior to his academic career, he held executive positions in purchasing, and general management in leading companies in India. His consulting practice focuses on organizational change, strategic planning, and governance. He is a member of the Academy of Management and the Academy of International Business. He is the Editor of the Journal of Knowledge Globalization.
Professor Gopinath contributes a regular fortnightly column titled €˜American Periscope €™ in The Hindu Business Line. Over 470 articles have appeared since 1996. He is a Director of AASAI, an NGO that funds and supports projects to rehabilitate destitute women and children.
.First convocation ceremony of Jindal Global Business School

International publications by students of JGBS

Tewari, A., Ghosh, P. and Sangwan, S. (2012). Creating procurement efficiencies in agribusiness in India, Management & Production Engineering Review, Vol. 3, No.3, pp.63-70.
Kushal Jain and Brajesh Kumar, Estimation of NIFTY spot Price Using Put-Call Parity, International Conference on Economics and Finance, Kathmandu, Nepal, pp. 815 €“ 836, 20-22 April 2012.
Akshay Tiwari, Prashant Ghosh and Sunanda Sangwan, Creating efficiencies in an Agribusiness Model: case study of e-Choupal in India, Globalizing Food Chains and the Emerging Economies, 4th Agribusiness Economic Conference, Davao City, Philippines, pp. 33, July 10-11, 2012.
Saroj Koul and Yatish Prasad Dasari, Green Supply Chain Sustainability: The Indian Automobile Industry Perspective, 2012 Annual Conference, Industry Studies Association, Pittsburgh, USA, May 29-June 1, 2012.
Saroj Koul and Rajeev Tripathi, Improvement of Cycle Time: Case of an Automobile Manufacturer, 23rd Annual POMS Conference, Chicago, USA April 20-23, 2012 (Abstract Code: 025-0624).

Conference proceedings and presentation by students of JGBS.

Hrudaya Ranjan Bihara and Brajesh Kumar, 'Risk Management using Commodity Futures Market: A case of Nickel Futures', International Conference on Finance And Business Management, Jaipur (India), February 9-10, 2013.
J.Joshuva Alexander, Saroj Koul, Sanjeev Sharma, 'Quality Gate – A Strategic Management Supportive Tool', International Conference 'Innovative Ways of Managing Business in the Post Globalized Era', BVIMR, India, February, 2-3, 2013. (recipient of the First Prize – Presentation Category).
Deepak Batra and Saroj Koul,'Humanitarian Logistics in India – A Brief Perspective', Tenth AIMS International Conference on Management (AIMS-10), IIM Bangalore, India, Jan.6-8, 2013. (ISBN: 978-81-924713-1-0).
Sunanda Sangwan and Manohar Patidar, 'A study on Processes or Meeting Production Targets in Cold Rolling Mills in a Steel Organization' 6th International Conference on Decision Sciences for Performance Excellence (6ICDSI), IBS Hyderabad, India, December 27-29, 2012, pp. 52-59. Eds. RK Jain et al. Operational Excellence - A Key for Performance Excellence, Excel Books (ISBN: 987-93-5062-182-0)
Hrudaya Ranjan Bihara and Sunanda Sangwan, 'Improving Effectiveness of Preventive Maintenance in a Captive Power Plant',6th International Conference on Decision Sciences for Performance Excellence (6ICDSI), IBS Hyderabad, India, December 27-29, 2012, pp. 71-84. Eds. RK Jain et al. Operational Excellence - A Key for Performance Excellence, Excel Books (ISBN: 987-93-5062-182-0)
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Some of the achievements by students of 2013 Batch, JGBS.

Event : Marketing Mavericks, Annual Business fest LIBA (Chennai)
Achievement: Finalist
Link for video, Photo
Student team: Sandeep Gunjan, Prashant Ghosh, Venkat Tushar Burle [Batch of 2013]
Event : Logistics Achievers & Talent Hunt, conducted by Million Minds Mgmt. Service Ltd & CILT, India. Jan 2013 Achievement: Won third prize at national level.
Link for video, Photo
Student team: Ankit Dave, Ashwin Kumar Goyal, Mudit S. Desai, J. Joshuva Alexander, Vignesh P.B, [Batch of 2013]
Event : Logistics Achievers & Talent Hunt, conducted by Million Minds Mgmt. Service Ltd & CILT, India. Jan 2013
Achievement: Won first prize north zone
Link for video, Photo
Student team: Ankit Dave, Ashwin Kumar Goyal, Mudit S. Desai, J. Joshuva Alexander, Vignesh P.B, [Batch of 2013]
Event: Kurukshetra competition organized by Adeye at JGBS, Feb 2012.Achievement: Won third prize
Link for video, Photo
Student Name: Mudit S. Desai, [Batch of 2013]
Event: Oprathon, Crest 2.0 organized by Great Lakes Institute of Mgmt., Gurgaon.Achievement: Won First prize
Link for video, Photo
Student Name: Yatish Prasad Dasari, Sunny Goyal [Batch of 2013]
Event : Case-Study Competition at Tantra-e-Naya held at Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies.Achievement: Won 2nd prize
Link for video, Photo
Students team: Yatish Prasad Dasari , Sunny Goyal, [Batch of 2013]
Event : Quiz Competition PULSE organised by the Finance club at Jindal Global Business School. Achievemnt : Won third prize
Link for video, Photo
Students Name: Yatish Prasad Dasari , [Batch of 2013]
Won the Promising Research Award for the Research Excellence during 2011-2012 at Jindal Global Business School.
Event : €œBulls & Beers €? competition held at BITS, Pilani, jan2013.Achievement : Won third prize
Link for video, Photo
Student Team: Yatish Prasad Dasari , Sunny Goyal [Batch of 2013]
Event : international business quiz competition, Atharva12 annual international business event of MIB, Delhi University.Achievement : Certificate of appreciation
Link for video, Photo
Students Name: Venkat Tushar Burle , Abhinav Shikhar, [Batch of 2013]
Event: Live project on " Design & Digital Strategy" by K and U Designer Wear LLP during, August 2012.Achievement : Certificate of appreciation
Link for video, Photo
Students Team: Venkat Tushar Burle , Abhinav Shikhar, Sandeep Gunjan , J. Joshuva Alexandra, [Batch of 2013]
Event: ad competition, IIM shilongAchievement : Won first Prize
Link for video, Photo
Students Name: Varun Kumar Rai , [Batch of 2013]

We have 5 clubs. Here is the brief discription of each club. We do lot of in-house activities to bring in practical experience into theoritical MBA.

Octaphi [Octa-Eight, Phi-Magical power] the name signifies Buddha's magical power of eight fold path i.e. Right view, Right thought, Right word, Right action, Right livelihood, Right effort, Right mindfulness and Right concentration.
The club was formed with the aim of identifying, developing and disseminating the latest best practices in the industry. Club also aims to identify innovative practices and then map them to existing theoretical concepts in order to help industry in standardization of such practices. The club has launched many activities including "Concept of the Day" ; "Octane", quarterly newsletter of the club; and Business speaker series. Club actively undertakes live projects related to Operations Management related issues in the industry.
Coordinator :
Yatish prasad Dasari
Members :
Ankit Dave , J. Joshuva Alexandra , Mudit Desai , Ritesh Mishra [Batch of 2013]
V. Vinay raju , Amir Subhani, Nitin Sharma, Thushar Maru, Manish Agarwal [Batch of 2014]

Culture club of JGBS "Culturati" aims to organize cultural events of all kinds, on and off campus, to bring people of all backgrounds together and celebrate differences in ethnic diversity. Culturati is a source of entertainment and a medium of expression for the students. Celebrating different festivals and occasions brings happiness and a much sought-after break from the busy schedule. Also, participation in cultural activities enhances personal skills, confidence, teamwork, time management and organizational skills. It encourages students to experiment with different ideas.The club provides a vibrant campus experience through organizing innumerable activities pertaining to the performing arts and cultural activities, in ways that stimulate lifelong learning, and community interaction.

ZAMAC provides a platform for the marketing enthusiasts to come together and enrich their subject acumen. Through blogs, videos and various talks by industry specialists & discussions, Zamac tries to not only create a buzz about the field but also regularly educate the students about the latest happenings in the world of marketing.
The club is divided into 3 main pillars:MARK EATING: A fully dedicated marketing blog which has articles from various colleges as well as self-analysis of upcoming marketing trends. The blog provides an interesting read to those who are in search of good marketing stuff.
MARKET MOHALLA – This pillar of ZAMAC is based on classroom discussions on various articles and issues related to the subject. The main aim of this initiative is to share knowledge with fellow students in order to build their excitement towards the subject and make them aware of real life situations faced by companies on an everyday basis.
CINE MANCH – Various movies/ads/videos related to marketing are regularly showcased in order to give a better understanding of the concepts learnt in class. The aim of this pillar is to understand the subject with a little bit of twists and turns in order to keep the excitement about the subject alive.

FINICHE is a student driven initiative that collaborates with both the corporate and academia from the financial sector to provide a platform for students to improve their quantitative and analytical thinking abilities. The core ideology of “Finance Club” is to cultivate interest in finance as an academic discipline as well as to promote it as a career option of choice within the students at JGBS. The club's activities cover a wide range of verticals within finance such as accounting, investment banking, securities, private Equity, risk analysis and microfinance.
Some of the more popular activities include speaker series, workshops, and information sessions about careers/companies. The team at “Financial Club” consists of a select few students driven by a common passion for finance.

Consulting as a profession requires a unique blend of business acumen, analysis and theoretical concepts all being utilized together to unravel thoughtful practicable solutions to complex organizational problems. This challenge has attracted brightest to consulting and as a result business consulting has over the years emerged as the profession of choice amongst majority of B-school students.The club aims to provide a platform for the industry to tap onto the immense potential of the students at JGBS, for fresh insights into their business. Further it aims to provide an opportunity for the students to develop their interest and aptitude for careers in consulting and general management by applying their classroom learning in live industry projects and more. The Consulting & Strategy Club undertakes live projects from companies, government institutions and non-profit organizations and provides an independent and theoretical perspective to their business problems

Here is another perspective of Globalization:
What is the truest definition of Globalization?

Princess Diana's death.

How come?

Answer :
An English princess
with an Egyptian boyfriend
crashes in a French tunnel,
riding in a German car
with a Dutch engine,
driven by a Belgian
who was drunk on Scottish whisky,
followed closely by Italian Paparazzi,
on Japanese motorcycles,
treated by an American doctor,
using Brazilian medicines.
This is sent to you by a Canadian,
using American Bill Gates' technology,
and you're probably reading this on your computer, that uses Taiwanese chips,
and a Korean monitor,
assembled by Bangladeshi workers
in a Singapore plant,
transported by Indian truck drivers,
hijacked by Indonesians,
unloaded by Sicilian longshoremen,
and trucked to you by Mexican illegals...

That, certainly is Globalization!!!!
Another Feather Added in Jindal Business School €™s Cap!

The Jindal Journal of Business Research (JJBR) is now available on SAGE, the internationally renowned journal publication house that features over 700 journals and over 800 books a year across a broad range of subject areas. With this achievement, our research journal truly goes international!

Some of the campaigns created by our batch students as a part of marketing course work. Thanks to Dwarika sir for excellent practical teaching.

The official sports fest of JGU.

Set your spirits high and gaze into the eyes of the competition, tell others what you are made of and get in the arena to rule!
The awaited Sports extravaganza is here....participate and conquer the title you ever wished..!

Global library of JGU- Our library avails us with any book on order with lots of space to sit, including discussion rooms. Many of our classmates sit in library for hours together and feel it is the best place in the campus. It also has number of tie ups with other best B-schools in world. We also have e-resource through which every student can get access to all journals and articles through JGBS website itself. Have a look at the library through given attachments.

We have great pleasure to share the delightful news of the appointment of Professor Ashwani Kumar of Jindal Global Business School as the Governor of the Indian state of Nagaland. Professor Ashwani Kumar has been a valuable faculty member of O.P. Jindal Global University and took active part in teaching and institution building initiatives at JGBS and JGU. Before he joined JGU, he was a distinguished member of the Indian Police Service and retired as the Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Dr. Ashwani Kumar's honesty, integrity and rectitude have always been a great source of inspiration for people who have engaged and interacted with him. We have had the opportunity to work closely with him and have experienced his humility and grace.

1000 students on campus and 1500 policeman for security... imagine how secure you feel. . But this security is for one man- The President. .. he is coming tomorrow. €” at O P Jindal Global University , Sonipat.

We rocked this holi. It was more amazing experience than last years holi. Every one just rolled in colors. Please find the photo below....

Was having a very interesting conversation with a pretty senior person at lunch - He thinks, the reason as to why large organizations keep people from premier institutes (he himself is from one) on their 'management committee', is that it adds a decorative medal to the organization - I think there is a different reason - being from a premier institute allows options that are extremely important to keep, if one is to prepare plan B against a confrontation of how, let's say, business has to be run!! So the medal is more about the ability to take out the sword that orginilly brought the medal, in times of need -

What say?