Life @ Jaypee Business School

Hi All, I am a second year student from Jaypee Business School. The campus located in Noida Sector-62. Day starts at 9 AM with breafast in the mess, then we gear up for classes which start at 9:15AM. and stretches up to 12:30 pm, after t…

Hi All,

I am a second year student from Jaypee Business School. The campus located in Noida Sector-62.

Day starts at 9 AM with breafast in the mess, then we gear up for classes which start at 9:15AM. and stretches up to 12:30 pm, after that we have lunch from 12:30 to 1:15.
Then classes up to 4:30PM

Well enough of boring stuff i guess!

Life after the college is nothing less than a bliss! and especially when u r a senior, loads of fun is guranteed:whatthat: .

The favorite pass time of JBS is shipra mall. The campus is having good Infrastructure and you can find everything inside the campus ranging from "tuck shop" to "cafeteria". u hardly regret goin out. However, we don spare our free days and do visit closest market i.e Sector 18 Noida, GIP.

First year was Regrious, while the second year is relatively easy with maximum time devoted on placement activities.

so thats all guys, i leave the floor open for any queries and comments which are most welcome.

Keep Rocking!

Never Say Die!
Shashank Shekhar
Jaypee Business School
@shashank7dec wats abut the hostal life?

The canvas of life is never complete without the colours of student life in it. These colours always portray an exuberant part of our lives. So, here I make a grand revelation about the “Beginning of a new end”. To keep it straight this is all about the last year of our student life –for most of us if not all of us. Our lives at JBS have not been of Ups n downs but of huge hills and downright valleys. Almost everybody would agree if I say that nothing's more fun than entering the classroom fifteen minutes late and still being able to get yourself marked present in the web kiosk. Also, how can I not mention the heavy eye lids craving for sleep in the very first lecture which is a result of late night face booking of course. We've seen it all the fresher, the mid terms, end terms and not just this we've also faced deadly competition. Competition not of being a nine pointer but competition of being able to get a consistent 6 pointer.This was about the working hours of the college. Now i have to talk about our “working hours” that may begin from ten o' clock in the night but have no limit to end. Here I'm indicating towards the hostel life at JBS; which just can't be ignored. To begin with.... well! This is no news to anyone that studies never happen @ hostel. After all there are much more prodigious things to do; making coffee at midnight being the favorite rather than drinking it and cherishing its taste. Let's not forget what fun it is to bring a cake for the birthday boy and not even allow him to get a bite of it. Loud music, disastrous dance performances, bitching- name it and you'll get it in the hostel; and being able to do it in a melodramatic manner is something that the world needs to learn from us. I will leave it at this point by saying that their are some things that words can't describe.
Now, here we are at the beginning of the second year with the “seniority effect” coming in. Times have arrived when most of our batch mates are seen advising their juniors about the various unforeseen instances which we have obviously experienced and which will surely be coming their way soon.It is that juncture when companies started visiting for placements and this realisation has already dawned upon us. The hopes are sky high as each one of us wants to reach the pinnacle but it is always difficult to leave behind what has been so much a part of you. Therefore I wish all the luck to my dear friends that they may have a lurid time in JBS and outside it.

Kimi21: i had mentioned the Hostel life also in the above post. If u want to know about the facility. Then it includes

1. Air conditioned room
2. Gym
3.Medical Facilities
4. Laundray
5. Swimming Pool
6. Food

I want to know about the placements at Jaypee Business School, in terms of the no. of companies visiting, the profile offered, percentage of students placed etc.

Akram27: Thanks a lot for showing your interest in the Jaypee Business School. JBS offers MBA in four Specialization ie Finance, Marketing, Operation and Human Resource. The companies visiting the campus can be divided in all the four specialization.So may i know in which specialization you are interested in. So that i can guide in a better way.

The list of companies which have visited till now are:
1. The Smart Cube
2.Capital IQ
5.India Info Edge
7.NIIT Technologies
8.Manishukh Securities
9.India Mart
10. Markit India
11. Afii
and the list goes on...........................
Now a days placement session is going on. So day by day list of recruiters goes on increasing. I will keep you updating day by day.

@shashank7dec Thank you so much! :)

Akram 27: You are most welcome. If you have any query Regarding JBS Feel free to contact to me.

All the Best for your Future.

Akram27: Welcome and Happy New Year.

All the Best for your Future.
@shashank7dec Thank you so much and wish you a very happy new year too! :)

JBS Safari- A to Z of my time at JBS, Noida

Well, almost 1 year and 6 months are done and dusted since I joined here. After the initial few days when I had to struggle with the set-up here being the homesick person that I am, it has been all jolly good and delightful. Have had all possible taste of life here, well, almost. Let me make it all a little transparent for you. Simple as A B C D. hahahere it goes:

Audi: Our most loved and most hated place in the campus at the same time. Boastful as much as we are about this HUGE auditorium, we dread this place during exams. However it is one of THE most amazing thing about the campus. A would also include the "Aryabhatt bhawan" which holds the Audi and also the MBA block; "A to Z", the cool tuck shop; and a mess hall beyond comparison that is "Annapurna"(they literally serve the best food).

Bunks: Bunks here have to be very calculated. Five lectures is the most you can miss in one subject within one tri-mester. And the rockstars that we are, we manage to do just that. NOT ONE MORE. NOT ONE LESS.

Cafeteria: Whatever the reason maybe, cafeteria is the place one can be found: assignments = cafe, group projects = cafe, bunking lectures = cafe, time pass = cafe, hang out = cafe, no apparent reason = cafe, and obviously the snacks. (P.S. I liked the ice tea here the most.)
Deadlines: Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines.Almost everything here has a deadline associated with it. That doesn't mean we cant push it, unless ofcourse it is Asit sir's lecture = "aap (2 second) late aaye hain, attendance register band ho gaye hain."

Ebullience: The super cool fresher's night. give the rat race here, there is less time to socialize, this being one of them.

F Grade: Something thats dreaded. being a hosteler myself i am witness of the possible means students adopt to avoid this grade.

Google: Projects, assignments and whatever else, life saviour, best friend.

H3 hostel: My abode with a cool bunch of guys and a sweet warden. The best thing about this in campus hostel is, even if you get up 15 minutes before the lecture, you can make it.

IQ: Plenty in abundance at the campus. That we refuse to use it, is an entirely different story.

Jive: Jaypee's very own fest. Conducted once every year. I hear its awesome at that time. Fingers Crossed!

KFC: Thankfully, I never miss lunch :)

LRC: The MBA Library coupled with the JIIT library ensures you never really miss a lecture even when you miss one. This Wi-fi enabled library is a cool place if you are wanting to sit alone and read.

Meeting Point/Mandir: The thing about meeting point is they deliver maggi to the campus till about 11 at night, not to forget the magnitude of the types of maggi they offer.
The in campus Mandir- there are takes about it, funny ones. The temple is another reason to fall in love with the campus.

Night Strolls: The moonlit campus is gorgeous at nights.

Open Book: Refer to this enrty a year onwards from now, maybe.

Pool: The swimming pool within the campus is huge as well. A dip in and you are good to go for a day. I really wanted to say 'proxies' but then it is pretty much non-existence in the campus, or is it? :P

Quarter Past Nine: The time to begin with the rat race. The first lecture starts. Some of us barely make it to the class. Some make it but are still trying to sneak in with five minutes of sleep in between the lectures. The art of somehow managing to stay awake and still be buzzing comes from within, doesn't it?

Red brick masonry architecture: the red brick masonry walls are in a class of their own. Makes the campus stand out, in my opinion, as does the whole of the architecture including the ground, audi and the orchards. Pics will follow.

Shipra Mall: The mall place right next to the college. i bet you can find atleast some of the students hanging around there at all of the times. So you get anything you need at just 5-10 minutes walk from the campus, and yes, the movies!!

Teachers: If you lost some respect for this profession during your graduation life, you've got to come here to understand the level of effectiveness a professor here possesses. Cool bunch of people.

Understanding: Again refer to the entry just above. The level of effectiveness is directly related to the level of understanding. Assuming the wide varieties of academic backgrounds all have come from and the range of subjects from psychology to accounts, the level of understanding has got to be high, and high it is. The demand supply issues are quite varied, mostly during the exams.

Volunteering for F1: The experience of Formula 1 was awesome as well, and imagining that I might be volunteering for it next year in itself is exciting. The jaypee group feels like my very own.

Wi-Fi: Most places out here are wi-fi. Hostels have awesome net speed as well, hello LAN gaming. Refer to the entry on 'L' as well.

eXplore, eXpress, eXams: How much ever brilliant one is, but exams every one and a half months DO get on your nerves a bit. But that is now a part of life here after two tri-mesters. And pulling all nighters during exams with my co-hostelers is a thing in itself. We are awesome people, we brave through whatever the situation is, however tough, blah. Continued..

Youth Club: JYC are a bunch of guys dealing with the student affairs here. They are not overworked per se but I quite admire the way they function. Work is in progress for more such committees.

Whatever the time or occassion, this is THE most valuable thing on campus.

Jaypee Business School Noida is hosting a National Conference on Social Media and E-Marketing on 1st March,2014.

Keynote Speakers that would be addressing are:

Dr. Y. Medury, COO, JES and Chancellor JIIT

Mr. Sandeep Menon, Director, Marketing, Google, India

Mr. Arvind Mehrotra, President, Asia Pacific, India and Middle East, NIIT Technologies Ltd.

Dr. Ramesh Behl, Director, IMI, Bhubaneshwar

The conference aims to integrate concepts from the virtual world and analyse how the fields of Marketing and ICT can benefit from the integration.Various students would be submitting their research papers.

Senior Executives from reputed companies like Google,Thomas Cook, HT Media,Orlando Global,Lintaas and many more are attending the conference.

For more details visit the below mentioned link.

Gearing up for the National Conference On March 1, 2014. From 9.00am-5.00pm.

Esteemed Faculty at Jaypee Business School preparing for the National Conference.

The National Conference on SOCIAL MEDIA AND E-MARKETING begins with inauguration by Vice Chancellor Prof S C Saxena.

Lighting of Lamp by Dr. Medury, Vice Chancellor JIIT, COO Jaypee Education and Prof. Ashok Kumar Wahi, JBS , and Prof. Ashok Kumar Wahi facilitating Prof. Saxena.

Dr. Medury addressing the participants and students.