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Hello Aspirants,

Launched in July 2016, the ISME School of Management & Entrepreneurship (ISME) is committed to redefining the way management education is delivered in India.

With its prime location in the heart of Urban Mumbai in the Lower Parel Innovation District, ISME is well positioned to cater to bright students and young  proffesionals.

Here is a detour to our alluring campus in Lower Parel :

"All work and no play makes jack a dull boy."

At ISME we believe in bringing out the best in each and every student.

All Smiles at the end of a RELAY, an Entre Leadership Camp.

An intensive 2 day program to enhance the decision and strategy maker in you.

Unleash your hidden potential with Post Graduation programs of ISME.

Our placement cell with their extensive network of top corporates, leverage oppurtunities for students to find a right carrier path.

Explore and build your connections in this fast moving industry with Post Graduation programs at ISME ( School of management and entrepreneurship)

Here's what one of our student Aimaan Govani has to say about his experience at Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship. 

Innovating for billions at the Emerging Worlds Conference by MIT Media Lab.

ISME promises to train you to stand out of the crowd with oppurtunities that give you a live experience about the industry.

Leaving a positive impression on someone is an absolutely invaluable skill. With ISMEs PG Programs, you will develop the skills to impact everyone and everything you come in contact with and will have the chance to be remembered. Be a walk-in and have a live experience about the life at ISME Mumbai (Lower Parel).

True quality of a leader is to take everyone ahead TOGETHER.

This is what we believe here in ISME.

The students of ISME organised a special workshop for the specially abled children and focused on developing their entrepreneurial skills.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

So why not get education from different corners of the world.

ISME gives you an oppurtunity to meet and learn from the proffessors of renowed colleges of the world.

Dr. Simon Sweeney, Senior lecturer in International Political Economy and Business at The York Management School.

University of York took a session on changing world order, Is western decline inevitable and will develop economies shape in the 21st Century institutionalism.

Reality is merely an illusion, Albeit a very persistent one.

In conversation with Manthan Gala of ISME School of Management and Entrepreneurship in Mumbai India, gives you some very interesting insights about the life at ISME in the link mentioned below.

I think the success of any school can be measured by the contribution the alumni makes to our national life.

Student Testimonial- Miti Jain Alumni

 Our students welcomed none other than the LoveYatri superstar Aayush Sharma. A real inspiration to the students where they grooved to some of the best songs and showcased their talent.

 A Group of 24 participants from the Institute of Strategic Leadership along with 3 Staff members visited ISME. They  experienced the quality of Indian Education and how future executives are developed at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

They also highlighted the importance of doing business in India and learn how India & Japan can succeed in formulating opportunities to work together.


SPARK 2018.

Spark is a program that provides students with an opportunity to be introduced to, explore & develop new skills they otherwise would not get an opportunity to learn. Develop your skills in and out as a student.

The arts are an essential element of education, just like reading, writing and arithmetic. Music, Dance and Theatre are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment.

ISME not only trains you to be an excellent student but also provides you with a platform to showcase your hidden talent.

 Our students are well aware of urban life and the opportunities and successes but taking them through rural industry and life, was the main aim behind planning the Rural Immersion Program students to Nareshwadi Learning Centre, near Dahanu - Mumbai. 

 Our Student Entrepreneur Aditya Madnani has started The Alpha Urbane Project. It is a platform that is committed towards championing enterprising young minds.The primary objective is to equip adolescents with the skills essential to tackle adversity and embrace opportunities that the 21st century has to offer.
The Entrepreneurship Department of ISME has supported him with everything, right from technological to legal. 

 ISME students were taken in the heart of the villages of Purushwadi and Dehene as a part of the annual rural immersion program.
The rural immersion is a unique initiative that was instituted with an objective to sensitize the budding managers and entrepreneurs of the Institute towards the various schemes undertaken by the government in villages and to study and analyze their execution and effectiveness. 

 It gives us great pleasure in announcing that our president and chair Dr. Indu Shahani will be speaking at the India Conference 2019 at Harvard Business School on Education Skills for the new economy.

 We hosted a Campus Day for our upcoming batch to give them a sneak peak into the life of an ISME Student. Students got a chance to interact with each other and the faculty. We took the students for an experiential visit to study brands, competition and consumer profiling post which they created a presentation to show their research from the visit.