Life @ ISB&M (Nande)

*Hello every one or i should say every isbmites from the core of my heart, its a new thread to discuss our life at ISB&M; NANDE, so that we can also share our views and know each one more clearly,so friends I am going to share all the day spend in...

Hello every one or i should say every isbmites from the core of my heart, its a new thread to discuss our life at ISB&M; NANDE, so that we can also share our views and know each one more clearly,so friends I am going to share all the day spend in my B-school Isbm, and i wish you will also share some of your up and down moments so that we can keep the track record and serve the best out of it.

with this i want to end my sentence by saying: to this and do some writing.............:drinking:

Vikas Kumar
Vice-President student council Nande

Hello to all my batch mates , ma seniors, and the upcoming juniors,I am Vikas Kumar vice president of student council from isbm nande campus, doing my interns in Britannia,location is bhopal...well this is the current info for what i am now, lets c what happen further,

i still remember the days when i used to get worried realted to my admission in b school and my friend used to say ki dnt worry ho last i got isbm with so many hindrance and choosing this institute was my decision.

i made many friends before entering to isbm one is my roommate pravash chandra sahu named as sahu ji,rajat soni , abhijeet beura, and sohan bhagel..when i went to institute for taking admission and paying my fee i went to shirdi sai baba and prayed there to fulfil my dreams, i came to institute with a clear mind set, and the day passed , i got my roomates sneha, pravash,and room was 007,we all were named as Bond -james bond..just kidding....

op started and we just prayed thet wen 7 days will get over but according it was the real life where i met many friends and learn many things..i still remember one question asked by rohit sir that what i am getting after leaving this institute ..i said that i will get 2 yr work ex after passing from this institute...

after op we came to class where we met ramdasi sir , our ob sir chouksey sir, vinita mam, and soon after some day we hav Forza where i participated in drama and i was very much enthusiastic to this field and even joined hospitality where we have to handle corporates and delegates...

coming to dance and drama...ufff i really miss the stage performance of meenoo, sohan, sneha,richa,adi, ankur,tipi,tripti,soumil,..great commitment,i still remember the dialogue Judge sahab aaj ka case...........

we got second first achivement in isbm

then i participated in simc and got third prize in mad ad, and mitsom in business plan for the best managers which enhanced my skill and confidence to perform in stage.

then i got another achievement when i was selected as the vice president of student council...thanks to all my friend who motivated me to go and perform,,

md ali i remember the action which i did to motivate my friends and i think i hav achieved that

then i got my interns in Britannia where i am right now handling the public distribution syatem which comes under acd sales in bhopal.

still more story is there to share.....

i am missing all my friend specially sneha, abhijeet, sohan, pravash, meenoo,smrity, anunya, rajat, soumil, tipi, i love you all marketing puys...

Vikas Kumar

please isbmites write your story here...all you have to do is to register and then ost your story of isbm...

I want to know about the college. can u please guide me. I am left with a result of BIMM. it will be coming on 8th june. I got selected for ISBM nande for Marketing. Please help.

Hello Vikas Sir, taking admission n ISB&M..; Need you proper guidance.. My facebook id is -

And [email protected] is my id..

Ajay Chakravarty frim Bhopal.

Can you tell me how are the hostel and mess facilities provided at the in-campus hostel...
Thank you.

hulloooo ..anybody there???

My take away from ISB&M;

Orientation Program, the first five days in the life of every Isbmite.

Every ISBMite is welcomed on campus the ISb&M; way.
Management, Faculties, Senior Students, Regular recruiters, Alumni, Corporates from industry and staff. they share their experiences, the mistakes they did, their leanings, what did they do in their management education days that gave them a kick start in their life, the usual pitfalls, down times in college life and how to get over it.

Whole idea behind this program is to help the student in laying his/her foundation strong and make them get ready for the challenges they are going to face in their life.

It also facilitates for a formal interaction between the students and every one around them.

Annual Out Bound,

Immediately after the Orientation program finishes, college organizes an outbound for one full day.

In this Outbound, all the senior batch, junior batch and Faculties go on an adventurous trip.

this trip usually happens to be in the locations falling in 50 to 100 kms radius of Pune city.

This relieves every one from the unusual first week of the Orientation Program (which usually is little hectic for new students) and also helps in creating bonds between the junior and senior batch.

hey guys

I am getting SIOM, SIMC & ISB&M; - NANDE (FINANCE)
despite much research, i am unable to decide which one i should go for; any suggestion shall be highly appreciated; thanks

ISBM has outstanding alumni who work across the globe with world's most preferred organization by MBAs from best B-schools.

At ISB&M, we acknowledge the need for right attitude and values that are important. We learn values and attitude in everyday life more than workshops and training sessions.

Hey,I am PGDM-Marketing[2014-2016] @ISB&M,nande,If you want any type of query related to college,plz feel free to ask.

Convocation 14' is going to be held on 22nd of November for 11-13 batch of Nande, Mulshi & Viman Nagar.

Timing: 1 pm to 8 pm

Venue: Auditorium,ISB&M ,Nande campus

International School of Business & Media had the pleasure of hosting Mr.Rajesh Sahay,Vice-President- HR,WIPRO for a guest lecture . - atISB&M College, Pune

12th Convocation for batch2011-13 @ISB&M,Nande

The Musslemen in [email protected],Nande