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Hello Everybody, My name is Bharath. I am a student of Post Graduation Diploma in Management at the Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad. Ours is the 17th batch and we are proud to be part of it. I am starting this thread primarily ...

Hello Everybody,

My name is Bharath. I am a student of Post Graduation Diploma in Management at the Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad. Ours is the 17th batch and we are proud to be part of it.

I am starting this thread primarily to inform you all the various activities and the culture at IPE.

As far as studies are concerned, the faculty is very excellent. The faculty members comprise a majority with doctoral and PhD degrees. They are members on various national level committees. They believe in ensuring that education attains a whole new level. The whole atmosphere is amazing with students from varying backgrounds selected so as to ensure the perfect blend and a strong foundation for learning.

The kind of guest lectures we have is pretty impressive as well. Emminent personalities from the industry come to the college week after week to give us gyan and keep us up to date about all the latest happenings in the various industries

Overall, the experience in the first sem so far has been an enriching one for me. Its a good mix of fun and work. There are a lot more things that happen in College that need to be covered in this thread, I or others will complete it if possible..

More things coming soon, as more batchmates will join PG in some days


Hello..My name is Arijit Das .I am from the PGDM 2011-2013 batch of IPE.
I guess everything about IPE is good.We have some real quality faculties in our Bschool and they not only make you strong academically but also gives you the practical aspect of how we can implement the same in the corporate world..
The culture of IPE is simple and its work hard, be smart and work on the basics and you will definitely reach the goal you aspire..
One of our faculty said that they only give the 25% of the material thats there in the syllabus during their 1.5 hr lecture and the rest 75% are 25%-from being attentive in the class, 25%- practicing and revising the same and the rest 25 % is how we relate it to the practical world by going into the insights of it..But I must say that if you are attentive in the lectures then half of the syllabus is over in that instant only...Such great are our faculties.
We have all the major specialization in IPE and all are equally good thanks to the excellent faculties in each and every specialization..
Apart from Studies we have cultural events, sports, etc which always keep the students busy in some way or the other..:cheers:
I am really very happy and I would say that I am lucky enough that I can call myself a student of this great institution..Rankings are never a parameter to know a college ..I also had a notion about IPE not being a good Bschool before coming here.But this 2 months really changed my perception about the Bschool and I must say that I made a really good decision to Choose IPE.:clap::clap::clap:

Hi People,
I'm Tarak. Well, I joined IPE with a notion that it is just an ordinary college after I missed some of the other major B-schools interviews. But, only after the classes started commencing did I come to know of the INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL of IPE. The classroom lectures were not just outrightly excellent but also in a way to make us think in a whole new perspective. A student will be made ready not just for his job/business but also for his life. The very highlight of every lecture/group assignments is that we relate everything to the real B-world. Every professor who teaches keeps telling us that it is not their duty to deliver lectures but to make us think. Now, am just even more excited for the promising, exciting and the fun of PGDM in the coming 2 years I am about to spend with and in IPE....
Thanks and Regards,

Hey Myself Avik.I am also there for sharing some information about IPE culture.
Avik Mukherjee

how is the placement at IPE??? and what is the avg package??

how ipe for HR??plz help

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IPE  is considered as one of the best institute in Hyderabad. The palcements provided by IPE are pretty good, a lot of top companies have visited IPE. IPE has completed over 5 decades and it has maintained a good record in the field of management. The campus infrastructure is really good and they have well-maintained library, classrooms and all.  The students are given chance to get involved in such prestigious projects and surveys which gives them an exposure to the industries. 

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