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Pondicherry university- A huge campus spread across 700 acres with 34 departments and a student strength of 6000.The first department which was started when the university was established in 1986 and so celebrating the silver jubilee celebrations …

Pondicherry university- A huge campus spread across 700 acres with 34 departments and a student strength of 6000.The first department which was started when the university was established in 1986 and so celebrating the silver jubilee celebrations along with the university is DMS-SOM.

Department of management studies which has a rich history of 25 years and has been consistently ranked as one of the best B-schools in south India(Awarded by Star news group).The department has the credit of producing students who are spread across the globe and as of today are very successful entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

Some of the factors taken into consideration by an MBA aspirant while choosing a B-school are-
1. Fee structure
2. Faculty
3. Environment (crowd)
4. Events
5. Placements
The FAQs asked by aspirants are also based on these factors so I would like to brief a bit about them with respect to DMS.

1.Fee structure- Being a central university the fee is very minimal infact when you compare it with other B-schools it is trifling. Now speaking in an MBA language the ROI (Return on investment) is pretty high because what we pay as fee for 2 years is less than 1lakh and the placements provided are pretty good.

2.Faculty- They are the backbone of the department the main reason for the wide recognition of the department in the industry and academic circles is only because of their utmost dedication towards their work and students. Some of the prestigious institutions in India follow the books written by our faculty which we are proud to say and are really blessed to study under them.

3.Environment (crowd)- The best part of an MBA programme is its diversity and there is no other place than DMS where you will find it. We have a mix of languages and cultures under one shelter with different kinds of experience and skill set living together as a family (Not to forget the current 2011(our batch) batch has two army officers of colonel rank studying with us).

4.Events- The important events in DMS calendar are-

1. Fresher party
2. Milan
3. Synapse
4. Farewell party

To start off with we have the fresher party which we all know what it is meant for and to end with we have farewell in btw these two events lie the most important events of DMS.

MILAN- It is a Alumni meet which is being organized by the department for the past 19years. They being one of our biggest strength after faculty so the event is organized as a platform for the alumni to interact with the current batches and share their experience and for them to cherish their college days.

SYNAPSE-It is an industry interface initiative which is organized on a huge scale where we have people from the industry interacting with students and sharing their experience. The students have an opportunity of showcasing their talent by participating in the various events organized which are judged by the industry people and give their valuable feedback.

Apart from the regular events we would be participating in all the Man-meets (Management meets) which give the experience of the competition in the real world. We are proud to say that we are competent enough to give a tough competition to students from prestigious institutions and in many instances have won accolades and awards. Distant from all the official events and sessions we have many informal or unofficial sessions which will be discussed further.

5. Placements- The reason for placing the most important factor placements at last is because if all the above factors are good enough then you dont have to worry about being placed. DMS-SOM has a placement record of close to 90% across all batches (the rest are those who prefer to be entrepreneurs).

Life @ pondicherry-

If you are from a different place then you can avail the hostel facility which would be a 3 in 1 basis which from my personal experience I would say is quite comfortable as we hardly stay in the hostel at any point of time. Coming to the facilities provided in the campus it is totally WI-FI enabled (Which is descent enough if not gr and we have a community centre inside the campus where you have a super market/internet caf/coffee shop/laundry. Then you have all the regular sports & health related facilities provided and we have battery cars and buses inside the campus to take you around.

Once you go outside the campus you have many restaurants which are reasonable and good enough to hang out at (if u dont like the mess food which many wont!) or you can visit the main city which is just 15kms away from the campus where you can treat yourself with some good French cuisine and some sightseeing (if u know what I mean) and you have other places in and around the city which are good enough to visit with friends.

Now coming to the most important part The Informal sessions as everybody knows what pondicherry is famous for apart from French colonies and never ending beaches there is no other place better than this to have a blast we celebrate every possible occasion (at times no occasion is needed to party like Friday nights!) which is where the real bonding btw people happens along with loads of unlimited fun.

All in all DMS pondicherry is the place where we can stay for a good 2 years which will help you to become a better person in terms of knowledge , skill set , personality and promises you a bright and prosperous journey ahead.

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may be im goin off the track, can u tell me wats da cutoff for obc candidate ?

can anybody help with the placement statistics for MBA programme by PU,

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3/is hostel mandatory?

4/selection procedure?5/when are the results declared after the selection process?