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7.00 am Clock ticking,doors banging,students rushing across the floors to freshen up. Well…the day has begun!!!9.00amThis ain’t time for Fiesta!gobble up lipsmacking parathas and recite yeh dil maange more!!2.30 pm Session with a leadi…

7.00 am

Clock ticking,doors banging,students rushing across the floors to freshen up. Well…..the day has begun!!!


This ain't time for Fiesta!gobble up lipsmacking parathas and recite yeh dil maange more!!

2.30 pm

Session with a leading industrialist-

formal shirt check

formal trouser check

tie check

shoes check

charm fullon!!


Bon jour! Nǐ Hǎo!Time to show off!Foreign language course—it just gets better and better!!!!!!!

9.00 pm

Pheww!long day!catch up with friends and gossip about

the latest ongoings on campus.probably can't beat Shobha De though!!



Do not be late!

Meeting for Christmas festivities-'Antragna'


Off to meet your team mates.

Assignments-economics?branding?corporate finance?how about everything??lets take it slow and steady!!

Mac Von debates—Sen vs Bhagwati(sounds very interesting,should put in a lot of effort!)

And the list goes on……


Done with study??not so soon…got a mail from the class rep!!quiz tomorrow,followed by a case discussion.wishing you weren't born??head out to the cafeteria and a have a snack-bread/omlette with chai!!


Tired,baggy eyes…crash on the bed!time to recharge your batteries to take on another battle!chin up soldier!tomorrow is another day!!!!!!!


Rush to the classrooms and be prepared for the intellectual drama in the class!!!class participation is definitely not a piece of cake.a narrow picture of what's waiting for us in the big bad world!!Stop dreaming !


Preparations for Business Orientation Program 2013

The Business Orientation Program is a two week activity where 11 CEOs from different companies come and address the students. They all represent different sectors ranging from FMCG to financial services. Every CEO has been assigned an anchor team and a faculty in charge so that the entire time the CEO is in campus, he feels at home.

The buzz around BOP started even before the students left for the end semester break. All the anchor teams were required to meet their respective faculty in charge; to get directions for the preparations to be done for the next two weeks. Not only were we told to read as much as we can (during the festive season of course!), but also to take care of the nitty-gritties like greeting the guest, taking him for lunch and making sure that he's comfortable all the time.

The festive mood couldn't continue for long as the moment we were back we were greeted with the news of preparing presentations on our respective sectors. And so started the late night meetings, brainstorming and working together on putting up a good show. Despite the relaxed mood that everyone was in, it was made sure that the work got done diligently. The outcome of it- each student had knowledge about at least one sector that is being covered.

Not only are the students charged up, the faculty too did their bit to make sure that their anchor teams are well prepared because of course, it's the CEOs we're dealing with! They gave effective feedback so that by the end of the process the students were well versed with their respective and related sectors. Well, we're now ready to take on the CEOs!

There's another person who's running around the city these days. The BOP is not only important for the students and the faculty, it's also very crucial for the person in charge of the bouquets. Imagine the number of flowers he has to deal with! And of course, select the best roses.

All said and done, the last thing left- make sure that we have enough formal clothes ready for the next 15 days.

November 7, 2013

Speaker: Mr. Challa Rajendra Prasad

Chairman and MD

CCL Products (India) Ltd.

There couldn't have been a better start to the Business Orientation Program at IMT Hyderabad- Mr. Challa Rajendra Prasad was inspiration personified. His was a story of determination and commitment. You just don't get a turnover of Rs. 585 crore without a strong philosophy for conducting business. And his one quote summarized his philosophy:

“People you're dealing with should make money- that way money will automatically come to you.”

His is a company that keeps its clients as the top priority. He started his business during the License Raj and had to wait 7 years for a positive outcome. But once started, there was no turning back. CCL Products Ltd. is the largest exporter of instant coffee. His vision was to see India shining, to see India doing value addition rather than just being the exporter of raw materials. Such was the commitment towards this cause even after facing failures, frustrations, and disappointments; he never stopped. He took the world by surprise- the western countries hadn't seen such high quality exports of coffee from India prior to this. And this was not even the end of his contributions. As a member on the coffee board of India, he brought positive changes in the way the industry works.

When we had a word with the anchor team about him, they felt honored to have met a man like him. Rarely do you find a man so humble, so down to earth! He explained them how his focus has always been the welfare of his employees. And talk about providing opportunities- CCL is the first job of 99% of its employees.

When he moved his manufacturing outside India he made sure that it's the rural population he's providing employment to. This was in Vietnam.

If this wasn't inspiration enough, he ended with a thought provoking quote:

“There's always the same distance between here & there and there & here. Once we recognize this, we'll be happy.”

His advice to the students- discipline is very important in whichever endeavor you undertake, honesty is the key to success and all commitments that you make should be honored. His entrepreneurial spirit sure motivated everyone who listened to him.

November 8, 2013

Speaker: Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal

Co-founder and Senior MD

Helion Advisers Pvt. Ltd.

No one could have asked for a more interactive session than the one conducted by Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal, Co-founder & senior MD of Helion Advisers Pvt. Ltd. The three hours spent by him in the Business Orientation Program were insightful, highly informative and helpful in clearing all the queries that we had about venture capital.

Mr. Aggarwal believes himself to be born to be an entrepreneur who started his first company in 1981. He always knew that he wasn't set out to work for someone else but be able to create something of his own. It was inspiring to hear how he kept his faith in himself alive all through these years. To fulfill his dreams he made use of venture capital and ever since, his company has invested Crores in the establishment and development of new businesses.

In today's interactive session, the entire batch enthusiastically raised questions about the intriguing field of venture capital. Questions ranging from the criteria for investment in a new business to the risks involved in such a venture were asked. And the same were answered by Mr. Aggarwal with high clarity and precision. It was interesting to know that other than the field of IT, venture capital is also invested a lot in unorganized sectors along with areas of education and food products.

Another enlightening question asked was the factors considered by Helion Advisers before investing in a new product. The main aspects as highlighted by Mr. Aggarwal were the quality of the team, size of the target market and the differentiating factor of the new product. This certainly made us aware of the points we should take care of if we are to start our own business in the future.

Mr. Aggarwal advised the students to be not afraid of taking risks in life as those risks are the ones that get higher return in the end. He left us with a few words of wisdom to live by.

'It is important to have non-linear and out of the box thinking if you're planning to start your own business and the funds will surely follow.'

November 9th, 2013

Speaker: Mr. Ramana Prasad Alam (CEO OF Amaron Batteries)

IMT Hyderabad witnessed the ever charismatic Mr. Ramana Prasad Alam as the third speaker for the Business Orientation Program – 2013. Mr. Prasad, CEO of Amara Raja Electronics Ltd., is a Chemical Engineer with a Master's Degree form IIM-B. Amara Raja Group is a conglomerate which has various companies listed under it ranging from batteries to fruit juices.Mr. Prasad quotes “Try and understand what is not obvious”, which clearly depicts his excellence in work. Having conceptual clarity, contextual familiarity and application skills helped him carve a niche in his sector. His path to excellence was glorified by hard work, integrity, innovation, entrepreneurship, experiences and responsibilities.

Disruptive Innovation, he says, takes prime importance in the process of becoming a market leader. You should be prepared for any disruptions that come your way, thus being able to stand through them. Customer acceptance being extremely challenging, it is only endurance that helps you sail through.

Coming to CSR, which is now gaining importance, has always been on his company's checklist with a view to create social equity. His business ventures aim to crate high social impact thus helping it further to climb the success ladder.

Having held the entire audience captive with his tongue –and-cheek humor he concluded his session saying -“A potter does not understand metallurgy , but is still called an artist” .

Speaker: Dr. Debasis Chatterjee (CEO)

Netxcell Limited

Since time immemorial we all know that any afternoon session taken in a school is a sleepy one! But who would have thought that Dr. Debasis Chatterjee, CEO of Netxcell Limited would keep everyone awake and alive with excitement all throughout the three hour session; in which he touched upon topics like economics, finance, accountancy and, his favorite, Intellectual Property Rights. He kept the session so lively and interactive that the audience was abuzz with the exchange of knowledge that ensued.

It was a humbling feeling to see a CEO of a big telecom services company being so down to earth and approachable. His interaction with the batch was both informative and informal at the same time. It felt like we were discussing the various concepts with a friend! His advice to the batch was a simple, straight forward sentence-

'Always be sure of your basics, be it any subject. Once your basics are sound, all other tasks can be accomplished with ease.'

November 11, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Badri Seshadri

Managing Director

New Horizon Media (Founder Cric Info)

The second session of the day was a treat for both the sports enthusiasts and the book lovers. Yes, Dr. Badri Seshadri has covered both the spheres. From being a founder of largest multi-sport website to starting a book publishing venture, he sure is a jack of all trades. He confesses to having taken radical decisions in life and encouraged us to not shy away from taking risks.

Here's one MD who shuns money! Being at the helm of affairs of such a big venture, he limits his personal expenditure to bare minimums. What he wants? For us Indians to give more importance to reading. After all, we have great regard for books. We worship Saraswati, but we don't read books!

Such was his passion for selling his products that they even put book stalls in Saree stores. What will the men do while women take hours to select that perfect saree?

November 11, 2013

Speaker: Mr. Sudip Bandyopadhyay


Destimoney Securities

There's no one that I've come across who is more passionate about financial services than Mr. Sudip Bandyopadhyay. The audience was all attentive as he described his journey from working for an FMCG company to spearheading a company that takes care of financial intermediation.

The most important message that Mr. Sudip communicated to the students of IMT Hyderabad was that financial intermediaries are extremely critical for achieving financial inclusion. His aim was to take financial products to the masses.

“Financial Services are city focused. We have to come out of that. We already have the markets.”

He explained to the listeners how a focus on payments systems can lead to sophistication of the entire financial system. There's a lot to be done when we talk about institutionalization. Everybody tries to manage their money in the way that it grows.

Such was his passion for the subject that he just couldn't stop talking about financial services, even during the lunch hour! As he cleared our doubts about the current trends in the industry, he also kept encouraging us to join the industry when time comes and face the challenges associated with it. His spark surely will force a few of us to try and get there. He departed by giving us a food for thought-

“The world is much bigger. There is money to be made in everything. Everything has to make commercial sense. There's only so much that you can do for charity.”

November 12th, 2013

Speaker: Mr. Ramesh Iyer

MD & CEO-- Mahindra Finance

IMT Hyderabad, with immense anticipation, welcomed the MD & CEO ,Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services, to address the 7th session of the Business Orientation Program. An enigmatic personality that he was, he enthralled the audience during his entire session, with thunderous applauds coming his way throughout the session. Briefing about his journey, he mentored the students on how to make it large in life with small practices like self-motivation and building up on ones strengths, among many others. According to him, capitalizing on the right opportunity at the right time , helps you pave your path to success.

Speaking to students, he opined, that leadership thrives in accepting that others are better and hence respecting every individual's worth. Furthur focusing on the importance of brand loyalty he instilled a feeling of pride in every student about his alma-mater, thus leaving everyone mesmerized with his words and thoughts. With the audience wanting to hear more of Mr.Iyer, he emphasized on the ethical practices that his company follows, thus communicating its key role in the recipe for success.

Thus, inspiring the student community he adviced " Never allow the smiles to get away from your face.There is a little good in every bad that happens.Don't sink into sorrow,instead challenge it "

Talking about his hobby(singing) , amidst loud applaud , on public demand, Mr.Iyer recited a couple of lines of his favourite song, thus calling for a standing ovation for such an electrifying personality at the end of the session.

13 November 2013

Speaker: Mr. Rahul Chowdhury

Co-founder and board member

Reboot Systems India Pvt. Ltd

Rahul (I'm not on first name terms with him, he just insisted on calling us Rahul throughout the session), started by attracting gasps from the audience. What did he say? Well, that engineers have an edge over others while studying management (may I ask why? I was offended!).

He is the youngest CEO to have visited our campus till now. That certainly showed by his way of addressing. Also, by the fact that he left girls he talked to, mesmerized. He decided to keep the session interactive because he thought that listening to presentations was boring without beer and pizza. He also seemed to be of the opinion that studying is over-rated. It's really not about books!

Unconventional as he was, he did explain us the need to switch to refurbished systems rather than buying new ones. His initiative goes a long way in reducing e waste. What did he do to achieve such heights? He just hung in there. His tenacity kept him going. He got the right people around him, and his work was made easy.

He made mistakes; he got up, dusted himself and was ready to go again. That's why he ended by saying-

“Everyone makes mistakes. As long as you don't repeat it; you're in good shape.”

November 14th, 2013

Speaker: Ms. Saundarya Rajesh
Founder and President (AVTAR Career Creators and FLEXI Careers India)

Adding another feather to IMT's hat, BOP Session 9 was illuminated by the presence of the ever beautiful and charismatic Ms. Saundarya Rajesh, Founder and President, AVTAR Career Creaters and Flexi Careers India. Ms. Saundarya, a maverick entreprenuer bagan her journey in the early '90s by joining CITIBANK. After sucessful stint there, she took a sabaticle and restarted her career by laying the foundation of AVATAR Career Creaters and Flexi Careers India with a vision of building gender diversity and inclusion of women in the corporate sector.

Redefining the conventional norms of work life balance with work – life integration as an art of blending them in the right mix. Entreprenuership, she believes is an obsession that begins with an idea and develops into a concrete business. While talking about Human Resource Management, she stressed on the fact that it is the inevitable part of every profession you choose.

Pearls of Wisdom:

“ One woman's disadvantage converted into 1.5 million women's advantage.”

November 16th, 2013

Speaker: Mr. Ashish Kumar Chauhan
MD and CEO of Bombay Stock Exchange

For any student pursuing an MBA, the idea of interacting with none other than the MD & CEO of BSE Ltd would be a dream come true. Imagine being able to get all your queries regarding the intricate workings of stock exchange, trading, and various financial instruments answered with at most ease. Of course, the 2013-15 batch of IMT was fortunate enough to avail this opportunity in today's BOP session.

Mr. Ashish Kumar Chauhan took us through his life journey and made us realize that you don't have to be a bookish nerd to become successful. Oh, the happiness when Mr. Chauhan said that he had always been an average student! It was his determination and hard work and single minded focus that allowed him to pursue his passion for stock exchanges. Despite the fact that he struggled with the English language, even during his IIT days; he has been able to achieve such heights as we all know today.

Mr. Chauhan was inspiration personified. He believes that'

'You don't learn from success, you learn from failures.'

'Don't be past oriented- your ability to understand and take risks is more important than thinking about the past.'

Certainly, words to live by! Mr. Chauhan also emphasized on the importance of being sincere in everything you do, as that will always help add value to yourself every day.

The highlight of the session was his explanation of the various financial instruments-swaps, forwards and options; through such easy examples that I'm sure no one would forget that ever.

And finally, for all those of you who thrive on planning every facet of your life, Mr Chauhan had this to tell,

'Don't make too many plans for your life. Life has many aspects and you never know what circumstances may cause a change.'


Since its inception IMT Hyderabad had never witnessed an event of this magnitude-Virasat 2013 was indeed a spectacular experience for all of us-students, staff and faculty likewise.

Preparations for this event began about a fortnight ago with full gusto. Ours days were all about late night meetings, myriad of ideas flowing, making the checklist for the event and crosschecking it again and again. This was followed by active shopping for necessities, sound system and lighting. Inviting guests and faculty was another important aspect of this event which was done with much enthusiasm. Finally the D-Day arrived! Last minute rehearsals and preparations were on in full swing. A beautiful flower arrangement made by the students and faculty, at the entrance of the institute made the evening ethereal. The event started off pleasantly, the artists were very spontaneous and their performance was appreciated as it was a different genre of music.

An event of this scale required a lot of coordination, handling people, getting work done and working along with them. The skills that are required to handle people at various levels are something that the organizing committee acquired during course of organizing this concert.

It helped the students grow as individuals and understand how to work with a diverse set of people.

A member of the OC remarked:

€œWith the set of people to work with, ranging from batch mates to local caterers; the communication had to be different, to suit their needs. Being respectful towards others, friendly and easy-going is one key to being successful at work. €?

When work pressure increases due to time constraints, it is important to keep calm and focused. Handling contingencies and making instant decisions were true learning experiences.

Starting from sending invites, arranging sound and light, chalking out the seating plan, managing the crowd, the event required everything to be perfect. It was great working with so many people and all the brain-storming discussions for every minute detail made sure we learn a lot. The success of the event gave a sense of accomplishment which will stay with us for a very long time.

The evening had to end but filled us with fond memories and delight, with a hope to organize many such events in the future.

Toastmasters International at IMT:

IMT Hyderabad was in for a wonderful time on a warm Saturday afternoon. Toastmaster International, a world leader in communication and leadership development conducted their first ever program at Imt, Hyderabad .The four toastmasters who were present for the induction program were Mr.Chandrashekhar, Ms.Srinidhi Dasaka, Mr.Alfred and Raja Sekhar Mamidana.The focus of this well spoken group has always been to help each other grow which inturn helps in overall development of the individual. All four of them have come from diverse professions and the factor binding them is their passion to help students and professionals master the art of public speaking. It takes a lot of effort and courage to go onto the stage and speak confidently in front of a huge gathering. Communication is the key to success for any endeavor. The power of communication is such, that it has helped a lot of people reach staggering heights in their professional careers. To drive your pointhome, to make people listen to you is a a huge effort, as such to master this form of communication is to reach halfway up the ladder of success. Imt Hyderabad is known for its unique pedagogic tools. The institute has hosted a myriad of events in the recent past.The idea behind hosting the Toastmasters International was enable students understand the importance of personality development. In these times of intense and cut-throat competition it is very beneficial to have an edge over the others. Toastmasters International have truly made their presence felt as they found a very enthusiastic audience at IMT Hyderabad.

AdTract: Creativity at its best

“Marketing Management” is an essential crux of any budding business graduate to know the bits and bounds of market and how to position their product or services in the market. One of the vital ingredient to position and market is through Advertisement. Keeping in mind the indispensability of Advertisement, Mercatus Mantra, the Marketing Club of IMT-Hyderabad organized an interesting event, “AdTract” on the 4th of December at the open air amphitheatre. But, this was not a cake walk for the five participating teams. Mercatus Mantra provided them with some fictional products like Moody Hoodie, Slippery Slippers, Fart Spray, Tickling Trimmer and Stinky Aftershave. Allocation of these products were based on a lottery system. To make things a bit more twisted, the participants had to advertise the same product in an urban as well as a rural milieu, since rural penetration in India is not a child's play. And then the campus was filled with uncontrollable fun and excitement with the innovative ways the participants showcased their allotted products. Moody Hoodie changed the perturbed mood of an employee who finally outran his boss, fart spray saved a rural girl from being teased and more importantly it was sprayed by none other than the Fart-Man, Tickling trimmer brought laughter to a moribund barber whose somnolent customers transformed into lively entities with the use of the trimmer, Slippery Slippers made people fall in love (quite literally!) and the stinky aftershave solved the problem of housewives who have Casanova type husbands. It was indeed an incandescent experience for the students of IMT-Hyderabad. All the teams were equally excellent in their effort, but the team with Fart Spray as its product stood out victorious.

IMT-H students participating in sports fest organised by IBS

'Don't practice until you get it right, Practice until you can't get it wrong.'

Waking up at 6 am, staring at the sun coming up and the open field ahead; all that the football team could think about was the opportunity to represent their college in front of their peers and play their best match possible. Late night Badminton and TT practices culminated with the thought of showing the outside world how we manage our studies, exams, and practitioner sessions and long practice hours.

Weeks in advance the IMT Football, Basketball, TT, Badminton and Volleyball team were in full gear and up and ready for the challenge that lay ahead for them; the AVEG 4.0 held in IBS from 14th December 2013 to 16th December 2013. All pumped up the IMT team of 54 athletes set foot in IBS with a heightened sense of determination; and getting their first taste of victory wasn't far away. The football won their first match against IBS Bangalore on day 1. The team couldn't have asked for a better start!

Their winning streak continued the next day as they made a spot for themselves in the semi-finals. The semi-final match between IMT and IBS, Hyderabad was an action packed match with both the sides giving it their best shot. Not a minute went by without the audience cheering and motivating their respective teams. Ultimately it was the home team that went through to the finals; but the hard work and passion with which IMT played their matches was an inspiration to all.

On day 2, the girls badminton team did the college proud; winning straight sets against IBS Pune, IBS Mumbai and Manage Business School and ultimately securing a place in the finals against the home team of IBS, Hyderabad. The finals were surely between the two most deserving teams in the tournament. The IMT team fought hard and long against the skills of their counterparts but eventually went home as proud runners up. Exhausted and exhilarated at the same time, the bunch of girls were appeased with their hard earned silver medals.

It was the girls again who got more laurels for the college, with even the TT team securing a runner up position in the tournament. They set a place for themselves in the finals where they faced IBS Hyderabad. The girls played their best and showed incredible skill and precision in the game. Eventually IBS, Hyderabad took home the gold, yet the girls left the table with their heads held high.

The three day event of nonstop sports and adrenaline rush were the highlight of the MBA program here. Rest assured, all teams are enthused and encouraged to play harder, practice longer and be more motivated for the next season of the sports fest.

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