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Hey People… :: Today is my 6th day at IMT GHZ and i tell you this place rocks!!! I had my own fears when i joined in but with each passing day i am discovering what fun can life be! We’ve had lectures by the likes of Mr. Rajiv Karwal…

Hey People......

Today is my 6th day at IMT GHZ and i tell you this place rocks!!! I had my own fears when i joined in but with each passing day i am discovering what fun can life be! We've had lectures by the likes of Mr. Rajiv Karwal.... sports meet at nights... with Ajay Jadeja as the cheif guest! THen there was a day of outbound training... we did river crossing exersises, Rappling, played team and strategy games.... Last night we had the cultural event which was a showcase of talents the freshers have! Theres just so much happening all the time...I love this place!
Anyways I have started this thread so that all the activities at IMT can be known by ppl around.. WE havent yet got our room computers connected to the LAN but soon we would be connected and then i'll be updating this thread regularly... I expect all my batchmates and seniors at PG to join in!:)

Enjoy life!
IAm LOving iT!!

Hi All,
Now that a week is gone i can give an objective account of life at IMT.

I reached IMT Wednesday (the29th) for registration. Rooms are spacious(11 by 15) and areon twin sharing basis.Our hostel is newer and is generelly agreed to have newere facilities.

On the Infrastructure front IMT rocks. There is a huge ground with sub territories whereone can relax.The academic block is almost fully air conditioned and the mess is neat and serves very good quality food.The library is a little cramped but we are moving to a new library which is going to be humoungous.There are practically all the business titles in the library and one cannot read all even if he stays for 5 years.!

The student composition is a good mix of freashers and people with work ex possibly 40 % of the batch holds some kind of work exp.(anywhere between 6 months and 6 yrs).There is a bigger concentration of engineers,approximately 60%, most commerce grads are either with work ex or from SRCC .The engineers are mostly freshers.

The initiation as previously mentioned by lone wolf was a star studded affar with addresses by Rajeev khariwal ( CEO Electolux) and Arjun Saxena (President Zee Telefilms) both alumni from IMT, the last 3 days have seen talks from other IMT alumni who are at CXO(or just below levels) of major corporations across sectors, hence giving us a good view of how we need to pace ourselves over the next 2 years.We had an Outbound day wherin we played strategy games and games on indiavidual guts( Rappling river crossing). The bonding among that group of 20 was amazing.

On the infamous "PDP" front ,we do not get sleep until 2 PM. We meet up with our seniors every night at 10 in the baddy court where there is quite a bit of "interactions".We speak up they try and stress us up and the whole thing is a lot of fun if you are a night owl and if you are not they work to get you there. There are talks on what to expect from IMT/ faculty/Courses etc all of which help us in acclimatising. We have met up with good amount of seniors and the interaction though still formal is slowly getting to be one of mutual respect( Something we Juniors are expected to work hard and earn).Also a sports night and a cultural night was organised by the seniors for us( in addition of course to yoga in the morning).That was really the highlight of the Night life at IMT.

Classes have begun in the right earnest and we have some really good faculty. IMT is going on a faculty induction drive and a lot of top faculty from IIMs/FMS and other delhi circuit colleges are slowly joining us.We hope to get more electives next year in the process.

Will keep you posted on further details will take time to get a comp going in my room.

Have fun

Will keep you

hi all,
it has been a rollicking rollercoaster ride.this place is totally awesome.greeeat infra,great mess(whr they seve malai cofta,paneer butter masla,rasogullas etc).the standards of the food are absolutely awesome and comparable to a restaurant..
the hostels are spacious and so cool.
the cultural nights ,sports nights,pdp sessions etc have been a great learning experience.

our state of the art library will become fully functional in a month.

the sports ground is a cricketers dream.

our director b.s.sahay is determined to bring it to the leagues of the iims

way to go!!!!!

class of 2007

Hey ppl.... Today we got our login Ids to enable us to log on into the OLT (Online Teaching System) . This is a great concept... we get all our assignments, schedules, grades and performance analysis here.Not to forget the vast data base of handouts comprisiing of PPTs and other resource material targeted at each lecture in the class.
We have also got access to quality journals like those of HBR in out database... i guess the facilities being offered here are second to no other B-school! The onus i beleive is on us to make the best of these resources and make our stay at IMT worth it!
All the best to us!

rito batchmates!!
ur spot on guys...
d best thing was d mess.. i love d food out here...
one clarification, the new libraray is probly d 2nd 1 2 b opend, v already hav 1( u mite b misinterpreted srinath)..
sports is given due importance.. badminton, footbal, volleyall...
n cricket is bein averted cos of d rainy season... but d scenario mite change very soon hopefully..
d clases r ac, but in d initial days 4 a guy like me who has rarely attended clas, n dat 2 an ac 1, it workin against me, cos i m generaly fallin asleep in a lecture or 2!!
probly dat mite b cos of d xtended PDP sessions v hav, so v barely get 3-4 hrs of sleep per day, 4m our hectic schedule thruout d day..
neways i m enjoyin most of it..
wat bout d rest of d gang members... drop in soon wit ur valued coments peops...
d teachers r generaly of a high caliber( dats y i cant get ne of wat they teach.. hehhaeh..)
d comp lab is open 24 hrs, n d net is superfast...

dats it 4m my side.. wil keep on updatin my coments...

Hey Guys!

Been a while since I posted.Haven't been able to meet all the PG junta here owing to the deluge of case studies,assignments,online quizzes and live projects that we've been inundated with over the past 2 weeks!

The most amazing part of 2nd year is that all of us get to choose our electives across minumum 3 different streams.This is to ensure that we have a well-rounded grounding in multiple streams instead of just being a "mark core" student.

We held sectoral talks for the juniors last week and even had a business quiz where we found some rocking talent-IIFT...watch out We are also planning to have individual company preparations for summer internships and I must say the junior batch profile has an amazing combo of engg vs B.Com and work ex. vs freshers

Great to see so much enthusisasm amongts the junior batch-keep posting guys!

Rock on!

hi all,
i had heard life at imt rocks, but now i can vouch for it, having been here for 8 odd days, days that have been exhilarating as well as excrutiating. i have done stuff like rappeling and river crossing , something i would hardly have thought of doing a month back. i have done yoga at 6 am after sleeping for 2 hours, and im still alive n kicking. life at imt teaches u that u can do anything u want, as long as u want to do it.
the orientation is now over, and things are back to normal. we are geting lots of rest , and those of us who wake up late can even manage 4 hours of sleep a night:wink:
all in all, things are fabulous, even the mess, something that most hostelites complain about. dudes and dudettes, if u want to see a hostel mess with smashing food, come to raj nagar, ghaziabad. its the hottest adress in town.
signing off now, but will be back later with other tantalising titbits from a place we currently call home, imt g
mayank mishra

PPL! If you are a party freak then IMT-G is the place to be!!!
We as freshers had the first taste of the party flavour here last night.The Party kicked off at midnight and most of teh seniors partied till the wee hours in the morning though we juniors sort of left a bit early.
There was Music,Food,Drinks( hard /soft) and lots of fun. It came as a welcome break after the regular PDP sessions we had had over the last week.
From what we hear , this is just the beginning and the best is yet to follow. For those who are wondering if this is goin to hamper your studies, remember yo always hav ehe option of coming over, shaking a leg or two and then leave! So you get the best of both the worlds!!

'tis just teh beginning ppl!:)

Hey guys Mera pehala posting. ITs been what 10 days now here at IMT and the experience has been well lets say very amusingly different. The best part that i have found out here is that the students are really pro-active. The alcom meeting yesterday nite showed us dat. Also lets not forget abt the party last nte our 1st party. HEy BTW yahaan par aakey within a week i have seen 2 movies. Also i think the our batch of 05-07 is really cool and diverse. Oh also i will also remember the first students meet we had where lonewolf really inspired us.:whatthat: . Kiddin but seriously so far its been a hell of a time here at IMT gzb


10 days at IMT and life already seems to be in full throttle.After the supercool Outbound session,classes have started.The faculty is awesome.Our hostel is gr8,and is soon 2 b euipped with wireless net connection n da likes.The mess serves gr8 food.The PDP sessions were a bit tiring at first,but they r turning out wonderfully well now.We induldge in PR games,GDs,debates,skits and what not..IT'S GREAT FUN.Our seniors r very cool.They prepared some rocking presentations for us during orientations.They r working overtime to equip us for our summer placements.Companies hit campus in August.Our batch is Gr8.Engineers,B.com s,Eco wallas,freshers.work ex....U name it,we have it..

If you r not at at IMT G,u don't know life....
-Suyash Parashar

nice 2 hear such nicely documented things 4m my batchmates...
hey yaar, i misd d fun last nite, had 2 finish d work of international xchange programe alloted 2 us by d seniors, cos d deadline was 2day early in d mornin...
again misd on sum sound sleep n fun in d party!!
jus 2 odd hrs, but dats ok.. now its a normal trend..
chalo guys keep on postin wit ur own xperiences, share i wit us all..

hi all,
i am one of those ppl who always enters class late, with the sole intention of catching the best seat (right at the back) and having a snooze. but here at imt, no way hose, sleeping is the last thing on my mind.
i mean, how is a guy expected to sleep while being addressed by an ex-iimc proffesor who has the brilliance to relate accounts and davinci, balance sheets and steam engines, and seamlessly merge these varied entities into an integrated whole?
i am talking about my first ever accounts lecture. being an engineer, i was apprehensive about the dreaded biggie of the first trimester, but kudos to the prof, not only did he have my (and the rest of the class') rapt attention, but he also made many of us feel that accounts could, after all, be handled with panache.
all night parties and lectures like these, this is what defines life here at imt, and trust me, we love it.
mayank mishra

Yea... guys just to add on to what mayank wrote about the the prof from IIM C, he is Mr.Ghosh... worked in IIM c for 30 odd years... very jolly fellow... when I went up to him after the class apprising him of my apprehensions regarding accounts, guess what he did...HE SHOOK MY HAND AND HUGGED ME! AND SAID:"DO NOT FEAR WHEN IAM HERE!"
wow !!!! its so great to find such an involved and dedicated faculty .
Iam lovin' it!

hi ppl..anybody has any idea about the IMT dist mba programs.its out with an ad today in TOI ..howz it and what are the prospects after completing it..

hi ppl..anybody has any idea about the IMT dist mba programs.its out with an ad today in TOI ..howz it and what are the prospects after completing it..

IMT Distance MBA is just like the distance learning programmes of NMIMS,SIBM et. al.:bad-word:

There are people in IMT who've even left the 3-year DLP of IIMC to join full-time here

Hope you get the drift...there is absolutely no point in joining a part time course that every grad in India can take up-don't fool yourself.

If you're serious about a career as a manager-goi in for a full time MBA.

I dont beleive this!!! :shock: I applied for the alumni committee and was supposed to have a GD and 2 inteviews for the selection( this is even tougher than the initial selection process!) but all that was normal untill i gotto know this...... THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY PEOPLE APPLYING TO BE IN THE AL-COM AND SINCE THE FIRST ROUND OF GD HAS TO BE COMPLETED TONIGHT, I HAVE MY GD SCHEDULED AT 2:30 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!:shock: man~ i'll have to try hard to keep myself active till that time of the night!

But know what.... this is how you create memories for yourself.... I am getting richer everyday with the experiences here at IMT.

IMT rocks!!!!!!!!!


Its 3:33 A.M and I've just reurned to my room after the GD we were to have . It was great to see each one of us turn up with smily faces(though deep inside a lot of us were screaming ) I really wondered if this was a practical joke seniors played on us when they asked us to come over so late dressed in formals..but it turned out to be a real serious stuff to my surprize. Now that is what life in IMT is all about... i dunno but i kinda find all this very adventurous.
Starting from wednesday, the seniors are going to make presentations regarding the various sectors of business which would be followed by GDs targetting issues related to particular sectors. All this is being done to prepare us for our summer placements and its completely the senior batch's initiative.Kudos to all of them! They have actually made us realize what the tradition of IMT is and we are sure to live up to their expectations when we take over from them as seniors.
I think I'll catch some sleep now... i dont really want to sleep through my classes tomorrow, (which I've ben doing pretty regularly though:wink: )
Good night!

YaAr kal to mazaa aa gaya. Had my ALCOM GD at 1.30 in the nite. My topic was Plunging Necklines Rising Hemlines. Mujhe to raat main sirf Mallika Sherawat ki hi yaad aa rahi thi. But puttin those thought at the back of my mind kisi tarehe se GD kiya. Infact the seniors said that they really liked it. Well anyways after a job "well done" we decided now we shld "celebrate". So Saanidhya and i decided to check out Georgia in the DLP buliding. Yaar raat main do baze, halki thand main garam garam paranthe aur maggi khane ka mazaa kuch aur hi hai. Yeh alag baat hai ki is samay mujhe itni neend aa rahi hai yaar. Anyways one of the experiences of which memories are made.

hey guys....we r certainly havin fun here...this is completely a new experience...had my gd last nite at 1.30...it was kinda strange wearing formals with tie n going for a gd so late in the nite...but then i dont have any complaints...this is the stuff top bschools are made of...u have to b on ur toes all the time....i m enjoying every bit of it...nice to have some new frenzzz...n i hope this wil b a lifetime frnship....looking forward to the learnings ahead...lets rock!!!!