life @ imt dubai

the session starts from 10th september 2006…will keep updating this space and share my expiriences…for info on imt dubai…u can log on to and check out the resources section…thats the place where we guys r goin to crash after …

the session starts from 10th september 2006.....will keep updating this space and share my expiriences...for info on imt dubai..u can log on to and check out the resources section...thats the place where we guys r goin to crash after some hard work ....everybody is invited to post here.....and fellow imt( d) ppl will also b sharin their gyaan here...
wish us luck.cheers.

Hey man...
Did u get any details regarding the visa process from IMT D as to how we need to apply for the same.So when are u planning to land there?How much do u you think the strength of the batch is going to be?

the visa is stamped when one lands in dubai...its not done india...exact info regarding visa is awaited from imt and should arrive in a couple of days....will be landing there 31st aug or 1st sep..the batch strength i reckon shud be between 80 and 110 ...hey theres a community of imt(d) on some 60 ppl...

heres some gyaan on whats happenin as far as retail in india goes.... aint that good news ppl !

Dubai's retail boom to provide boost in business for related industries
A four-fold boom in retail space, expected in Dubai by 2010, is creating new business opportunities for support industries in the Middle East's shopping sector, says a leading industry expert.
With retail space in the city set to rise to 20 million square feet in six years time, related industries - ranging from software management organizations to cleaning firms - are tipped to experience a significant boost in activity.

'Dubai is already known as the shopping center of the Middle East, and in years to come it will be known as the shopping mall of the world,' said Ole Milan, Managing Director of Landsteinar GCC - a company that specializes in providing retail software solutions.

'The expansion of retail space in Dubai is going to have a positive impact on the emirate's overall economy. In the short-term, construction and design companies will benefit from the boost in building activity.

'In the future, companies specializing in everything from retail software and mannequins to cleaning firms and interior decorators will also benefit from the trickle-down affect.'

Additionally, new retail developments will contribute to rising tourism numbers to the emirate, says Milan. Coinciding with the 400 percent increase in retail space in 2010, the emirate is preparing to welcome around 15 million tourists by the end of that year.

'If Dubai does manage to boast more than 20 million square feet of shopping space by 2010 then there is no doubt that it will be an even bigger tourist attraction than it already is.'

Since establishing a regional base in Dubai last year, Landsteinar - an organization that provides business software to the shopping sector - has already worked with Spinneys Supermarkets, Bahrain Duty free and Beirut Duty free to streamline sales, billing, and back-office operations.

'At Landsteinar, our business in the Middle East is set for double-digit growth, as we cater to the needs of the many new retail outlets that are going to make an appearance in the region,' said Milan.

'As a relatively new organization in the region, we believe that the next five years are going to be an exciting, buoyant and challenging as we meet the demands of a constantly expanding market.'

The company, which offers a complete retail solution based on Navision applications from Microsoft Business Solutions, expects its Mobile Client product to be popular with innovative and forward thinking retailers.

To be introduced to the Middle East this year, Mobile Client enables retailers to access and run the software from a hand held computer, allowing employees away from their desk to be kept informed with relevant and updated business information.

'Companies such as Landsteinar will be called on to offer services and solutions for the expanding retail market in Dubai and in the wider Middle East region. We welcome the opportunity to bring our expertise into the growing retail sector,' Milan concluded.

Internships for nationals

United Arab Emirates: Wednesday, August 09 - 2006 at 07:57
Dubai Knowledge Village and Aiesec, a major global student organisation, have announced an international internship programme for UAE nationals, called Qiyada. The exchange programme will provide internships in business management and electrical engineering for UAE students overseas, as well as arrange for foreign students to take up internships in the UAE. Acer Computers Middle East is a partner in the venture.
ok the course has started and i must say it's been one helluva ride !! dubai is so different yet so similar to india . theres a thing or two one can learn from the way this place works.its usp has to be its simple and uncluttered way of life.another thing which i find very exciting is the fact that the whole world seems to be working in the place. you got indians,pakistanis,chinese,americans,brits,russians,africans..phew ! and its pretty easy to relate to these people at a certain level. and we must not forget we all are away from home. its an expensive place to be in but if u know this place its worth the money. ok enough about dubai..lets talk about imt...the first thing what comes to my mind when i think of imt has to be the international faculty and our very accomplished dean mr.farhat
to give you an example: our eco teacher from the states is able to give us a perspective on the subject few would gain sitting in the faculty is great what else...well being the first batch .....its all you....we have been given an oppurtunity to shape this institution and take it further .
the campus is based in academic city which is like a huge campus housing brit b schools, mahe from india, a french fashion institute, an arab college and many this place is new theres still place for a definitive student culture, here imt takes the lead as it hosts academic city's first event this its like hardly been a month and we've moved from the basic classroom study to organising an event . the first lesson that i have learned in my first sem of b-school is that of what u want to derive from this course is totally upto you !:satisfie:
the race for internships had begun

thanks a lot !!