Life @IMT Dubai:Aspirations and Expectations.

Request:This is not a IMT D Query Thread,If you want any information about IMT Dubai,please PM me or raise it on the IMT D Query thread. I had initially thought of opening this thread once I reach IMT D,but as fate as has it,thought why not s…

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Hi Diablo,

There is not one but two threads regarding [email protected] Imt D but regretably both are dead long time back.

Reasons for Starting This new thread:

1) Previous Threads not being active for past many months.
2) Wanted to go on for good informative begining to the most imp thread for us at IMT D.
3) This thread is not just about life @ IMT D but much more than that.

These are few are the reasons that lead me to opening of his thread.

And I guess these are enough good reasons for me to continue with this thread.

Sure will ask the mods to close the old threads.


then its wise that u ask mods to close the old dead threads

cheers n atb 😃

IMT-D Updates.

-> Waitin for our Visa's to be processed...(Gud Thngs Take Time to Happen..)

Fall Semester 2008 : September 12-14
Arrival of residential students : September 15
Registration between 9:00 12:00 noon
September 15 -17:Orientation
September 18:Classes Begin
December 18:Classes End
December 17-19:Make up / preparation days
December 20-23:Final Exams
December 23:Semester Ends
December 24th January 9th 2009 : Holiday

IMT-D Updates:

->Most of the junta has booked its flight for Dubai,Majority Flying out on 12th September.

->Visa Expected in first week of September.


IMT-D Delhi Meet Chapter-2.

Date:17th August 2008
Place:India Gate Lawns
Time:18:00 Hrs


Just returned from IMT-D Delhi Meet-2 @ India Gate,was gr8..will come up with details of the meet pretty soon..but was fun meeting new people and fellow batchmates.


"Boldness Changes everything"-
Thats the line that comes to my mind as I begin to summarize IMT-D Delhi Meet Chapter-2.
Now I always had this feeling in my heart that its gonna rain on the day of our meet,it had already been raining cats and dogs for the past couple of days and the rain gods had not given me any reason to believe to it wont on sunday,but somehow I believed that if there is any day for this meet to take place it is today,some of my friends were already calling for a second plan to be put in action just in case it rained.but I dont know why I had this affection for India gate and kept the first plan in action.
Time Lines on a Rainy Sunday:
15:30-> Its been raining for past couple of hours.Why me God..??
16:00-> People Start calling in,Is the meet On..?? and I reply sure it is...
16:30-> Rain turns into drizzle and I leave for India Gate.Thank God
16:30-18:00->People keep calling in to confirm there Presence.(Cheerzz to you guys who came even after heavy rains!!)
Well,this time line would have given you just an backdrop to the conditions in which this meet was held,but by the time we all reached India Gate,by God's grace the weather had cleared and India Gate was looking as awesome as it always does.ready for an exciting meet.
I was the first one to reach there(I had to...!),and then slowly junta starting trickling in,first came paras,then 5mins later varun,nipun,nitin,varun(second).....I was relived now that atlast the meet at India gate is taking shape and its gonna be if not gud but ok..(I was soon to be proved wrong...),as people kept coming in till 7,at the end of the hour we had about 20 people that had joined us over at India Gate all rearing for the meet and it was turning out to be a gr8 meet.the first thing that anybody will do at India Gate is obviously click a couple of snaps and our IMT-D guys not to be left behind did the same,we had our group photo and then we proceeded to roam around India Gate.
Now,Madhur had not turned up till 7(Busy man as he is..,he called me up and asked for our positions...which I made him aware of,he joined us at arnd 7:15,junta continued with usual IMT-D gyaan...(now dont ask me what that gyaan is...?)but it was interacting with so many of my friends...then madhur came up with this nice thought of having an ice cream and a line came to my mind of a gr8 Ice Cream Vendor.."No Journey to India gate is complete without having an Ice Cream..",so all of us enthusatically went to the ice cream vendor,now being an MBA student we tried to work out some discount for all of us as we were more than 20 people but sadly weren't able to convince the vendor..perhaps after an MBA from IMT-D we all will be able to learn how to do it..,anyways so all of the guys had there ice lollies..(not i was suffering from Cold..) I heard later that the Ice Creams were Sponsored by Madhur as he had a gr8 newss to share with all of us which he did later(I will not divulge it here,without your consent Madhur.) but I would like to congratulate you on this gr8 newz,we had a Ice Cream IMT-d photo shoot..(Pic Mailed @ GG)...then we continued with another round of our our usual chit was already around 8.30 and it was about time that we bought this eventful evening to an end and at around 8.30 after having a photo-op against a light studded India Gate we all called it a day and decided to have our next meeting at IMT-D..
Highlights of The Day:
1) By God's Grace Weather Clearing Up.
2) Junta Turning Up in Large Numbers Despite the Rains.
3) Madhur's Top Newzz.!
It was a gr8 meet Guys and I would once again like to thank all of you guys who turned up for the meet and made it so successful and Rocking..!!If we keep up the same enthusiasm I am sure we would do gr8 at IMT-D.
Three Cheerzz!!
God Speed!

IMT-D Update:We have got a 15 Day Retreat cum Induction Program coming up for us at IMT Ghaziabad,heard its going to be one Good experience for us...;)

Waiting for the final schedule to be notified to us.:D

Just In case anybody Interested in knowing a little more about IMT-D,I am attaching a detailed document.


@All IMT-Dubai mates...
Warm welcome to all of you to IMT_Ghz for your orientation programme...Hope that you will have a good time over here...

@All IMT-Dubai mates...
Warm welcome to all of you to IMT_Ghz for your orientation programme...Hope that you will have a good time over here...

Thanks for your warm welcome buddy...:D

Hope to catch up with all of you @IMT Gzbad...and have a rocking time..


Hi Ankur..
I c we need to get this thread real workin man!!
Ppl seem to be on orkut only for most of d time..;)
I wil start with:huh:

Re:Life @ Dubai.....

Its going to be rocking.Wat i know is its upto clg for providing infrastructure,rest is upto students to make it real happenin...And i can proudly say that v have got a gr8 batch headin to IMT-D..mix with different backgrounds...So its lyk Bunch of Real Managers in making..headin to rock the World...

World knows a little abt us till now..but we wil make sure by 2010,World knows alot abt us..

We will make our say count everywhere...


Karan Sood
Batch 2008-10.

Hey Karan Thanks for joining in buddy...:D

I would request all of my friends @ IMT-d to get there IMT-Dubai rank on there puy profile by going through this link:

Steps to follow:-

  1. First, go check up your user Control panel and proceed to the Group Memberships Page.
  2. Scroll down and find your school...You will find a corresponding "Join Group" option. Click on that.
  3. That would lead you to a Request page where you have to give a reason for joining the group.
  4. Finally, click on "Send Request". Voila....Your request is then sent to your group leader.
  5. After your request has been approved , you can then change your usergroup from within your User Control Panel, so that your new rank image shows through! Until you do this, your group membership is not reflected in your profile as well as your posts !!
Revert back to me in case of any issues!;)


All through my life i have never done what others are expecting....nobody expected me to take Science in 11th class...den nobdy expected me that i'll go for engineering......den nobody expected that i'll be better placed than what i was some time back....i got the interview call for IMT, D suddenly.....those were d days when i was busy in my bro's marriage......but when it was over i put a much thought 2 it and went 4 d interview.......d mood was cool, as always.......interview was awsum.....

when i got selected finally, i told my parents dat i wont join and wud like to once again prepare for CAT and may b look for some oder gud B-school in India....oderwise will work 4 around 3 years and try MBA in USA......but my parents stressed on my joining........the fact dat my bro is in USA and he's also an MBA helped me a was his decision that i shud go 4 d interview.....all oder pts. dat were against IMT,D were of no importance 4 what it was new???? etc etc.......we'll make d B-school go on Top............m looking forward for my life in Dubai and m sure IMT,D will be d best B-School in the world soon.......

Luck Is what you get and success is what you make........

cheerz guyzzz

Nipun Magoo

2010 Batch of IMT, D

hey karan,,,,,,,thanx for ur support dude...........and woh hindi mein kehte hai na....jaha hum khade hotte hai waha se line shuru hotee hai...........toh woh soch kar maine socha ki.......jis B-School mein hum jaayengey woh kharab hone ka sawaal hee nahee paida hota.............

IMT,DUBAI rockzzzz........

Very True Nipun bhai..Dis is attitude which wil take us far ahead in lyf ..


Karan Sood
Batch 2008-10

Hey guys!

I'm really happy the way things are goin. I just hope everything goes as planned.

As far as IMT-D experience is concerned, we'll have to make it the best one. How?? The blue prints are ready, just the execution is required.

And thanks cat=chimera for welcoming us. It really means a lot to us....

Take care,

life b4 IMT-D.........
gosh!!!just a week left 4 B-school life to start......1st challenge-pack 2yrs' stuff within 20kgs.....cuz dats the baggage limit!n d worst part is my suitcase itself weighs 5kgs!!!!!!
next is.......finding out abt money transfer,mobile connections,food,etc.
but b4 dt we have abt 15days to chillout at ghaziabad campus....yes!we have our retreat cum induction program which is being conducted by ppl have plans to get back to their hometowns b4 flying to dubai.not me tho....
as of nw this is how it is......all of us getting ready for our roller coaster ride at dubai!n once we reach ghzbd campus we'll have lots of experiences to share.....
....and ankur.....scared thread or sure this thread is soon gng to be one of the most exciting threads to read!!!!hai na!! keep up the good work guys!!

....and ankur.....sacred thread or sure this thread is soon gng to be one of the most exciting threads to read!!!!hai na!! keep up the good work guys!!

Thanks for Chipping in Nipun,Madhur and Anushua...:D!!

With people like your around,I am sure we guys will have one rockin and enriching xperience @IMT-D..


God Speed..!!

hey guyzzz....m back......u no dat i like shero shayaree a lot.....once upton a time, i used 2 write all some of these on friendship.especially for IMTianzzzzzz........

# kuch log dosti ko gan samajhte hai,
jo gam samajhte hai woh kam samajhte hai,
kis tarah waqt guzar raha hai dosto ke bina,
yeh koi nahi sirf hum samajhte hai........

# har waqt naye dost banatey chalo,
kisi ke chehre pe muskan late chalo,
kab koi bichda hua mil jaaye ,a dost,
har kisi ko apna banatey chalo.....

and dis one is for anyone who might feel lonely or sad during r course,....main hoon na........

Is duniya mein dost kam milengey,
duniya mein gam hee gam milengey,
jaha duniya nazar fer legi,
usee mod par tumhein hum milengey.........

tk cr guyzzzz..n hamesha dost rehna...