I know I am writing this after almost three months of my academic session at IMS DAVV Indore but as the saying goes, “It’s never too late to begin”. I first went to IMS for counselling in July, and very frankly speaking it didn’t impress me much. …

I know I am writing this after almost three months of my academic session at IMS DAVV Indore but as the saying goes, "It's never too late to begin". I first went to IMS for counselling in July, and very frankly speaking it didn't impress me much. I did my graduation from a Govt. Institute and I know how these Govt. Institutes function and I was very sure that I am not going to experience anything new. My turn came at around 9 pm and I was glad that I didn't expected too much.
I got admitted to MFA (that's what we call MBA- Financial Admin.). I was handed a page at the time of admission regarding the beginning of session and the fee structure, hostel accommodation and blah blah blah. And very soon the D-day arrived. It was August 6th, 2008, and I made it into IMS as an IMSian. Oh I forgot to mention a small thing here, I was alloted hostel a week prior I came to Indore and it was here in the hostel I realized what being an IMSian mean. I never thought that being a student of IMS is such an honour. My roomie is an IMSian (and my senior too) and she told me the reason for it. IMS is the best management institute of Central India and moreover its history can be traced back to almost four decades now. The institute offers one of the best placement opportunities in Central India and is said to be the dream destination on account of its minimum fees and quality education. Not only she but almost everyone I came through told me the same thing.
Now getting back to the D-day, I entered the college with my brother (he too is an IMSian but my senior). I was worried about the ragging stuff but he told me that ragging in any form is not allowed in the premises of the institute (and then I instantly remembered, "ragging is prohibited everywhere"). All the students were invited in audi for invocation ceremony where we were addressed by our Director, Dr. P N Mishra Sir. We were told about how IMS came into being and we were officially recognised as a part of IMS family.
Then we were escorted by our seniors to our classroom where they had arranged for some refreshments and an orientation party (rather I will call it informal introduction). Seniors introduced themselves and then I remembered what my brother said about ragging and slowly I realized he was right about it. Seniors assured us that they will help us in every possible way they can, not only in terms of studies but in any xyz matter. And yes they have kept their promise till date.
Next day, we had our first class. The first lecture was on Business Ethics and Management by Indian Values. The name (as it appealed to me) seemed boring and I myself assumed that it's going to be one hell of a long boring session of what being ethical and inethical. But as our teacher Mr. Piyush Khare Sir started off by explaining the meaning and importance of ethics in Business, another of my misconception was shattered. And it's till date I really love to listen to what he has to say.
As I am a Chemistry graduate, I thought I would feel uncomfortable with Financial system, accounting and all such subjects but hats off to our faculty that they had some real patience to teach "illiterates" like us ( By illiterates I mean that 70% of class strength is of science background). Seniors told us which books to pick for notes and gave us tips regarding presentations. Soon came Teacher's day and we had our teacher's day celebration "SPANDAN". Our seniors from FT ( Shilpa Ma'm, Supriya Ma'm), FA, MM encouraged us to be a part of the event. I, along with few of my classmates were selected for anchoring. There were dances, dramas, solo performances and there was only one thing everyone was shouting " IMS...IMS".
Then I was taken to most important place, the CANTEEN. I had already heard of munchurian, but I have heard only (never took the risk of eating it). The canteen area was literally over-crowded, and caring for my poor-self, I decided to pick on sweet old Maggie Noodles. But I must say I had good time sitting there and watching everyone (that's my hobby to watch people at crowded places and study their gestures and expressions). Then came internals, followed by presentations and assignment. I took up for SEBI and Mutual Funds in Indian Financial System and Line and staff in Fundamentals of Management. Oh, I forgot to say about "sehchintan". It's a place for group discussions where great minds sit together and "TRY" to come up with at least something. There are various quotes, TEACHINGS, PREACHINGS as INSCRIBED by IMSians on walls of sehchintan (must confess are good to read but hard to understand ). Then there is this wall of fame (name given by me), it has photos of all our seniors who are placed in various companies. And the most interesting thing, we have a statue of Goddess Saraswati which has a small fountain in front of it. Any IMSian who so ever gets placed is compelled to have a dip in that HOLY water. (And trust me it's really fun to watch that and pride and honour for one who takes the dip). I am waiting for that too.
I can write more but I have really fallen short of words as well as patience (and I know readers too must have fallen short of that.)

MBA-FA (2008-2010)

Dear Elixir19.....Congratulations on starting such an important and much needed post on Life@IMS. (I dont know if there are any other)

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you...your contributions to many of the threads are very valuable and its always a pleasure to read you. (Please continue the good work!!!)
This time I am in a hurry.......couldnt properly gather all my xps (hell lot of them)...... I promise that my contributions in future would be significant....

till then.......


I am moving home to celebrate Diwali and I am writing this post right in the train itself. And I think I am traveling in one of the most crowded trains. That too in the only compartment in the train (I said the only coz we have just 9 seats in the compartment and we have around 19 people in it). And will tell you another fact, my brother and a friend of mine who are supposed to be sitting here are not here. Well that's enough for the train description. I wonder why don't the railway people start making the dining corner seat no. 22.5 and various other positions can be alloted some other seat numbers. Let's change the topic or else this post is never going to end.

We have a few wise people sitting here with us discussing about the American economic fall and the fall of Sensex and all that stuff. And I think I know a bit, so I came to a conclusion that all the FINANCIAL EXPERTS out here bit off the track. Actually all the guys sitting out here (around 10/19) are people pursuing MBA (I came to this conclusion after hearing names of their colleges while they were discussing assignments). Well if these people are pursuing MBA and they talk like lil' kids then there is no fault of the lame man who knows only the headlines of newspapers. Now they have begun with new topic "GIRLS"- now everybody seems interested as the expressions on their face says.
We have a weirdo right here, this man got his ticket cancelled as he had a wait listed e-ticket which unfortunately remained in the waiting list. From his clothes and his accent, it seems that he is educated but he was arguing with the T.T. that his e-tkt is a mere waste of money now because it has not yielded him a seat.
The guy didn't knew that he can not travel with a wait listed e tkt and moreover the bigger point is that the guy actually doesn't know that if the e-tkt is not confirmed, the amount related to the ticket is refunded into respective bank account ( of course after deduction of irctc transaction charges and bank charges and what so ever necessary). Well you people may be thinking that why am I writing all these things. I have across a small thing here, the crowd of our nation may have become educated but still its all bookish. Every one wishes to be on the top of the world but has no knowledge of world. These future managers sitting right here in front of me, are all ready to take on their responsibilities but are still ignorant of their rights, duties, responsibilities.
Everyone is wearing a brand but very less people know how are they wearing it. I am a bit puzzled right here as well as I am questioning myself, are we really ready for the future coming ahead or are we only pretending that we are ready.

~Happy Deepawali~

Sleepless nights and dreamy days-internals are finally over
I am coming to PG after almost 2 weeks or so as I was busy with assignments, presentations, and internals. I had to submit two assignments on cost accounting, a presentation on LINE AND STAFF ORGANIZATION followed by internals (eight subjects). The purpose of mentioning is in totality I had an awful n hectic week. A few bizarre events happened. We had our internal of fundamentals of management on 14th of November. While writing the exam, one of our classmates had an attack of epilepsy, and as it happened all of a sudden, the whole class was in a state of shock. Almost all the students stood up from their places and few fellow classmates ran out of class to get some water and fetch a senior faculty member. Whole class was worried about him but my eyes stopped on a classmate of mine who was busy writing (she was sitting right in front of him). It gave me a cold tremor that how can a person be so insensitive that she is not at all bothered about anything but only concerned of gaining some marks. I don't know what others thought of her but it came to me as something which I didn't expect. Well that's actually not what I m trying to focus. I am trying to focus at the changing human behavior. Are we all not similar to that girl because we tend to aloof ourselves from problems of others and think of gaining and only gaining? I questioned myself and yes I was found guilty.
Another incident, I was standing in que to make Maggie (we have two gas stoves in our hostel). I was eagerly waiting for the girl to lift her Maggie and go so that I can cook for myself but it was taking time. I stood waiting for 5 minutes or so, I continuously kept staring at the girl and her utensil. Finally she left and I took her position. But there was someone to take my position too. I had a girl next to me staring me and my Maggie. I felt frustrated and then I understood you don't feel the pain of stomach ache until you had one. So I learnt a new lesson, never do anything which you won't like others to do it with you. ( and don't stare a girl when she is making Maggie).

:1eye:Okay...I have heared that she wasnt the only person to do so....there were others aswell who took the opportunity and peeked here and what about them??:angel:

:-x:-x Well Well.........

Now friends this has come to my:rockedov: notice that that the previous post has created some ripples amongst the readers. So this is to clarify that I have "nothing" to do with the mentioned lady in elixir19s post. I was just being introspective and thinking aloud that probably I must have done the same thing if was desperate.:

Hello everyone. Here I am back in Indore after spending almost a fortnight at my home. We had our exams over on 5th of January and left immediately for my home. And my classmates have already joined a TRAINING on Stock Broking and Market Analysis. I mean how punctual of them, our course co-ordinator was exepecting the students to return after 26th of Jan but they turned up on 15th itself. The classes will commence after 19th of Jan. This is the height of PUNCTUALITY, CC asked us to turn up after 26th and we turned up on 15th itself. ( please note that by "we" I refer to those students who are quite punctual). And last sem, We havn't had even a single GT, because I think some of the students will come to college even if GOD asks them to take leave. When I was in my graduation, our class made a GRAND GT of 23 days and if one knows IEHE ( Excellence college), one can easily interpret how we did that. But anyways, let bygones be bygones.

We have our college's MANAGEMENT FEST "HYURISKO" lined up in Feb. I have waited long to witness this grand management fest as I have heard about it a lot from my brother and roomie. I wish to participate in Face painting but there is a mojor problem in that. I am not good at drawing and I can't have my face painted becuase my skin is allergic to any type of cosmetic or colour. I once had to draw a snake in my painting exam in 7th standard, I tried really hard but my snake actually looked like an earth worm and it was so kind of my drawing teacher that she gave me a "C" for a snake that looked earthworm. Thats enough for ME and MY drawing.

I have just killed my time back home watching movies and only watching movies and reading about Satyam fiasco and watching latest updates on the matter and then black listing of WIPRO. All the seniors are quite worried about their placements as the number of companies which come for recruitments have reasonably declined this year as compared to reports we recieved about last year placements. The economic recession and turmoil has affected carrers all over the sphere.

Rest in next and moreover if I don't leave now, I will have to starve.


MBA-financial admin

PS- IMSians JAGO RE...kuchh to likho bhai log..

Hello everyone

I am finally ON track, I am too going for those stock broking and analysis sessions. We have been brainstormed by our teachers and trust me I realized that I am in some sort of NOWHERE land. We have all new subjects which are purely of financial nature. I must thank people who decide MFA's syllabus because we don't have any accounting subjects ( we had three accounting subjects last sem namely, cost, financial and management accounting and they almost killed me). And we have already been gifted with some assignments on fiscal policy of India and the effect of various grants given by our government, economic development, decreasing inflation, recession and all that stuff. WOW, I remember all, atleast.

I think I am suffering from some SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS because I forget everything and that includes almost all daily routine works.( I brushed my teeth twice because I forgot that I had already brushed). Before I forget,


I wish all puys and every Indian a very happy REPUBLIC DAY.



MBA financial Admin (IMS)

Hello Puys

Everyone must have noticed the change in my status. That's right I am suffering from Hyuriskomania. Today, as we all know, is Basant Panchmi and by the time I will finish writing, it will be "was basant panchmi". And from today we have begun the countdown to IMS' annual Management Fest "HYURISKO".With Saraswati Pujan, we start preparing for Hyurisko. Hyurisko is a Japnese word which means "we create".

As for today, the entire college had a color code "Yellow", because basant panchmi is said to be associated with yellow color. After Saraswati Pujan, all the students were asked to assemble in audi for the formal announcement of Hyurisko and information relating to it. The meeting started with all the students shouting IMS IMS and it took the environment inside the audi to another level. There was cheering, shouting, enthusiam, zest, zeal and energy every where. It was decided that Hyurisko will be held on 4th,5th,6th and 7th of March 2009.

This year's hyurisko theme will not be we create, but it will be we can. As the economy is undergoing recession, many management schools have delayed their fests,we, IMSians have decided to celebrate Hyurisko at the same time we do every year. And that's why, we will use "WE CAN".



MBA Financial Admin.(IMS)



This is the invitation. It was pasted outside the audi to invite all students to come and join the welcoming of Hyurisko.
This is the SARASWATI SAROVAR. I mentioned it in my first post that those who get placed have to take a dip in this holy water.

hey wats the maximum,minimum and average package at ims this year?

rahul_bajaj5251 Says
hey wats the maximum,minimum and average package at ims this year?

Hello Rahul,
Please ask your query here
this thread is life@ims and we are here to share our happenings not to answer any query...

The two people you see centre stage, are our faculty members Kapil sir and Bhanu sir. All faculty members had to come in traditional outfits on account of saraswati puja, so they landed up wearing dhoti and kurta.

Hey Pria

Nice to see the thread kept alive by you. I've been tied up with monumental amounts of work in the past couple of months which includes the placements part because of which I was not able to keep up with PG posting thingy.

But it feels great to see that the baton has been taken care of by you very religiously and I really hope you'll continue to do so in the future too.

With regards to the placement thread, I'll try starting one as soon as possible. And I would like you to request more of your classmates to become active on PG in order to keep this thing going.

Very nice pics btw. . If you need more I'll mail them to you.

Good Going ! .. I'll try to contribute my best ! :)

MBA (FT) Batch of 2009