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*"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally." -**David Frost* The above quote is an exact and real fact of life, which every one in the materialistic world especially in corporate worl...

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“Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.” -David Frost
The above quote is an exact and real fact of life, which every one in the materialistic world especially in corporate world should learn and imbibe in their life. Most of us PGDM students who grind the hard way to incorporate themselves with every qualities and techniques to master ourselves to face the competition and succeed in life follow only one mantra in life – to be successful at any cost and that too in a short interval. But only few succeed and rest falter in the rat race. But if we love something, like to dwell in it, enjoys it thoroughly, then we must follow it irrespective of what the society says. Belief and hard work have no substitute and coupled with the love for whatever work you are doing ensures success and longevity.
My life can be divided into two phases – before IMS and after IMS. Before IMS, I was an engineering student specialized in Biotechnology and having an International experience of nearly 3 years – namely in Sultanate of Oman and in Dubai. I was a novice when I entered my first job. Just after graduation, leaving homeland, going to an entirely new country with altogether different customs, tradition and language made me apprehensive at first and intimated me to some extent. But I fought my devils, paranoids and was eventually successful in acclimatizing myself to the corporate grinding. The one and half years in Oman, made me a trained commando ready to battle out in any fields across the globe with full aplomb and confidence. But the only thing I lacked out was that of facing the crowd and to be a diplomat.
My stint in Dubai helped me to overcome the same to some extent. My hard work and perseverance helped me to get a job in Dubai, the mecca of opportunities and wishful life. I was into marketing field and the cosmopolitan nature of the country helped me to mingle and socialize with people from different countries, and different strata's of life. In fact, it was an eye opener for me, where I was able to gauge that there is nothing called impossible in life. My manhandling skills and diplomacy were improved to great extent. And the life was too happier. But two years down the lane, questions aroused in my mind – whether I have achieved my goals, have I improved myself and what will be my life after 5 years. This little introspection in fact completely changed my perspective and attitude towards life. I knew in today's world, a graduation only can't guarantee you a successful life. You have to constantly update yourself and must go for higher studies to make your self-ready for unprecedented battles ahead.
And then came the second phase of my life, joining IMS Ghaziabad, one of the pioneers in management studies having a history of 22 years and quite a name in northern part of India. Many of my friends and relatives and in fact colleagues from industry questioned my choice of selection. But I had only one answer, give me one year's time and I will prove you all wrong. And I can proudly say that I feel vindicated and satisfied with my choice of selection. This great institution not only provided me with few of the excellent faculties, but also the chance and arena to nullify my shortcomings and to improve my self-confidence. I started my journey in IMS in July 2011 and can proudly say that I am a changed and improved personality.
Our sessions with faculties, PDP classes, Juice and Jam sessions in Managerial Communications not only helped in improving the communication skill but also stimulated an atmosphere of team building, competitive spirit and most of all patience to self analyze oneself. This is an important aspect in management classes. On a routine mode, many of us are not able to SWOT analyze oneself. But the faculties here in IMS Ghaziabad developed such a wonderful sessions where we were able to self-analyze as well get to know a third person perspective about you. And all the information helped us to channelize ourselves in improving our flaws and enhancing our positives. My greatest fear – that of facing a crowd and not faltering when addressing them was rectified and improved, thanks to IMS-G and my CRC team. CRC (Corporate Resource Committee) was actually a bridge between the students and corporate world. I was the head coordinator and got chance to mingle with many of the corporate top honchos and was able to hear and share views with them. This in itself was a great source of self-booster for me.
My Hostel life was another training ground for me. I can pledge that, IMS Ghaziabad have got one of the best hostels in the region. With good food, playground, and gym arena – it's a good place for self-developing. My friends and my roommates are in fact my reality ground checkers and without them, it was not possible for me to come this far. They were with me during my good as well as during my bad times and I will always cherish their friendships. As we know friendships can either make or break a man. I am thankful to few of my friends like Shalini, Mansi, Vibhav, John, Manu, Mayank, Naveen, Ankur, Romit, Akhil, Kanika, Nitlaksh, Arpit, Roopam, Anshul, Rachit, Varnika, Lakshya, Ajay and my juniors and seniors for providing a stimulating and healthy environment.
I also got to anchor many of the events in college like – Induction Ceremony of 1st year students – 2012-14 batch and many of the guest lectures sessions from corporate world. In fact, during Induction ceremony, Mr. Achal N. Rangaswamy, Vice-president of Bell Ceramics congratulated me and my team for the stupendous work we had done in organizing and conducting such a grand ceremony. Also, most of our faculties were very much appreciative and encouraged and motivated us to excel in our areas of domain.
My SIP – Summer Internship project was really the turning point of my life. I had got the privilege of working in one of the biggest Advertising agencies in the world – Ogilvy & Mather, a subsidiary of WPP Agency. I worked there in Ogilvy One where I was assisting, Mr. A.K. Narendranath in his project with ITC Hotels Ltd. He was a great teacher and helped me a lot. He allowed me to client handling within 3 days of joining which is not done by most of the companies. During his absence, I carried out all the work pertaining to ITC Hotels – from their summer vacation packages to new chain openings. They were so impressed with my work that, ITC group gave me a special appreciation letter for my work – a first for an Intern both in ITC and Ogilvy and Mather. It was a great motivation for me as appreciation for your hard work is what one always craves for. Also, after my completion of SIP work, my mentorgave me PPO – pre- placement offer. So it was a fulfilling reward for the two months hard work that I had done in Ogilvy. My faculties were very much appreciative of my work and it was very encouraging for me.
I joined Operations and Marketing as my specialization in second year and thoroughly enjoying the sessions in both the specializations. Lots of theory classes in marketing were great as it actually taught me the reasons behind various selling and marketing techniques that I have actually used in practical sense when I was working. But the purpose behind the same and reasons for it got cleared after completing these class sessions.
In fourth term, I got another opportunity in terms of practical experience and chance of entering into corporate sector in 3M India. It was for the first time that one of the renowned companies like 3M came to IMS and was interested for hiring students for 2 months project work and final placement. I am thankful to Dr. Vidya Sekhri, for allowing and opening a window for future alliance with 3M India as IMS till now never allowed any kind of project work in fourth semester. 4 students were selected and I was lucky to be part of the quartet. My project started on October 1st and will extend till November 30th. My project title – Analyzing Beat Potentiality, Assessing Beat Behavior, Assessing 3M Expansion growth, is very much crucial to company's expansion strategy. I have been visiting 50-60 outlets on daily basis and covering Delhi's nook and hook. Till now, I have covered 1700 outlets and have provided my assessment to my mentor during our weekly meetings and monthly meetings. It's actually tiring and gruesome of covering 10-12km on walking in daily basis. The worst part of the job is the amount of travelling my colleagues and I have to incur daily to reach Delhi's remote area from Ghaziabad. But all the hard work will be fruitful when i will get my placement offer from the company. And I hope, I will get one. My duty is to do my work, and rest depends upon god and wishes from my family and faculties.
Also, our college organized a corporate get together in Indian Habitat Centre, were guests from corporates world came in galore. We had representatives from Sony, Moser Baer, Kaarvy Financial Solutions, CCIL, VLCC, Intec Capital etc.. who graced the occasion. We got ample opportunity to mingle with them and hear their words of wisdom. I am very much thankful to our Director, Shri C.S.Nagpal, Prof. Vatsala Aggarwal and Mrs. Neelam Kewal Ramani, Assistant Manager, CRC for providing a chance to be there in the occasion and create a network with corporate honchos.
I am deeply indebted to my teachers, my parents, my mentors, my seniors and my College – IMS Ghaziabad, for providing me with opportunities and helping me to mould me into a better person. Hope to learn a lot more and serve my college in the future.
Sanith S Nair
PGDM – IInd Year
Operations & Marketing
2011-13 batch


Workshop@IMS Ghaziabad on 'Managerial Insights into Issues of Globalization'

Institute of management Studies Ghaziabad organized a workshop on 'Managerial Insights into Issues of Globalization' on March 01, 2013 in collaboration with Oxford Graduate School and Unistudent World. Dr. C.S. Nagpal, Director, IMS, Ghaziabad formally inaugurated the workshop. Dr. Vidya Sekhri, Dean Management extended a warm welcome. The jointly organized workshop was aimed to enhance international business awareness of the participants. The workshop carried an important insight into the global aspects of business and decision making in international environment. Mr. Dishant Kharbanda, CEO Unica solutions, global trainer Luciane Fontoura a specialist in new project development and Adriana Vanessa Giacomin specializes in International Relations and Marketing from Brazil conducted this specially designed workshop for students to enhance their understanding of today's global business environment, cultural communication skills and encourage them to think deeper about how to develop global ideas and confidence in presenting those ideas. In this workshop various interactive sessions were conducted by eminent speakers of international repute and students had a chance to learn through sharing their thoughts and experiences with the speakers. The workshop addressed various key areas of learning viz intercultural communication, role of a leader and leadership, team building methods, global resource management, global risk awareness through simulation games, group discussion and presentation. The trophy was awarded to the winner group. Participants enjoyed the online lecture by Prof. David Faulkner (Ex-Director of MBA at Oxford University). Dr Neeraj Sanghi, Area Chairperson Finance extended the vote of thanks.

IMS Ghaziabad is organizing a certification program to be conducted by ICICI Direct for PGDM students. This programme is named as “Pillars of Equity Investments”. “Pillars of Equity Investments” is a Tailor-made certification program for students intending to acquire a practical knowledge in stock investing & trading. The program is aimed to create a Strong Platform for students in Equity Advisory and Relationship Management. The duration of the programme is 14 hrs.
United Nations Global Compact Principles of Responsible Management Education Program (PRME)

IMS, Ghaziabadorganised Sensitization Workshop on
United Nations Global Compact Principles of Responsible Management Education Program (PRME)on February 25, 2013. We are pleased to inform that IMS, Ghaziabad has been chosen as 2nd in India & 14th in the world as a Pilot B-School for implementation of Anti-Corruption Module of PRME.
The workshop was conducted by Prof. Ronald E. Berenbeim who is a graduate of Cornell University; Balliol College, Oxford and Harvard Law School and an Adjunct Professor at the New York University, Stern School of Business Administration. The second expert who graced the occasion was Prof. Shiv K. Tripathi who is presently Professor and Head (Consultancy and Short-courses) at Mzumbe University Dar Es Salaam Campus Business School (Tanzania). He €™s been visiting scholar at ISAE Business School, Curitiba (Brazil) and Visiting Professor (International Higher Education Management Certificate Program) at University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (South Africa). Dr. C.S. Nagpal, Director, IMS, Ghaziabad formally inaugurated the workshop & Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Chairperson-Research co-ordinated the event.
The main agenda of the workshop was to discuss:
1. Issues in Integrating Anti-Corruption in Management Programs
2. To understand the issues involved in Teaching, Research, Outreach interface in Anti-corruption
Our Industrial Visit to Parle Industry Neemrana

It was certainly a great experience and highly surprising to see all the theories we study in our books being put to practical use. We went to “Parle” factory at Neemrana which was highly enriching experience.
We were received by Anurag Srivastava, assistant HR manager of Parle Neemrana factory. We were shown a short animated film about the journey of Parle. The film explained us about the manufacturing of various Parle products like biscuits, confectionaries and chips. We were also briefed about the quality control, corporate social responsibility and other key management issues.
The production unit at Neemrana mainly deals with the production of Parle-G one of the main product of Parle. It was great experience to witness the manufacturing process from one's own eyes. We visited the entire plant to understand the process clearly. The plant also encompasses a printing department where the wrappers are printed and then distributed to other production units of Parle. It was clearly evident that 5's theory is implemented in shop floor management. The smell of biscuits was so mesmerizing that I felt like having a lot of them.
It was fun to learn by observing the manufacturing process. I really enjoyed the visit as it will help in my corporate career and I am looking forward for more industrial visits.

Akansha Singh
PGDM Ist Year

How to make money from Stock Market

A workshop on €œHow to make money from Stock Market €? was organised on 19th February 2013 the various topics which were covered in the seminar were MCDX, Future and Option. The workshop was headed by Dr. Vinod Kumar, Chartered Financial Analysts & Associate Financial Planner, FPSB, India. The lecture was very enlightening.
Dr. Kumar explained the basics of market. We got to know that stocks are not the only thing traded in market we can also trade in commodities like iron, sugar etc. can be traded as well. He also shared with us various terms of market like Arbitrage and explained the relevance of these terms while trading in stock market.
We understood that besides doing intraday (same day) trading we can invest our hard earned money in future and options as well.
By analysing the on-going activities in financial world and economy we can invest our money in futures of stocks which we feel are likely to grow and can easily trade among these stocks and earn profit in long term. By using options we can leap the benefit of multiple times exposure in market by actually investing a smaller amount of money.
The lecture was an eye opener; we got to learn so much about the capital market and stock market. The detailed in-depth working of markets, the TAT of actual transactions and the points to be noted while investing in stock market.

Piyush Soi
PGDM 1st Year

melange 2013