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Profile International Management Institute(IMI), New Delhi is Indias first corporate sponsored B-School. The institute was registered in 1981 as an autonomous non-profit educational society under the Societies Registration Act 1860 in collab...


International Management Institute(IMI), New Delhi is Indias first corporate sponsored B-School. The institute was registered in 1981 as an autonomous non-profit educational society under the Societies Registration Act 1860 in collaboration with International Management Institute, Geneva (now IMD, Lausanne).

*Founded: 1981(2 year full-time MBA was started in 1993)

*Faculty: 23 (full time) + visiting faculty

*Academic Alliances: IMD (Lausanne), Mc Gill University (Canada), Manchester Business School (UK), ESC Rennes (France), Asian Institute of Technology(Thailand) and International Graduate School of Business (Belarus).

*Exchange Programmes: ESC Rennes (France)

*Admission Process: CAT conducted by the IIMs, GD and Interview.

*CAT Cut-off: 90 percentile

*Placements (2004 figures): 6.8 p.a (highest) and 3.24 p.a (average). The salaries mentioned do not include cost to the company and ESOPS.
Infrastructure & Facilities

1)Lecture Halls - well designed classrooms with all the modern audio-visual tools and aids.
2)Auditorium - can accomodate about 150 people.
3)Computer Lab - about 60-65 desktops.
4)Hostel - well furnished rooms with 'internet' connection.
5)Gym - a fully functional gym.
6)Library - a well stocked library with more than 1,95,000 journals and over 15,000 books.
7)Amphitheater - the most striking part of the campus. a really nice place to unwind.
Sports & Games -Basket Ball, Volley Ball and Table Tennis.

one can get all the above info on the website itself.....
BTW, do u think the title of the thread has been justified??
talk about the student life at u'r insti dude........i mean how u guyz feel abt the insti, u'r daily activities there etc etc......
anyways, have a gr8 time there dude


Guess that was only an intro for the uninitiated Waiting for updates..


That was just an intro and we'll be definitely updating this thread. Some of the info given above is not available on the website.

IMI has been a melting pot of a myriad experiences of a variety of hues, ranging from excitement and apprehention to exuberance and expectations.

At first glance IMI seemed to me the very place I have ever wanted to be in and it has lived upto my expectations. the most impressive feature of this institute is its faculty- the USP of imi. added to this is regular visits from eminent luminaries of corporate globe. The classes and gues lectures are immensely and go a long way in shaping ones life.

the peer group at IMI is another feather in its cap. Students from diverse backgrounds and different cultures, but all with a common goal- to make a mark in the world of business. the rigourous schedule and structured course material turn naive wannabe MBAs into hardcore professionals.

The infrastructure at IMI is way ahead of its counterparts. we have a well stocked library with more than 15k books and journals. In additon there are numerous online databases for further reading. the computer centre houses terminals with the latest technologies and readily available internet access.

IMi has been a wonderful experience for me a typical eye-opener where i am trying to keep pace with the diligence the course demands of me. I am certain IMI shall prove to be my conduit to success and i fervently look forward to shaping my future within the halls of this institute.

hey all u IMIites...please take care of the aryan.... a friend of mine..pls feed him well

change is the only thing permanent in life and with every twist and turn there come certain hiccups that you probably never bargained for.

leaving college was one such roadblock. and roadblock i call it becoz even tho being a grad. sounds cool it really leaves u with tooo many options n lil surety as to which one to choose
it was with such ambiguity thati enrtered the hallowed portals of IMI. i wasnt sure whether i made theright choice n i also moved into the hostel( a first 4 me ) so that was a lil intimidating at first
the first day in any place i guess, is all about testing the waters. getting yourfeet wet n trying out whether the temp suits you or not ..
its a lil confusing but at the same time insightful n somehow goin with ur instincts wen it comes to ppl almost always works.
i made a few freinds day one but found most of them put in theother sections 😞

but a week of chckin the temp i knew fairly well where i stood
i had my share of disillusionment, had a few myths broken n realised that my reservations aside i now belonged to IMI
that is wen the fun starts
now my days are littered with gettin up 15 min. b4 class, tryin to catch up in mgmt acct, sleepin thru OB n havin fun in business comm
AND wen we r done wid such formalities it comes to bonding sessions, booze parties n hangin out in the amphi ( thts amphitheatre for the unintiated), brainstormin for next day's ppt till 5 in the mornin n crackin it at 10.

i have made freinds here tht come from all parts of the country n teach me somethin new every day
life at IMI is still about testin the waters but now the temperature suits me just fine 😁

Hey guys...

I can see that you are having a blast @ IMI. I wanna quote 4 similarities that have been quoted here, which are the same with us here @ MDI...

(1) Getting up 15 minutes before class, and missing your breakfast
(2) Sleeping in OB
(3) Enjoying Business Communication
(4) Trying to figure out Accounting (every new entry seems like a rule )

Way to go guys...

And btw, hows you Sagar ? I know Shweta too from IMI... Mera "Hi" pass on karna... and yeah Sagar, if possible mail me yours and Shwets'a mobile nos... will be great to stay in touch

Till then,


hey sam
good to hear from u buddy
have been trying to get ur phone no.

i am not aware of ur email id so kindly mail me ur no on [email protected]
am sure u guys having a gr8 time

do mal me

lectures start at 10:30 today and we have Managerial Eco(ME) and Mathematics & Statistics for Management (MSM). ME is easily my fav subject and the prof. is really good. But MSM is scary and i have this wierd feeling that he's gonna give us a surprise test today. Oh..its almost 10:00, lemme go and brush up on MSM.

Like every Bschool,life at IMI is a mixed bag of loads of fun on one hand and of course,assignments,cases,presentations on the other.
Generally classes start at 10am (at the moment,for the 1st years at least) and carry on till 12.45 or 5.15 depending on the schedule.

Classes are pretty interesting(except for...well..IMI-ites wud know which ones I'm talking about!! )We have a good amount of class participation and its nice coz we get to see things from several perspectives and have people from diverse backgrounds contributing to the discussion.The batch contains of a good mix of people..from engineers to CA's to people with 4-5 years work ex to of course fresh grads like me.We have 7 courses this tri-semester,including a foreign language(either French,German or Spanish).

There's always so much happening here on campus..whether its studying in the library or just whiling away time in the 'most happening spot' here which is the 'amphitheatre'.If you are bored or have nothing to do,then all you've got to do is head out to the amphi! 😁
We also have several clubs at IMI,the Marketing Club,the Finance Club,the Quiz club,HR Club etc.Since its just been three weeks,activities in these clubs are yet to start.But we'll keep updating as and when activities do take place..


We're having our Freshers on Saturday, the 24th of july. Finally... We've all been waiting for this ever since we came here. And we're surely, certainly, definitely, positively going to set the night on fire!!!

Saturday Night Fever is going to be a memorable night in the life of every IMIan - be it a senior or a fresher. I can hardly wait.

We'll be dancing away into the wee hours of the night, and what better way than this to get to know the seniors even better.

We had elections today for cultural representatives, academic representatives and hostel representatives. Moreover, work for the Alumni Association, Placement Committee and numerous other clubs, groups and societies is in full swing.

Life at IMI is in full bloom now, and I'm loving every teensie moment of it...

Exhilaration, exuberance, excitement, fun, frolic, gaiety... Just a few words that describe the mood of our Freshers' Party on Saturday, the 24th of July. The atmosphere was electric, and Saturday Night Fever (as our adorable seniors preferred to call it), true to its name, was certainly feverish and fiery.

The event started with the seniors welcoming us fuchchas officially to IMI, and then proceeding to display the various cultural items they had put together for us. The opener was a side-splitting act by one of our most talented seniors in which he spoofed 'Sholay' as a rustic would. This was followed by four very hummable and enjoyable songs by four brilliant seniors. Then we had another hilarious mono-acting in which the woes of an MBA student with terrifying grades were enacted through mimicking various actors.

The Mr. and Miss Fresher contest followed and was great fun, what with wierd and wacky questions which were expertly answered. Congratulations to Ashutosh and Garima for winning the coveted titles.

This ended the cultural fiesta and a quick dinner followed. I say quick coz the DJ was all geared up and ready to go, and everybody wanted to be on the dance floor.

The jam session... Pure ecstasy, unadulterated masti. We danced for hours without as much as a break, and when the session ended at half past midnight, we were on a high, and intoxicated with thrill. It has certainly been THE BEST dance party of my life.

But the fun did not end with the DJ packing up. We headed towards the scenic amphi and, exhausted though we were, sang melodies into the wee hours of the morning. The electrifying mood was now transformed into mellow and serene, with us belting out pure candy-floss mush. It was bliss...

We now look forward to the Thanksgiving Party that we shall soon be throwing for our seniors. Thankyou, seniors, for making our day (oops!! night) so memorable...

Started with a Five hour party and ended with a Ten hour hangover. The Fresher's Party at IMI on Saturday night was certinly a party to remember, It started on a sober note with for a change some of the seniors entertaining us with some music and skits .
What came next, can only be appreciated by someone who has lived in a hostel, as a mouth watering array of food was shamelessly shoved down our throats, but the best was yet to come, the great jam session. Girls and booze(there is nothiong like free booze, wat say u ) . After the party ended many of us lingered on till day break talking, a great end to a great party.

For more stories n more pics on life @ IMI, visit


Saikat's take on life here @ IMI.


One more blog



One month into the course and I think Ive finally settled down. Ive gotten used to the hectic schedule and the concept of Constant Evaluation. But when there are umpteen options and distractions, its difficult to prioritize the measly 24 hours that you get.

We have three quizzes this week and our Mid Terms are in about 13 days. Right now the only thing i'm looking forward to is this saturday's party.

well i would have never demanded it before coming to IMI....but now it seems (especially this week.....3 quizzes, ... manac submission,bcs presentation.... :shock: )...24 hrs is a cruel injustice done to us....yes john not only u the whole hostel has suddenly realized that prioritising ur time is the buzz word.

cafe, amphi,tuck shop.....every place suddenly looks so empty...

ppl work hard this week n wait 4 d grand thanksgiving party...dis saturday night.