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Hi, Got my PC & net connection a few minutes ago. Life is going on pretty hectic. The place is impressive, will give more details later. Food is okay, havent started receiving the non-veg stuffs till now. Climate also pretty ok. Having a very h...

Got my PC & net connection a few minutes ago. Life is going on pretty hectic. The place is impressive, will give more details later. Food is okay, havent started receiving the non-veg stuffs till now. Climate also pretty ok. Having a very hectic life with all the course work etc. C u all around...

hi junta
got my comp. 2day too, same as philip. here everything revolves around dorm culture.. philip is in dorm 18 , me in 17. this is called the institute that never sleps and 4 good reason too... coz it never allows u 2 sleep either.... :shock: life starts ater 9pm with a hetic work load... me and philip r taking it a bit easy though...;-)and goes onto the wee hours of the night, or shud i say next morning? get max around 5 hours sleep daily and this is in the first week, when the workload is supposed 2 b light.... food has ben atrocious till now anyway, wih only veg. food and bad veg. food at that...breakfast is the best meal of the day, if u get up early enuf wth enuf time 2 go 4 it b class. class timings r sacrosanct.. u can't even b late by 1 second.....hope life gets a little easier at least in the second year...

Hey Philip, You may remember that we met at one of the mensa Bangalore meets (I think when we debated abt Iraq). Anyway, just wanted to wish you the very best for your acad year. And do log in to the mensa Forums also sometime! It would be great to see you there!

Hiii philip,

Dom no is not bad(1+8=9; the lucky no) 😛 .After following your preparation(way back from IMS free Mock in 2002 when u had a rank 30+ ), interview mails and success through cat2k2 yahoogroup it is so nice to hear from you gain through pagalguy forums.All the best , Buddy! Have an enjoyable (?) stay in IIMA .Come out in flying colours , mate


Time is past 1AM... And I am starting my day here... Back after a dorm party and then some long Bday celebrations... No wonder ppl in IIMs becomes like blackholes, mails/messages goes to them, but nothing comes out 😉 . Anyway I gotta mug a lot for the Manac class today. Guess it is time for me to logout from net...


Could you please tell us in detail abt the life at IIMA

Also tell us how was u feeling when u reached IIMA - the first day


Thanks Lijo...

Well just climbed the first step of being a wimwian... Finished my first WAC assignment a lil while ago.. For the uninitaited, the wac assignments are our biggest nightmares throughout first year. Now I guess it is party time... Time for celebrating till tomorrow morning... Then it is again another long week and preparations for that... BTW I am having a very tight schedule next week with a lotsa quizzes coming up, but now anyway the next 12 hours are for freaking out...

1st week:
wanted 2 be in top percentile of class and ace all
exams.. study till 2 am every day. kept awake by
putting mustard in eyes...
results obtained:
got a F(which means fail) in 2 out of the 2 quizzes
held. time 4 rethinking strategy....after
introspection , decide that prep. was not adequate and
decide 2 reduce sleep 2 4 hours a day.
2nd week:
determined 2 do better this time around.....study till
4am in the morning( at least sit in front of a book
till 4am), and wait 4 results 2 come knocking at my
door. had 2 quizzes again.. and the results sure came
got a conirmed F 4 the first one , other result not
yet out, but i had done the first one better. so no
reason 2 expect an A+ 4 it:-)
3rd week: change strategy.. enjoy life as much as i
can.. sleep as much as u can.. try 2 put in bare
minimum effort, and c what develops...no results out
yet, but i think i like this strategy better..let's us
c how this one turns out...if i get a grade better
than an F, i am sticking 2 this one...
nthg else...adios...
P.S for the unintitated, u need 2 get minimum of a C
grade 2 pass the firt year, and there is a D grade
between a C and an F.....:-)so......

3rd week: change strategy.. enjoy life as much as i
can.. sleep as much as u can.. try 2 put in bare
minimum effort, and c what develops...no results out
yet, but i think i like this strategy better..let's us
c how this one turns out...if i get a grade better
than an F, i am sticking 2 this one...
nthg else...adios...

I'll pray for this strategy to workout for you

you are welcome 😃


It was one hell of a hectic week.. Just completed one eco quiz, which I had no clue about what happened. Only consolation is that I found some eco(hons) grads from St.X & St.Y colleges also saying it was tricky... Hope the prof will have some pity on me.

I guess except for yesterday we had quizzes everyday this week. And I am getting used to the single digit marks. But then there are enough avenues here to waste your time also. During this week it was all mallu/gujju/tamil.panju parties in the evening. Today it is welcome night. And then I have got excellent company also in my dorm. I guess all here in my floor hates studies as much as I hate it. Man, dorm life is real fun...

The greatest shocker of last week awards goes to IC (introduction to computers). A huge group of IT professionals and engineers were shocked to see their quiz scores. I am gonna have tough time with these spreadsheets also... More tragedies are expected next week.. Till then, good bye....

I couldn't resist.. What are your grades philip

Grades??? The best one I received so far is a C+ . More than 4D's or 2F's in a full year will throw me out of this place....

Well guys... end of another eventful week for me... slightly better than last week in all aspects.. number of quizzes were less, and things are slowly improving I feel... Midterms are fast approaching, just a weeks time left... but anyway there is nothing that I can do abt it... they will come,see and conquer us 😞 ... A main feature of last week were some midnight assignments for economics...every half an hour me, rakesh & arun will call each other to see if anyone of us were able to make any progress, and find that none of us were able to make any breakthru...that indeed is a confusing subject... Hoping to have a ramp party tomorrow... just waiting for that....

midterms r over .. i think they were last week..:-) most of the subjects r like greek 2 me....philip is doing better...:-)i wud advise all lazy enginers 2 do an MBA...btw, i am one too.. u get 2 work ur ass off 4 the first time in ur life...
am aiming 4 the last position in the batch...have already taken a first step in that direction by flunking the first mid paper (one on computers in which we engineers r suposed 2 have an edge). hell, we r supposed 2 learn Excel, VB and SQL in a single term. ......:-) everyone is waiting 4 the term breaks on sept 21...nthg else.. gotta run...
from the institute that never sleeps.....

Wow ... Atlast I have completed 1 term in the most academically oriented institute in Asia Pacafic. Just finished my endterms today (8 of em, Oh my god)...

Now just chilling out. Looking back feeling quite happy about the last 3 months. Well I know quite a bit of economics now (remember my comment abt my first eco quiz), knows some amount of accounting, knows how do deal with excel sheets, access, still to find out how to survive in OM classes, as always having a tough time with WAC reports, more confused about myself the OB classes, trying to maximise whatever I can get after studiying linear programming and can speak nonsense about HR and Industrial Relations. And above all now I know so many theoratical models, which I myself dont understand what it is, but I can succesfully fit them into any situation and convince the validity of that.

The life was hectic, but really fun. The frequent parties, T-Nite week, weekly harward dinners and trips to NR in the night was really fun.

The second term is expected to be a more relaxed one with lotsa extra curricular activites scheduled. Hope things will be even better then...

Phew....tis more than a week here in A and im settling in to the hectic life...and suddenly finding that corporate life was holidaying!!! :)

there is work and loads of it coming ur way from every conceivable direction.....but since we all knew how its gonna be were not taken by shock.....i havent yet had a night out ...manages to get sleep of atleast 4 hours a day...yea i know a lot of people are shocked by tht but thn i guess my grades wud be in line with tht tooo... ....tht doesnt mean there aint enuff stuff to read on thro the night....if u strictly follow the instructions on all academic activities to be undertaken on a daily basis there aint no time for sleep whtsoever...so its a tradeoff...for me classes are damn important and i dont want to catch up on sleeep inside there....dunno how long i can manage since the real stress has not yet come it seems !!!!
Group meetings and group discussions are one of the real time consuming activity of your daily schedules. Luckily I've got a reasonable good group. One guy from fisheries, one guy from IT, one fresher from IIT M and a female from London School of Eco. So it's fun to be discussing cases with all these varied personas. Nevertheless we're too early into the course to have real value adds from these sessions. Might as well pick up soon.We even have on DIG with around 20 years of workex in our session apart from the doctors and vets and wht not !!! 😃
The faculty here is superb. Facilities are unparallelled. The only thing the insti expects you to do is put in atleast 9 hours on reading and sundry 5-6 hours on discussions and other related activities like report submissions and presentations. That virtually is around 15 hours of the day. 9 to 1.30 are the classes (the scheduled classes) That is another 4.5 hours. You have another 4.5 hours to do whatever you want !! That's some time !!!! ......i dont think i can do that !!!....but ofcourse i aint given up hopes yet !!! ....also watched troy in between and went for a couple of dinners too ...the seniors and everone else are so helpful so mebbe tht too helps in reduction of stress...

So at the end of it all..im alive and things have been slightly better than what i feared !!! :)

thtsit for now....



nice post suhaas..
good luck to you for ur bschool first year..
do u know prabhjeet?

There are some things about IIM A that is not all that well known since the media likes to harp on salaries , that too cost to companies..(sic)....But people seldom looks into the building blocks of what makes this place tick and has made it the best B School of APAC. The ethics here are strong. By default it is assumed that you shall do your work independantly unless ofcourse it is a group project/assignment. By default proffs expect you to have covered the cases for any day's discussion prior to the class and analysed it thoroughly. It's taken that you have not copied from someone else or downloaded from net without referencing...and it's made clear that everyone knows the serious repurcussions.Ofcourse when there is a deadline of 12.30 a.m it is 11.59.60 !....Quizzes are tough. And unlike in engineering, they are not tough cuz you have not studied, but cuz they are designed to be so. The fact that you have studied is taken for granted and the tests are designed such that even the best shall find it tough to crack. (This is what our accounts proff told us. He was rather sad that the first test given was soooo easy that only a minor % got D grades !!!)
So people who have not studied needn't really bother!! :)........
What Im coming to is that it's no bed of roses or red carpet laid for you once your in..you come in thinking you have cracked IIM A and then you find everyone around has cracked IIM A :))!!!.You have been class topper thro 12 classes and 4/3 years of college.So are majority of your batchmates.
Getting a grand phoren job with greenbacks have to be by competing with the best in the business and I have already found how good people are. Lot of people say IIM A is best cuz they had 36 phoren I Bank offers.....that is not even a minor point in what goes into making this place so great.(People with dreams in their eyes and dollar salaries multiplied by 45 in their heads might as well know it !!)

Another thing is the faculty standards...Most of the proffs teaching me in term one are good....and i mean real goood !!!And helluva lot of them have helluva lot of experiences...lot of them have worked closely with CEOs/MDs...the other day an HR proff was speaking bout Ratan and Rahul and only half way down the class i realised whom he was speaking about !!! ...
I'm not saying that salaries and jobs doesnt matter....but there are innumerable things here which are not as much hyped as the placements but which deserves as much praise if not more...

N.B The food here is fabulous !!!Atleast as of NOW !!

ummmm---- now its clear that IIM-A takes in ONLY toppers

p.s: nice post, all the best