Life @ IIM Ranchi

Inviting all past and present students of Indian Institute of Management Ranchi to share snippets and anecdotes from their life here in Ranchi.

Inviting all past and present students of Indian Institute of Management Ranchi to share snippets and anecdotes from their life here in Ranchi.

This is in continuation with the older thread named Life at IIM-Ranchi that you can find here

Getting into a top b-school is just a start, albeit one with a difference. My first day at the hostel was like a dream and even though it's been four eventful months since, I remember each bit of it. When I arrived in Ranchi, it was the first time ever I was away from my home but today when I go back to my family, I miss this the hostel verve. Those late night peer discussions in the canteen, playing football, cricket, TT and badminton in the flawless Ranchi weather, hanging out (watching Television) in the common room, taking part in any of those exciting competitions that take place almost daily or just solving the case studies and assignments in new groups each day (getting to know the whole college personally in the process). One of the best memories I have is that of the Foundation Day ceremony, which happened on 6 July and the Junior-Senior interaction that followed. Life at IIM Ranchi is never dull, it's full of tremendous challenges and amazing opportunities. Whether it be organizing events (and taking part in some) or living the life all MBA aspirants dream of with top notch class discussions, business simulations, case studies, outbound activities, field trips and what not. While coming here, as fidgety as I am, I was nervous, but ever since it's been a joyride. It's an experience of a lifetime and today when I look back at these 4 months, I wouldn't trade this for the world.

There's no place I'd rather be, than IIM Ranchi.

My life @ IIM Ranchi

Chapter 1

May 18, 2013.

Returned from office, I was visiting Pagalguy, Facebook, IIM Raipur website (Which was repeatedly displaying a picture of our Honourable minister Pallam Raju inaugurating a ceremony) for the delayed new IIM results. I was so desperate to see “New IIM results out” line on any of these sites. At 6:44 pm, I received a mail from [email protected] that I was selected for PGDM course. Don't ask me how I felt. Seriously, It meant something really precious to me. I didn't care for the results of the other colleges, May be because of what I'd heard and learnt about IIM Ranchi.

Resigning from my Job the very next day, I started my preparations to meet the formalities. After catching the only train that connects my hometown and Ranchi, the super efficient Indian Railways managed to reach the destination six and half hours late, arriving at 1:30AM instead of 7:00PM. It was a tough decision to make, whether to take an auto to hostel or to stay in the railway station till morning. The scary stories about Maoists I heard in past were haunting me.

Having too excited to see the campus, I took an auto rickshaw to the hostel. The auto was going, going and going. For a moment, my imagination went wild that I felt driver is a Maoist and he is taking me to the woods to turn me into a Maoist and Ranchi Times, a Daily newspaper will print it in big, red and bold letters “An MBA to a Mao bhaiyya” with a photo of mine holding an AK47 and typical tiger stripes printed on my cheeks. Before my imagination get worse, the auto reached hostel.

Lost in a cluster of 9 storey buildings, I called my friend who took me to his room. Big enough room for two? Yet single occupancy, wow!!! The cool breeze flowing through the window relieved my tiredness and made me fall asleep within minutes. By the time I woke up it was 8:45AM, being a bit curious to have a look at the city which gave us a hero like M S Dhoni, I approached the window. Contradicting my imagination, there were only trees I could see from the seventh floor of the hostel. My 180 degree head-turn did not help me find any sight of the city. Calm, Quiet and Green. A perfect place to study in peace. “Green sheet of these trees are here to comfort your eyes when stressed” said my optimistic friend.

To be continued...

It's been four months since I've been here and as I try to recollect my first day at IIM Ranchi, I am reminded of the huge luggage that I was carrying with me as I entered the hostel. My luggage was almost like a survival kit for the 2 years that I was going to spend at this place. Along with it, like most of my friends here, I had brought a big sack full of wishes. Wishes which I thought would find wings at this very place. But as days went by, I almost forgot where I started and what I started with. The journey that unfolded thereafter beginning from day 1 has been quite different from what I could have ever imagined. IIM Ranchi, which was a new sapling in the IIM fraternity, I realized was not just a brand-extension, but was an institute determined to create its own identity in its own way. Rather than being result-oriented, we were taught to be action-oriented and the lessons I learnt in this process are to be treasured for life. For me, who was experiencing hostel-life for the first time in life, it was thrilling to see how the mess area could turn into one of the liveliest places in the hostel where people spent hours knowing each other, sharing stories of childhood, youth, heartaches and recent crushes 😉 and those just-met-strangers would look like childhood friends the very next day. The first few days the average sleep time of our batch of 240 students was around 4 hours. Every time I slept, I felt like I was missing out on something. Plus there were ongoing activities- application process for various committees, subject assignments, tasks by different interest clubs and competitions galore. How best to utilize your time was and still is an unsolvable riddle! It's quite exciting to think of what the coming months have in store because the last 4 months definitely made a lasting impact in my life. Be it the classroom sessions or the peer-discussions you have over a cup of coffee or simply the bonds that you establish in the bus ride from hostel to college, everything contributes to the person you become and everyday you see yourself changing, transforming and evolving. My sack full of wishes still lies where it was and it keeps on expanding as I keep on filling it with new wishes. Giving wings to these wishes is up to me.. IIM Ranchi is place full of all kinds of feathers.. Choose, customize and fly….

Amazing Diwali Celebrations are on @IIM Ranchi Hostel Khelgaon...

Some of the Events organised by the Sports and Cultural Committee tonight:

1. Rangoli Competition

2. Ceremonial Aarti

3. Distribution of clothes to the Under-privileged

4. Antakshri

5. Band Performance & DJ Night

and lots of other festivities planned by other clubs as well... Join In @IIM Ranchi

Getting into a good B-School makes your girl friend feel proud, getting into an IIM makes your family feel proud but getting into IIM Ranchi....makes ME feel proud. Our College Logo says it all! IIM Ranchi is a college with a difference. Contrary to the popular adage 'Ekla Cholbo re', we have been taught to take everyone along.
I still remember our Director addressing to the freshers asserting, 'We are here to make Social Servants'. Initially I found the statement a bit strange, but later on, as our courses unfolded, (Yes, we study Rural Immersion and Indian Philosophy) I realised what he meant. The way all of us celebrate events and festivals without forgetting the neighborhood orphanages or even our own security guards/drivers, it fills my heart with awe. This is what makes us different!

Live, Opportunities, Laugh, Rejection, Selection, Insomnia, Exams, Study, Presentations, Economics class Phobia,Stress, Soham,Success,Business,Leadership,Innovation, Determination, Friends,Competitions, Class Participation, Deadlines, Maslow,Greenleaf,Kotler, Guest Lecture, Assignments, Mentors..Yes, these are a few words that flash in my mind when I think of what my life here has been so far! But this is not it.

It has been just four months but IIM Ranchi has taught me a way of life.It has taught me the value of time and has encouraged me to push my limits.There is a vibrancy,a colour , a symphony in here. The energy and the synergy is contagious. This place never sleeps! While marketing, economics and strategic HRM have taught me business; Indian philosophy , Rural Immersion and Art of Living have made me connect to my inner self and to my roots.Humility, hard work and honesty are the core values at IIM Ranchi and each and every student here stands by those values.

There is a confluence of East and West , of Swami Vivekananda and Michael Porter, of conventional learning and outbound, of meeting the stalwarts and learning from your peers. There is so much going on that sometimes I feel 24 hours are less! Every day is new, challenging and packed with myriad possibilities.I am and always will be proud to be a part of this great institution and a brilliant junta and I feel honored to be taught by such erudite teachers and industry stalwarts.I cannot wait to witness what the rest of this amazing journey has in store for me!

"Thought leadership through erudite fusion" - IIM Ranchi

Pure awesomeness is the best way to describe life @IIM ranchi. Right from the moment when I entered the hostel, I have felt at home all the time. The learning is not merely marks or placement oriented. Here you get the opportunity to do something awesome with your life. For each domain of interest, there are clubs and seniors who can guide and mentor. Studying was never so much fun before! This is the MBA I have always wanted and I am loving it!

Life as a student in India is a sum effect of every school, every college and every job that you've ever held. You choose them and they, in turn define you. It is very common nowadays to just go with the flow, hopping from one position to another without ever questioning your contribution to what you are doing. Everyone strives for meaning and self-realization, but that is a concept that is oft expounded on and rarely achieved. It is a source of joy that I was able to get into an institute that allows you to think. An institute that acknowledges the role that we all play in the development of society and encourages it.

In the four months that I have spent in IIM Ranchi, I have grown to appreciate my role in society. The faculty and students alike are enthralled by the prospect of making a difference and we endeavor to ensure that development takes place holistically. I admit I was at first skeptical about the college core values - "Humility, Honesty and Hard work for individual and corporate success". A management institute that promotes honesty and society seemed oxymoronic, but my very first month here turned me around. I see around me the best and the brightest in the country and we all realize that we are but a small part of this huge magnificent machine that is India. In every small way that we can, we want to improve it, and in the process improve ourselves. A fledgling sister of the main IIMs, IIM Ranchi has shown itself quite open to changes and nestles a wonderful love for freedom that not every other institute has.

I know we are all concerned about what work we will be doing in the years to come. That thought is never far from my mind. However, we are trained to anticipate any and all problems that can arise. Several classes are taken by experienced professors who bequeath us the astounding knowledge that comes with years in the industry. We pick and choose the fields we excel in, and like a rose in fertile soil, we grow till one day we can bloom.

Life at IIM Ranchi. A training ground to prepare us for the world ahead.

The Robert Frost poem comes to mind,

"The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep."

Serene Location with trees all around is the first impression and more than a relief for those coming from metros. Along with business acumen, emphasis on overall development of the individual through yoga, out bound programs, rural immersion program, philosophy is unique in itself. Being part of conundrum-consulting club of IIMR has helped me to connect the dots across various management streams.

Wonderful and Proud come to my mind if i think about my last few months spend at IIM Ranchi. Wonderful because i have had new experiences, everything around here is a symbol of innovation and design thinking. From the logo to the curriculum everything is unique and new. Proud because i am also a part of this esteemed family.

IIM Ranchi students with PT Usha

IIM Underdogs : A team of IIM Ranchi students is the only IIM Team to make it to the grand finale at Mahindra War Room. Seen here giving the presentation before Mr. Anand Mahindra and other dignitaries.

When i first reached Ranchi, i was a bit skeptical about the place and nervous about how the organization. The first few days of induction program helped settle my nerves which made me ready for the rigorous yet enjoyable academic curriculum to follow. The emphasis of the organization has always been not just to be good at academics but to become a better person with good values. I had a great time here in last 6 months and happy to be a part of IIM Ranchi.

Mahindra War Room Season 6 Winners: Team IIM Underdogs from IIM Ranchi

5 months have flown by since I joined IIM Ranchi to pursue MBA in Human Resource Management. What I felt at the time of joining, I can only describe as an assortment of excitement, anticipation and apprehension. A semester and a half down the line, I am still dismayed by the multitudes that I seem to contain within me.

It has been maniacal at times as I have spun through the classroom lectures, interaction with eminent industry personalities and activities organized by different committees & clubs. The tempestuous state of affairs can be overwhelming and yet it carries in itself a novelty of its own. It's when you are confronted with the chaos that you realize the value of the organization. It wasn't hard to perceive that a lot of credit for bringing order should go to the student bodies of IIM Ranchi. The ubiquitous network of students taking upon themselves to maintain the harmonious functioning is the first lesson in management every student of IIM Ranchi gets, I think.

Having already spent two years in Ranchi doing my 10+2, I wasn't someone totally unfamiliar with the place but the pleasantness of weather still surprised me. Probably the location of the hostel in Khelgaon enhances the significance of it but as I sit in my balcony at the end of the day, with a book in hand and beholding an unrestricted view as a cool breeze wafts through, I realize it's something I would cherish in the two years of my stay here. The journey has just begun though and while it's always tempting to look across the time at the end of two years, I dare not miss the myriad colors that seem to penetrate our everyday lives here. I hope it turns out to be story worth telling.

Part 1: The Background

18th May ...The day that I remember clearly as it gave me a chance to forget my past wrong doings and to study in an IIM which has been my dream since Class 10. After scoring 99.4+ (normalization was on my side 😃 ) and getting no calls from old IIMs (graduation marks 65% splat), the new IIM's were the only hope left with FMS gone (horrible extempore) and few days left before my last working day at my old job (was in 2 month notice period as I couldn't stand more of IT work), so it was all or nothing for me. But the results were delayed by a month because IIM Indore had started its process late. Hadn't applied to any other colleges other than FMS, new IIM's and IIT-B,D but really wanted to go either to FMS or IIM-Ranchi as I had researched a lot about the institute. But my wait was amply rewarded as I got the email from IIM R confirming my selection at around 6pm. Excitement ,relief and whole bunch of different emotions started flowing through me after seeing 2 years of hard work finally paying off. Booked the tickets same day as didn't wanted to look at any other IIM's result and started counting the days left for the start of induction process. Did IIM Ranchi lived upto the huge expectations that I build for an IIM , stay tuned for Part 2 .....

A glimpse of the TATA FIRST DOT workshop on entrepreneurship at IIM Ranchi.