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IIM Raipur , amongst the latest additions to the IIM family, is high on students spirits & energy :: :: . A typical student at IIM raipur wakes up everyday with a new thought in the mind and ends the day thinking about the the activities of the …

IIM Raipur , amongst the latest additions to the IIM family, is high on students spirits & energy . A typical student at IIM raipur wakes up everyday with a new thought in the mind and ends the day thinking about the the activities of the next day. Through this thread, we will be sharing the expressions of life at IIM Raipur.

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6. CUSP -> The cultural and Sports Club

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Tarang Singhal
PGP 2011-13
IIM Raipur

Life @ IIM Raipur....... the first experience.....get up at 6, attend Yoga classes, get ready, have a quick bite at breakfast, attend induction session, have a 1 hour break in the evening, prepare for the grueling session with seniors, get yourself grilled by seniors till 2 or sometimes 4.... sleep and again wake up at 6.

It felt like where i have come man.....

And then started the classes and the assignments, projects, quizzes, mid-terms, end-terms, club activities, guest lectures but most important of all student's interactions with each other.

.....and then started the IIM Raipur family culture. Yes today it feels like i have been living with my extended family at IIM Raipur. I hardly spend any time alone. The group activities and discussions goes on and on.....

The vibrancy never ceases to exist....from madly dance at freshers party to all night preparation of independence day celebrations. From the lively play on independence day to comedy mime performed on teacher's day.

The guest lectures happen as if the weekly classes. The director never misses an opportunity to invite esteemed personalities from corporate. The practical experiences of them inspiring each one of us to scale new heights in our lives (not just in our careers).

The urge to touch the common lives........ From organizing the blood donation camp to carrying out a "Shramdan". From organizing a career eye opener for bright tribal students of Bastar to volunteering for state level paralympic games.

The creativity depicted through the Diwali pics....(do visit our facebook page )

The determination depicted through the launch of tablet friendly version of STRIVE.

I am writing this post at 4 am just after having a lively football match between seniors and juniors at 2 am........yes you come out of your room at any time of night and you will find some kind of freaking discussion going on in the corridor. The discussion may vary from discussion of recent marketing class concepts to the recent Liverpool-ManU match and they scream like as if it is the middle hour of the day.......Yes it may seem like a disturbing thought to ones who don't want any disturbances in their sleep but we are so tired when we go to sleep that we can't bother about all these disturbances. If we feel anything less of tired then we do have a badminton match before sleep (the court remains vacant only during the classes).

There is too much to tell but i hope i have given a decent start to this thread. For the details of all the activities, please do visit the official IIM Raipur blog

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Back in 2010, I used to go through every "Life @ IIM" post, questioning myself, about the probability of me, actually writing in one of the threads. As it turns out, I was lucky enough to crack CAT and secure a seat in IIM Raipur.

Life at a B-School is as they say it, awesome. At first you get overwhelmed with the workload you are bombarded with, but you slowly learn to play the test match like if it's a T-20. Did I just tell that you have a mongoose in the name of sleep deprivation that everyone eventually gets accustomed to?

A typical day at IIM Raipur starts at 8:00 am when the cellphones start ringing in a symphony. Everyone is annoyed at the shrieks but no one braves to come out of bed. At this stage, "snooze" becomes everyone's best friend until when it's realised that the poor fellow has been abused quite some number of times now. Then there is a Messiah who delivers the sermon; 10 minutes to class. A sense of urgency can be immediately sensed in the atmosphere. Everyone is seen getting ready as if they are vying for a place in the record books. The one thing a B-School will definitely teach you is, how to get ready within five minutes, flat.

8:30 am marks the start of classes. Prof after Prof, we grind through every single lecture. The 15 minutes break that we get between the lectures, one can easily spot the hordes rushing towards the cafeteria for a cup of coffee. Some utilise this break to make up for the lost hours at night. Then there are some who prefer to study through even the break.
Some relief in the form of Lunch Break comes at 2:30 pm followed by another 3 hours of class.

The toil finally ends at 5:30 pm when students unleash the True Indian within themselves by picking up the bat and gearing up for a match of cricket. Some prefer to take it out on the badminton court, whereas some like to display their agility and finesse in table tennis. Then again, there are some who study through this period too!

Then there is time for dinner at 8:30 pm and people can be seen discussing the homework over the dinner table. Once they are done with the food, they get ready to take on the case analysis, projects, assignments and the presentations. This goes on till 3-4am in the night, with quick Maggi breaks in between.
Only after finishing off all the work does one think of retiring to bed.

All in all, Life at IIM Raipur is awesome, with all the activities that happen every week. The unforgettable birthday parties, the badminton at 3 am, life saver Maggi and of course, the workload, which you enjoy playing around with couple of weeks in the school.

Hi friends, :cheerio:

Let me share my first day experience with you all and let me do it very quickly so that I can get at least 3-4 hours of sleep before the macroeconomics quiz in the morning. Its already 1.30 am and I (and my group) have just concluded a marketing struggle. Before I start up with the next venture (assignment) related to Legal aspects of business, there is a 30 minutes break my team mates have allowed me, which I want to utilize to give you my first day experience at IIM Raipur.
It was on July the 9th when I came to this institute with lots of hopes and aspirations (like every other IIM call getter) about the institute where I will spend the most important 2 years of my life, where I will learn not only the management concepts but also share space with some of the best minds in the country. It was 3.00 pm when I reached the campus from the airport.
I was the first junior to reach the campus and I learnt that no one else from my batch is coming that day. I felt a little anxious and worried :sneaky: since I had to spend the whole night with seniors and how they will rag me. After the seniors class was over they invited me to have tea outside the campus. I thought they are going to rag me:-( from here and I unwillingly accepted the invitation, they started inquiring about me, what I was doing previously and all those general stuffs and much to my delight no one ever ragged me the entire night. They were so busy in getting ready for the registration works that need to be ready the next day and I also joined them helping them a bit. It was a wonderful day in deed getting to know the seniors, how the institute is, and what to expect for in the next 2 years.
Now its almost 2:00 on the clock and I have to join my team mates, I will keep on sharing my later experiences. Keep following the thread and all the activities @ IIM Raipur official blog.
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Puys..... Please go thru the below link.....its gives an idea about how IIM Raipur is shaping up.....

IIM Raipur launches Strive: Countrys first tablet friendly B-School magazine |

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Hi, has the new campus of IIM Raipur become operational? Thanks!

Hi friends. What are the chances of getting placed in eastern region of India through campus placements....

The Next Big Event at IIM Raipur.. 3rd Annual Alumni Meet 2015 on 13th Dec 2015.

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Dear snrs.....

Oa 84.6

Va 73.4

Di 84

Qa 88

Xth 68.6

Xllth 78 

Grads 65.7 engg nc obc

Job ex 70 months in i stand ny chances

Hi, when will the shortlists for 2016-2018 be out?

Overall Score: 130.12; Overall %ile: 91.94

QA Score: 47.12; QA %ile: 93.45

DI/LR Score: 26.74; DI/LR %ile: 79.42

VA/RC Score: 56.26 VA/RC %ile: 89.54

Female/ Non-Engineering/ General

19 months work ex as of 31/12/2015

10th: 86% 12th: 84.8% Grad: 67.1%

Any chances at all?

Dear Aspirants,

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