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Hello Everybody,

My name is Vasanth Srinivasa; I am a student of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management course (2005-07 batch) at the Institute for Financial Management and Research, Chennai.

I am starting this thread to primarily inform all of you interested about the student activities at IFMR. IFMR is a premier management institute and an institute of National Importance (Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India) promoted by ICICI bank and the House of Kothari's and other corporates. It is one of the top 20 B-schools in India and also one of the top 5 B-Schools in Tamil Nadu.

The latest initiative by the students at IFMR is the Annual B-School event christened "Abhyudaya", which connotes Sunrise in Sanskrit. It is a 2 day event scheduled for the 18th and the 19th of February, 2006. Around 55 colleges have been invited all over the country, and there are many stakes to compete for.

This year the focus of the event is on "Rural Rethinc", which forms the theme for the highlight of this year's fest- the Industry Seminar. This theme has been chosen keeping in mind the increasing focus by the corporate houses on the rural sector of the nation.

I request you all to participate in the event and post your queries to:

[email protected]

In case you wish to have further information about our Institute, you can write in to me on this thread or you could also mail me at

[email protected]

Our Website address for the event is:

Please do visit it, and participate in the event.

Thank you.

Is there a [email protected] thread somewhere on PG?

I'm not able to find it at all!



This thread has been dormant for a while now... But IFMR batch 09-11 is here to get it back in action and runnning...

Do pour in your queries regarding this wonderful institute. Will update about the major activities at IFMR in the subsequent post!

(IFMR, Batch nine eleven)

Strides 09: Where the present and the future interact!

IFMRs inaugural national level entrepreneurship summit, Strides 09 is a unique initiative by The Entrepreneurship Club and The Colloquium Committee at IFMR. This daylong event consists of panel discussions and talks featuring young and seasoned entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and other personalities who have made their own mark.

Every successful entrepreneurs journey as a business leader is indeed an inspiring one. At the same time there are many young minds who want to make a difference and be job providers, at a time where the mass heads to be job seekers. Strides aims at bringing together these two groups and provide a forum for knowledge transfer and discussion.

As the name suggests, this is an initiative to inspire young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity; to think big, to turn their ideas into reality, to make their mark.

Following the objective of encapsulating journeys to success, the day long summit will comprise of various sessions, divided based on the following:

1.Choose: When is the right time to be an entrepreneur and how should one choose a field/sector?
2.The Big Idea and the Start (Panel Discussion): What efforts are needed to start up, difficulties one can face, what not to do while starring up?
3.Developing and Sustaining (Panel Discussion): Insights on importance of innovation, planning for growth.
Date & Time: 30th October 2009, 9 AM to 5 PM,
Venue: Vani Manal Auditoruim, Chennai

Speakers at Strides 09:

Mr.Manish Tripathi, Honarary Director, Mumbai Dabbawalas
Ms. Akhila Srinivasan, Managing Director, Shriram Investments Ltd
Ms. Richa Pande Mishra, CEO and Founder, eJeevika
Prof. Bobby Srinivasan, President, IFMR
Mr. Shreekant Jha, MD, PJ Commodity Ventures
Mr. Venkat Subramanian, Matchbox Solutions
Mr. Vijay Kamalakara, Director,Story Trails
Mr. Rama Rao, Managing Director, Spark Capital
Mr. Jayadev Gopalkrishnan, Senior VP - Retail Education, Manipal K12 Education
Mr. Venugopal Sanjeevi, Director, e-logistics
Mr. Sriram Ayer, CEO & Founder, Nalandaway Foundation
Mr. C. R. Rajan, President-Strategy, Murugappa Group
Note: There is no fee for participating at Strides. All participants will be given participation certificates.
For more details contact:
Paras Malhotra (Student Representative) : +91 9043585890
Email us: [email protected]
Our website:
Lakshmi Bal Mahotsava A one of its kind event!

Have you ever imagined a kids carnival or mela at your institute?
A Hundred and seventy innocent kids involved in interesting activities, events and competitions?
A colorful noisy campus with a lot of dynamism, energy and excitement?

Thats exactly what it was at the Institute for Financial Management and Research, Chennai as it celebrated the 2nd edition of Lakshmi Bal Mahotsava (LBM) on Sunday, 29th November 2009. For starters, Lakshmi Bal Mahotsava was launched an year ago in memory of Lakshmi Iyer Appu, a beloved student of IFMRs Batch of 2010. The event is organized by Samarthan, the social service club of IFMR and aims at providing a day of fun and learning for underprivileged kids. This year, the event saw participation from 171 children representing 4 different NGOs Exnora, Sevalaya, SRS Sarvodaya Girls Hostel and Nesakaram (Seeds).

The little guests at IFMR had a blast as they indulged in activities like painting, balloon blasting and quizzing. They also played unusual games like coin trajectory, maths relay race, potato hunt and hoopla among others. They won instant prizes in the form of toys and chocolates in these games. Then there was the Merry-Go-Round and a Juice stall for their refreshment.

The afternoon session saw a puppet show, a pot making contest and ended with a sizzling dance performances by the kids on hindi and tamil desi beatsJ. It was pleasing to see all the kids intermingle with students, volunteers, guests and kids from other NGOs. The kids spread their contagious enthusiasm and delight throughout the campus and eventually one could see smiling faces all around!

Samarthan would like to thank its friends and partners- Business Standard, Radio One,, WPC, Adayar Ananda Bhavan, Arun Ice-creams, IFMR trust, IFMR Research centers for their unconditional support, which made the event a grand success.

(L) Drawing & (R) Singing competition

(L) Aiming bulls eye; (R) Quiz event

(L) Merry-Go-Round; (R) Balloon bursting event

Nanyang B-School Dean Visits IFMR

Dr. Nilanjan Sen, Associate Dean (Nanyang Executive Education) and Associate Professor of Banking and Finance at Nanyang Business School, Singapore visited IFMR Chennai and addressed its students on 8th December 2009. An excellent orator, Mr. Sen gave an introduction to behavioral finance and its implications on economic decisions made by consumers, borrowers and investors.
Dr. Sen opened the session with statistics about how most individuals overrate themselves, which leads to decision making without any rational analysis. He went on to explain the cognitive and emotional factors that affect decision making. He also spoke about the effect of these factors on market prices and returns. With several anecdotes and insights from his personal and professional life, Dr. Sen made several intricate concepts seem simple.
The lecture concluded with Dr. Sen answering a few questions raised by IFMR students.

// Please forward this mail to the Students Community of your institute,colleagues and friends //

Founded in 1970, IFMR has come a long way in establishing itself as one of Indias premier B-schools. The institute embodies a huge enclave of highly talented and innovative minds.

Abhyudaya, the flagship inter B-School event of IFMR, is an initiative taken by the students of the institute. From the time of its inception, it has been labeled with supremacy of nonpareil events and activities.

Following the tradition, this year too, the events have been meticulously designed to satiate the needs of the management post graduate students. It promises to be a unique experience to one and all and will help develop their skills. Bringing together students from various B Schools from all over India will create that much needed competitive environment, convenient to showcase ones talents and make themselves visible to the renowned panelists representing the corporate world.

IFMR invites your institution to solicit their esteemed presence at Abhudhaya10 scheduled on 20th - 21th of February 2010.(Prelims begin from Jan 15th onwards.)

The details of the event have been provided in the attached poster copy, and further can be referred at

We look forward to your participation.

Thanking You.

Best Regards

Paras Malhotra +919043585890
Sandeep Garg +919043471585

Abhyudaya Coordinators
IFMR, Chennai

hi,am devi.i got final call from ifmr.the problem is the fees this time is 10 a student of development and sustainable finance will i be able to earn enough to repay the loan.this time the college does not have any tie ups with any can you tell me which bank can offer education loan at lowest possible rate.also tell me about the placements and salaries.

Hi Devi.............This is not active your queries here......

Hi guys...I am Dheeraj a student of IFMR , one of the premier institutes in our country with mind boggling intellectual capital and whole lot of other facilities that students have access to ; interested students also have the oppurtunity to take part in cutting edge research that goes on at various centres of IFMR like :

1) Centre for Insurance & Risk Management
2) Center for Advanced Financial Studies
3) Centre for Development Finance
4) Centre for Micro Finance
5) Centre for Innovative Financial Design
6) Jameel Poverty Action Lab

So I am proud to be part of an institutre that has such facilities where a lot of indian and foreign Phds from harvard, MIT do research and we get chance to interact with them.

There is lot more ...let me just unravel it bit by bit...

I have been here for a week ...and I am amazed ...

hello guys,

I am Pulkit Gupta from PGDM Regular 2010-2012 batch . I m taking an initiative to make you guys aware abt the happening inside the college. It has been almost a week since i hv arrived in IFMR campus n till now my experience was amazing........Our inauguration program started on 22nd a formal welcome speech from Mr. Bobby S. Srinivasan, President of IFMR followed by address from Mr.G. Balasubramanian, Dean of PGDM n Mr. R.L Shankar, director PGDM-FE n Mr. Nilanjan Banik, director of PGDM- DSF they explained us prospects of different streams in IFMR n also brief us abt the IFMR Ecosystem i.e. college , trust and research day we were addressed by Mr.Dave Wallack,Senior Vice President IFMR trust...he told us abt the areas of work of IFMR trust n their future plans......this was followed by address from different centers of research .....dere r arnd 7 research centers in IFMR which are working in different fields n doing a lot of research work in collaboration with universities like MIT , Stanford , harvard n yale the end Mr. Justin Oliver, Executive Director of the Centre for Microfinance addressed us n gave us inside of Microfinance which was new to most us......after all these lectures i can guarantee u guys that if you wanna interested in research work then IFMR is a place to be in as here u will get all kinds of exposure n chance to work with who's who of finance world...........that is the academaics part n now coming on to the fun part......our batch introduction with seniors n batchmates way before official opening of the college with ICEBREAKING MAIL it is kind of a chain mail where we all need to give our introduction so that others can know us a bit n then we had one 2 one session with senior batch where v introduced ourself to them n many other activities were the end v were divided into groups to perform a skit n results of this will b announced in freshers party....from monday i.e 26th July our regular classed stared n yesterday we were addressed by seniors regarding d different clubs n committees.....dere r arnd 15 clubs n committees in IFMR........nw everybody is busy in applying in these committees n clubs as v need to submit our names by tonight.......last one week was full of entertainment n will remember all thought my life......will keep u updated....

Pulkit Gupta
PGDM Regular 2010-2012

Hey puys well after a brief hiatus feel luvly to be back on PG. and wat better thread to be on. it really feels great to be at ifmr. i just cannot describe how well qualified our professors are. every professor is hand picked by management and the intellectual capital they throw at us is sometimes too hot to handle. a lot of research work goes on here esp in the sector of micro finance and we get to hear from dem almost on the regular basis. esp because our professor too work on research ; we get a deep insight into hw the research works goes on and various nuances of it.

i dunno hw many of u know this but IFMR i :institute for national importance" declared by finance ministry of India"- so we have extensive research going on major fiscal and monetary policies. on a personal note- its been all mesmerizing fr me- the classes with 5 acs ( great lectures and all those activities)+ the wonderful mess food( which is declining pretty fast)+ all those committee meets+playing TT at wee hours in morning. life is all good here. i hv startd to think so much in term of financ. a week back wud have never thought wud b debating about repo rate increasing of rbi's implications wiith my batch mates.

i guess this is wat IFMR does to u. there wud be more stuff coming out. and yea for all those PMs don wry i m still on PG:)

Finally back here at PG after a week or so. Gradually we are getting into groove and sleeping 4 hours is no longer an anomaly now. it was a great week. for the first time ventured into little details of the subjects which we are being taught. never knew economics can be fun. hats off to the faculty.

had a visit to National Informatics Centre (NIC)- IT initiative of Indian Govt. oh boy. was mesmerized by the advanced set up these blokes posses. All those who take a dig at technical incompetence of indian govt shud look at it.

Just coming back from a debate for NDTV which came to IFMR to talk about various issues which hv surfaced in recent past. wud be telecasted soon. its a strange feeling speaking wid a mic and camera zooming onto u. gfelt like a celeb. environment here is too good and cud not be put in words. its a great feeling to be here and its just 2 weeks but i feel like i hv been here all my life. more updates soon if assignments and presentations oblige.

Yes as robin said it was good to participate in the NDTV show. We in fact spoke on " the new rupee symbol , India's economic power , convertibility issues( read capital a/c convertibilty)" .Was loads of fun , also participated in another debate on politcs....

Today had a fun with another friendly session with our seniors...after a hectic but wondeful day . The friendly session followed the management accounting class . This class was was taught in a real practical manner...enjoyed a can always expect that with the awesome faculty that IFMR has....just have a look at the faculty profile if you havent yet...we set the benchmark...

FORGOT..this weekend we are gonna have our freshers party...cant wait for that...

Hi puys...just another day at the office today..tommorrow we are having a guest lecture. Cognizant Technologies is coming to our campus in Chennai..the discussion would be on "Campus corporate preparations". It would be a wonderful opportunity to interact with the eminent people of the industry...we are all geared up..

Hi guys ...Cognizant technologies visited us on last thursday..we had a wonderful session. The senior HR team was present and we got a low down on what the corporates expect. As you all expect it is much more than what we learn in class.

We also got to know how managerial processes can be used as innovative tools to improve business( simply put "out of the box thinking") with reference to real examples. All in all we enjoyed the talk given by our guests....waiting for many more . :cheers:.

Hii Puys my first post on this thread...

IFMR is a college setup by ICICI in 1970.
Life in IFMR is really fabulous,vivacious,full of enthusiasm.The campus is situated in the heart of Chennai,Nungambakkam.So we have access to all the daily needs.We have one hostel inside the campus shared by all the students.And yes so there are more oppurtunities to interact with batchmates & seniors and to enjoy the MBA life better as it is known that most of the activities in a B-School are organized in a short notice.We have access to some sports inside the campus,so students try hands on TT,Badminton,Cricket,Basketball whenever they are exhausted from their hectic schedule.

However the focus of entire curriculum in IFMR is to learn and experience practical approach to the surroundings by each and every phase of life.We learn a tonne here with every activity.We have trading floor inside the campus where we can feel practical trading.The college has deep roots in Finance and here you will learn alot in Finance.

There are several Clubs and Commitee in the college which are specified to different purposes.All of them are actively working and are inclined to corporate involvement to get a better view.

For more info stick to this thread you will luv it.

phew! finally managed to find time to post here, mid term is nearing and suddenly u feel like where is the time going? even after such extensive debating in classroom, there is so much to study,,

plus there is much of buzz reg club activities that it take up a lot of time. one imp discovery i made is library- one of the finest in India. u literally find everything to read, thats one advantage to study in research institute, btw forgot to tell u been selected as representative of Placement Committee. so as soon as the placement finishes this season; u knw whom to contact.

CRISIL was in the campus to rate IFMR and wud be soon publishing ratings soon. was great Interacting wid an agency of that stature, they were pretty impressed and a good rating in CRISIL- which is the most authentic rating - wud eventually boost the image of IFMR even more, wud keep u puys posted abt that.

Btw TCS is coming this saturday to give a guest lecture- on the same day we hv a treasure hunt competition as well as a cardio/eye camp- IFMR is so full of life! suddenly feeling so intellectual abt myself.

I cant agree more....we forgot one thing though ..there was an intra-college event "BUZZZ" conducted last week . It was all about bringing out your marketing abilities latent in you...Every team consisted of 2 and we were given a chance to choose anything that we love under the sun and do a video of it and market it....

Yes there were these ubiquitous game freaks..who did a video on "counterstrike" among of the teams also promoted MANU .....There was lots variety...Was a great evening that day...Thanks to our MARKETING committee..for holding such a fun filled event...:cheerio: