Life @ IEM (Institute of Engineering & Management), Kolkata

Hi Aspirant! Life in IEM -Kolkata is awesome. IEM is all about discipline, dynamic and co-operative faculty and a spirited environment both in academics and extracurricular activities

Hi Victor!

Life in IEM -Kolkata is awesome. I am still nostalgic about those days and it was amasing. IEM is all about discipline.. dynamic and co-operative faculty and a spirited environment both in academics and extracurricular activities.
........ we feel proud of IEM...

 Career prospects for PGDM graduates in India 


Post Graduate Diploma in Management prepares students to achieve their goals in business or any other field of their choice. The course covers International Trade, Advanced Econometric Analysis, Business Forecasting, International Finance, and others to help individuals attain complete knowledge in economics and finance. However, before you enroll in the PGDM course, it is essential to determine your interest and aspirations. 

It's essential to understand your career opportunities after PGDM to be clear about what you are ultimately aiming for. Let's take a look at the career routes that you can bag as a PGDM college graduate – 

Management Consultant – The professionals working as Management consultants conduct analyses for various projects of their clients. They have an impeccable problem-solving, presentation, team leader, and analytical skills cultivated during the PGDM course. Plus, they are also experts at resourcing and organizing information which is used for preparing reports.

Business Advisor – Individuals with business advisory expertise utilize their skills and knowledge to improve business operations. Business advisors are in massive demand at every big and small firm. They can work either independently or find a full-time job at an organization. 

Financial Analyst - PGDM graduates can easily find job opportunities as financial analysts where they'll be required to assess the weaknesses and strengths of businesses. Additionally, they also analyze industry trends, and business growth strategies can be formulated according to the reports submitted by them.

Data Analyst – PGDM candidates interested in mathematics, statistics, and computer science can opt for this career option. They model, analyze, and process data for interpreting the results. Plus, they also build actionable plans for organizations.

Financial Advisor – The experts that work as financial advisors help companies learn about their retirement, investment, and insurance options. They also build strategies for business growth and for connecting with new clients. Pursuing PGDM in Finance is a perfect option for individuals interested in finance and related subjects. Apply for admission at a PGDM institute to build a career in this field. 

Public Relations Expert - A PR Specialist is responsible for helping companies, and public figures manage their public image. It is an ideal position for candidates with a PGDM in marketing degree. Plus, they also have powerful communication and interpersonal skills.

Development and Training Officer – The professionals work towards professional skill teaching and development of a company's workforce. The individuals working as development and training officers equip the staff with the practical skills, motivation, and knowledge required to do their job effectively. If you are looking forward to building a career as such, then enroll with Kolkata's Institute of Engineering and Management. Visit the website for additional details. 

Human Resource Officer – As an HR officer, you will be responsible for implementing, developing, and advise policies to the companies so that the staff's potential can be used effectively. The professionals are involved in various activities such as managing employees' pay, retention, recruitment, setting employment conditions, and much more. 

Concluding Word 

Fortunately, there are several career options for PGDM graduates in both the public and private sectors. Therefore, you may choose your area of interest and pursue the course in that particular field. Plus, enroll with a high-end institute that focuses on the all-around development of its students.

The best colleges offering PGDM programs impart leadership and managerial skills that candidates need for becoming managers, entrepreneurs, and researchers in the corporate world. 

 Career Guide on Electronics and Communication Engineering 



In today’s world, life without gadgets and devices is next to impossible. It is hard to believe in a life without gadgets. There is no place left where the use of devices is not exhibited. This is one of the core reasons behind the swift growth in this field. Let us have a look into some options in a career in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering as it is one of the most ever-growing and popular fields involving building designs of devices such as navigators, motors, among many others. Electronics and communication engineering ( ) has diverse scopes and areas to develop your career.

The work profile of an electronics and communication engineer is important as the industry has sprung into action to meet the needs of its customers. A sharp mind with a problem-solving ability and a keen interest to learn is all that is required for building your dream career in this field.

Communications Engineer

The requirement of the job is to develop varied devices. Modes such as radios, etc are a few of the services involving the job. Other services include giving technical expertise, etc. Their work involves managing equipment and upgrading networks. As every type of industry needs them, they can find working positions in almost any industry. Hence, it answers right to the question of one of the best careers.

Technical Director

In a television studio or theatre, it is one of the most high-profile jobs. Their responsibilities involve sound, lighting, and other electrical equipment. A technical director also assists the director in informing draft concepts and other equipment. The primary duty of the technical director is to supervise effective completion with a technical mind. It is a reputable job. Even though the job is challenging it is also rewarding at the same time. They should have strong managerial and interpersonal skills as the work involves dealing with different people at various levels. 

Electronics Device and Development Engineer

This involves creating ideas and designs for products such as computers, mobiles, automobiles among others. The market offers numerous jobs for this background. And as the IT industry is growing, this is one of the best careers. It is considered to be the prime job offered to Electronics and Communication Graduates.

Field Test Engineer

This involves designing systems such as portable music, GPS. The focus is on Developing new ways and methods to use electrical power and performing detailed computations for high quality. It also includes analyzing customers’ needs and solving them as well as maintaining systems. A bachelor’s degree in engineering is the requirement along with the necessary skills.

Desktop Support Engineer

This is problem-solving work that mainly incorporates companies and fixing operational issues. The job is required everywhere which ensures that there is no dearth of good opportunities in this field. A professional bachelor's degree in electronics and communication is most useful.


With the above ideas, it is easier to decide for the reader now. Electronics is a buzzing field and promises secure jobs for students. All that one needs to find a good institute for learning and this is where IEM Kolkata is a good place. It promises a great future being one of the top private engineering colleges in West Bengal for various departments of engineering & technology especially Electronics and Communication.