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ICFAI BUSINESS SCHOOL, HYDERABAD Inside story from an IBS student itself Academics 1.CASE METHODOLY for each class a case is given, which is a *COPY-PASTE *(inspired) from WIKIPEDIA and we r supposed to solve it, discuss it, like …

ICFAI BUSINESS SCHOOL, HYDERABAD Inside story from an IBS student itself

1.CASE METHODOLY for each class a case is given, which is a COPY-PASTE (inspired) from WIKIPEDIA and we r supposed to solve it, discuss it, like a GD, called CLASS PARTICIPATION (C.P.). The more we speak for the sake of it, shout to get noticed, the better grades we get.

2.Evaluation We r given grades for our daily contribution in the class, knowledge doesnt matter, if we dont speak up, we get the lowest grade. Even if u know the most about the topic but u cnt convey it, u lose ultimately.

3.The teachers do not teach us rather there are cold calls .. n if sm1 has a doubt, he/she will ask the students to answer it or leave it upto us to find a solution. (It is the best college for the teacher, getting paid for doing nothing)

4.Total sbjcts 8-9 per sem
C.P. weightage 35-50%
Monthly written test ( Non CP) weightage per sbjct 20 30 %
End sem exam weightage 30%

5.Projects an individual or a group project per subject, not a field work at all, google it. NO LEARNINGS ASSURED.

6.Studies for a NORMAL day 3-4 cases only 😉 plus related chapters.

7.Grade Distribution
a.Top 10% students - grade A (equivalent to 10 marks)
b. 20% students - grade B ( equi. To 8 marks)
c.50% - grade C ( 6 marks)
d.10% - grade D ( 4 marks)
e.Bottom 10% - grade E ( 2 marks)
f.And if our attendance is less than 60% we get an F. ( 0 marks )
g.These all marks add up to the finals and if for 2 consecutive semester, our CUMULATIVE SCORE is less than 5.5, we are thrown oops transferred to other IBS CAMPUS.

8.ACP (After class participation) AN INTEGRAL PART HERE. Some of my good frnz r master in suckin teachers balls and give them ROOM SERVICE and getting grades is a piece of cake for em. So if u are good at it, welcome to IBS.

9.LEARNING AT IBS The only thing that u here is POLITICS, COMPETING with ur peers so that they dont get better marks than u n BACK BITING that u did more work on ur project than anyone else. From a 10 pointer to a 5 pointer cribs about not learning anything from class rooms.

10.Students voice there is none, no one is bothered, from the Dean academics ( who is a lady and very famous for making students, research scholars cry in her room ) to the administration deptt., to a peon, to anyone .

11.Batch size around 900 in each year plus BBA and B.Tech.

1.Single seaters rooms.
2.5 wardens, for any small little thing we have to REQUEST each warden.
3.Wardens can do anything, drink, smoke but we can be suspended for anything. In some cases, they are found to threaten/ blackmail students.
4.Although good facilities, electricity back up, hot in initial days of the course but fine otherwise.

1.Diwali 1 day, for which an extra class will be scheduled.
2.26th jan. read as above .. no celebration on 15th aug. as well.
3.Ummmm thats it.


1.PLACEMENT CELL Consists of some faculty members. Admin/Academic deptt. Doesnt get involved.
2.The faculty gets a company and for every student placed, he/she gets 40k 50k as commission, and for summers 7k.
3.If a company wants to recruit only 1 student at a package of 10 lacs, theyll ask to recruit 2 so that their commission is doubled. Yeah, u read it right
4.400 PLACED out of 900, Its lookin good this year.
5.Max. 9.5 lacs
6.Avg. 4 lacs.
7.Good finance companies come and mainly SALES profile for marketing.
8.No FMCG Cos.
9.D.E.SHAW came for summer internship and snapped that even our 9 pointers know nothing.

1.Students leaving the course in between cuz they get a better option.
2.Students leaving cuz of frustration.
3.Students cursing the college every minute.
4.Students waiting for the course to end.
5.We heard 2 cases of suicide attempts, a boy and a girl, 3 weeks ago, Im not sure about the reason so wont comment on it.

P.S. - I was not given a detailed picture of ICFAI Hyd, thats why I joined it, I dnt want the same thing to happen to u, At least I can pass the information, Rest is upto u.
Its worth investing a year to prepare again for a good college than to waste 2 years to do MBA from any college

For further information, u can continue the discussion, Im always here to guide u. U can also ask other students of my clg to verify the above information.



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