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:: Hello puys, this is a thread where all IBAians can look forward to discuss and share their experiences about the college,activities,events and we will also be pleased to answer your queries about our college. to start with,we apologize …

Hello puys,
this is a thread where all IBAians can look forward to discuss and share their experiences about the college,activities,events and we will also be pleased to answer your queries about our college.

to start with,we apologize for being bit late in opening this thread as the pace of activities happening in the campus was rigorous and tough to adjust with loads of assignments ,case studies,quizzes and events happening.

The INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY Greater Noida Campus started its academic activities on 30th July, 2006.Today, IBA enjoys Category A+ Rankings by Business India and is ranked 53rd in India by CSR 2007 survey. IBA is run by a team of professionals headed by its Chairman, Mr. B.M.L Jain who is an IIT Kanpur Alumnus 1970 Batch.
Dr. Subhash Sharma is Dean (Academics). He holds Ph.D from University of Southern California, LA and Diploma in Management from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.
Mr. Ritesh Jain, CEO IBA Greater Noida is IT-BHU Alumnus and holds Diploma in Management from Goa Institute of Management. He takes care of day to day activities of the institute.
IBA is run under the auspices of Arihant Education & Research Foundation, a public charitable trust registered at Delhi.

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Time has flown ever since i have joined the campus.before taking admission i used to hear how rigorous and grulling lifestyles of mba colleges are but its now when i am realizing how true it at IBA just doesnt stop.with classes starting from 9.30 in the morning till the evening followed by club activities and events and then assignmnets and group activities and your pre reading for next class ,life has just been fast as never before.but i can say that the experience is just can see the electrifying atmosphere in the evenings with people huddling for different club meetings,late night football matches or people brainstorming for cracking their case studies.

the campus is just beautiful and looks like a resort with residential hostel having all the modern ameties like gmnasium,wi fi connectivity etc.the faculty is also superb with varied and rich experiences and the best part is that most of the faculty stays in campus so they are always accesible.our senior batch and ours also comprises of people with diverse backgrounds ranging from engg,commerce,science and humanities.being a fully residential campus we have always the priviledge of taking help of our seniors,holding events and workshops after the classes.

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term is about to come to an end with end term exams approaching in next few days.the no of classes have significantly reduced giving us a sort of breather but with so many clubs lining up with thier events there's lot of extra curricular activity happening in the campus currently starting from the promoting,organising,stratezising events.just reminds me that i have to attend the workshop on communication skills by 'connoisseur's' club in 5mins.
there is a convocation going to be held on 13-14th of this month in which our super senior batch will be awarded thier degrees officially.campus is just waiting eagerly to greet them as there will be lots of activities which we have orgaznised for them,it will be a great opportunity to interact with them and learn from their experiences.
the placement process for the seniors batch have already begun and the seniors are busy preparing for their interviews..
need to rush for my presentation now...willl update soon!!!

delhi's famed winter has started showing its presence in the campus.the no of classes have significantly reduced and cancelled because of the end terms approaching very close.the tension and the pressure of end terms amongst the students is palpable and very the same time the various clubs have started coming up with their events very aggresively because after some time the seniors would be dead busy with thier placement process and it is the only time when we guys can interact with them and hold the events.

yesterday we had an emergency meeting with the PAT(placement assistance team) at 10.30 pm which went up till 1.30 in the morning.the seniors are making sure that they seelct a good bunch of responsible and deedicated guys from our batch who can handle the placemnt team after them leave so we had our 1st round of screening yesterday coupled with the fact that we had to prepare for the convocation event after that and then again get ready for the class at 10.30 am next day.
no wonder we all had our reasons to come to the class weary eyed.

have to get back to study QT and MANAC!!C

last 2 days has been extremely hectic with absolutely no time to breathee.we had a convocation ceremony for the super seniors batch where they were given their degrees and was a fantastic event.met so many super seniors there,did a crazy netwroking and took lots of visiting cards.some of the seniors are working in real big companies there.we had formal convocation cermenoy with all big dignitaries present in the campus for award presentaion.that was followed by high tea and cultural fest..
i never believed that our college has got such a huge talent expecially our senior 08-10 batch.they have an amazing rock band called COLD SMOKE which is a must see thinng..
the whole campus was just electrifying.i was in charge of back stage operations,then being on PAT team i had too meet all the seniors and take down their details,i was the anchor for the cultural show and that kept me busy for the whole day.

the event was very professionally organized.we had DJ nite which went up till 3 in the morning.the people had danced their asses off.
today we have a event from our social slub called ADHAAR where all the ex,present students will be going to a orphanage where we will all spend whole day with them and distribute books and sweets,some small games and events have been planned as well..

all in all this week is going to be super hectic and killer.end terms exams are looming on our head and we are stiull clueless how to go abt per me,ive got to take some break from 'social life' and stay in my room,study for my APICS and ofcourse end terms..

see ya all!!

hi all,after the deep silence enveloping the campus for last few days,the life in the campus has again revisited with the end terms exams.
09-11 batch had its first end term exam today.after days of slogging we gave today's 1st paper.the subject was Management Perspectives and the course was developed and outlined by noone other than our revered Dean Sir Dr Subhash Sharma.
this subject was very different in its own sense as it comprised of various models and stategies using by managers and corporates over the entire history of manegement.some very deep and valuable insights about philosophy of management,different ideologies of management,various world views and ethics was some major focus areas of the course.
the subject was very intersting and for the first time i found a subject not like a text book but like a Novel.
next is my most dreaded subject called Managerial Acounts.though subject seems easy,but for me being a engineer,the whole funda seems greek to me.

senior batch have also got busy with their placements as the companies have started to visit us ,some other already came ,some have given their confirmation.
all in all this coming week is going to be busy,grilling and nerve wrecking..

have to go to clear some concepts of accounts now as the paper is due in next 2 hrs..
see ya all!!

so finally we are through with the 1st term of MBA.time has flown in our faces and we were just left awestruck with seems as if it was just yesterday when we came to the campus,when we were giving our 'extended intros' to seniors and one trimestor has also ended.
exams went well as we had luckily got PLs this time,i had never seen the deadly silence in my hostel ever.
looking forward for a great 2nd term this time especially with the lessons which i leaned the hard way(by neglecting accounts and organizational behaviour).this time we have quite a good subjects which needs core analytical skills like finanacial management,operations and materials,quantitative techniques 2.
we have quite a good faculty here in the campus who make sure that their is a fine balance between commerce and non commerce students,the pedagogy is also at par with all other b schools as well.

we have a very good event coming up called JAGRUTI 09' which is due in 2 weeks and i am looking forward for my contribution to it.

keep the vibes alive guys,cheers!!

why do we have only 24hrs a day?why do we have a quiz,presentation and corporate finance class when we have to be awake till 6am working for PAT,street play,annual magazine club,APICS prep?how can we finish Prasanna Chandra,Truett,read Drucker Essentials in one trimestor?

these are just some of the questions which keep arising in my mind day in day out and i find no answers but as they say in mba "YOU HAVE TO DO IT",i am just trying to make my transition from enginnering to MBA as smooth.and i am doing it too.i do groan sometimes like others,but i do it.

i ma beginning to realize that in MBA if you have to sustain then you better learn to manage your time else you'll just wont be able to handle the pressure which the rigourous course offers.

i never found myself so much social,connected ,lively,energetic and motivated as i am in MBA.this course has given me enough to last long in the corporate one day i have to attend class till 6pm,preapre for street play,meet the college annual magazine team and brainstorm,meet my operations faculty for the paper presentation contest work,attend PAT and work on databases till 5 and then study for certification till doubt that sleep is the last thing which is always in my mind.and i am not cribbing for that i am happy.i am not alone ,there are 100s of people like you ,living ,eating,sleeping with you who do the same day in day out.and that gives me wonder that my pace of learning and understanding,my patience,my endurance is increasing day by day..

its tough here in MBA but you've got to enjoy it to enjoy it!!!

i would end this with a powerful qoute by Peter Drucker which i was reading:

All the best!!

helo guys...howz lyf treating u..
i jus came frm the skit v r abr 2 perform 4 da aids campaign...thought have an attendence here...2day i had a hectic schedule of classes then an event organised by our club then followed with I3 club where in we get da chance of interacting with da corporate world then comes da AIDS campaign....jus now i removed my formal dress n still feeling energetic coz i learnt 2 live lyf fullest...i had increased my pace of doin work...infact mba helped me 2 reach dat...and my mrng started off with a treasure hunt 4 da washroom n one guy pissing off beside me wen i was brushing n da other guy was waiting 4 his turn n v r in da same one.......
k guys catch u later ....bye

MBA is all abt learning...n 1 can be distinct frm others how quickly u learn frm ur i got a funny incident 2 relate with n missed da opportunity 2 participate....

wen i was preparing 4 da skit 4 AidS campaign i was supposed 2 pronounce da 2nd cha 4 "chuachoot" ki bimari...since im frm south i pronounced it da other way .... ,....then came 2 know da implicit meaning of wat i uttered.....

so guys commit as many mistakes as u can.......

having stepped into the 2nd tri sem ,life has become less hostile to now we know how to manage the asignmnets,how to handle the deadly questions in the presentations.having talked abt assignmnts ,one thing which we have observed is that 99%(6 sigma??)of the the time our assignmnts are due 6hrs before the due date,all the time.we guys have accpeted the fact that life is all about meeting deadlines.
the hostel is witness to this,i can vouch for that because a night prior to the submission the atmosphere looks so inanimated and contrived with someone persuading his group members to finish his part of project,somebody just trying to explain why he wont the PPt part.

on a different issue,the seniors have started to leave the campus to their respective companies having bagged the final placements from the campus.the mood within the 2nd year students is fillled with mixed emotions,somebody is very happy because he/she got the profile which he/she dreamed of,somebody just worried abt the companies coming in near future while few of them are contemplating having joined their companies.

we are also going to go through this crest and trough of the MBA phase next year but the fact is we are counting on the fact that next year's economic situation will be better,we will be more informed and aware,our reduced batch size would supplemnt our career prospects and rest as they say in MBA parlance "IT DEPENDS"!!

classes have reduced to some extent,so we are having much time to do self study,attend quizzes and events.this coming week for me is lined up with lots of events starting from NTPC quiz,JAGRUITI event,SAMPARKA event in Delhi Business School,APICS exam.but life is fun out here..

see ya all!!!

Today we had our plant visit at YAMAHA it was a fantabulous experience...right from the beginning of assembly of small parts to the manufacturing of final bike all was such such a systamatised and set prosees. It was the best example of Assembly live management. Also we come to know waht are the target segment and marketing strategies adopted by the company..thus in shory it was a great learning and a gud experience along wid njoyble ride...:grin::grin:

Hi guys....howz u after a lon u know busy schedules,events,etc n etc.....dis is M.B.A.
Our college is known as 'INIDA PURA' as we r frm different backgrounds,geographics,cultures n traditions.But i think it should b named as 'TALENT PURA' as here students not only excel in studies but also in other aspects like playing guitar,drums.Our seniors are very well versed in this and have a band.I was immersed in their music n enjoying the ambience of music in n around me wen they were playing da remix of "DUM MARO DUMMMMM......MITT JAYE HUMMM....." 4 da first tym i enjoyed da live performance.
As my frnd mentioned abt YAMAHA plant,it was gud experience and luking forward more such visits.da bikes were damn cool guys!!!:w00t:
then our coll has started a new club I3 which is entirely student driven club wherein da club members have 2 interact with da industrial executives.

IBA( Indus Business Academy) foremally knon as Indian Business Academy is one of the leading Business School in India , a best place to do your MBA not just like any other "N no.s of B-school" who r running just for the name sake , investing here is perfect utilization of your parents hard earned money and to shape up your career . a well desciplined college where real managers are in making not an common MBA (who r MBA for name only but they even don't know what real management is) who even don't have job called as an MBA job....

about placements 180 out of 180 students of batch 08-10 are allready placed where in other B-schools are not able to placed 50% of students.
2 MNC's requited 20 + students from the campus because IBA Brand has image in th corporate world.

Hostel mess food and facilities provided here are upto the mark, a fully lush green 5 acre campus, with all sort of entertainment , recreasional activities like Gym , Sports block , volleyball court ,TT room , Caraum room, Doctor Clinic, in house laundry, awesome hostels WI-Fi campus etc. is available along with the proper studies schedules. in real sense to make a proper mangement professional, what else a managemnt student need.

IBA is providing residencial programme which facilitates 24*7 learning environment which norishes each and every bit of the passing out student and makes him capable enough to become a brand in the corporate world.

Dear friend sincerely speaking a scored 80 % ile in CAT and appeared in many schools GDPI but I was not able to crack. Then applied for IBA, and I got selected.
Today at IBA within 9 month I have learned many things and really its amazing.
At IBA I am getting 360 degree corporate interaction its include guest lecturer and project work.
At IBA I have learned things not by reading books but while working that means through project work.
Recently I have completed a project work in Reliance Mediaworks Private Limited and i have got certificate of excellence.
Its only because of 24*7 learning environment at IBA and highly educated faculty member support.
Today I proud myself that my decision was very fruitful to me.
Today PGDM 10-12 batch had first day at IBA and we had interaction with next batch of CORPORATE RISHI. The word CORPORATE RISHI stands for Ethical Business Manager, The ones who are manufactured here In IBA-GN.

I completely agree with you Munindra, Our first day at the IBA when we all were quite nervous and short of confidence, we found the support of our seniors and faculties to groom ourselves...and slowly and gradually IBA imparted the hell lot of qualities and traits in us.....which usually shows in our presentations, stage events and public speaking....I still remember that right from freshers day when we presented our first skit and after that so many times we delivered many memorable performaces without much practice and without any hiccups....I would say that IBA has played a major part in our holistic development !!! Thanks to IBA..

hi to all puys i joined IBA greater noida and here i am enjoing my best time of life.
really guys lots of learnings are here, now i am feeling real glimpse of mba life in b-school

tell me smething abt iba noida plzzzzzzz