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This thread was started with different intention but now this thread is for experience of Life @ EDII by current EDII student. It is a repository, where student from EDII can share their experience, and prospective student can read it an

Howz life at EDII ?

As part of experiential learning, three-day Design Thinking workshop was conducted by Shri Natarajan Krishnan and Dr Kavitha Saxena. It was a great session for developing innovative ideas for new startups.

Prism EDII student club conducted its 1st Club Activity "Entrepreneur Quiz" On 22nd Nov, 2018. It was a wonderful event and it helped us know more about the World of entrepreneurship. Our student's participation was really great and such activity really helps in building entrepreneurship culture within the campus.

Celebration of 70th Republic Day at EDII Let us join hands to protect our nations from all the social evils that are plaguing it. Happy Republic Day!

EDII is currently organizing a Series of webinars in Thematic topics as Design Thinking, Business Opportunity Identification, Ideation & Creativity and Business Plan for the students Pan India after announce of Nationwide Lockdown in India.

 Recognizing entrepreneurship and startups as the way forward for national development.
The objective of this unique action-oriented program is to produce new generation entrepreneurs capable of building innovative startups and simultaneously earning master's degree