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We are excited to be here at Started in 2007, one can say that Doon Business School, is still in its initial years but we are excited and committed to take it in the right direction by having some of the brighter people ( both in ter...

We are excited to be here at Started in 2007, one can say that Doon Business School, is still in its initial years but we are excited and committed to take it in the right direction by having some of the brighter people ( both in terms of faculty & students ) implementing the best of the activities within the organisation.

Important Point worth Mentioning is that we are not trying to create Global Managers here but focus is on creating excellent Indian Managers since they will most likely be working in India at least for the initial years of their career.

Some of the things that we do differently at Doon Business School :

Continuous Internship - Most people are aware about second year being less strenuous compared to the first year in a B-School. To make the best out of it, 2 days in every week, is spent in an industry of choice by every final year student.
Working along with the corporate, taking on new territories, completing projects. All in all, getting a real hang of the corporate before joining them full time.
It also helps in clarifying certain myths a fresher may have about the corporate or about a particular industry & he/she makes a more informed choice when it comes to final placements.

Teaching Methodology - Faculty is encouraged to try a variety of teaching methods which include group work, invention of selected issues in depth through projects, case discussions, role plays.
Emphasis is put on the case method as an analytical tool as it help students to confront and diagnose specific management issues and suggest reasonable plans of action. Of course, they do better post exposure to 5-6 cases which fulfills its purpose.
Under faculty guidance, students get leads for case preparation and assist in the collection of raw information as well as ready case-material from nearby industrial units.

PGDM+SAP - SAP certification over & above PGDM course. Moreover, it is delievered in such a manner that it complements with the subjects being studied in the PGDM course. There are in-numerable benefits of doing haivng a SAP certification, more of which can be read here - PGDM + SAP

We & the students of Doon Business School will be sharing continuous updates, new Initiatives, happenings at DBS through out.

As the name suggests, Life @ DBS will be showcased here.


Time, when you have that mixed feeling of leaving college life forever and at the same time, it seems as if life is just going to begin now. You hardly wish to but still say good bye to your friends and wish them the best of the corporate world.

Experienced guys have a teaser of what to expect in the corporate world while freshers are most likely to experience the biggest shift in their lives.:biggrin:

As always, DBS faculties wanted to put their last word of advise to all student & they chose to pick that how "Attitude & Hard Work" will matter more than anything else in their corporate careers. How many can anyway disagree with that!

DBS wishes them all the luck for their careers. We are sure that they have enough skills sets imbibed in them to make successful Indian Managers.
:clap: There was widespread celebration among the students.Finally the exams were over. Late night oil and toil of labor had finally seen the light of the day. The MBA community was ecstatic. It was time for a photo shoot and the boys and girls rejoiced the best they can.:cheers:

In fact there was a notice circulated to the same effect. You won't believe that even after the exams were over in their respective classrooms not a single student budged and waited for the call.

The moment is was announced , everybody ran to the open area, smiling faces and clapping filled the air.

There was initial mayhem but things quickly settled down and everybody was happy.
Sir, how can you be #32 in India even above IIM Shillong and other schools. Are we seeing another **** in making?? Even educated people in Dehradun haven't heard about your institution. there's something very fishy going on in here..Beware students...

i was just browsing the website of Doon Business School & its good to see that MBA college providing SAP course with the such excellent facilities and well educated teachers....

Hello.. Can anyone tell me the minimum accomodation or PG charges available in dehradun?


The Joy of Learning!

At DBS, each day is fun, with learning for unlimited growth not only in terms of knowledge and content but for holistic development.

Sports, Cultural Activities, Clubs and excursions make the ambience joyful plus informative.

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Excellence beyond Academics: A Push towards the Extra-Curricular🕺👩‍🎤 Student Clubs and its activities hold the most memorable time for students. Experience of a business school can never be restricted to academic and classroom learning but rather goes beyond learning from books to all round development of students. Learn about various Clubs & Activities at Doon Business School👇

Let's Congratulate Abhishek Jangid and Aishi Chakraborty of PGDM 1st Year for scoring excellent marks in NISM Exam.

National Institute of Securities markets (NISM) is a public trust established by Securities and exchange Board of India (SEBI), regulatory body of securities markets in India.
The NISM certification is very valuable as a core qualification for students and professionals looking for a career in the financial markets.

At DBS we give extensive Training to our Students of Finance so that they qualify this exam which is a part of our Value Added Certification Course.

How are the sports facilities in DBS?

Student Clubs and its activities hold the most memorable time for students. Experience of a business school can never be restricted to academic and class room learning but rather goes beyond learning from books to all round development of students. 

Every year students join DBS from all parts of the country, hence, bringing in values and interests from several different cultures across India and Neighbouring Countries. Enrolling for a club of their choice and organizing interesting activities throughout the year provides them an opportunity to know their peers better, learn to work in a team, learn to work under time and budget constraints.

In myriad ways, it provides them a flavour of executing/organizing events and eventually, learn some management lessons while having some fun.

Student Activities on DBS Blog -

Clubs at Doon Business School:

1. Cultural Club

2. Sports

3. Management 

4. Bulls and Bears


6. Techies

7. Social and Environment

Doon Business School Premier League.

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"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." –Albert Einstein

It has been long believed that the most important resource that any institution of higher education has is its faculty members who teach knowledge and skills to students.

Doon Business School, has the best International and Indian Faculties from Academics and Industry, who nurture, guide and develops the essential skills and knowledge required to be Industry ready.

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We justify our tagline ‘Where the industry and academics amalgamate’. The campus being located in a strategic location with various industries in the vicinity, students are frequently taken for industrial visits.

Today students of MBA 2nd Semester, visited Uttarakhand Jalvidyut Vikas Nigam's Power Plant at Khodri. 

Students learned a lot from the visit in respect to management theories and the cultural values the company exhibits in all its departments and functions.

Here is the much awaited snapshot of "Fbb: Campus Princess" held at Doon Business School on 29th January. 

More than 60 beautiful glamorous contestants across India walked on the ramp. The Show was judged by none other than Former Miss India 2016 Ms. Priyadarshini Chatterjee.

Chairman of Doon Business School Mr. Mohit Aggarwal motivated the girl students to become self independent and be winner in every sphere of life.

Dubai Tour                                                  

Doon Business School sends their students of PGDM to various  parts of India and abroad for practical exposurecombined with an outing. This  year 38 students from PGDM were chosen to visit Dubai, escorted by our faculty  Prof. Lalit Choudhary. It was an eight days educational trip mixed with someexhilarating  moments and memorable experiences.

Dubai situated in the United Arab Emirates is known for its  high tech architecture, luxury shopping and nightlife attracts lakh of tourist  every year and thus becoming a major business hub. The students of DBS did a survey on customers of renowned labels  in the mall by asking them invigorating questions and why they preferred these brands  over the others; a  very general  specimen of luxury brand management  marketing.

Amongst the other popular destinations visited by the students were:

  1. The Jumeirah Beach - a pristine white sand beach amidst a modern surrounding.
  2. Dubai Museam - It is the oldest building in Dubaiwhich has preserverd local antiquities as well as artifacts from countries that traded with Dubai.
  3. Burj Khalifa - The tallest artificial structure or sky scrapper in the world, standing at 828 m and more than 160 stories.
  4. Desert Safari

Singapore Tour                                                  

All the students of PGDM & others who opt for the international immersion program are taken to Singapore/Dubai, Malaysia on one week immersion program. There the students are taken to leading educational institutions, large financial corporations, trading hubs, docs area & exposed to the international working environment

Few of the places the students visited include:

1. Universal Studios

2. SAP Asian Headquarters

3. Marina Bay

4. Hawker's Centre

5. Little India

Goa Tour                                                  

Students are taken on an industrial tours frequently to different type of units to give them practical exposure about different types of units and manufacturing practices. Every year DBS organize Mumbai and Goa tour for students where they are exposed to various industries. Students visited Bombay Stock Exchange this year.