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hey puys… :: In this thread, we the students of Department of Management Studies, Pondicherry central University would broadcast you our experience, fun and the class activities.! :: ::

hey puys..

In this thread, we the students of Department of Management Studies, Pondicherry central University would broadcast you our experience, fun and the class activities.!

Even before classes at the Pondicherry University had started, I was unnerved. This was not due to completing the preparatory readings and thus better understanding the daunting task ahead, but rather because everyone I met at under-graduate had looked at me slightly quizzically whenever I happened to mention my intended area of study. Urban legends had sprung up about these furtive creatures,who were heard of but rarely spotted. It was whispered that they spent all their time locked up at the Business School, frantically running from one lecture or work group to the next. When they did emerge in college, it usually was in the dead of night, lest they actually bump into a fellow student and be forced to go to the few well-earned minutes of slumber.

The particular species did, admittedly, have cocktail events, but here the main task at hand was apparently to "network" and "seek synergies". The fact that wine was used at such events as a means to an end- in this case, networking - rather than being an end in itself was sacrilege to most. In short, such students were not fit for proper social company.

Having been here almost a full term, I'm now in a better position to appraise the situation. It's a relief to have found out that not only is the work manageable, provided one keeps one's wits, but perhaps more importantly that most Pondicherry University graduates don't share such prejudices. My time here has been enhanced by being attached to this college, and being part of the wider student community within it. Pondicherry University's unique collegiate set-up means that as a post-graduate student, one is never isolated from the rest of the campus- in fact, one feels closer to it by being in such close contact with students from a wide variety of other disciplines and part of the country. I share my "daily hibernation" room with guys from Orissa, a Andhraite and learning more about each culture has been a highly enriching experience. The sprawling green and beautiful campus 800 acres campus gives you fresh O2 for your lungs 24/7, enough to keep you going fresh through the day in and day out.

The MBA work schedule can be gruelling but entertaining and fun, with lectures, group meetings, work assignments and research. A typical day begins at 10:15 am with a 3-hour lecture, without a short break. The faculty is the finest in the country and the interactive discussions makes even the monotonous class interesting and fun to go. Time flies by in the classrooms and your brains keep asking for more research theories of fodder to chew on. Afternoons, if filled with a second lecture keeps you intrigued in more data analysis or market insanity and bloodshed or afternoons are usually spent working in your pre-arranged groups on assignments, or in support classes.

Part of my method of maintaining some degree of sanity has been to be as involved in University's life as possible. No matter how busy my schedule, I aim to visit the sun kissed sea beach which is bang opposite to my college for few soothing moments of solitude a few times a week, and also to return hostel in time for dinner every day. These times, especially if followed by chit-chat session with other grads, are the best for switching off from class, and for building lasting friendships within the confines of our brotherhood community. It's great to be able to get away from the grind of class by having a quiet source of relaxation, and that's what life and University provides.

Clubs and societies, social events, and sports teams are at the very heart of the college experience. In addition, the university have their own excellent sports grounds and facilities, which as a member, you are entitled to use. Every year a number of MBAs represent their college (and sometimes even the University) in competitive sporting fixtures across the country.

The University Event's committee has also proved their worth year after year, in terms of organising loads of events, informative sessions and exchange dinners. The event calendar is jam-packed up until the end of semester, and it's always a good sign when you have to decide which events to participate! Generally, the sense I get is of a very strong bond existing between the students. One of the best times of the year is the Alumni-meet, Industry-Student Interface, when all of the past students meet, which is organised by the student-teacher committees. People end up staying long after the food has been picked off (although whether this is due to the friendly atmosphere, or due to a determined effort to stave off work, is open to supposition) And I'm particularly keen on the idea of our mailing list, which means that anyone, anytime, can email the group, even if it's to see if anyone wants to have a quick cuppa.

The Pondicherry University MBA genuinely puts an emphasis on collaboration and creates a stimulating learning environment, while Pondicherry itself is such a beautiful and enriching place to live. I had a lot of fun and made fantastic friends for life.