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 Delhi School Business to the PGDM applicants, who wish to build their careers in business management and aspire to join reputed organizations in competition with the best students of other institutes, Delhi School of Business (DSB), through its unique integrated curriculum, oriented towards skill development to meet the practical needs of the industry and delivered by the top faculty (including former IIM professors and faculty trained from IIMs and other reputed Universities/institutes),  offers the art and craft of business education which blends together entrepreneurial mind-set, international outlook, innovation, creativity, social responsibility and ethics. The DSB PGDM is an international program as it includes International Economics and Business certificate course delivered by highly ranked National University of Singapore (NUS) faculty. The distinctively differentiated PGDM of DSB with its extensive industry connection will provide an opportunity to the students in undertaking internships and final job placements in the reputed organizations. 

 Delhi School Business practices value-based sharing of knowledge. Our core values are:

  • Excellence: We pursue excellence in all of our activities: teaching, research, scholarship and service.
  • Integrity: We follow integrity- fairness, truthfulness, transparency – in all our activities and conduct.
  • Diversity: We respect individuality and individual freedom and inclusion of all for the institutional success and multiplicity of its character.
  • Service: We strive to serve all our stakeholders, community and the nation honestly and faithfully.
  • Creativity: We encourage and recognize creativity and innovations through critical and out-of-box thinking.
  • Empathy: We seek to understand and respect the feeling, thoughts, attitudes or emotions of others.
  • Social Responsibility: We place high value to our responsibility towards the betterment of the society

Straight from the Campus


Entrepreneurship Conclave 2016.

Guest lectures are an integral part of the pedagogy of Delhi School of Business. Guest speakers are invited to share their valuable insights from their rich experience about contemporary business issues, the challenges they have faced and how they dealt with them. The sessions serve as an ideal platform for the students to supplement their theoretical knowledge with first hand perspectives from some the expertise of the industry and also appreciate the dimensions of handling modern day business challenges.Delhi School Of Business hosted the Entrepreneurship Conclave on 11 November 2016 with guests speakers namely Mr Raghav Mittal, Founder Rethink India, Mr Gagan Ghai, Crest Capital Advisors and Ms. Riddhi Gupta from Kharcha Bachao participating in the conclave.The conclave was in the form of a Discussion with Prof. Shonak Roy Chowdhury as the moderator where in the eminent speakers gave their valuable insights on aspects of becoming an Entrepreneur and the challenges faced .The concave discussed various aspects such as ‘selling old wine in the new world-can’ , ‘ by teaching entrepreneurship- can one become an entrepreneur ?born or made?’ , ‘India a land of opportunity’ , etc.A lot of learnable outpour came up for students where in the speakers laid stress on the following for budding future managers;

  1. Identifying who you are is an essential element of your success –administrator, orator, mediator or what?
  2. Best way to learn entrepreneurship is to learn from family or capability of analysing your own business- from outside. And if someone comes from a non-business background the best way to learn is to observe the market businessmen.
  3. Entrepreneurship is all about developing the thought process from a person receiving a salary to a person giving salary to other to do his work.
  4. Adding value to the business is the key ladder to success.
  5. Start young , open the windows of your thought process drives in innovation.

"Delhi School of business is a budding school for PGDM aspirants. For me it has been a place where I’ve learnt what it takes to be a manager. DSB gave me a chance to interact with the best of Indian, Asian and global business schools. It showed me how much potential I bore and that I was nothing less than anyone else out there. The only thing they asked in return was commitment and dedication to the course."

-Mehar Singh Chauhan (Batch 2015-2017)



With the impressive legacy of Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS) behind it, Delhi School of Business offers AICTE-approved PGDM program. The School stands apart for its dynamic curriculum that doesn’t just respond to market needs, but predicts them.The Business School was launched after thirteen years of research on management education, with the original aim of meeting industry demands in a rapidly changing economy. Our global industry network, combined with cutting-edge teaching quality, provides our students with the best cross-section of dynamic management courses, world-class faculty, regular industry exposure, innovative pedagogy and professional skills - offering real-life platforms for personal growth, work-readiness and fast career track.In line with our education philosophy, we go beyond merely skilling our students in their chosen fields. We train them to open up to the principles and practice of integrative learning, question stereotypical thinking, appreciate cultural diversity and inclusion, inculcate intellectual and practical skills, and practice personal and social responsibility - the making of a 21st century global citizen. 



DSB provides unparalleled international exposure through National University of Singapore. The University is ranked 23rd in the world by Financial Times.Certificate in International Economics and Business - 3 module enhancement program fromDepartment of Economics, National University of Singapore.(QS University Rankings 2012-13 ranks National University of Singapore top in Asia & 24th in the world http://www.topuniversities.com/)Certificate in International Business and Economics - Program Structure and ScheduleDSB will conduct one certificate program of 3-weeks duration for all its PGDM students which will be delivered at the New Delhi campus.The 3-week program will consist of following 3- modules

  • International Trade and Economics
  • International Supply Chain
  • International Finance

Immersion Visit to SingaporeThe Immersion Visit is a unique feature of our PGDM program. The ten-day visit includes guided corporate- and government-site visits, followed by personal time, instruction and accommodation on NUS campus. It exposes students to the dynamic business environment in Singapore and rest of Asia. Singapore is not only a global hub for many industries - finance and banking, transportation, supply-chain and trade - it is also an outstanding example of rapid urban and infrastructural development. 


Skill Development @DSB-Delhi

Advanced Excel training

Ability to understand and manage numerical data is an essential competency of 21st century managers. Microsoft Excel is a powerful application providing an immense range of quantitative analysis. Being easy to use, one often ends up making ineffective spreadsheets without fully understanding the software’s potential. The Advance Excel training provided to students at DSB enables truly robust use of the software for sophisticated Data Analysis, MIS Reporting, and Budgeting & Financial Planning. Our aim is to prepare students to be effective at the workplace from Day One. From analysis of databases with thousands of records to complex estimation with user friendly front ends, the one and half hour sessions on following topics form part of this programme:

  • Excel Screen Basics & Customization – Daily Time Saver
  • Smart Find & Replace/Advanced Sorting
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Magical Tool – Name Manager/Table
  • Data Validation
  • Data Filter/Advanced Filter/Group/Subtotal
  • Formula Functions -1 and 2
  • PIVOT Table
  • Charts/Smart Art/Views and Custom Views
  • Protection/Goal Seek/ Solver


Skill Development @DSB-Delhi

Digital Marketing Programme

DSB has created the opportunity for its PGDM students to give further depth to their marketing careers by signing up for this 10 week online programme delivered every Saturday and Sunday. Each three hour session allows the student to learn various aspects of online marketing and hone e-Marketing skills. The student is able to maintain focus on the core courses without hampering one’s schedule as this online course is delivered over the weekend. The course helps understand creation of online marketing strategy, management of e-marketing campaigns through use of leading edge tools and application of a variety of tactics for improving campaign performance.Practical experience is gained through 7 assignments. Internships and placement opportunities with leading corporates are also included in the programme.The course content is as follows:

  • Business, Marketing & e-Marketing
  • Search Marketing – Paid Search Advertising
  • Web Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Marketing – Search Engine Optimization
  • eMail Marketing
  • Web Site Strategy
  • Banner Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing


Skill Development @DSB-Delhi

Research Analysis in Indian Stock Markets

With a view to take learning beyond the classroom and make education practical and application oriented, DSB offers this course to students who want to make a mark in the finance sector. The course provides a holistic understanding of the securities market. Participants gain hands on experience of stock market trading by understanding how equities and derivatives work. The programme is beneficial not only for those aspiring to make a career as finance professionals. It opens doors for other functional area aspirants wanting to join financial organizations.The program is spread over three modules ( each covering 16 hours)

1.  Building the Basics ( 16 hours)

  • Investment Basics, Introduction to financial and technical analysis
  • Primary and Secondary Markets
  • Securities in financial markets
  • Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Bonds,Stock Broking
  • Time Value of Money

2.  Technical Analysis Workshop (16 hours)

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Candle Charts and Pattern Study
  • Major Indicator & OscillatorsPattern Study
  • Trading Strategies, psychology, and risk management
  • DOW Theory and Elliot Wave Theory

3.  Derivatives in India ( 8 hours)

  • Introduction to derivatives
  • Understanding interest rates
  • Future and forward contracts, mechanism, applications
  • Options contracts, mechanism and application
  • Regulatory framework
  • Hedging, Speculation and Arbitrage

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