Life @ Chennai Business School, Chennai

It is not all academics at Chennai Business School. You will find time to engage in several activities - farewell parties, welcome parties, ethnic day, fete and cultural programs.


A new world without hunger, though we may not satiate the hunger for many. Nevertheless, we took an initiative to serve at least 50 people. We came up with a team of 6 core members (Neetasha, Rodriques, Aravind, Shankar, Varsha, and Rahul). We planned to keep an offering box in our class, so that we can get as much of our contribution to serve the noble cause.

The initiative was launched on July 22nd officially by our Dean Prof. Sridar along with our class peers. We officially titled it as "HUMANOMICS - Every new smile brings to achieve our goal". Our students and professors started contributing to the cause, and finally we planned to execute the event on a fine day to start our first mission.

We received some amazing information from Prof. Anish to join the Robin Hood Army to support #Mission100k campaign happening in India and Pakistan.

What is #Mission100k?

Robin Hood Army, internet media and news company Scoop Whoop and Uber collectively launched #Mission100k. We already had the idea called Humanomics, with the mission statement "To uplift the life standard of poor people". We collected around Rs.3000 from our batch mates and professors and started our first mission on 15th of August.

We joined Robin Hood Army and wanted to create an impact so we divided our group into two. One group concentrated in and around Velachery and the other team went to Purasawakkam and Perambur. We distributed 50 meal packets to the street dwellers, children and the not so fortunate ones.

We were emotionally moved when few of them thanked us from their heart. Little Drops of Water Make the Mighty Ocean, likewise our little actions made immense happiness to the not so fortunate.

Rodrigues Bernard (CBS 2015-16 batch)

Chennai Business School (CBS) hosted its 9th Graduation Ceremony on Friday, 21 August 2015, at the TAG-PS Dakshinamurthy Auditorium, PS Senior Secondary School, RK Mutt Road, Chennai 600004. The Keynote Speaker, Mr Anand Sundaresan, Vice-President and MD, Schwing Stetter India Pvt Ltd gave away the certificates. Mr Ramesh Kymal, Chaiman & Managing Director, Gamesa Wind Turbines Pvt Ltd, gave away the special awards in the presence of the Governing Council Members, The Director, The Dean, Faculty Members, staff and students of CBS and parents and family of the graduating students.

Forty eight students across four programs and four specializations received awards and certificates.

Mr Ramesh Kymal, emphasized the need for responsible choices in life, and being a positive change agent.

Mr Anand Sundaresan, in his keynote address, highlighted the need for ethics, entrepreneurship and work-life balance.

About Chennai Business School

Chennai Business School was incubated in 2006 by a group of CEOs with over 500 man years of rich experience in the manufacturing and services industries in India and abroad.

CBS offers the following programs:

  • A one-year full time Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM), with specializations in Finance, Human Resources, Marketing & Communication, Entrepreneurship and International Business Management. This program has two intakes per year.
  • A one year evening Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM - IT), for working IT professionals
  • A weekend 15 month long Executive Post Graduate Program in Management (EPGPM).

The significance of the function is to show respect to our Gurus who dispel darkness and ignorance in and around us. Teachers give light to the life of students. They sacrifice their life, soul for the upliftment of the students by imparting not only knowledge but also wisdom. Knowledge can be obtained through books, novels, newspapers and the internet. But students can acquire wisdom only through teachers. As wick in the lamp, the teachers sacrifice themselves to brighten the lives of the students.

It is always teachers who have fun looking at students competing with each other but this time it was our turn watching our teachers having fun and competing with each other.

To thank them for their patience and wisdom they disseminated, students of current winter and summer batch of CBS conducted teacher's day on 4th September 2015.

Our professors were given a warm welcome by a cake cutting ceremony with a background music. The celebration started by dividing the teams in 5 and the respective teams were headed by Prof.Sridar, Prof.Venkat, Prof.Arun Nair, Dr. Mythili and Prof. Anish.k.Ravi. We had activities like:

. Antakshari

. Placing color gems in cups with straws

. Felicitating teachers with thanking notes and gifts

And the winner of each activity was given a dairy milk chocolate. Though the winning prize was small, they received it with a huge smile on their face.

Each faculty were gifted a rose with a momento. And the students of both winter batch and summer batch enjoyed themselves a lot. It was a treasured moment for all the faculty and students. Ms. Bhavani - the Public relation officer of CBS - quoted saying that "This is the first year I am invited for a teacher's day celebration; I am very happy about this". It was an emotional moment for all of us.

Towards the end to the function, both the winter and summer batch students took a selfie with our dynamic and smart Prof. Anish K. Ravi which was a proud moment for all students.

"The best teacher is one who suggests rather than dogmatizes and inspires his listeners with the wish to teach himself."

- Elavarasan (CBS 2014-15 Winter Batch)

Retailing and E-tailing!!!!

Serious Tournament Mode ON!!

CBS Inter House Games have begun with an enthusiastic note!

With students participating in table tennis and carrom for Singles,Doubles and Mixed Doubles matches , the teams have come together to achieve and motivate their peers. The staff and the the faculty have shown no less enthusiasm towards the games.

The Table Tournament officially began with a singles match between Arvind and Kaushik S. and Arvind winning the nail biting match.

The Doubles Tournament began with a match between Rahul & Kaushik V. vs. Aditya & Arjun.

The Carrom Tournament officially began with a Shri Siddharth & Srinivasan Santhanam.

The Doubles Tournament began Aditya & S. Kaushik Vs. Ram Deepak & Ashish.

Without doubt, the games would increase the the spirit of sportsmanship of each person.

As a great basketball player once said "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.", I would like to end the post with a good note " May the best team win"

CBS provides a great platform, to every aspirant who enrols in. Its been just 2 and half months here, hitherto feels like I have experienced a lot of management and camaraderie. 

Special regards to our Dean 😃


Online shopping THRILLS but KILLS. Yes it kills the patience inside you to wait for the product until you receive your order to your doorstep. We as customers know the story of the purchases that we make. And we think the retailers and e-tailers make a huge profit. But what's the real story? Let us have a glance on the performance of retailing and e-tailing. Mr. P.K. Mohapatra spoke to us on the position or retail and e-tail sectors in his last lecture. He told us how the consumers are inclined towards E-Tailing for their purchase. He taught us the concept of e-tailing through the history of retailing.

Though modern retailing started 18 years back, the growth of the organized sectors happened only 5 years back, largest being Reliance followed by the Future group and Aditya-more market. Modern retailing grew in India rapidly last 5 years because of customer's convenience in buying.

Mr. Mohapatra also gave us an insight on how manufacturers support small shops over major retailing shops. Manufacturers have more advantage over the Kiranas compared to Retailers as the supply of products is comparatively lesser than the retailers. Retailers over power manufacturers because the demand of products is higher. Manufacturers also cleverly use the bundling tactics with the retailers to release less profitable products.

Retailers sell their products at 30% above the cost price. But the profit margin is only around 1-2%. How is that possible? Their expenses include:

Rent and inventory- Around 10%

Man power-5%

Electricity- 2%




This totals to 28% and profit margin for groceries is based on sales in volumes and not through high or low pricing. We might think 1-2% margin is very less but with higher volume and sales the amount piles up. The fastest with least margins comparatively are super markets and Kiranas.

After giving us a fair brief of Retailing sector, Mr. Mohapatra moved to explaining the current trend- E-Tailing. E-Tailing concept came up with the idea of hiding space costs to achieve higher profit margin. Less did the E-tailers know that it would cost them so much.

· They will not only run the whole operation thru cloud computing but they have to pay the cost of maintenance, ware house and logistics cost.

· More benefit to the consumers because of competition.

· The transport and delivery costs

The first wave of E-tailing was a complete disaster which lasted between 1995-2000. "" the first e-tailing site could not manage its expense leading to a huge loss. was another Indian website for music which had its slow death.

While books were an expensive affair in the brick and mortars, Amazon launched in 1995 promised to stock an almost unlimited virtual warehouse. Amazon got its first profit 7 years since its launch. E-selling books left retailing book industry die slowly. While books contribute to profit, electronic items, furniture etc incur more cost than the selling price contributing to loss. Analysis shows that ecommerce sites hardly make any profit but investment is huge, taking minimum of 5 years to achieve a minimum profit.

There is a huge competition between retailers and e-tailers. With e-tailers promising quick delivery for groceries, Retailers have also come up faster deliveries with groceries using web as a medium. Things are changing. E-tailers and retailers are either merging or retailers are opening up their own e-commerce sites. To increase profit margin, one of the ways is to faster the sales and high volume or Collaboration with retail or other e-tail sites. However, with the competition between e-tailors and retailors, the consumers are getting benefitted with -Better price - Choices - Doorstep Facilities

Errrghh.....!! Power cuts, pollution, traffic, rising temperature levels, water scarcity and what not!

Will there even be a meaning for the words 'Environment' and 'Nature' to teach the future generation? A topic of thought with our generation having to change a lot! With a background of rapidly rising energy demands, growing consternation about the security of energy supplies, environmental and health menaces associated with the usage of fossil fuels, it is high time that we realize the importance of sustainable sources of energy.

From the end of the year 2004, worldwide renewable energy generation has been growing at remarkable rates of 10-60% annually for many technologies in the sector. In 2010, renewable power constituted about one third of the newly built power generation capacities. Wind and solar power are the world's fastest-growing renewable energy resources for now with capacity evolving at double-digit rates every year over the past decade in the sector. The effects of this amazing growth include breathtaking technology headway, gripping cost reductions, and a positive boost in political support for renewable energy development around the world. A skimpy set of six countries- India, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Japan and the United States contribute for about 80 percent of global photovoltaic (PV) and wind power capacity. Other sources of renewable energy are also taking up competitive charges in the market. The difference in development rates of each type of power generation is based on the confinement to various sectors of application restrictions.

Benefits of using Renewable energy
. Complete reduction in Global Warming Emissions
. Improved Public Health and Environmental Quality
. Inexhaustible Energy Supply 
. Jobs and other Economic advantages
. Substantial Energy Prices
. More reliable Energy System

Some of the considerations which the government can take up in building up the renewable energy platform for the future would be:-
. Organizing renewable energy development conferences and exhibitions across places to increase the awareness and advantages of using clean sources of energy among various classes of people and commercial units.

. New renewable energy policies that are undeviating, long-term, and amenable, with enough cushion time that will allow industries and markets to adjust to the new technology should be framed.

. Encouraging development of renewable energy clubs, forums which can actually prove to be a great platform in this raging social networking age to discuss the advancements across different sectors.

. More emphasize should be given on renewable energy market expansion by providing government subsidies.

. Encouraging cooperative and individual ownership of renewable energy projects and making sure that all investors are involved in the decision making process.

. Financing guidance and relaxation on interest rates for loans as a token of motivation.

. Providing easy and reliable access to the electric grid at prices that reflect full value of conventional energy and supply of sufficient incentives to trigger renewable energy market growth.

. Diffusion of information among masses regarding the advantages, resource availability and potential of renewable energy generation statistics and policy successes/failures at different levels.

. Establishing standards for performance, safety and legal formalities for setup.

It is a good thing that our government has already marked its focus on this platform and encourages different sectors for the development of renewable sources of energy. We still have a very long way to go to achieve the vision of saving our environment. Today our eco system is sealed into a carbon emitting energy system that is neither better nor necessarily cheaper than renewable energy, but literally the result of inheriting dominating past policies and investment decisions. Out breaking this process is going to be the challenging thing for us!

The key to achieve our goal is forward-looking, zealous and consistent government policies that will create unwavering demand for renewable energy and diffuse renewables as the energy platform for the future generations. While the renewable facilities require inclined investments to build and develop, once built they operate at very low cost with the fuel for operation being cost free as a result of which renewable energy prices will work out to be stable and cheaper in the long run perspective. Let us understand the need and act wisely to shift our nation away from treacherous fossil fuels towards cleaner and greener, renewable sources of power for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future !

The world awaits none.

We live in an era where competition is pervasive. Survival of the fittest starts the very moment you are born. Competition in education is a whole new level. Did anyone foresee a parent queuing up the whole night just to get the admission form for their 5 year old kid? My grandma thought I was joking when I told her this. The fee for a kindergarten student almost equivalent the fee for an engineering student these days.

Similarly social media platforms have given a chance for everyone to voice out their views. We cannot deny the fact that the lifestyle of mankind has metamorphosed into something which is purely unimaginable. This change is mainly due to technology. Technology has helped us cross walls, breach barriers and to become closer to people around the globe. Smart phones and eCommerce have altered the whole DNA of trade. We see without buying and we buy without seeing.

Some people believe that this is the most innovative era of mankind. Some world leaders claim that this is the best time to live. While most of the privileged population may agree with this, there are non-conformist who challenge this. I am not here to complain about technology. I am just saying people are becoming semi robots. They are less people oriented. Only a few smile back at you when you smile or wave at them as they are engrossed with their tabs or smartphones. I feel that a human being needs to keep everything at balance.

One has to value his family, his society and the community. He has to connect more with people. I feel sorry for most people today. In this society we think we live for ourselves but we are all so involved in pleasing others. We are worried what people in Facebook think about us more than what we think about ourselves. The current generation sees the world more through the screen of a smart phone rather than their own eyes. They fail to appreciate the "wow" moments. The moments that makes you breathe faster... the moments that take your breath away.

Let us keep technology aside for some time and look at simpler things in life. You have to be old school once in a while. I believe we all have simple things in life which we love, that makes us skip a heartbeat. Let it be music, dancing, running, flying kites or even having a friendly fist fight with your best pal. These are things which give you an adrenaline rush and allow you to feel the real essence of life.

I am going to describe mine. Something happens at 80 km/h. My heartbeat synchronizes with the thudding engine noise. My body feels lighter while my hands grip tighter. The only thing on my mind is the road ahead of me, everything else goes blank. Your thoughts are clearer and all the problems in your life vanish. Suddenly I realize I am not on the road but I am a part of it. The long rides, midnight teas, sleepless nights and the unspoken companionship with fellow riders. These are the moments which remind me how beautiful life is. I am sure we all have some moments like this. What are yours? Identify your moment. That is the only thing that will keep you sane in the world of GBs and mbps.

My whole argument here is not about smartphones, technology or eCommerce, it is about a generation which just lives a digital world with digital friends having digital pets eating digital food. A generation so glued and addicted to technology that they forget to realize what is happening around them. Our planet is vast. Learn to explore it physically. Pause a few minutes from your busy work schedule and observe the two stray puppies playfully fighting each other. Go food hunting with your buddies from time to time instead of ordering it online. Play football and get bruised once in a while rather than playing candy crush. Enjoy life from time to time.


A disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leaders and alliances.

Mr. Ramesh Ponnuvelu, CEO of Kaspon Techworks an alumnus of Madras Institute of Technology (MIT), Chennai, with over two decades of experience in Sales, Marketing, Product Management and Technology Consulting Services has a bachelor degree in Mathematics (B.Sc) from University of Madras and went on to complete B.Tech from Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University. He joined HCL in 1991 through campus placement. As a sales professional at HCL, he had a very successful and rewarding career in key account management. He then moved to Product Management during the latter part of his career with HCL and he was also a key member of HCL's task force, which launched a very successful mass-market PC campaign code named OCTOPUS during the mid-nineties. As a Product Manager, he was spearheading product packaging, merchandising, pricing, channel orientation and marketing communication. Mr. Ramesh Ponnuvelu's discussion on disruptive innovation was very interesting throughout the session.

What we learnt
Disruptive innovation is one which creates phenomenal opportunities which will change the business, products.

Examples given were typewriters-> computers-> telegram-> fax-> email

Change is the only thing that never changes and now it keeps happening at an accelerated pace. There were many constant challenges to the industries. The live example quoted by him was the leaders of photocopy machines-Xerox which had a crisis when the photocopy machines became irrelevant due to printers. Mr. Bill wanted to convert into a document management company. But the management was afraid to lose its revenue of about $6 billion which comes through product sales. But later document management took over photocopy.

To pursue these disruptive technologies, leaders must look beyond the process that are geared to serving the main stream. Most companies vanish due to not taking disruptive innovation.

Policy makers should have a clear understanding on how technology might shape the global economy over the coming decade. Invest in new forms of education to figure out how disruptive innovation will affect competitive advantage.

As the discussion went deeper he told us about the potential disruptive technologies known as SMAC.

  • Social media: Lot of micro social sites (e.g.) social sites for doctors, chartered accountants etc.
  • Mobile: It gives information availability in every place globally. Mobile banking, ticket booking. There are lots of innovations in mobile. In Japan T.V can also be watched through mobiles.
  • Analytics: Marketing was a mass communication in the past but it nowadays context based is very important. Analytics helps in pushing the products. It also helps to drive business in new ways.
  • Cloud: Software and hardware resources delivered over network or the internet.
  • IOT [Internet of Things]: Nowadays most of the things use IOT can be a big revolution. Apple's thought of bringing day to day activities using devices is an example.

Autonomous vehicles which are a disruptive innovation pose a threat to players like Maruti, Tata.

In the health care sector there is an explosion due to new apps which can collect and give report to user about his health condition.

He concluded saying that it is a great opportunity for B School graduates as it is the era for new technologies to breakthrough, disruptive innovation helps in creating opportunities and also help in creating more output using less output.

We thank Ramesh Ponnuvelu for sharing his experience and we from Chennai Business School hope to meet him often.

- Vignesh R (CBS 2015-16 Batch)

Humanomics: Serving the needy!!!

Pursuant to the natural disaster, touched by the distress of the flood affected victims, our hearts beat that we should find a way to help them feel safe. This gave us an opportunity to serve the needy. More than 10 volunteers of the Chennai Business School worked on the ground-

. Assisting rescue efforts in -Tambaram, Mudichur, Pallikaranai, Semanjeri, Saidapet, Pulianthope, Perambur, Sidco nagar, Cuddalore, Urapakkam, Thiruvatoor, Manali, Mathoor.

. Providing shelters in homes and at the Art of Living centres in Chennai.

. Distributing basic supplies (food, clothing, blankets, medical kits, candles, milk powder, etc) . Organizing medical camps and trauma relief camps.

. Most of the relief materials were funded by the volunteers.

A summary of the relief materials provided by our student's joined with other teams

. Candles-5000 nos

. Bed sheets- 5000 nos

. Biscuits- 10000 nos

. Mosquito repellent- 3200 nos

. Bread packets - 1500 nos

. Food packets - 2500 nos

Facebook posts, Twitter hashtags such as #ChennaiRainsHelp, #ChennaiRescue and #ChennaiMicro #Chennaimeme #Kolapassi were used by people seeking help, and volunteers to offer food; shelter and transport. This reflects the utmost potential of the youth pushing it further to help the needy & destitute.

- Chennai Business School (Batch 2015-2016)


My Internship at Murugappa's TI Cycles of India has given me a fantastic opportunity to understand and experience the application of various concepts and subject matters learnt from Chennai Business School. Digital marketing is undoubtedly one of the key buzzwords in business today. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, it involves strategies designed to engage consumers and drive brand conversation on various digital channels, ranging from email to mobile applications. I have been assigned to work for TI's Pilot Testing: E-Commerce Project.

TI Cycles of India wanted to expand sales online through E-Commerce companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Paytm. They have initially planned to achieve this with their exclusive dealers spread across various cities in Tamil Nadu through Amazon's Seller Central Platform. Unlike other dealers, these exclusive dealers extend their services by delivering cycles in fully-fit condition to the customers at a cheaper price.

The project gave me an exposure to learn more on - How to handle dealers, Inventory Management, Database Management, E-Commerce Marketing...

Life at TI not only allowed me to learn and apply the concepts learned in Chennai Business School but also experience the work culture in a traditional manufacturing organization.

I'm delighted that this learning will support in many ways!

Ram Deepak N (PGPM Marcom batch 2015-16)

Campus Interview starting from 3 March 2016. The campus is agog with excitement with frenzied activities.

Interning @ Pfizer India

It was wonderful experience working as an Intern in Pfizer India. I learned a lot about how HR works and how Human Resources play a vital role in the organization. It was very interesting to work on Individual Development Plan (IDP) which is the employee's career development plan. It was a new initiative taken up by the organization for the benefit of the employees. Apart from that I also had an opportunity to work on Job Descriptions and Organograms. The staff truly values the interns and the work assigned to me was engaging and meaningful. The folks in the department were friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it. Overall it's a great place to work with and I could not have asked for a better opportunity.

Narendran Soorya Narayanan (PGPM HR batch 2015-16)

International Women's day Celebration @ Chennai Business School

Proud to be part of an Institution which actively took part in celebrating and honouring the women and young ladies around us.    In each and every facet of life we know that significant is the presence of Females around us, be it a Mother who brings us to life a sister who shares the best camaraderie, a friend or a Teacher who makes you what you are today . 

The whole celebration was organized by The Finance students with the blessings of Dean and our HOD Prof Venkat. 

Dean made a great start and Other professors shared their views on how bastion women are in their lives. 

Special thanks to,

Rahul and Chandra Kumar for making all the arrangements. 

Prof. Arun Nair, Prof. Anish and Dr. Mythili for their ceaseless blessings. 

Salute to all Women out there !!!!

Aditya (PGPM Finance Student 2015- 2016)

Budget Presentation!!!!

Start!!!! Camera!!! Envirofit.......

Unraveling Gen Y Career Aspirations!!!!

Redefining Reality!!!!