Life @ BIMM (Sri Balaji Society)

Hey Guys this is Pushpal Tiwari from batch (2012-2014) well this post is all about my personal experiences and how my life was after graduation and far away from home in a new city called pune,It was like a fish out of water felling on 17th of Jun…

Hey Guys this is Pushpal Tiwari from batch (2012-2014) well this post is all about my personal experiences and how my life was after graduation and far away from home in a new city called pune,It was like a fish out of water felling on 17th of June 2012.and it was also my first day in BIMM pune with huge dreams and great determination

The moment my cab left me at the entrance of SBS campus i just felt like a King because this was going to be my home for the next two years and the campus was a huge one like a king would have as his personal house...the campus had fruit idly shops and also a general store for daily needs and there was greenery all around..then while i was going around the campus i saw a lawn it had lavish green grass then a beautiful pond with ducks and the environment was so calm and soothing that a very positive vibes was coming and a sense of fulfillment was there.
DAY 1:-
the day started with registration in the campus,the management was very cooperative the moment i reached the SBS campus i was given my hostel keys with in no time so that i can go and get fresh and get ready for the rest of the day, i was very excited to find out who are my room mates as i was the first one to register myself for the room.i never knew i will make life long buddies when i saw my room mates and they were my new family and we have a cluster which consists of four rooms and one big hall so in the days to come my family became bigger and bigger from room mates to cluster mates and from cluster mates to floor friends
in BIMM we had 1 and half months of induction, and this was the honey moon period for us we interacted with our batch mates and made friends.. our Induction program was a very well structured one and it was amazing even while writing this post I am becoming nostalgic because it is indeed the best days of my life
the part 1 of the induction was of BAM presentation my all time favorite Bam sir

holds a world record for being the first man in the world to ride across world's largest SAHARA desert (three times bigger than the whole of India) on a non-geared, small wheeled scooter - Kinetic Honda in 1992. he has THREE Times done Kashmir to KanyaKumari on bikes - 1999, 2001 & 2003.

he has a very unique style of taking presentation this exercise is done to build in the confidence among the students and enhance the presentation skills of a student manager and they are being rated on various parameters and the toppers of the presentation is rewarded cash prize and as this college says SOCIETY OF OPPORTUNITY and truly it is this college adopts a very neutral way of selecting a student for any job and Bam presentation was the first of the criteria to get selected for all India HR meet in Bangalore


yes guys our college shows us full mahabharata the epic story it adds on to your knowledge and also the geeta updesh by lord Krishna which is believed to be a very practical one.its shown in our RATHTHINATHAMMAL AUDITORIUM its huge auditorium with more than 600 seating capacity and highly equipped with latest technology and bose speakers.and it was like a 12 day movie show for us very entertaining and lively experince it was.


after the bam presentation and mahabharat we had our guest lectures and seminars the guest lectures was taken by industry experts,VP HR's and other renowned personality of the corporate world and seminars on leadership skills and other were held


This was a very unique thing abt this institution our society president BALA sir always believes in addressing the students on all matters he considers this as a family and all the problems and the topics are discussed in the open forum like in a family.
another unique thing which we came across was the use of social media by the management we here in SBS have a page called debate forum in facebook were we can write all we want and the directors of the institute reply this is because its not possible for the directors to talk to 800 students at a time so to facilitate our problem this page is created and apart from this this platform is also used to make an announcement and to share knowledge
After the induction period we have our classes 7 days a week it might sound very tough but this later on became the best part for us we started to enjoy the company of our fellow friend and the faculties acted more like a mentor and we could extract so many things from them there experince sharing and there suggestion were handful to crack any interview the classes are fun but yes in pgdm you do have lots of assignments to do because of the knowledge building process
classes never get monotonous in balaji and we never feel alone in the times of festival balaji celebrates all the festival in the campus irrespective of any religion all the hindu muslim sikh punjabi all the festivals are celebrated with full enthusiasm we celebrate HOLI DIWALI ID LOHRI and many more and we have many parties all through out the year "WE WORK HARD AND PARTY HARDER"
the most loved events in the college is DRISHTI this event is between four institutes of the society we have many events like management events fun events sports events and the culturals this festival is played religiously by the students because it gives you the pride to walk in the campus if you win this mega event here we need to do all the creatives by our own hands new concepts are given encouragement and students are given opportunity to perform.
after a beautiful stay in this campus my hard work finally payed off got placed in hyundai motors as a management trainee and just like to end my post of life @ BIMM by saying my home away from home was a great one had many memories in each and every corner of this campus may it be in KFC ( krishna food corner) or in navrang our stationary joint in the campus made some great buddies who will be with me for life and also got to know more than 2000 students across the nation and i can finally say i have a strong network of corporates as an alumni good luck guys hope u too have a great stay in this college...

hey puys, This is prateek tiwari from batch (2013-15). I am student of BIMM pune, experience is reallly awesome here. while preparing for MBA i came across a tag line many times " MBA is not just about studying and academics, it about networking with your batch-mates and seniors". these lines are shaping themselves in the form of helping friends, suppourting seniors and guiding faculty.

DRISHTI 2K14, Event for which every balajian eagerly wait for......

sir i got selected for ipe-pgdm and bimm-pr&hrd; programme..can you please suggest best choice