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hey guys! i just came across BIBS, Kolkata. they are amazing considering their amazing MBA placements! Do read up on !! :smiley:

hey guys! i just came across BIBS, Kolkata. they are amazing considering their amazing MBA placements! Do read up on !! :D

What do you look for in a college while considering an MBA?

Five fair and forceful women took the stage and the auditorium into their stride and fascinated the students at Bengal Institute of Business Studies ( BIBS ) with their anecdotes of travels and travails and the eventual triumph they tasted.

Anjum Katyal, well known theatre exponent , who is the Consultant (Publishing) with Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies moderated the event as the four keynote speakers from four distinct fields of life narrated their story in a manner so candid and true.

Alokananda Roy the danseuse and social worker who is "ruled by her heart, " and who believes that "your inner strength is most important for you to lead on..." must have been like a flint stone even on the dullest heart.

Designer Agnimitra Paul said that her honesty and hard work was what "...took me places. If you have the two, money and fame and all the rest will follow."

In a similar vein Sudeshna Roy, the Film personality spoke of time and quality as the two vital factors to success. Swati Gautam, the Woman behind Necessity Lingeries spearheaded her talk with "... I may influence you to get away from the security of jobs and start your own venture and create an avenue for others too."

Their stories received an impetus as they related the hurdles on their paths. Alokananda said, "If you were to walk on a marble floor you would slip, some potholes are necessary to alert you..." surely the path to achievement is for those with grace, grit, gumption and guts.

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Clubs @ BIBS have been formed with the intent to provide the students with an opportunity to apply what they have learnt in the classroom. Each of these clubs are student driven, where we decide what activity is to be done and how it is to be executed. It gives us a free hand to experiment and at the same time learn while performing it ourselves. The wide variety of student activities reflects the diversity of BIBS.

The clubs @ BIBS gives you the chance to apply what has been learned in the classroom and to gain invaluable leadership and life skills.

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Photographs of Management Guest Inspired Series (MGIS) – Session 'My Story'