Life at MHROD - DSE

hello ppl this is about life at MHROD at dept of commerce, Delhi School of Economics. * B School/ D School * Hmmm ive spent two full days at MHROD at DSE now and have lots to say about it. Firstly about the institute there is always…

hello ppl this is about life at MHROD at dept of commerce, Delhi School of Economics.
B School/ D School

Hmmm ive spent two full days at MHROD at DSE now and have lots to say about it.

Firstly about the institute
there is always a question if MHROD and Dept of Commerce is part of D School or not...well for all practical purposes yes! Delhi School of Economics was started along with the dept of commerce and later geography and sociology but now the other 3 depts are under one diff admin and that of the dept of commerce is separate. But that however doesnt mean that we are not part of Dschool which at the end of the day is nothing more than a campus address! We do share all the infrastructre they have access to, the libraries, the hostels etc. Anyways this shud give u an idea of DU politics and its resultant bureaucracy and all the tides we and the guys from FMS have to swim against!!

First day at college

the first thing that struck me was that out of the 13 ppl in my GD group, 5 of them had made it to the batch which i thought was pretty decent!! We had to wait for about an hour and a half till the HOD and the other senior profs turned up for the lecture...DU culture!! At least one of them had the decency to apologise. you know one of the most important advantages of being a HOD at DU is that u can say very staid poems and go on and try explaining them and there will be whole room of helpless ppl listening to it. And there will also be a couple of chamchas praising ur poetry skills. But to save my own sanity, i assumed the praise was entirely tongue in cheek!!

After that we had the rest of the day with seniors who gave us a run of the entire scene at MHROD and here came strike two! The entire show is run by the students....everything from the college website] to the alumni committee and the placement committee is run by the students. Also including the convention committee, the student development cell and the magazine. Oh yeah they claim even the disciplinary committee!! 😃 So a whole load of things to do apart from the studies and a lot of this in my opinion goes towards character building and making tougher ppl out of us!

Some things about the seniors, well couple of them were trying to act a bit too smart on day one and ended up showing themselves to be immature but i guess i shud give em a break coz most of these guys are first rate chaps who im proud to have as my seniors....cant say much about most of the gals as it that they act aloof or thats part of the "induction" ne sais pas mais ce n'est pas mon embetement non plus!!

As for my own batchmates, things are pretty neat so far not too much to complain about though i wish there were some guys who showed a lil more interest in the course, there was this one guy who brought in a friend along on the induction day who pretended to be part of the course. I found that a real piss off. If i were my seniors, i wudve really mauled this guy for this. Then there is this really bunch of chickens who keep addressing the seniors as sir!!! i mean they didnt even ask to be called that but these chickens wud address anyone who talks sternly to them as sir i guess!!.....damn....whats next....plz mr. doggy sir dont bark at me plz!!! Get some spine dudes!!

As for the profs, well ive come across only two so far and these two guys showed us why D School has such a high reputation. Man there was this guy who teaches us Management Concepts and Practises and he was kool man....more than a Bschool prof, i was really impressed by his intellect, decency and professionalism. The guy cud also quote GB Shaw quite freely and not repeat the same thing again!! as some folks wud shit!!

We have been hit by an avalanche of presentations to make...part of the induction process and part of the seniors effort to evaluate our entries to diff committees. Ive been saddled with a presentation on Training and Development which explains what im doin online at this time of the night at a friends house 25 kms from college!! But.... a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do...adios ppl ... i hope to put up some pics of college soon.

note: The first post is taken from my blog which i just typed in and right now im not capable of original thought which im saving for a presentation im gonna make right after this!

How are the chicks man ???!!!
Anyway have fun at DSE and keep updating this space. 😃

as usual the complaint of any guy anywhere yaar..the seniors are better than my batchmates!! .... but considering im older than half of my seniors that shudnt be a problem!! otherwise campus crowd is cool man prob the best around...but maverick sharam nahin aati?...seedha saadha B school guy ko corrupt kar raha hai!!

great going u've finally joined MHROD.
nice post by the way..
keep posting such interesting stuff..
by the way usually the place com and the alumni committe are run by the most of the colleges.

woah! me late here!

Good to see donb back with a nice caustic post!

Me guessing there aren't a lot of PGites at your place!

note: The first post is taken from my blog which i just typed in

Where's the blog? :neutral:

Anyways, ATB and keep it coming! :smile:
1. well u see we have 2 hr lectures, which has taken me quite some getting used to and when these classes get cancelled or rescheduled its really a piss off!! U have two hours in ur hand and u dont know what to do, we have a good canteen but too broke to afford even that!

2. and an even worse piss off is that whenever i spend a sleepless night for a class, it gets cancelled or rescheduled!!

3. this is the BIGGEST PISS yet to figure out who these pretty women on campus are! Def not our dept, The Eco Dept guys say not theirs,the sociology dept guys swear its not theirs and The Geography dept guys wud kill u if u even suggest its theirs !! 😃 .... SO who the hell are these women????

ok enuff piss offs are here for some news

We've had GLs almost everyother week im not sure of the speakers who came in for the MIB guys for us so far we have had Rajeev Khandelwal, Dir Internal Audit Ranabaxy and Omar Farooq Busines manager HR Services ATS, India's largest domestic BPO. We were supposed to have one in an hour but that has been postponed...more about that when it happens!

I have got into the PlaceCom. So i shall give out only official data here on in and no more inside news about placment data!! but on other matters i shall definitely not be diplomatic!!!

well i was at the ratan tata library doin research for a presentation last week when i came across the turnaround story of GTCL, Gujarat Tractors Corporation Ltd. Its a PSU which is now owned by the workers. It was a sick unit on the verge of shutting down when an IAS officer was appointed the MD and he turned around the company through some really innovative means, including transferring ownership to the workers. This is in itself is a rarity but worker managed org running profitably is an even more of a rarity but GTCL was one of those. and the IAS officer was uncle jO's dad!! jO had told me about this long back when we were having a heated discussion about the pagal political thread....but it was totally surreal reading about it in a journal in the dingy dungeon section of the Sir Ratan Tata Library!!

hey we had a guest lecture yesterday from the COO of Corporate Insight, Mr Pradeep Sethi. The topic of the day was how to handle Problem was a GL for about 2.5 hrs.
it was really interesting coz he cut the jargon and went straight to the problem. Sometimes we complicate simple things with jargon so that the layman doesnt get it and we appear knowledgeable! This has been done from time immemorial and i guess even we do it. But it was refreshing to see how simply even complicated problems/situations can be broken down and handled!

Today at long last we would have our freshers party...i guess we are the last on that front! but hey its just been 3 weeks in!! anyways gotta get back to company hunting


Hey donny... good to read all those mhrod-tales man..!
Well u can't beat us in terms of GL's :D. We record an average of 5/week hehe... take a cue from the name.... (GL)im....! But the lectres are amazing most of the times.
About the freshre's phatty ( read it with an american accent), i am reminded of my engineering days. Got my freshers party at the end of 1 yr :D.
SO u aint doing too bad @3 weeks. About the babe watch part ... lage raho !!! Babes to watch better than babe to manage ( ok that was a poor import of the ool' jungle saying )
- The ghost who is tired of walking.

Babes to watch better than babe to manage ( ok that was a poor import of the ool' jungle saying )
- The ghost who is tired of walking.

finally my theory on women comin true!! they just wear u down dude!!

ok we had our annual hrd symposia last week... i will leave it to the media cell snoop on PG to post more about that!! moved into vkrv hostel yesterday...genius that i am...forgot my pillow! shall meet shalin shroff tonite...found out his room no! getting ready for our placeCom trips to Mumbai Blore and Chennai....

man vkrv is coolest...u can get food till 3-4 am in the canteen!! and yes i unashamedly admit that i washed my clothes for the first time yesterday!! woh bhi raat ki baarah baje!!

okie met our fms bandhe...or at least some of em, hereiam, jas_maverick,shalinshroff and scorpion king...the last 3 on my floor of the hostel. wonder who all ive missed!! Quinty where are u??!!!

Man sometimes the mess food can be really crappy...thank god for the canteen!! ok the PlaceCom teams for Mumbai have left...doin support work for them right leaving for blore and Chennai next week.

There was one of our alumni in for an interaction today and we were thinking about the drawbacks and strengths of our course... The biggest weakness is the bureaucracy and inefficiency of the mgt. For them its more an academic inst than a B school and hence classes more impt than any other activity. But the biggest strength is the sky is the limit to what we can do here as the biggest learnings are outside the class. We run every committee and we run our funds. We have our Student body funds collected at the beginning of the year and the students ourselves run the funds, and there is a General Body Meeting GBM every month to monitor the various committee activities and funding and spending!!! GBM's are pretty colorful occasions! not as bad as parliament but the pt being u wud be grilled in front of all the MHROD students and you have to come up with answers and get ur activities approved by the GBM.

I guess this is one very practical lesson in politics!!! But the point is if you have an idea...its upto you to do ur due dilligence and come with the groundwork and put up a proposal get it passed by the students and approved by the course coordinator. And they would really comb you with a knife. Its a lifetime's lesson in visualising an idea,working on it, selling it, getting it approved and making it work on the ground.

okie met our fms bandhe...or at least some of em, hereiam, jas_maverick,shalinshroff and scorpion king...the last 3 on my floor of the hostel. wonder who all ive missed!! Quinty where are u??!!!

darn! sowwie!! but this week would be especially hectic for peacable folks like me n the gang.

so no promises

well i think ive figured out who these beautiful women on campus are... i have no emperical studies to validate my hypothesis but initial investigations suggest that these women are in the Dept of Sociology, DSE. 52 gals and 8 guys in a class.....I wonder why there is no scramble to get into this place... IIMs be damned!!

These are probably the not just beautiful but most smart women in delhi that i have come across as yet...ppl in FMS and DSE wud know what im talkin about....:whatthat:

Here i am... sure i am... that you gonna have some overlap as far as courses are concerned. Probability of spotting you in the sociology dept looks high!
And man... u wouldn't have had a prblem in counting that number 52 manually eh ;)
Nsoi nsoi.... chennai is dry as ever maghane.... ! And gimme a buzz while you are here.

yes ppl im back from a placecom trip to bangalore...we covered 75 companies in all...and the rest of the info is confidential!!

yes rambo im indeed thinkin of takin up a non credit course at the socio dept!! serious :)

man bangalore is much better than delhi...if only they could do something about the traffic and burgeoning pollution...and as for the babe quotient is dont compare with North Campus...but i wonder if the quality is better there....anyways wasnt around long enuff to find out.

As for the trip itself i visited some really cool offices and companies but the place i would really really love to work in is google!! they had by far the best office. Its on Vittal Mallya Road in Bangalore and im not goin to go into details beyond the reception area...they have this huge 9ft*15ft screen on which every google search made anywhere in the world in any language pops up in real time...this is barrin the porn searches of course...but just the sight of it all scrollin up the screen in real diff 😃 isnt recruiting....

Another strikin thing was most of the campus relations HR execs seemed to be around our age and mustve been barely out of college... that allowed for some really interesting conversations with some of the ladies


just to let u ppl know that im very much alive here!!

Well we had our alumni dinner last sunday and had a pretty good turn out of about 160+ folks. It was a roaring party with everything flowing!!! Pragati maidan was the venue.

yes i should probably put up pics here....but im not in the media cell and its their freaking job!!! probably just ventin out a lot of steam here!! but let me just take a time out! My chennai placecom trip has been delayed because of the floods in AP and trains bein cancelled/diverted.

hey we got a good website. Do check it out. i think ive already put the address up but ill repeat it nevertheless coz its been updated

ok things happen a bit weirdly here but they happen nevertheless....
we have our dusshera break starting tomorrow but im leaving on a placecom trip to hyd and there to chennai for 5 days within which im to touch about 25 cos...and the guys left behind at delhi have to cover their NCR corporate presentations and to top it all placement seasons starts on the much for a holiday....

okkie hyderabad done...Chennai on the menu!!
Man i would never repeat NEVER work in Chennai. I gt so lazy when i get back home...I wonder if its the same for everyone. Lots of work to do here. Lot of companies to cover plus an alumni meet to organise. Lemme see what i can come up with in the next week to ensure a successful trip.

Having been to Blore, Hyd and now Chennai in the past month or so, I definitely feel that Hyderabad is better than Blore in terms of attraction for business. I might be biased in my opinion of Chennai so i wouldnt comment.

BUt if Chennai cannot be better in terms of visitor friendliness , and the public transportation system in general, it has got serious problems coming up.

I couldnt believe how polluted Blore was. At time I thought Delhi was better!!!!! Wonder if the garden city is in such a state what about the others!! Chennai hardly has a handful of parks worth its name or space. In Delhi every other housing society has a park. Didnt explore Hyd enuff to pass a judgement on that.

Okie whats the point of this post?.... I have changed my opinion of hyderabad and now wud def consider workin there, over Blore definitely!

fun at placecom....

ok placecom is an area where things are funny coz there is nothing else u can do but laugh bout it....tears have long been exhausted.

but something i came across today was seriously funny. There was this big co we came across in hyd that was rampin up big time. And apart from processin a req from their hyd office. i also sent a feeler to our guys to hit a presentation at the cos NCR headoffice. So they mailed in a req for appt to the HR head there.

Just saw their reply. Appt granted right on Day Zero with 4 GD's slotted at that time!!!! I can only imagine Senior Placecoms faces!! hahahaha......ohhhhhhh......coz all the seniors are sittin for those four GDs and the juniors are supposed to handle all matters on that day!!...this is classic!!
These are teh moments my signature makes sense!!