Life at MDI

A new batch is in with new expectations and dreams…and within this first week in MDI, I would be lying if I say that I have experienced something similar before… Assignments, classes, quit etc are part of a B School. But the kind of culture p…

A new batch is in with new expectations and dreams..and within this first week in MDI, I would be lying if I say that I have experienced something similar before...
Assignments, classes, quit etc are part of a B School. But the kind of culture present here, especially the first week of induction is something that sets MDI apart...

I know there is a thread called "My Dream Institute", but I felt that we needed to have a Life @ MDI thread to maintain the consistency with other schools....
Anyway, I hope this thread will continue to grow as we find and learn more from MDI... From my end I will be posting more about what MDI is about other than projects,assigments etc....And I hope my batchmates and current seniors and alumni too join...

Good intitative mufasa.. Amazin 1st week at MDI.. A freshers party is abt start in few hrs now which will end when the sun rises..
Requesting all MDI students and alumni to post here..

Rightly said Mufasa - the well-planned and well-coordinated induction definitely sets MDI apart as a B skool... :)

I guess da PGites shud watch out this space for MORE !!! 😃 As of now I am thinking of dozing off doin a last bit of pre-reading for tomm's first lecture of the year... 😁

Welcome to Life at MDI 😁 😉 😉


The weekend was as relaxed as the week was hectic.... they were absolutely in contrast..the junta was getting bored and wanted some of the games of the induction week..
but they had to settle with a booze party on Sat evening... for the non-alcoholics like me 😉 there were other options...people danced and drank till 5 am, and then slept like logs.... Sat for me passed in trying to get the much needed sleep....Sunday was no different... eat and sleep was the schedule for me for that day...this reminds me, the food at MDI is amazing - the warden believes in keeping the students happy - where else do you get paneer parathas and pav bhajis in mess.... atleast I dont know of such hostels.... Sunday evening was spent in a hour of was a nice game with the 2 years taking on the 1st years.... and ya the bacchas won 4-2, with yours truly scoring a goal...
Monday started with a refershing bath much before the anticipated time ;-)
Just a lines on the faculty here... whether it's a course on Quantative methods or Accounting or Legal Aspects of Business, the professors try to make it as enjoyable as possible.... and after each class you feel you have learnt something in the 1 1/2 hours.... In our quantative methods class we had examples ranging from Bollywood to the theory of relativity.... and it was a prep class.....:satisfie:

Anyway I am signing off to get sleep and then eat to the fullest at lunch...
One of the things that we do at MDI..... 😃

well adding to what u all said
MDI is one institute which belives in overall development and brand name and hence is one institute which spends lavishly to provide best facilities and Faculties in addition to consultants and life is hectic but it really worth being here
its all about fun and learning here

Here's probably wat Krishanu was waitin for 😉 😉 :

MDI - the description:

37 acres - but its not just the magnitude - the campus itself tells a lot of tales - its one BIYOOTIFUL campus - about da same size as dat of IIMB - though IIMB was covered almost entirely with trees - the campus here is maintained with the utmost decorum - seriously clean to say the least !!! 😁 ;)

The buildings are named after great educational institutions - Gurukul, Nalanda, Parthenon etc. The hostel is named Change Masters - and is one of the most happening places in town. The boys and da gals mess is connected via the 1st floor mess - and well there is another mess on the ground floor (yep Mandevians - thats the main one 😉 )... The mess serves great food, fabulous breakfast (my fav part), but a small prob for non-veggies like me as its only non-veg thrice a week - one day of which I am veg - so core non-veggies life me suffer a bit - though the veg food is of more than decent quality :)

The campus is sexy for a nice stroll late in the evenings (not mornings as u dont want to bake ureself out - the climate is EXTRA-SUPER HOTTT 😁 😉 )... the library is one of the best in Asia - its been one week and I am yet to see it properly 😉 😉 - there is a computer center running around 20 hours per day - and of course the other things like AC classrooms, an AC audi etc... There are coffee stalls like Nescafe, Jhaji etc besides a canteen called Sharmaji which remain open very late into the nite and are great social spots. Besides all these there is a football ground, lots of greens where there is a small golf course, a badminton court, a lawn tennis court, a basketball field (unused though), a gym, and well a NEW gym being inaugrated now, a TT room and so on.

More about the class and my life here in the posts to come 😃 :)


Things are on a roll here.... Elections for the placement committe, and the various other clubs viz Marquity(marketing), Monetrix(finance),ITerations(IT) etc are about to begin. Also look out for a bigger and better Illumina(a marketing survey) this year.... the junta out here is more excited about these events than the studies 😉 Some are trying to get in terms with the pre-reads before going to the class...for engineers like me, it's definitely a novel experience...we are not used to reading post a class and here they expect us to be prepared before coming to the class!!!
Jokes apart, there are a lot of avenues that are available for finally boils down to one's interest.... Unnati (a mutual fund) run in-house by the students is in great demand..almost everyone in campus wants to be a part of.....
Another factor is the now increased batch size of 185....This has caused a few butterflies in some stomachs here.... Summers will be here soon, and people are eyeing a project in a area of their interest.... Lets see what the future holds.... getting into MDI was the easy part...competing with guys out here and emerging a winner is gonna be the real test..... anyway, I've got to go, can't keep ignoring the accounts book for ever :-)

Well the first week of induction was where we learnt a lot about time management, and taking up responsibility of your own self at MDI - that too only from the seniors - the faculty was yet to be seen. In the last two weeks I have made dozens of new friends here - and so many among the seniors, though I am yet to interact a lot with them. Most of us actually came to know about them after the 'facchaa' party which kicked off at eleven at nite and stretched will 5 in the morning

By now classes have already begun here, and I must say its been real tough for me to get back to study life. In the first two to three days it wasnt easy to know evryone from the class - but gradually towards the weekend, most of the people eased in. The stack of books received by the PGHR students towered above those of the PGPM students - came to know that the HR students have to put in a lot more effort than their PM counterparts ;).

Needless the say, a majority of the faculty is awesome. The classes are just facilitators, most of the study needs to be done by the student on his or her own - the class is more of a discussion where new facets in HR, current affairs, doubts and new terminologies are discussed. Along with me, no one has been used to pre-reading etc, especially the engineers... - so its definitely tough... Also as the seniors have said, the initial josh is great, and it soon dies down.

Stats of our class - 22 boys and 36 gals - speaks for itself rite? The PGPM students mite bite their nails and tear their hair at this one - and so mite the IIMK studs 😁 😉 ... Most of the gals are from Delhi and the NCR region - there is a gal from Google, one from IIT Roorkee, and also, a guy with a workex of 8 years in Merchant Navy :wow::wow:...

Bout the latest happenings in the class - I had stood for the CR elections, but guess the girly groups proved otherwise - its a female CR for us finally 😉 - hope the responsibilities are well taken... we are now awaiting the membership of scores of the other clubs here, whose procedures are soon to begin (all these normally happen ONLY at nite - after 11 pm )

Wat am I lookin at now? A nice walk of the campus every nite (this part always rocks) - and it rocks even more when the gang is huge 😁 😉 - normally the 'walks' end at 2 am or so - and we crash eventually at 3 after a lot of josh into singing and interactions - study - woh kya hai bhai? 😁 😉 - though all are apprehensive of quizzes comin up this week - so now I am off to hit the books... 😃

moi ashish's(aka yahoo at MDI) batchmate here at MDI and will be taking forward the legacy of extra special PGHR07 batch along with's going to be a different experience here when whole of ur life u see urself alongside the majority(read males) and suddenly u find tht u r being shoved off in groups formed here as a minority soul cuz at the end of the day u have to balance the gender ratio in groups,ironically this time girls ruling the ppl mite say why am i cribbing??..but i guess u have to be here in PGHR07 class to experience it...u have beautiful:):) dames talking jst about anything in response a simple question frm any u feel like tearing ur hair apart at tht moment,but i guess this is wht we will have to bear for next 2 years now..hopefully sooner i get acclimitized to this better it is..

otherwise life is absolute chill here...with booze parties happening for jst about any reason at weekends at the new wonder of the world THE DOME at change still on with the hangover of last night's party signing off for now as i see ashish getting apprehensive about the quizzes..common man they are surprise quizzes so why the hell prepare for it..


The parties at MDI are just amazing.. with parties being thrown for reasons like CR elections to placecom, this is one gr8 place to be.. "The Dome" is the place to be in.. we already have a dome council in place and apna own bombardier aka balaji is the head of it..
quizzes and all will start next week and tht mite cut down the no of parties :(
keep rockin every1!!! MDI Rocks!!!!

all right lots of faff from the non boozers!! now time for the fun part of mdi from the horse's mouth. by the way good job mufasa n others...
ok my day n that of others at the dome council(on_da_rox, theonly1 prominent ones) starts at night. v have been boozing majorly for the last 9 days...n believe me majorly.
y v r called the dome council is because any parties at the DOME r routed through us now dome is the most happening n sexy place on campus..amazing place to network n socialize,most importantly get sloshed. its the terrace of our hostel n it has a beautiful view.. if ur in mdi n u drink,in all probabilities u would be found here at night..
v have had parties ranging from freshers to a second floor party( which urs truly gatecrashed into with open invitation from the seniors to me specially he he he)
theonly1( saurabh jain's) room is on the entrance to the dome n he is one person ppl r ready to kill to get the room .
ok so i think iv given a preview,more after tomorrow once i get my laptop.

oh before i forget!
830 ki class ho,nahi uthenge mooh me lo!
(thats MDI anthem :wink: )

hail DC (Dome Council)!!
as the.bombardier puts it,it is the place to be in at MDI,if u wanna enjoy lyk hell... invariably,all evenings n nyt outs n non intellectual discussions occur at the dome... not to mention the never ending parties at our hostel...(at least for us!!:)) ...
about everything else,the campus is beautiful,the hostel mess wonderful (esp after engineering hostel :satisfie:),etc etc enough said...
btw,class quiz expected around 4pm...:( looks like d first reality check for the Dome Councillors.... :wow:

After a self-imposed hiatus of 1 month,I am back to my friend,philosopher and guide -PG.
Feeling extremely emotional bcz dis time I am writing dis post as a bschooler,not as an mba aspirant.

Presently in PGHR 2007-09 Batch with an extremely skewed M:F ratio.Everyday while I enter the class,i feel like i have mistakenly entered a kitty party or ladies compartment of khasta local train...(no offence intended)

Speciality of HR batch is students (read galz) are extremely dynamic.Its always flattering to see 30 hands being raised just to answer a question even before it was asked(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

DCP is at its best here.....................................

About mdi,awesome campus..neat,clean and green...... lotsa booze....only catch is hostel is not that great.and awesome student council.simply rocks..

Had 2 surprize quizes 2dy..Bina padke de diya...Ashish yahoo was pretty angry after OB quiz ke baad kuch nahi bola..

Bye for today........

Finally the feeling of an MBA experience is seeping in. The group assignments and quizzes have started. And this has had an effect on the junta.... a lot of them are seen with dreamy eyes because the have learnt the idea of sleepwwalking and attending classes in sleep...for others like me who still have a hangover from a cushy job and 10 hours of sleep, this transition is still not complete....
But on a whole there is a marked difference in people's attitudes, they have become more serious with respect to the acads.... Still only 3 weeks into the campus and we have mastered the art of "managerial faff"...This is seen majorly in classes like Organizational Behaviour.... But there are some subjects that utilise the brain rather than the vocal cords - economics and statstics are the 2 that I find among the more interesting ones... but the idea in a B School is to keep your mind open and widen your horizon... that's what everyone tells me... and I nod on.... ;-)

Quizzes are designed to jolt people out of sleep, so it seems to me. :neutral: A quiz comes as suddenly as possible..i once heard of a paradox that there could be no such thing as a surprise quiz..all that has been shattered in the last one week..
first quiz i had at MDI, i managed to get the lowest in class it is sort of like a kick .. i did the unthinkable n went to the library for the first time.. come to think of it,i rarely used the library even at it was pretty scandalising for some people to see me going there.. : my case was taken, but the experience was good on the whole.. the library is really wonder all the junta heads there everyday...
so i guess there is some more seriousness in me n the rest of the junta after the past week... seniors r also starting with their mid terms now so the hostel would be a lot different now...

first quiz i had at MDI, i managed to get the lowest in class it is sort of like a kick .. i did the unthinkable n went to the library for the first time.. come to think of it,i rarely used the library even at engineering..
so i guess there is some more seriousness in me n the rest of the junta after the past week... seniors r also starting with their mid terms now so the hostel would be a lot different now...

I managed to miss the quiz that you scored the lowest I guess I would feature below you....
On the library front, even I have heard it's an amazing place... the junta tells me so.... but I havent had a first hand experience... i find it amzing that people spend so much time in the library... there is so much material that has already been given....I guess others have finished what I have just started....
For those not in MDI- as in most B Schools, we also have a case based pedagogy.... books on each subject are supplemented with handouts that the faculty has prepared...In some cases these handouts cover what the book misses and in others it is to emphasise some concepts in the book vis-a-vis a case study....
The profs here expect everyone to come prepared for each class..and that really makes the learning more effective, provided you are able to keep pace with the studs out here...:neutral:

the Prof expects us to know everything before the class.
They just do the revision work or better one of the students give his/her interpretations of what they have read.
So, now we are away from regualr teaching and more focussed on analyzing.
well Bombardier don't worry if u got the minimum, I got third minimum but still a long journey to go.
But its really amazing that I who use to sleep a lot am now sleeping 4 to 5 hours a day, I sleep at 2 or 3 am and am up at 7 or 7:30am.
Don't know if this will help in life.
Anyway its really great fun to be here and be part of so much activities and the best part that we have time for every activity and even though we all are sleping less but still nobody is tired for atleast next 2 years.
If u miss out at any class; there is virtually no time to clear backlog and so u have to move with the world, its not a place for those who lag behind. Its a place to move forward in life.

But its really amazing that I who use to sleep a lot am now sleeping 4 to 5 hours a day, I sleep at 2 or 3 am and am up at 7 or 7:30am.

jhoot jhoot.. arorasid slept 11 n a half hours just 2 days ago. he he :satisfie: