Life at IIM Ranchi

Just Another day at IIM Ranchi A new born Institute, figuratively, is supposed to be carrying bundles and bundles of energy & Freshness. Its campus life must be a good virtual reflection of the Novelty. Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi…

Just Another day at IIM Ranchi

A new born Institute, figuratively, is supposed to be carrying bundles and bundles of energy & Freshness. Its campus life must be a good virtual reflection of the Novelty. Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi can be cited as a perfect example for this obligation. The Sun never sets off at this place.

8:00 am
All the rooms of hostel start oscillating with vibrations and melody of cell phones. It seems that someone from heaven has come down to wake you up. Well this is the theory part, in practice, this is the time to curse those who discovered clock and those who made cell phones. Why cannot alarms fail ringing sometimes? Who to seek the answer from?
Its completely unworthy testing the mind with such questions. Let some Authorized Seraph do this job! Get ready; its a race against time, run for your life. If you belong to the category which is more punctual than clock, you are blessed to have breakfast.

8:30 am 5:30 pm
How wonderful it is when a well dressed and respectable Professor, whom we often refer our seraph, welcome you with Questioning smile? Good Morning, You all are cordially invited to the ocean of Knowledge, a lively classroom of an IIM. However, some of us are afraid to swim and therefore choose to remain contend at the bank of it! After a beautiful stretch of 3 classes, each lasting for 1:30 hrs comes the time to recharge your battery with victuals. The forced return to class is again done by someone from heaven. The next session leaves the vestige of how great the lunch was. No, you got wrong. Students do not sleep; actually they cannot, because there is a constant threat of being caught in a small batch of 44. Its rather a confined yawning session.

5:30 pm 3:30 am
When we return to the hostel we are able to calculate the maximum profit a firm can receive, which adds to its reserves and establishes a positive correlation between assets and liabilities. The best part is that, this learning is powered by data analysis of MS EXCEL.
A new life begins onwards

We all are actively involved in various groups and committees performing varieties of activities bearing with the responsibilities of students to the society. Quizzes, Discussions and other such activities have become inseparable from daily routine. Thanks to the IT committee which host LAN games frequently to take revenge from those who pretend to be proactive. TT competitions, Chess competitions, etc are the tools to offset the mild effect of social learning that comes from observing others. There are some other offsetting effects as well but they are highly personalized, yes a long (in our case, 10-15 min) chat with someone from other world, outside IIM.

The next task is preparation for our real quizzes which are scheduled almost on daily basis. It is never easy to perform better than others at IIMs. This is the crux; everyone is superbly talented; we have a bunch of flowers from all across the India and that too from the garden of highest Qualities. IIM Ranchi is making us learn the process of improving the efficiency even in the stress. We are in the process of being moulded for a brighter tomorrow, both for us and our society. This process is an integral part of our campus life.


The most reputed brand in management, the IIM Fraternity, enlarges its domain to welcome the brethren- the younger but a promising one- IIM Ranchi.

Situated in the state of natures glory and blessings, both in vegetation and minerals, Jharkand, IIM-Ranchi will help its students to adopt the corporate culture of efficiency and productivity.

As we plant our feet firmly in this new century, India is poised to take a giant leap into a brave new world. To enable India to be an economic powerhouse, it will need a lot many world-class managers. With this ambitious plan in mind, the Ministry of Human Resources & Development announced its plan to open 6 new IIMs to meet the increasing demand of quality managers, and the task of setting up these new havens of management was assigned to the well established IIMs. IIM Calcutta and the Government of Jharkand were the two catalysts in materializing that dream which has taken shape beautifully in the form of IIM Ranchi.

IIM Ranchi, having the highest cut-off for CAT this year for any of the IIMs, has started its journey with 44 students who qualified the high standard set by IIM-C. The batch consists of a beautiful mix of students from all over the country. The diversity and excellence is also seen in academic experiences; IIM-Ranchi has students from some of the most prestigious undergraduate colleges in India, the IITs, the NITs, DCE, VIT, St Xaviers Mumbai, SRCC, KMC Delhi, and from many other colleges with very good academic records with backgrounds as diverse as engineering, commerce, fine arts and bio-tech. A good percentage of students have industry exposure in some of the leading and most respected firms of India with backgrounds as varied as IT to Heavy Engineering, banking to NGOs.

The result a potent mix of 44 highly qualified and highly motivated future managers. A literal melting pot of cultures, capabilities and brains.

The ideology of IIM-Ranchi is to carry the process of learning beyond the confined space of classrooms. To serve this purpose, students organize group debates, open discussions etc on the current economical and political scenario. This is the best possible way to link your classroom theories with the practical situations in order to develop the cerebral supremacy and to gain an insight of plausible solutions.

The students of IIM-Ranchi have the best of the world, both in terms of faculty and the course structure. The course structure has been specifically designed by Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. We, the students of IIM-Ranchi, have got an invaluable learning experience being exposed to world class pedagogy supported by IIM-C Faculty. This is to maintain the benchmark of quality, IIMs are known for. The hiring of permanent Faculty and Director is under process and the concerned authorities will not compromise on any fronts.

IIM Ranchi, a new and beautiful flower in the Bouquet of IIMs, promises to the world, at large, to produce sensitive and intelligent managers who will strive to attain goals of sustainable development. It is bound to transcend the heights of optimism and to redefine the success. It is bound to serve the world providing the trendsetters and leaders of tomorrow. It is bound to represent India on global front for the assets we are known for- value, culture and intelligence. Last, but not the least, IIM Ranchi is bound to live up to your hopes and to the promises it has made to the nation and to Humanity.

Well for one.. we have had lots of guest lectures over the past 4-5 months...

Contrary to popular perception , Ranchi has a fully functional airport that is well connected to major metros. This makes travelling for these corporates very easy. Some of the corporates include :

Rajnikant Patil, CEO/MD, Indian Commodity Exchange Limited
Mr Shivkumaran, National Director, Coca Cola India
Group Head, CNBC Group
Harmeet Lamba, Senior Director, Dr. Reddy's
Head HR, Deutsche Bank
VP Kamath, CEO , Apollo Hospitals.
Partha Bhattacharya, Group Treasurer, Essar Group
Shubhranshu Singh, Head-Customer Marketing, Diageo
Mr. Prashant Singh, Vice President, Nielsen Company
Mr. Virat Dewanji, Head-Retail Banking, Kotak Mahindra
Mr. Mohan Natrajan, Ex-EVP, Edelweiss
Mr. Swayam Sen, HR Director, Barclays Bank

These corporate talks have helped us in gaining knowledge about the latest trends in the industry and to foster long term relations with these companies. The director also plans to include corporates as faculty members for some relevant courses. The industry encouragement received to IIM Ranchi is unparallaled for a new IIM.

First person from the 2nd batch to post here. Had a relatively light day with only 2 lectures and 1 quiz. But that's only because our mid terms are beginning from Monday and we also have to submit an assignment that day. And let us not forget the photoshoots that the first year has to be a part of. Typical life of an MBA student. So far, all of us have had a great experience here and have been impressed by the progress of the college even though it is in its formative years.

Anyway, as I look forward to a long night with the books, let me wish all the CAT aspirants all the best for the new format.

One thing I realised. When the professor sets you an open book test for the mid terms, it is not a good sign. At least not for most of the class. We had our financial accounting test today and boy, did I lack practise! While the paper seemed easy at the outset, I realised that I had to visit the book, my notes and even the excel printouts that we had kept with ourselves for the paper(Apparently in the IIMs, open book means, bring everything you got .. we'll still **** you :P). Anyways, after the paper, avoiding discussions about the paper, slept for 2 hours in my comfy room and tried to start studying for the next subject. But the lure of the internet got me and I spent 2 hours on Facebook and checking out all the football news that I might have missed. Also, I forgot to mention. Am officially an IIM student after clearing the qualifying Mathematics examination :).... Will get back to studying now ... Adios Amigos!!!

Exactly 35 days after arriving on campus and we get our first day off. Well, technically half day since we had our mid term in the morning. Done with the mid terms for now.Will worry about the performance later. A presentation lurks but now is not the moment for it. Now we celebrate. Every free moment is cherished in this college just like a parched man would cherish a drop of water. Just like Homer Simpson would cherish beer :P. A party on the hostel terrace is planned for the night. Right now everyone warming up for the party(pun intended :P) in their own way. Someone sleeping, someone watchin tv shows on their laptop while some... well... go figure! Life just keeps getting better... at least until you get your next assignment!

Now...with a month over and all of us settled....ready to participate, ready to volunteer, prepared to work for long hours...There is a feeling deep within our hearts to do something different....learning from the small mistakes and past experiences ..instead of chilling after the mid terms, everyone is ready to grind himself to feel that he belongs to an IIM ....i believe that tomorrow is the day that will change our attitude...and will make us work as a team.....

Well, done with our presentation today. Involved some sleepless nights but it was worth it. Returned to the hostel and played cricket(after 3 years) and football. Did manage to put my foot on some red ants who promptly bit me(Scratching my feet as I write). BTW, seniors moved in to our hostel yesterday which will definitely help us a lot. The rains outside the hostel are awesome and the weather will let me catch up on some well-deserved sleep tonight. Also, planning for our Independence festival is going on. Everyone from Ranchi is invited for that. Watched Manchester United win the community shield today in the injury time. So far life is really good. Loving everything. 😃

Celebrating one's birthday in a hostel is always least until you get to the part where your behind has to bear the kicks of fellow B-school students. Using a block of ice to... well..uh... heal certain wounds as I write, I have to say that inspite of being in an engg. hostel for 4 years, nothing could have prepared me for the assault that was to follow. But, still, these are supposed to be great memories... and I am sure, they have made a long lasting impression on my mind and my behind :P. But, on a serious note, I think that the next 2 years will be one of the best of my life, the birthday bumps notwithstanding, and I am lucky to experience this from an IIM which is letting us create its legacy and its culture. Getting ready to sleep on my stomach now, good night ...

Gearing up for celebrate 64 yrs of Independence..feeling of patriotism is knocking the heart. At the same time preparing for skit,debate,freedom run! It simply gives the "IIM" feeling. IIM ranchi is NOT ONLY about lectures, ppts, is more about learning. Every individual can be a teacher here. Laughing aloud on the worst PJs, Preparing for skit and forgetting the dialogues in between and to add the awesome weather of Ranchi. It seems to be getting something that I always dream off. Want to to sink in these feeling.

It feels awesome when you watch United beat Arsenal. Feels better when it is by a scoreline 8-2. Feels phenomenonal when you watch it with other United and Arsenal fans. That is what happened today in the hostel. A hectic month and finally had 1.5 hours to watch the match. Oh, what a memorable 90 mins.:).Shouting, Cheering, jeering.. sledging etc. And of course post-match jokes on Facebook :P. Anyways, back to business. At least 2 tests expected in the next week. And a few presentations and assignments. Typical MBA program. Enjoying every moment of it. The only downside is that you don't know what day of the week it is. No, seriously. And you don't even have time to think about it. Learnt more in 2 months of MBA than in 4 years of engg. Cheers

So here we are, completed our first semester within no time! It looks as if we landed here yesterday only. Semester.. full of fun, learning and unpleasant surprises (read surprise quizzes). Learnt the basics of management and it often astonishes me how can we calculate our our revenue even before our competitors enter the market, all thanks to microeconomics.
Midst of all these, learning has been the constant process, living away from home and having people from deep south to far east who now seem to be a family member.Though IIM Ranchi has done away with GD as the evaluation process for PGDM-2012, here it is a integrated part in the form of chit chat over a cup of tea. And beautiful scene of lush green Ranchi from my window relaxes my mind. And slowly the Sun of the first Sunday after exams is vanishing behind the Mountains. Mind is ready to tackle the concepts of Macroeconomics from tomorrow.

So here we are. Second term going on. Surprisingly the attendance of the class has not dropped...yet. Term is hectic since apart from course work many are preparing for the CFA exam getting the CFA tag. Yes, the concept of tagging continues even after achieving the coveted IIM tag! Kinda like Facebook innit?
BTW our college participated in IIM L's Varchasva and the contingent that went there, did us proud! 3rd in cricket,2nd in carrom, 2nd in AOE LAN gaming! And that too only a small group of 15 people who played in more than one match in multiple sports in 1 day. Herculean effort that was!
Anyways, awaiting 30th Oct which is potentially gonna be the best day of my life. Why? Check this for that 😛
Well, gonna go watch Harry Potter finally. Hopefully the wait for the dvdrip was worth it. Who am I kidding? Of course it will be 😃

11/11/11. A momentous day in IIM Ranchi's history! At 12:30 AM, the student constitution of IIM Ranchi was born. Alll the aspirants for IIM-R, please note this date. You would be asked this question when you're inducted into the hallowed portals of IIM Ranchi. Amidst the lectures and presentations, we are now gearing up for the ever election process which will start on 13th November. Who will be the GS, JS, PS? Don't know what they mean?... Well, you shall come to know about that once you enter the college. These are the questions that everyone is asking here. Even the prospective candidates themselves! Thankfully this is a B-school election and not Government elections. So, dirty politics is completely conspicious by its absence. A hectic week ahead with all the inter-B School competitions, lectures, elections and what not! Do watch this space for further updates. Reoprting live from room 304-C in the IIM Ranchi hostel, no cameraman, just me, Paras Bhatia!

Finally, election season is over. The results are out thanks to the online voting system developed by our very own IT Kumar. All the committees, clubs and their heads have been decided. The first ever student council of IIM Ranchi has been established **tears of joy**. Let us hope that these representatives carry IIM Ranchi to newer levels of success. Of course, contribution to IIM Ranchi's future will not be restricted to those who are labelled as committee and club members, in fact, everyone who feels passionate about the college will be expected to contribute. Feeling prouder by the moment to be part of this institute and creating new legacies and traditions, literally every week. Cheers to all! C'mon IIM Ranchi!!! 😃 😃 \m/

Suddenly this week has been one of the most eventful weeks for IIM Ranchi. So many new developments have arisen that there is no time left to waste for the small task of sleeping(So sorry my dear sleep, please don't run away and give me insomia :P). Teams qualifying for the grand finale of a few renowed competitions, certain events to be held at the college within the next few weeks as well as months... Phew.... Life has become a lot more hectic and requires the participation of almost everyone from our batch. And if more are required then we would probably have to ask even our security, mess people etc to participate!!! Lots to do!!!

IIM Ranchi in collaboration with CIP had a workshop/conference on Neuro Management at the Radison blu hotel last week. Aah, the perks of being in an IIM! The topics discussed were of a wide range but generally pertained to the area of neuromarketing. It was an interesting experience for everyone who managed to attend since we realised how marketing itself can be taken to newer levels once the human brain is comprehended since that is the entity that makes the decision to buy a certain product. You can read the details of the article here : IIM, CIP sense ?buy-button' with neurosciences
Apart from that, on 29th November, IIM Ranchi is going to be hosting the regional round of Quizzit'11 - the eastern region's second biggest quiz competition. With all that is going on, academics have taken a backseat for most of us but thankfully, exams are a month away! Stay tuned for further updates since you will be seeing a lot of IIM Ranchi in the near and distant future! Cheers!

And that is that with Quizzit'11 being held successfully. The winner of the regional round was an IIM Ranchi student and the first runner-up was an XISS student. Both of them go on to the national finals to be held in Kolkata in December. The winner was awarded a Lenovo notebook while the first and second runners up were awarded mobile phones. It was an exhausting ordeal for yours truly to organise the same while trying to balance my acads but I think I got it done. I can think that way at least till the results of the Cost management quiz are declared :P. Anyways, got to study for a presentation and a quiz for tomorrow. Then hopefully will be fit enough to join the rest of the gang for a kickabout in the football ground. Adios Amigos!

Phew. What a week! And still going on at that. Been struggling under the weight of so many submissions, competitions and planning so many events that I am lost for time. By the way, another first for our college, the music room has finally reached the last stage of setup with all the instruments being delivered today. Was so tempted to just run up there and start jamming but could not do so for the same reason that I cannot take a bath, cannot sleep for more than 4-5 hours a day and cannot eat all the meals in the mess... ahem... umm.. the last one probably has more than one reason :P. Anyways, with most of our submissions done tomorrow, we would have exactly 4 days before the next onslaught of assignments. So, the inaugration of the music room is planned for tomorrow night \m/. Awesome times ahead for IIM-R. I think I should now get back to preparing the 2 ppts for tomorrow... sigh! Maybe some Bryan Adams to keep me company! 😃