if you live in a dorm, it is like being at a massive sleepover with all your friends, every night. People are just a few doors down and always looking to hang out. Therefore, it takes profound skill to juggle both academics and a social life.

Here is the answer of those people,who have asked (HOW EMPI IS DiFFErent From other colleges)??

--EMPI- a modern Gurukul for an erudite. An institution with a
difference. We have faculties who are well qualified and proficient
guides. It will be really difficult for any institution to retain somany intellectual brains for 21 years of their journey. The externalfaculties who come on to the campus are from colleges like FMS. Topnotch people from the industry also spend ample time with the studentsin order to give them an overview on the corporate culture. It's verydifficult for institutes to have corporate connects for so many longyears consistently. It's very obvious for an old college like EMPI tohave a strong alumni contact. And the alumni contact is a lot betterthan any other institution, which helps the students a lot duringtheir placements. Placements in top multinationals is very quotidianfor the institution which seems really onerous for other institutes.

A Glimpse of the Janmashtmi Celebrations at our Campus...

Proud moment!!!

Mr. Nitin Misra, an EMPI alumni @ the front page of Economic Times. He has joined as Head of Payment Product Pipeline for Paytm.

EMPI students celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi.

"As a businessman, my dharma is to cater to every taste of my viewer"- Netaji Shubash Chandra Bose


Here is a job pathway for International Study. EMPI is providing you an opportunity to study abroad & fulfill your dreams. It has a tie-up with Senaca College in Toronto Canada. The largest college of Canada. It gives a global job opportunity and also do a part time work while studying. After completion of your course, you will get a work permit also. 

Is It not a great news guys, we can also go abroad.

Renaissance Day and Merit Award Ceremony;43tNRg~;z4RgIuXVbr6lKi...

EMPI B-School and Seneca College, Canada, have a special collaboration to offer Canadian post graduate certification with Work Permit in Canada. 
Here Prof. Margaret Osborne, Chair - School of Marketing, Seneca, Toronto is conducting a session with select EMPI-Seneca students. 
‪#‎DigitalMarketing‬ ‪#‎Seneca‬ ‪#‎EMPI‬

An awesome afternoon of fun and learning. EMPI Seminar on Digital and Social Media Marketing, with Prof. Margaret Osborne, Chair - School of Marketing, Seneca, and Ram Jalan, VP-Digital Marketing, WAVE Group, as speakers for the event.#Seneca #EMPICollege #DigitalMarketing #Seminar#SocialMedia

Once again the placement at EMPI has started way before students an extra edge to compete during this competitive times:)

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Adventure trips are always a great way of connecting ourselves with nature...and that's what we did this time too....this years trip to manali was once again a great fun#adventuretrip#manali#

We didn't realise we were making memories at EMPI.

"We didn't realise we were making memories at EMPI. We just knew we were having fun" With so much that was expected and a lot more that has happened, what do I actually consider and what do I miss out on? It's been a long and beautiful story with numerous characters playing small and big roles in each of our lives.

It was the 26th of June last year; students of the new batch 2014-16 were welcomed into the campus by the faculty. It was indeed a "good" morning to a world that would be ours for the next two years. I personally feel that yes, this has been my world and I have lived and enjoyed it to the fullest.

Initially, there were many apprehensions on our ability to cope with the tight schedule, the lengthy course structure, the many activities, and even the EFP. But once the process began, a little effort and we flew in with ease. The faculty, too, was ready to support us at every single step, walking by our side, making sure we didn't trip and fall. They were our guide and mentor in the classrooms and our friends outside. They made sure we got acclimatized to the new environment and culture as all of us belonged to different backgrounds. Language was a problem to some; food for others and some had left their parents for the very first time. But even the smallest of the small issues raised by any of us were not overlooked.  

Moreover, our seniors turned out to be very cooperative. RIP was a term which had affected us a lot, but that was exactly how our seniors got the opportunity to know us better and helped us build a stronger bond with them. They were always ready to extend a helping hand, to guide you through a troublesome chapter in your course, to tease you and have fun. The time spent together and the motivation provided for conducting the programs on several occasions were probably the best memories and will always be treasured. I am sure no one would disagree when I say that the time around Durga Puja was the best time for any of my batch mates here. Over the course of time, most of us have been able to nurture true friendships even within the batch - friendships for a lifetime!

They have stayed by your side in times of need, sorry, joy and festivity. There has always been an ear to listen to you when you wanted to say something; a hand to softly wake you up for the breakfast and classes, to sign your EFP attendance for you when you were busy visiting the dreamland, to pat your back when you achieved something good; there was an eye to stare you in anger if you committed a mistake, to look through you and understand that you required something; there was a heart to feel for you when you felt homesick, to get sweets for you whenever they visited their homes; to wait for you and make sure that you wouldn't miss out on your meals. I am a student of the AdCoMM department; and being part of the 1st placement from college was a reason of great happiness and pride for me. I owe my achievement to the immense motivation from my faculty and the direct interaction with successfully placed leaders from the industry. The college gave us numerous opportunities for us to build our confidence, experiment our talents and enhance ourselves into well- groomed professionals.

As we approach the end of our stay in college, it is difficult to imagine our lives without all these people who have affected us in some way or the other. Our world revolves around them and includes them in each activity. A sudden change would definitely be difficult to bear. I am grateful to all for giving me the experience of my life and teachings, which will always be my companion.

Yoshita Ratnam

Placed in Group M - Batch 2012-2014

10 Amazing Facts about EMPI You Should Know

1. It is a beautiful and peaceful campus situated near one of the most well known wildlife sanctuaries - the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary.

2. Do you know the famous company - ITC Limited? Yes...the founder chairman of EMPI Business School was also the first India Chairman of ITC Limited - Shri Ajit Narain Haksar. Year - 1995.

3. EMPI launched We Think for India (WTI) - India's first participative public policy platform that helped shape India's Manufacturing Sector Policy.

4. India's first Innovation Awards were launched by President A.P.J Abdul Kalam in EMPI B-School. 

5. EMPI's Vittal Centre for Management & Governance Informatics (VC-Mactics) was launched by the great Mr. Narayan Murthy.

6. EMPI Innovation Parks are setting up the Vittal Innovation City near Bangalore.

7. EMPI incubates ReserWater Innovation Foundation

8. EMPI is the only B-School in India to collaborate with the largest college of Canada - SENECA - for international study and placement of students

9. About 8 years ago, EMPI Business School was the first institute in India to start Business Analytics programmes, after which, everyone followed.

Today EMPI offers PGDM in Business Analytics, and, Digital and Social Media Marketing, in collaboration with IBM.

10. For making graduates and young executives more employable with the right skill sets, EMPI Business School has collaborated with 5 big MNCS - IBM, ManpowerGroup, JLL, and Safe Express - to offer 2 year PGDM (full time) and 1 year PGP (in weekend mode)programmes.

Merry Christmas at EMPI

"Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell jingle all the way, Santa Claus is coming along, riding on the sledge!!!" and "We wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS" songs makes us realise Christmas is around the corner. Though it is a holiday but, at EMPI we celebrate Christmas every year with an open heart. The pleasing aura of Christmas seemed like amalgamated in the air, when everyone in the Campus was dressed beautifully. Christmas tree along with mess green lawn was beautifully decked up. One of our tall and fatty batch-mate was dressed as Santa, which made everyone to cherish the childhood memories. The celebration started with lot of games like paper dress, merry go round, the blind man, treasure hunt and pick the pea, It was so fun. While writing, last year memories ran through my mind. And finally the awaited yummy plum cake and delicious dinner was served to one and all present in the campus. Everyone was overjoyed with music and dance & all had a 'real blast' in every sense of the words!

Message: On this unique occasion of Christmas, even non-Christmas remember, with due reverence, the Son of god, who suffered the terribly painful death on the Cross to deliver humanity and kindness from evil. Wars are temporarily suspended in honor of Christ on Christmas. An atmosphere of universal goodwill prevails on earth. All men and women treat others as brothers and sisters. People forget jealousy, hatred and selfishness. The spread of love and peace among mankind is the supreme message of Christmas.

Karishma Kalundia


Placement update 2014 - 2016 !  Visit us at

One of your seniors from Adcomm department...

Another Star...

Excited, Exuberant, Enthused... that's how we were at the onset of the trip. All of us had been waiting for it since our first day at college. And there it was ... Finally Happening. We were Super Thrilled ... Super Excited. We gathered at the Amphitheater with our luggage, took selfies, group pics and then ... Bon Voyage.

In bus we kept singing and dancing whole night like crazy people, till we reached Manali. Not all of us were able to sleep since I, Pankaj, PD, Amrit and Nikhil didn't let anybody sleep all night long!

On reaching Manali, we checked-in, settled down got ready for dinner. Post dinner, all of us went to our rooms and slept since we had to leave for Kasol valley the next day.

Next day we had a memorable trekking experience. We reached Kasol at noon, travelling through those beautiful valleys of Himachal. Once we stopped, we had some Israeli delicacies, which were fabulous. We had packed lunch that we had in the jungle, on the riverbank of Beas. Then we started moving towards the hills for the trek.

We had fabulous views to enjoy, those landscapes, those small villages in the woods, the ripple of the river, that chirping of the birds, and most of all, the sound made by the feet - jumping, running and tapping. We crossed some very dangerous bridges over Beas, one person at a time. It was just fabulous.

At night we had our dinner and a bonfire along with some arrangements for playing music. We had a great evening since all of us danced and sang. The day ended with some really tired legs but still very high energy levels.

Next day ... most awaited ... Bike Ride! The boys had taken around 15 Royal Enfield Bullets and a few scooters for the girls to ride. I somehow managed and dared to lay my hands on the only 500cc Bullet, or Bult, as I call it. I had Shalini as my pillion rider.

We headed towards Hadimba Temple first, and then towards Solang. It was such a view to see so many motorcycles lined up and riding the thump on the mountain roads, back to back. The landscapes, the cliffs, the valleys, the trees, the clouds, the waterfalls, and the was just amazing.

The next day we had another adventure - River Rafting! Yes, we did that too! The freezing cold water, the adrenaline rush and the roar of the river, it was just great!

It was indeed a memorable trip with all the friends and batch mates. Even though we were heading back to the college, we still had loads of energy pumping in. Those memories and enjoyment, they still live in us and I wish, we get another chance to go back there, all of us!

I'd again like to thank my buddy and dear batch mate Nikhil, and my dear faculty Vijayalalitha Mam and Ireka Mam, for making those awesome arrangements.

Pic Courtesy: EMPI Students

Karan Kapur
2014 - 2016

Industry Visit. At Yakult Danone India, Food Park, Rai, Sonepat, Haryana. On February 11, 2016. As a student of a Management college, industry visits are always exciting and enriching. The opportunity was judiciously utilized by my batch mates of (2015-2017). The day rolled out really quick and we all representing EMPI Business School, in a well-groomed attire and attitude forwarded towards our first industry visit to Yakult Danone India. It was around a 2 hours journey from our college. But as soon as we reached the Plant the whole atmosphere was beaming with enthusiasm and Selfies. We are being greeted by the Plant Manager Abhishek and his co-member Soojit. We are being updated about some basic digital hygiene and the functional use of cameras and video recording. Next we are being given a welcome drink and are briefed about the Safety feature of the plant and Assembly area. The whole program started with a short presentation, where we are being updated about healthy living, prevention related to food related ailments, lifestyle modification and with all this context how Yakult, being a functional food helps our body to maintain its proper metabolism. Next a brief on the product and some good knowledge was provided on probiotic and Lactobacillus Casei strain Shirota and their application on human body and benefits out of it. A good question answer session was carried out to break the ice and start a very interactive and positive communication between the two parties. After this we are being introduced to the whole manufacturing system, and are guided by Abhishek to the first segment of the production process, which started from the Germination Chamber or the Seed room, where the strains coming from Japan in powdered form are being germinated in controlled temperature and pressure. He further updated that the whole plant is under controlled humidity and breathable air. Next process includes the fermentation chamber and followed by Quality Control, where every batch of fermentation is being critically monitored along with the final product that is being in the verge of liquefaction. Followed by this is the packaging area where fresh bottles are being made by injection molds and are filled with final product, sealed and packed for retail use or institutional use, as per demand basis. The whole plant is being maintained by only 8 people which includes all the process of manufacturing and PR activities. At present the plant is working on 99% automation with a 30% capacity utilization. In between we were having some critical communication with him on the whole system of the plant and the operation of the machines. After the whole tour we had a group photo and warm wishes along with a strong handshake to end our tour. All in all it was a very warm experience, as their hospitality was amazing and we all had a great memory to cherish upon in the future.