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Center for Leadership @Northcap University hosted Ms Shivani Kapoor (Co-Founder, Intellitots) for a Guest Lecture held under #Entrepreneurship101 series. Shivani has more than a decades experience in Fortune-500 companies. Her Global experience has helped her tremendously to set up Intellitots. Shivani is a graduate from IIT Delhi and also did the Executive Management Program from IIM, Calcutta.

Admissions for the 1-year, Full Time PGDM Batch of 2017-18 are now open! 

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Abhishek Goswami from the Founding Batch writes about his learning from guest lecture by Arjun Sagar Gupta, the brain behind The Piano Man Jazz Cafe. Abhishek has talked of all his favourite moments of the talk and his take aways from the same.

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Center for Leadership hosted a Guest Lecture with Mr. NITIN DHEER on the "HAND AND GLOBE RELATIONSHIP IN ORGANISATIONS". The XLRI Jamshedpur alumni comes with 18+ years of experience in Consulting, HR industry. 

Key Discussion Points:

* Consulting Industry/ Client Management

* HR services in organization design, rewards, performance and talent management, change management

* Organization design, talent management, business process redesign, HR transformation, HR implications of M&A

The Founding batch recently received their second Wharton Certification in Finance. Center for Leadership offers Wharton Certification to its students on  Mastering Strategy and Digital Transformation,  Building Successful Businesses,  Communication, Thinking, and Leadership in the duration of 1 year of PGDM. 

 Center for Leadership @Northcap University hosted Mr. ALOK GOYAL;s  GuestLecture on 26th November, 2016. Alok has 20+ years of experience in the Corporate sector with 2 years of experience in the consulting sector as an Associate with Mckinsey. He has been associated with SAP India Pvt. Ltd. for over 6 years and was last seen as the COO of the company. 

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Center for Leadership kicked off #MArketing101 with Mr. VIKAS GUPTA 

Key Discussion Points: 

* Marketing world and its diverse nature. 

* Digital Marketing VS the "old school" marketing. 

* Sector Specific marketing approach

Vikas comes with over 30 years of experience in the marketing sector. At present, he is the Founder & Director at 9.9 Mediaworx Pvt. Ltd. He has been associated with ABP (Ananda Bazar Patrika),Unilever and Coca Cola. 

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 Center for Leadership @NCU's Ideal Candidate has:

  • An undergraduate degree in arts, business, commerce, engineering, computer science, math/statistics or Economics
  • Exhibited a strong interest in pursuing a Post Graduate Degree
  • 2 Years of Work Experience for the PGDM Program in Management & Leadership

The Application Deadline for the Round 1 of PGDM Program is 15th December. To start your application, click here

Preeti Singh, Visiting Faculty - Effective Communication brought to class an atmosphere of nojudgement and inhibition. 

Major Discussions:

* reason why people have a fear of public speaking 

* how to start working towards it.

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Only 1 day left to apply for the One year Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Leadership. It concentrates on three tracks: 

1) Mastering Strategy and Digital Transformation 

2) Building Successful Businesses 

3) Communication, Thinking and Leadership 

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Students of @CrescentMBA (Crescent School of Business) and Center for Leadership went for their first Industrial Visit to Ashok Leyland as part of their Supply Chain and Logistics course. The students were explained the practicality of Supply Chain. The students were exposed to the different ways of manufacturing process and aassembly line systems.

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The first step towards making a stellar career is to make a  brilliant impression. How do you make a brilliant impression? With an  exceptional CV.  Ujval Nanavati brings to the workshop his 20  years of experience in the Corporate sectore. Along with being part of  exceptional companies such as ICICI and Tata Steel, he also has an MBA  from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad Campus. Ujval has conducted various CV and interview skills workshops with a  gambit of MBA institutions. At CFL, he will be conducting the same for a  span of two days. He will be conducting a whole group session and then  concentrating on one on one interactions to work on each and every CV in  the class.#OneYearMBA #ChennaiDiaries #WhyNCU #NCUEdge


"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction." -John C. Crosby

Rajesh Kumar is the Head of Marketing for SAP in the Indian Subcontinent - with overall Responsibility for Marketing Strategy, Brand stewardship & Customer experience , Demand Generation, Press, Analysts and Employee Communications in India, Srilanka and Bangladesh.

Rajesh's career spans over two decades, with an enviable depth of experience across Technology & Consumer companies like Seagram, Perfetti, Microsoft , SAP & HCL. His areas of expertise include Startups, Marketing, Sales , Trade & Alliances management, Operations & General Management. Rajesh is adapt at hiring, motivating , coaching high performance teams & Stakeholder management in highly matrixed, multicultural, international environmentsRajesh received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Kurukshetra, MBA from IIM-Calcutta and has completed a program on Leadership & Change Management from Wharton.

Mohammad Anish, part of the founding batch, is being directly mentored by Rajeev. Anish, who is looking for a career in the cloud computing industry is being personally coached by Rajeev to make a career in the industry of his choice. Anish at the end of his first meeting not only left the room with a peaceful mind but also with books to read to understand self as well as his role in the management circle.

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We kicked off #Banking101 with an excellent lecture by Joe Abraham. Joe spoke to the students about Retail and Corporate banking along with the concept of credit scores and how it is decided. The parameters used to design banking products and the how an individual is evaluated before a loan is approved.

11years ago Joe started Aspire Assets Pvt. Ltd before which he has worked with the likes of Wipro, ICICI Bank and the Indian Express. Joe has an MBA from TAPMI, Manipal.

He had an incredible time interacting with the students and was blown away by their knowledge of Financial products as well as terms.

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Mohammad Anish talks about his #MostMemorableMoment in the One Year Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Leadership.

"There have been a series of moments that will be with us for our entire life. However, the moment which has comparatively more impact than others was the day I got a chance to interact live with Mr.Pramath Raj Sinha. I was in awe of him the entire session. Prior to coming to CFL I had exhausted watching all his lectures on YouTube. Meeting him in person was just like meeting your favourite celebrity in person. I was delighted listening to him. His humility, knowledge and pragmatic view on life is infectious and inspiring. He is the reason that I considered CFL over other top B -school."

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Come chat about NCU Center for leadership and our various programs. Meet our team on this Tuesday (27 Dec 2016) between 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Cafe Coffee Day Lounge, 40, Tolstoy Rd, Atul Grove Road, Janpath, Connaught Place, New #Delhi or Starbucks, Ground Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, #GurgaonWalk in at the venue.

"A complete practical learning process where we learnt different processes and how this successful chain works by performing different functions in Supply chain management. I am thankful to our team who initiated this visit and made our day worthy."

The students after studying about Supply Chain went on a field trip with their Professor Gurunath to Ashok Leyland. Pawanjot Singh writes about his experience.

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Worried about B-School imterviews? 

Our director, Deepa Kapoor writes about how ace interviews:  

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Pawanjot Singh talks about his #MostMemorableMoment in the One Year Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Leadership.   

"It has been an incredible experience and choosing a memorable moment  will be tough. However, every time I think about what made the biggest  difference to my perspective, I always recall the Guest Lecture by Dhruv  Shringi. Before he set up, he failed with another startup. It made me realise that he took risks even when he was failing and learnt a lot from it."

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Dr.  Sriparna Basu conducted an engaging and interactive Guest Lecture with  our students today. 

She spoke to the students about the difference  between 20th and 21st century work environment.  She spoke about  how it has become a knowledge based economy today and companies need  employees to ideate no matter at what position they are working at.  Employees, in 21st Century organisations, are expected to be budding  with ideas and have the ability to execute them as well. In today's  volatile environment, employees are to make use of each and every team  members strengths to pursue further.  

At Center for Leadership,  the students are equipped to understand team work as well as agility.  The classroom structure and atmosphere is built to understand individual  strength and leverage it in the business world.

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