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Amrita School of Business uses CAT scores to shortlist applicants. U could download the application form the website Best wishes : smiley: Pratyushban Please post all your queries here: I would respond...

Amrita School of Business uses CAT scores to shortlist applicants. U could download the application form the website

Best wishes
:) Pratyushban

Please post all your queries here: I would respond asap.

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hello PG world. this is my first post on this site. though i'm in no way new to this site. been comin here for almost a year now. gr8 job allwyn n team. 😃 really appreciative.

k, bout amrita school of buisiness (ASB)....yeah, i'v been there.

the faculty

k, first off....i read a previous thread related to amrita here......
where a lot of guys, including maverick were a li'l sceptical bout the fact, tht amrita has a "world class" faculty. take it from me buddy, it's true. but how do they manage to attract all this whartons,kellogs,stanfords,IIMites,XLs....etc? i mean they'r still a fledgling schoo,l compared to the gr8s, tht consistently make it into top 20 in any b-school survey.
the answer is not so much in ASB's infrastructure or track record, as in the fact tht it belongs to the "mata amritandamayi math".

see it's like this.....amma or mata amritanadamayi, is a world renown spiritual leader, just like....lets say, sai baba. now , if u'v been to a such ppl, u'l see tht there are all sorts of ppl who come to them....right from a cooliewallah to a Ph.d from stanford. call it thier gr8ness, charisma, spiritual power, wotever...all boils downs to this.

so we find a lot of very qualified ppl (n i mean the sorts who have a B.Tech from IIT+ MS from UC+an MBA from harvard), who dont think twice bout leaving their comfy jobs , just to serve the ashram's interests.

it sounds crazy to most of us. why would anyone want to throw away all those years of hard earned, quality education? but it's true. something tht's, maybe, way beyond us.

so tht expalins the awsome faculty tht they have there. trust me,i'v experienced them first hand (though for a very short while) .the faculty rocks.

the campus
bout the's beautifull. lush green, sorrounded by hills, cool winds (a la b'lore kind).....they'v taken a lot of pain (and money) to make this place look good. it's got the sort of facilities tht u'd expect in any "self-respecting" b-school.

one major turn-down, is the food. i mean it's kinda good, but no non-veg. even the veg food "sometimes" really sucks.

another turn-off is the premitive "male-female-code" funda tht they have here. despite bieng an ardent supporter of the ashram's cause, i have to say this....this really isnt the way to teach POST GRADUATES! we aint kids. they cant breath down our necks, everytime we walk around with the opp sex.

and oh yes...absolutely no alcohol n fagging. i'v read somewhere, bout the wild daaru party weekends in iims n ofcourse, the "old monks" association at XL. things like these, sound like a fairy tale to an ASB'ian.

and yes, they do include stuff like yoga n spiritual values into the curriculum. but it's really ur call...if u believe these things help u as an individual, it's good. else u might find it kinda out of place in a b-school.

all in all, a strict regimen, almost non-existent social life, no daaru/non-veg, very spiritual environment...the works. but if u are into acads...this IS ur place.


i don exactly remember the figures, but ya ....the last batch did get a few placements to the tune of 4.something lacs per annum. marketing is the in-thing, here. and yes, they do get a 100% placement record. but not all of them are, wot u would call "dream jobs". but trust me, this school is gonna go places in a very short time . they have all the right ingredients....mind blowing faculty, decent infrastructure, and n a pretty good intellectual capital (k, not anywhere near the top-notch schools, but the cut offs r improving at an amazing pace) .

so tht's my take on ASB. gr8 place to be in , if u can live wtihout ur wild side for 2 yrs. and helps if u r a li'l spiritually inclined. 😉 but nevertheless, gr8 place,gr8 faculty, gr8 students.

Luckily the placements have reached 100% now. You were mostly right about the reasons for such great faculty. But another reason that I see for it is the potential that they see in the university to grow into something really good. So apart from the spiritual reasons it also makes business sense to be part of a place that shows promise.

hi pratyush. ummm...maybe u r right bout the "business sense" part. but somehow, it seems a li'l hard to digest tht these god-like-qualified faculty would throw away oppurtunities at stanford n kellogs, just cause ASB shows promise. don u think tht's a li'l too far fetched?

anyway..... n another point.... the placements have been 100% ATLEAST for the past couple of years now. so now tht they'v crossed the 100% placement mark,i guess the next milestone should be , "dream jobs" coming to campus. ;-)

btw, i heard tht the management is planning a tie up with a western b-school. something to do with exchange programs between ASB and tht school. sorry, don remember the name of the bschool. pratyush, maybe u can enlighten everyone on that.

Yes, The MoU is a great development. With this by Jan professors from the US would start coming in. Initially it would be for the engenering branches and would be followed by exchange of faculty in management.
U will find more details on

This methodology in use here-the Question-Answer method reminds me of a thread that existed sometime back-on IIIT Bangalore:).Some of the guys might remember it.

sorry alpaQ2. havnt read tht thread. btw, thanx for pointing this out. .....i never noticed tht there was a "methodology" somewhere in this thread! 😉

Hi pals,

It's been a long time since I posted in this forum. Btb, How r u? Amazed to see the changes and activities in the forum... Really a quantum jump in the number of activities...!!!

Meanwhile I completed my first trimester at ASB, Coimbatore. We had a vacation for 8 days t and joined back now at college for the next trimester..

We really had a nice time in the last 100 days. Lot of activities around here....!! Eminent personalities visiting the campus, arts and sports competitions, corporate theatre workshop by a corporate trainer, a tree planting session by the first years.... and a lot...

Among the persons visited the campus, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's visit was a great and memorable one. As usual he covered a wide variety of topics from science, philosophy, his vision of India to students community's role in the making of India 2020. He was here to inaugurate the collaboration of our University with ISRO. Many corporate heads and ISRO scientists were also present for the function. What really thrilling was the responsibility given to us to deal with these persons.

Ketan Sampat (Intel), Balu Doraisamy (HP), Krishnan Dhawan (Oracle), Krishna Iyer (Sundaram Finance), Arun Kumar (Strides Acrolab) are the few others who inspired us by their dynamic speeches at our regular colloquims.

I will come back with more details....

bye !


i_will Says
hi pratyush. ummm...maybe u r right bout the "business sense" part. but somehow, it seems a li'l hard to digest tht these god-like-qualified faculty would throw away oppurtunities at stanford n kellogs, just cause ASB shows promise. don u think tht's a li'l too far fetched?

Well, they do have faculty having Ph.Ds from US Universities like California-Berkeley,
New York Stern Uni.., Whartons-Pennsylvania, Kelloggs-Northwestern etc. And all of them are permanent faculty too. As for Stanford and Harvard, there is one Mr. Jay Mishra, who ( I believe ) takes a full course in the 4th semester.



Jay Misra, MBA, Harvard
Mr. Jay Misra, an MBA from the Harvard Business School who has taught at Stanford Business School for 5 years, guest lectured at Harvard Business School, and has a total of 12 years teaching experience is taking a course on "Managing Change" . He did his B.S. and M.S. In Engineering in four years, U of Pittsburgh, in the USA. He has held senior management positions in leading Corporates in the USA like Intel, 3Com, Capital Group and Soros Fund Management, owned by the briliant investor, Mr. George Soros, where he was Managing Director.
He has published 2 books: "Business Telecommunications" and "Business Telematics," by the leading business book publisher in the USA. He was a finalist for the Distinguished Teaching Award at Stanford and has interacted with business leaders like Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Gordon Moore. He has also been on the boards of directors of many technology firms, and now focuses his efforts on helping large charitable organizations.

Dr Renu Burr, University of Western Australia
Dr. Renu Burr, Senior Lecturer-Leadership, from the University of Western Australia, Graduate School of Management has started taking a course on "Employee Performance and Appraisal" at ASB. After completing her undergraduate studies in Bangalore, Dr. Burr spent 12 years as a HRM Consultant in Australia before becoming an academic. She did her PG Diploma in Business at Curtin University and has a Ph.D. in Human Resources Management,University of Western Australia (UWA). She has been profiled as an Outstanding Teacher by the UWA,which is among the leading Universities in Australia

Jay and Renu will complement the eminent band of Fulltime Faculty at ASB from reputed Institutions like Berkeley,Cornell,ICAI,IIT,IIM,IRMA,JBIMS,JNU,Kellogg,NYU,Texas-Austin,Wharton and XLRI .

See for more details.

Without doubt, this has something to do with the loyalty towards Matha Amritananda Mayi and her Math. They attract all kinds of people and this can really help to build a world class University. ( look at the profile of the VC of Amrita Viswa Vidyapeeth, Dr. Venkat Rangan, hard to believe some one like him is wasting his talent here , huh?)

Matha Amritananda Mayi or her Mutt ! who cares ! as long as there are good faculties to learn from, I dont care who runs ASB. I know its a 'Pujari' college..a deemed university, too far from the city of coimbatore, you gotto spend a whole day to come to the city even to watch a movie ! that far ! been there couple of times to meet my wife (well, when she was an engineering student !). Must agree, the campus is awesome ! its completely surrounded by hills, 0 % pollution...self sustained ! even the buildings are built with temple like looks !
For once when i saw the non-teaching staffs of the college in saffron cloths, I had the fear that my girl friend might get converted in to a saint ! well, am married to her now so you know nothing like that happened ! you can always lure yourself away from pujas and bajans, they are not compulsory there ! although u can still try to impress the faculty by attending them !
The faculties are very goood not only because of their affinity towards Matha Amritananda Mayi or her Mutt but also because of the pay package that the faculties get ! you can even go on a 2 year leave for your higher studies !
aint that cool ?

Can u pls tell me the cutoff percentile for ASB.

vshankara_84 Says
Can u pls tell me the cutoff percentile for ASB.

U will get a call for a perentile of above 50. But for a realistic chance of selection, u need a 70+ percentile. This year this may go slightly higher. so
a 80+ score can expect a conversion with a decent performance on GD/PI.
A total of 25 marks in CAT 2005 will be enough, as ASB usually looks at overall percentiles only. So if some one has scored poorly in any one section, ASB is a good bet.

iam a maba aspirant and gave my cat last month. But iam not confident of getting enough scores from dat exam. what is the cut off last year and wat culd be this there any other mode of intake in amrita like xat,jmet scores acceptance or any other reply.

hello.. i got 73 percentile..can i expect a call frm AMRITA? i really want to know how r the restrictions for going out esp for on weekends..n how strict is it generally..

i think asb is pretty strict..i had a frnd thr frm my batch of nss engg colg palakkad and anothr senior frm da same colg..they tld me twas pretty strict and stuff..think with ur percentile u have a fightin chance at welingkar .besides since u r frm kochi..y dnt u check out scms..its pretty nice colg 2..

hey thanks django.. not lookin into welingkar..lookin for sumthin in the south..lets c anywys.. i anted actually more specific details abt the coll..more first hand not tryin scms,..tough i hav a 94 percentile in mat,... me if u think there is something else i can help u with...
ps:whts da cutoff 4 scms..i have 92.85 in cat..bad accademics..tac care..adios

hey django..

u wud defntly get a call frm SCMS...but with such a good percentile..y r u restricting urself to just scms..u can evn get a call from tapmi n so many other gr8 institutes...the cutoffs for scms r not all that high...