Life and Challenges of a General Insurance Administrative Officer

This forum is for all the working AO’s as well as aspirants, the motto of creation of this thread is to share the day to day working of an Administrative Officer, unlike a bank PO this is a relatively unknown profile, hence inputs from all the mem…

This forum is for all the working AO's as well as aspirants, the motto of creation of this thread is to share the day to day working of an Administrative Officer, unlike a bank PO this is a relatively unknown profile, hence inputs from all the members across various companies i.e United India Insurance, New India Assurance, National, Oriental and various companies recruiting AO's, would be important not only for the people working but also those who are aspiring to work in Gen Insurance field..we hope that we would contribute via this forum in a positive manner by sharing our on the job experiences, grievances and solutions for potential problems being faced at work place.

Sudhir Pawar,
Admin Officer,
United India Ins Co Ltd.

For the Information of Selected Candidates: Training would be conducted in 4 batches, who would be the part of which batch is completely at the discretion of HO management, batches 1-2 would be trained in Sep-Oct and Batches 3-4 in Nov-dec, joining dates for all the batches would be same, batches 3-4 would directly report at their respective palces of posting and start working, they would be undergoing training once 1-2 are done with theirs.

Source-Learning Center "Nalanda" Program clender for the year 2013

joined this forum, though I am not selected. hope you don't mind @sud_speaks . I had decided way back that i will join this group. 😃

I am in!!! thanks a lot sir @sud_speaks :) sir i have a query when will we know about our posting place...?

this is really important for me...

Guys, I would just like to say that the basic idea to start the UIIC thread was to make the aspirants aware about the company and particularly the profile of an AO(including companies other than UIIC as well), in my day to day life I have came across people(many of them religiously preparing for PO) who are completely unaware about this profile, I have never said that this is the best BFSI job but then again if you are looking towards a career in this sector, you cannot overlook the existence of this profile, I was not doing favour to any individual or my company, I just wanted the people to know that they have another option, I am thankful to Pagalguy for giving me such an interactive, serious and dedicated platform to share my views....those who are having more than one option, just stay cool and decide your priorities,this forum or even earlier one has not been formed to promote this job, the idea is just to spread awareness...I am sure I would be helped by you all and another New india AO @crabn3bula in keep this forum going by sharing your precious views..

Accommodation to all those who are directly reporting for training would be provided by the company, they may be accommodated in the training center or in case there is no vacancy in the training center, their stay arrangements would be made in some nearby hotel.

For those who are directly reporting to their place of posting, they would have to ask their Branch Incharge or Regional Office incharge, in case they are posted in Regional Offices, to make stay arrangements, further to that, subject to availability in the transit Camp(Bachelor accommodation)/company quarters, they may stay there for an year or arrange for a flat for themselves and ask the company to provide lease for the same.

lease depends on the location, maximum 13000/- pm(12000 + 1000 towards maintenance on production of receipt)for metros(Delhi, Mumbai,Ahmedabad, Chennai, kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad) , HRA is not provided in case you opt for lease, There are two options for lease, Company and Personal, the lease amount would be given to directly to landlord in case it is a company lease and to you(on production of receipt of payment to landlord) in case of personal lease..Company would provide security( maximum 6 monthly rents), Fans, Geyser etc only in company lease agreement...Lease is not a part of your salary slip @SINGAM2

@sud_speaks is it 5 days a week or 6 days a week job sir?throw some light on security bond

sir what other joining locations are expected other than chennai??i m from what are the chances for me getting posting in western region?

also what will be the salary during training and after...sir plz do reply..

Here is my first post in this forum. Life @ UIIC is yet to begin. What has begun though is an exciting wait (wait can be exciting, trust me!) For further notice on posting and training schedule. Went through a video based on some experiences at Nalanda (watch here - ) n started wanting these 3 weeks to roll as fast as possible.

Has life @ UIIC begun then? Indeed, it has. Like me n all of you who are in my shoes, it has begun. We are shaping up our plans, planning our party (infact there might be a PG meet @ Chennai 😉 ) splashing the joy all around, awaiting the cool class rooms (see video), calculating our salary (I know you are doing this). May this excitement never die down. See you in Chennai.

Feeling great to be on this thread. To start this journey I would like to thank you Sudhir sir for your extended support without you our achievement would have been impossible. Thank you once again 😃

@sud_speaks Sir, Can you tel us how long the training will be in Nalanda? And when exactly will be our posting?

@sud_speaks Sir plz make the joining post u said 3-4 batch will joing directly @there respective places....I want to ask when???I mean 1-2 batch will be getting training and 3-4 will Join and be sent to NALANDA after completion of 1-2 batch training??? and also u said the joining dates will be same for all d candidates......????

@sud_speaks I hav completd my MBA classes.. However is yet to attend the 4th sem xams.. My exams starts on Sept 5th and goes on till Nov 12th. I hav 8 papers in total and there is a lot of gap in btwn the exams. If I join, will I be able to take leave in between to attend the exams???

Will we get to know about the posting today? Any idea

@sud_speaks sir after promotion from scale 1 will we become scale 2 officer?

Recieved Mail Asking to attend Medicals on Sept. 6th @ Kochi RO..

ID Proof and 2 Photographs also to carried along with..
@sud_speaks ad we have to submit envelope containing medical ,after getting it from the doctor to RO or we have to submit it during our joining..PLZ HELP😃

Did any one get mail from UIIC.....