Life @ Amity Business School, Noida

hello everyone, i am a student of MBA - General , batch of 2012 :: would love to use this thread to depict the life of my business school. well let me start off with an introduction. Amity business school has 5 programmes MBA - Geneโ€ฆ

hello everyone,
i am a student of MBA - General , batch of 2012 would love to use this thread to depict the life of my business school.

well let me start off with an introduction.
Amity business school has 5 programmes
MBA - General ( flagship programme)
MBA- Marketing and Sales
MBA- Retail Management
MBA - Entrepreneurship

this institute is known for its MBA- General programme and then Marketing and sales & HR come into picture. and last 2 are just there where they have to be

our orientation day started on 5th july, 2010 at 10:00 o'clock in morning with a 2 hour proficiency test which had 150 question and each question carried 2 marks. then after test there was havan at 12:15 PM which lasted till 1:30 PM. then we got a break for one hour and had to report in the auditorium at 2:30 sharp to attend the further briefing. then there was an introduction of half an hour by one person about the b school. after half an hour the founder of b school came to attend the briefing for the first time at the first day itself with Mr jagdish tytler. then they presented their views n all and then we had question answer round with them. so all in all , this process lasted till 5:15 - 5:30 PM and then we got the break and all the students were happy after getting it

now comes the next day.

before i start off , i would say that they are very strict about formal attire. we need to be in full sleeve shirts, trousers and tie every day. come what may , no excuses they listen if we come with either half sleeve shirt or without tie or etc etc.

this is the second day , 6th july 2010, we had to be in the auditorium at 9:00 o'clock sharp for the further orientation . there was an introduction of faculty , management staff by Addl. director general which lasted till 11:00 o'clock. then we were divided into 12 groups according to our date of births and had to present a skit or something related to this. after preparing for half an hour , only 5 Teams got the chance to represent their work. thanks i was not in one of them . so this entire process lasted till 1:00 o'clock and then we had one hour lunch break and it made 2:00 PM on the clock. what we did in lunch hour , who knows , we had to complete our registration. so that one hour also went without break.
after 2:00 o'clock finally something interesting started. we got to know about exam pattern, passing criteria and all. then at around 3:00 o'clock psychometric test started which lasted till 4:00 o'clock and it all happened in the auditorium. this test was headed by our addl. general director. and this is one of the most excited and interesting session which i have attended till date. test had 3 sections- MBIT test (124 questions) , FIRO B (54 questions ) , Personal effectiveness scale ( 15 questions).
after 4:00 o'clock when test got over, we got to know about our performance and importance of this test in the corporate world. To understand it better, our addl. general director explained each and every trait explicitly and beautifully. and this entire explanatory session lasted till 6:00 o' clock. if given a chance , this session would not be over before 8:00 o'clock. just because people started sleeping or got tired after such a hectic day , it had to be halted at the earliest possible. so in short second day started at 9:00 AM and stopped at 6:00 PM .... ( such a long day i must say ๐Ÿ˜ž and that too without break :-()

now comes the third day..... 7th july, 2010. we all had to report at 9:00 AM in the auditorium. third day and orientation is still going on . session started at 9:15AM with an introduction of club & committees and their importance :-(. then at 10:00 AM briefing on institutional activities started which lasted till 1:00 PM and we all were numb and got tired after this session because one can not sit at one place for around 4 hours . at last we got the lunch break of an hour but not further full day break and we again had to report in the same old place called auditorium for the further orientation at 2:15 PM.
one thing is sure here that one can not miss any session because attendance does take place before and post lunch session . so if someone misses any session that would his/her loss on attendance part :-(

again at 2:30 further orientation started and the emphasis was on role of alumni and industry expectation which again lasted for another two and half hour in the same place called auditorium ( why we haven't seen the classes yet.. everyone wonders :-()

so all in all third day started at 9:00 AM and halted at around 5:15 PM ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

4th day also went like previous days and the most nerve racking day was 5th day :nono::nono: . we had to be at our place at 12:00 noon to submit our pre joining assignments . when we got this assignment , we didn't know that there would be a presentation. also we assumed that even if there is presentation , that presentation will be in our class with 55-60 students and not in a big hall with 300 students ..

but we all were wrong ๐Ÿ˜ž . they took the presentation and choose 5-6 students randomly to give presentation in a big hall where around 300 students were present and during this session , with each passing moment , almost everyone prayed of not getting its turn because giving presentation to 300 students and that too first time in a B school is really enthralling and not an easy job to do.

thanks , i was not one of them and if in case i were there , i would surely give it best .

so again, in short last day of the first week also went good and enjoyable but now the real business is about to start. next two days we have bridge classes so that everyone could come on the same platform .. lets see how they go :):)

finally we after 2 days of bridge classes , we have allotted sections and guess what , sections are allotted in random order. ๐Ÿ˜ž

each class will be of one hour. except Thursday and wednesday , i will be free by 3:40 PM

and this coming Thursday 6 CEO are coming to our campus and we will discuss on the topic Industry Expectations from Young Managers

and 2 of them are the ceo of PVR and Dabur .....

now 3 classes have taken place and our section has got the best time table because all lectures are in series with no break in between and on monday we will be free by 1:30 and wish there won't be any amendment in our time table . so far so good.. faculty is fine and decent . some are excessively good and some are average. so all in all , it is decent ๐Ÿ˜ƒ . no assignment in first 3 days but surely it is going to shoot up from next week

5th day of classroom session - 5 lectures on trout :-(:-( . it was damn difficult to concentrate .... faculty comes and delivers lectures via slides ( power point )... thanks in MBA we don't need to carry any book in classroom .... teachers come, deliver lectures via Power point and then its up to individuals how and how much they grab it .... a complete new and different modus operandi of teaching ..... ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

total we have 10 subjects and we have semester system here. 7 subjects are core subjects and 3 are like add on subjects ( foreign business language , behavioral science and business communication ) ...these subjects have only one lecture in a week .... so in short there are 7 main subjects which will take our night sleep

4 weeks have been spent. Except IT i found every subject good and decent and this is applicable to one and all who are studying with me .. earlier it was tough to concentrate because everything was new to us but i guess now we all are in same boat . Not much assignments as quite a few people live in hostels and we haven't got our laptops yet but probably will get this week .. so not much assignments till date but yes lots of unscheduled classes have started taking place before no prior notice .

i would like to know about the fee of amity business school.

hoping reply soon

Hello sir,
I have been selected for MBA M&S; program in amity univ noida...

I just wanted to know abt packages offered there.. min , avg, max... in both M&S; as well as HR...(my close friend is also selected for HR)...
thank you for your time..