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Know about the [email protected] Business School

:new_multi: Hei..Alliance Shifted to its new Central Campus on Chandapur-Anekal highway...Just see the pics www.absindia.org

Life is superb..assignments aur case studies ka bhi apna maza hai..
and one thing that is very strict is your attendence and DTA(During Term Assesments) or generaly called Internals...

We being the pioneer batch of this new campus have seen the transition..
Every now and then we have some activities..Matka Phodo or advertisement campaign for students...Every festival is being celebrated by the students...

Happy to be there...

This is pruthvey. I want to know the difference between Alliance business school and Alliance Business Academy. I have my interview on April 9th for ABS and May 2nd for ABA. Kindly help..in a big dilemma..which ne is better??

Hi ther,
anyone from bhopal joining alliance business school in august 2009, kindly reply asap??

hello nishanth I wanted to know about the fests your college organizes.I also wanted to know about the number of participants,whether you provide the participants from out station with accommodation,what would be the likely date you conduct your fest?what are the competitions which are usually conducted?.

hey Sharul, Did you join ALLIANCE?? I gave Sep MAT and I have a call from ABS. Could you tell me the placement figures there please??

hey my name is varma i need information abt placement and pay salary (avg,min salary) and abt the faculty in alliance business academy and wht is the diff bet pgdm and pgpm.pls help me out.waitin for ur reply.

Hi I have got a call from ABS and wanted to learn some more about the college as in the learning experience and exposure. How is the college infrastructure and life in ABS? I hope this is worth joining. plus can nebody give an insight on the PI and presenatation they take prior admission?

hiii guys ...dis is sagar and i would like you and all the people posting in here in pagalguy to join facebook community...its by the name of alliance business school banglore 2010-2012 batch...hope to see u all there.....evem the seniors are invited to join......

hey Alliance Business School 2010-2012 batch,

This is ullash......plz help me out. I have given feb MAT-2012. Wanna know how many companies have visited to campus for 2010-2012 batch. What package federal bank has offered as I came to know dat recently it has visited campus.

Your experience will shape my future.



Hey Puys,

Alliance University, Bangalore is organizing its Admission selection process and Information sessions for the first time in 7 different cities: DELHI, JAIPUR, PUNE, LUCKNOW, BHUBANESWAR, INDORE, KOLKATA

Alliance University

Student can now select the desired city as the venue for the GD/PI process.
The details regarding the dates of the GD/PI process as well as the enrollment form, eligibility and selection criteria are available on our website: Alliance University

For any queries regarding the same, contact the office of admissions at : 08030938000/1/2/3/4

i would like to know alliance aptitude test.how many questions and what type of questions

i would like to know alliance aptitude test.how many questions and what type of questions

Alliance Aptitude Test is on the lines of GMAT
It comprises of 4 sections: verbal logic, general/business awareness, logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude.
Every right answer gives you +1
and every wrong answer gives you -0.25

hi i'am willing to join alliance university ,right now i'am confused to select which brach i had to go how are the placements for mba-international business in allinace is it worth to join in that branch plz help me

i've applied for abs 2014 jan batch. can someone tell me about the hostel facilities there? seniors pls help me .lookround

why is no1 replying to any of our queries..is thr any1 in here from alliance?

wats the ROI? avg package?

Is there any presentation at the time of interview other than gd and pi?

When is the provisional admission offer given to the candidates?

immediately after the GDPI or later?


pls help me:)

Alliance Students Speak: When Theory Started To Come Alive

An internship is the most vital off campus indulgence. The predominant purpose of an internship is to add value to the learning experience of students. It provides concrete experiences that bridges the gap between theory and practice.

An internship provides experiential learning for students to apply their theoretical concepts, knowledge and skills to a real situation, to evaluate the adequacy of career prospects, to increase their competitiveness for future employment and to develop an awareness of the importance of economic and social issues in a global society. The scope of internship includes:

· The expectation for students to transform practical experiences into a thoughtful analysis of the internship.

·   A scholarly evaluation of the educational benefits received, an appraisal of activity in which they were involved, and an insightful assessment of the overall value that internship contributed to their education.

· After all, it allows you to demonstrate one's talents, build work experience, and to understand what happens in an organization.

There are many fields in different industries that offer internship such as healthcare, retail, hotels, e-commerce, information technology, human resource, operations, finance, marketing, etc. However, my internship was in a retail industry with Bata India Limited.

In Bata India Limited, I was entrusted with a project on Employee Engagement which is of significant due to the exigent climate in the organization. Bata now more than ever is deciding to restructure and resize, which has resulted in their investigating new approaches to sustain and amplify employee engagement. My primary responsibilities were to understand the culture of Bata and also understand the employees (Store Promoter, Store Manager, and District Manager), their desired and displayed levels of commitment towards their goals and objectives and thereby work towards minimizing the attrition rate in the company. The other responsibilities were dealing with various issues of the employees and motivating them at the right moment, hiring of sales promoters and conducting training sessions.

The transition from a student status to a corporate environment was magnificent. Undeniably it was a challenge at the very preliminary stages to convey the right attitude by assuring minute details to be appropriate and vital. But this challenge has brought good vibes and motivated me towards the goals and objectives of the project. All the magical words in the text book appeared so real, one could essentially sense it. Studying a theory and implementing that particular theory in real-time scenario does matter a lot and I would say it is one of the wonderful experiences one can ever come across. My journey with Bata from day one was a great learning exposure and with each passing day I have acquired the most out of it in all respects.

-Ms. Parasmita Deka, MBA 2014 - 16


anyone coming for july 2017 batch mba..plz connect