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ABBS Student Bags a Job With a Top Firm In Newzealand.

ABBS Student Bags a Job With a Top Firm In Newzealand.

International Conference on CrossCulture MANAGEMENT IN GLOBAL BUSINESS December 27th & 28th, 2013

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Globalization is irreversible. We have reached a stage where no country in the comity of nations can live in isolation. Cross border business is the order of the day. Mobility of technology, human resource, capital, goods and services from one country to others is growing year after year. In particular, Information Technology has made remarkable impact on global business. Increasing mergers and acquisitions are new norms today. In this background, Transnational and Multinational corporations have to 'learn' to do business in different cultural, Political, Economic and Geographical environments. This is not only true with different countries, it is also true to a great extent within the same country. There would be sub-cultures and different Political, Economic and Geographical environments within a country. India is a good example for this. Product development, human resource management, marketing functions like branding, packaging, promotion and every business action would have a cultural connotation. Advertisement has been seen as a funnel through which cultural meaning is poured into consumer. The business environment of any country or region is deeply influenced by the cultural aspects of that country or region. Hence, it is important to understand different cultures and cross cultural implications to successfully do business across the borders. In this background, the present conference invites scholarly works to be presented and discussed to have better understanding of the cross cultural management in global business. This conference is jointly organized by Acharya Bangalore B-School and Daito Bunka University, Japan.

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IMPORTANT DATES Last date for submission of abstract with registration amount: 30th August, 2013. Last date for submission of full paper: 30th October, 2013.

Registration details: Indian Delegates: Rs.2,000 per person. Accompanying Delegates: Rs. 1,900 per person. Research Scholars : Rs.1,500 per person Foreign Delegates: USD 50 per person

Mode of Payment: Cheque payable at par in Bangalore or DD drawn in favour of Acharya Bangalore B-School payable at Bangalore.

Please Note: 1. The registration fees include conference registration fees and conference kit. 2. Selected papers will be published in In-house Journal (AMBER) bearing ISSN Code/conference proceedings bearing ISBN Code.

Please send all your communications to:

Dr. A. Dhanalakshmi Organising Secretary- International Conference, Acharya Bangalore B-School, Andrahalli Main Road, Off Magadi Road Bangalore-560 091. India. Phone: +91-80-23245515-18 Fax: +91-80-23245519 e-mail: [email protected] Visit our website:

UDAAN is an annual management fest organized by ABBS Business Club. The main idea behind organizing such a fest is to expose students to deal with real world business situations and showcase their hidden talents and abilities. Udaan 2013 was initiated with a bang having a young dynamic professional Mr.Vijay Raj, Project Head from Marvel Technologies, Bangalore as the Chief Guest giving the inaugural address and encouraged students to be creative and take new initiative to be different and the best among the rest.

The events were designed, programmed and executed by the students themselves under the able guidance of the faculty coordinators. Total of eight events were organized this year. These events ranged from team building to marketing strategies to enhancing creativity to financial analysis to being the recruiters to grilling Quiz to innovative entrepreneur and finally to be the incredible mangers. All the events had different rounds testing the skills, abilities, knowledge, coordination, team-spirit and competitiveness among the students.

Total of 400 students participated in different rounds and more than 100 students were involved in coordinating and executing the events. The event was coordinated by Prof. Puneeta Goel, Head of ABBS Business Club. Dr. HR Ventakesha, Director ABBS presided over the function and gave the trophies and cash prizes to the winners. Prof. D.M Mahishi graced the occasion.

Following is the list of winners and Runners up in the respective events:

1. Financio-Festizo- Winners: Sajith Krishnan, Arjun M R

Runners Up: Dipin M, Raghu

2. Mercadeo- Winners: Willy R Kharluki, Oiendrila Das

Runners Up: Arjun, Salik

3. ITRIX- Winners: Naveen Shaik, Sardar Basha

Runners Up: Nupur Sahu, Sonali Srivastava

4. Griller- Winners: Sandeep K S, Spandana M

Runners Up: Naveen Kumar, Manish

5. Impresario- Winners: Rakshit, Rajeesh

Runners Up: Abhilash M, Vilasita M

6. Stratagem- Winners: Harsha, Sriram, Siraj

Runners Up: Ashwin, Alwin, Sanjay C B

7. Innomark- Winners:Sudipto Mithra, Jaideep

Runners Up: Bhanu Rekha, Shyam Sunder Reddy

8. Incredible managers: Winners: Akshay Srinivas, Devraj

Runners Up: Arathy V J, Dithya N Mohan

State Review @ ABBS:

Acharya Bangalore B School has Introduced "Book Review Session" from Monday to Friday in the Seminar hall. This has really helped the students to encounter their stage fear. Students are given a particular date on which they can either review the management book they are reading or they can introduce their state or country. Many students from different countries studying in ABBS have used this platform to share their cultural values with other students.Students are allowed to be as creative as they would like to be and they can take all the help they need from management.
Acharya Premier League:

APL-2013 is all set to take off. The ABBS Premier League (APL) is a Twenty20 cricket

championship league in Acharya Bangalore B school.It was initiated by ABC club this year and is currently supervised by Puneetha Goel head of ABC.The group stages feature ten teams playing each other.Students have been actively promoting through different media. But what caught everyone's attention was the FLASH MOB. Students have taken the complete responsibility right from the Auctioning to getting a DJ and arranging the venue for the GAME. Each team comprises at least one faculty who were auctioned last Friday. ABC club has played vital role in getting everything arranged. Apparently this is the most anticipated show of the Year. So far there has been a great response from students and lecturers alike. So We wish good luck for APL n hope it lives beyond it's mammoth expectations.

Acharya Bangalore B-School (ABBS), in association with Daito Bunka University, Japan, organised 'Cross Cultural Management in Global Business', an international two-day conference on its campus recently.

The conference, which aimed to get better understanding of cross-cultural management, invited research scholars and academicians to present papers on the theme. More than 60 papers from national and international delegation, which included representatives from Singapore, Japan, Tokyo, Afghanistan and other countries, were presented. The conference was held in two sessions on both the days.The conference began with a paper presentation by T Shinoda Takshi, chairman, Daito Bunka University.He gave a Japanese perspective of cross-cultural management and spoke about the auto industry in global standard. Also, he threw light on the growth of the food industry in Japan and the trend of the domestic market, while emphasising that it was important for the Japanese market to localise its products in order to reach the consumers better.

The speaker ended his presentation on the food industry with the conclusion that there was need for strategies to contribute to the world with safe and nutritionally balanced food products. Venkatesha, director, ABBS, said, “Culture plays an important role in business management. Many financial and business decisions vary from culture to culture. For instance, an HR professional can't work in a similar way in two countries as the lifestyle, habits and interests of the employees differ. The conference tries to understand the various changes that are taking place in the global market.”The two-day conference had technical sessions on 'Culture and HRM', 'Advertisement and Cultural Insights', 'Culture as a Product in Global Business', 'CSR and Cross Cultural Issues', 'Globalisation and Cross Culture', 'Business and Government– Cultural Dimensions', 'Etiquettes in Business' and 'Product Design and Development'. Dhanalakshmi, organising secretary of the event, said, “Culture has become a product in the global business. It's important to understand how sectors like business, government and culture work together in the global perspective. We aim to understand the global market through this conference.” The chief speakers on the first day also included Mohit Thukral, senior vice-president, Genpact and Takako Inoue, professor, (International Relations), Daito Bunka University.

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