PDF Attached Check youR name


WTF ....Did 137/160 and not selected ...Can't believe my eyes ...!

finally it is over, I am sure as hell would never ever visit L.I.C website again ever in future.

what about obc results?is there any link pls help

An introduction to Insurance! What Insurance is all about!

Next up is Risk Management!

i know it is not d best place to ask dis qs. so i am sorry for this
Do anyone know what online ad posting is???plz hlp me

after making us wait for so long they should at least display our marks, they owe us that much for the 500 rs we paid don't they?

what will be asked in lic aao interview???????

any body have idea on it???

please share....

How Insurance Company Makes Money! And more articles on basic terminologies

Risks Insurance Companies Face!

Any idea, when will the final result come? lookround