Liba Final Results Out

I am through. This increases my troubles two fold. GIM Second list v/s LIBA. I wonder what is the last date for paying fees. Meanwhile if Pram is reading this please send me a mail to my e mail ID. I am waiting.

Anyone else joining LIBA for sure, pm me and lets get acquanited....

My name is would be wonderful to get to know you before we join the the way when was ur date of interview?????
keep in touch!!!!
congrats.....hoping to c u soon!!

Hey there toddytapper,

After the interviews that I ve had subsequent to LIBA, looks like I am gonna join LIBA for sure. So I guess there s no harm in getting to know you better (than I already do).

Ha ha ha



Oh well, if there is no other choice. Dude, BTW gimme a call and tell me when you will going to pay the fee etc, I could maybe join you.


So then thats three people for sure then..


so u people are from chennai?????well Im from hyderabad...B.Tech computer sience from a good for nothing college......have a total of 15 months experience out of which 12 from sutherland tech chennai......a pucca call a 81 percentile in XAT....ya thts about it....eager to hear from you people to...taaaa taaaaa


looks like im the only jobless person around....thats what happens when you are doing nothing at work......anyways are you people joining on the 14th for those special classes....i'm planning to make a grand entry on 28th....lets see
please let me know what r u'r plans!!!!

I am definitely joining Liba. date of interview was 28/03. Have recd admitnote but am unable to download. Have not yet recd snail mail. Pls let me know date for payment of fees.

Last date for payment is April 19th

Planning to join the classes for Accounts and Maths, need a bit of brushing upin them, and moreover, I last sat in a classroom in Jan gotta get used to the feeling and practice staying awake....

hi Smita.
I am Shiv will be joining liba. My interview was on 28/03. Got a an admitnote by e-mail. unable to download. What is the date line for fees. Have not yet recd snail mail. Hence have no info on date of course and other formalities. If you have details. pls E-mail me [email protected]. Keenly awaiting your reply.

hey!!I have received the letter of confirmation too(is that wht they call the snail mail???)so the last date for paying the fees is 19th....then u need to send 3 passport photos...and attested degree certificates......and by the way i wont join any off those extra classses...not that I know too much of all that....but I want to get Jun's salary too(and no i'm not greedy!!!)
so probably i'll catch one of you people to coach me on all those subjects when i get there(free of cost that is...)
so all of u'll from chennai?????no one from hyderabad????
stay in touch

Guys I am joining LIBA as well.. I am from Bangalore and will be going there for the special classes on June 14th.

The rest of us "lets get acquainted " :)


sorry my mail id is [email protected]


What you plannig to do for accomodation etc...and that makes 5 for LIBA?

I'm from Goa, will be joining Liba on the 14th for those special classes, I have just returned from LIBA having paid the initial fee, and applied for the hostel.
Was there for the in terview on the 28th Sun along with 3 other from Goa.
the place is too damn hot presently, and am hoping it gets better as the year goes by.

Hi GSK did you make it at GIM?

Hi Toddy Tapper- will see you at the accounts and maths too

Who all are planning to put up at the Hostel

neway its good to see that LIBA has quite a few takers at this site, compared to other colleges


the place is too damn hot presently, and am hoping it gets better as the year goes by.


You must be kidding, Chennai has three types of weather, Hot, Hotter and Unbearable, you just witnessed Hot......

BTW, have you got the Hostel facility? Heard that not many people are given the same...

Know of anyone else joining?

hi everyone.
i am new to this forum and i am from chennai. ill b joinin liba too and i have signed up only for accounts classes from the 14th. i jus paid the fees yesterday. so nice to meet ya ppl hey however im also waitin for sibm final result. i am on waitlist in mba and mba cm so keepin my fingers crossed.